A little known footnote in the herstory of Sports Entertainment, a manlet by the name of Sammy Guevara, gulped as he stood up.

It was well into the afternoon and Chris Jericho still had not looked Sammy in the eyes. Chris muttered something about atonement, but Sammy was unable to listen as his thoughts raced about Sasha Banks. Sammy Guevara was Jericho's co-worker at AEW, but years prior he had spoken on a podcast and made lewd comments about wanting to "go r*pe" the American idol Sasha Banks. As this news resurfaced in the year of our Lord 2020, Sammy found himself - more and more often - swallowing his tongue in front of Jericho. Jericho had been like a father to Sammy until the scandal resurfaced.

"You are a real idiot, you know that Sammy? Huh? And you should count your stars that you know who you know." Chris spoke without looking at Sammy. "You know moi, and je suis the only personal in the world who could get you a meeting with Sasha Banks after what you've said."

Sammy's eyes widened at this and he asked "You can give me a chance to apologize in person?"

"No shit, you Cuban Twinkie." Chris snapped, "She is on her way here right now. I have a very close professional tie to you so you had better not fuck this apology up!"

Sammy's mind galloped. He knew the source of his violent sexual speech, it was born of a specific repressed sexuality. Sasha Banks was a progressive woman, and Sammy believed that he could come clean to her about his emotional journey and convince her that his soul was still salvageable. He understood after years of suffering that he was repressing his equestriphilia, and that one day on a podcast in another year of our Lord 2016 he fell weak to the agonizing labor of wearing a mask every second of every day.

"'I want to go rape Fluttershy' is what I should have said, but I allowed myself to be afraid of a stigma and I passed my aggression onto Sasha Banks," pondered Sammy quietly in his head. Of course he had no intention of wording it like that when Sasha arrived. And then, rather suddenly, Sasha arrived.

Clippity-clop was the bop as the Legit Boss trotted in fully decked up in her outfit from the show. "Are you the unproven dimeless mark who wants to rape me?" she asked before chewing up a tuft of grass at her feet.

"I am so sorry, Miss Banks," stammered Sammy, "I should have never said those words, not even as a joke. I have no justification I can give, and nowhere I can pass blame. I have had repressed equestriphilia ever since the first time I watched My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I found the character you portray on TV to be irresistible, being that of a half-woman and half-horse hybrid. I know this is pure fiction and such a hybrid does not exist, but I let my imagination get the best of me and I said something truly dangerous."

"Are you saying that you would rape a genuine hybrid?" asked Sasha sternly. Sammy stammered in response.

Chris Jericho chimed in, "maybe he wouldn't stammer so much if you took off that anthro costume. You're not on television, Sasha."

Sasha began to undress and Sammy covered his eyes in embarrassment. As his hands clasped firmly against his face, he was certain now that the veteran wrestlers were going to be bullying him for a while.

"I'm decent, Sammy. Open your eyes," said Sasha Banks.

Sammy lowered his hands and his heart leapt at what he saw. Sasha Banks had indeed only pretended to be a half-woman and half-horse hybrid on WWE TV. However, much to Sammy's surprise and arousal, Sasha Banks was not all-woman. Sasha Banks was all-horse! Or rather, all-pony!

Before anything could have been said in response, Sasha had already bitten away the cloth that was covering Sammy's crotch. She put her massive sloppy horse mouth around his junk and went to town on that shit. She sucked him off like he was Lady Madonna's nipple. Sammy had almost ejaculated when a smack came across the back of his head.

"Don't cum yet, you stupid idiot!" Jericho shouted. Sammy had completely forgotten Jericho was present.

"I don't understand, am I not in trouble?" asked an unspent Sammy. "And wait, what the fuck? You're a pony?"

Sasha Banks giggled. "Of course I'm a pony, and of course you can rape me all day, any day, and every way.'

"Ponies like Sasha are more common than you would think in the entertainment industry, not just in wrestling" explained Jericho. "They perform just the same as any other on-screen talent, but instead of paying them we keep them as sex slaves and pass them around behind the scenes. Everyone does it, politicians and religious teachers too."

"We're called show ponies!" squealed Sasha with glee.

"That's quite surprising." managed Sammy.

"You might be surprised to hear how many stallions Vince keeps around." smirked Jericho.

"That's honestly less surprising." said Sammy.

"And Byron Saxton is a gelding!" chirped a chipper Sasha Bank.

"That's mildly surprising." concluded Sammy.

"Anyway, you can't cum in my mouth on the first go. I'm gonna need you to fill up my roast beef pony pussy!" demanded Sasha Banks!

Jericho smacked her ass and shouted "Don't forget who the SLAVE is you little bitch."

Sasha became quiet as Sammy warmed up to the situation and took position behind her. Sammy entered her for the second time in minutes, but he didn't have to worry about giant horse teeth if he kept it simple and stuck his penis in her vagina. He went in. He came out. And such was the pattern. And soon, Jericho had taken his position behind Sammy. Jericho went in. Jericho went out. And such was the pattern.

It was certainly awkward, a spitroast would have been far more practical. The rhythm wasn't quite as perfect as it could have been going in and out of Sasha once Jericho had begun on Sammy. Nonetheless Jericho was finally looking at Sammy again, which made Sammy feel good.

"You're part of the Inner Circle now, Sammy. Not our gimmick on TV, the real world one with the reptiles and Jews and shit. And we've got so many show ponies and you're gonna rape them all, Sammy. And I'm gonna rape you while you rape them all Sammy." Chris said all this as he continued to buttfuck Sammy who continued to pussyfuck the pony Sasha Banks. "Chris and Sammy, hundred years. Show ponies everywhere Sammy. Listen to me Sammy, there are more secrets in the Inner Circle than just show ponies!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, Sammy! We live in a fucking bowl, Sammy! Do you understand me? The Earth is flat and Antarctica is actually a giant ice wall that raps around us. We live in the basin of a giant ice bowl, Sammy! It's like that movie The Village by M. Night Shyamalan! The powers that be are keeping us stuck inside of the ice bowl because we aren't allowed to know about the massive cultural and scientific advances that have been made outside of the wall!"

"Oh geez!"

"It's fucked up, Sammy! But they keep me quiet because I get to fuck show ponies! If you try to stop this we'll just fucking kill you and you were honestly better off not knowing! You'll realize in a few years how hollow horse pussy can be compared to the structure and comfort allowed by that lie of a society you thought you lived in!"

"I do like this horse pussy but oh man!"

"It's like North Korea, Sammy! If you examine the world on both the micro and the macro scale you will find that shit rhymes all throughout the universe! Across time as well, which is not linear! George Lucas was onto something!"

"Geez, Chris. What about the bowl? What's the got to do with North Korea?"

Sasha was crying.

"You know how fucked up it is there, right? If you tried to say any of that was true about American government or American education, people would call you a loon. A lie that big can't be spread, they'll say. That many people can't be in on it, they'll say. But those same people will accept what they're told about North Korea and never stop to think how much corruption you are agreeing can exist if you agree North Korea exists. North Korea does exist, and it rhymes with the world as we know it. That Kim guy is the micro. The powers that be are the macro. The ice bowl is our North Korea."

"Okay, sure."

"Crack the sky, Sammy. Just like you're cracking my horse pussy." wept Sasha. Her tears were apparent and her voice was a little hoarse.