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Trafalgar D Water Law sat curled up behind multiple stacks of potatoes inside a large cupboard and silently wept. Cora-san, his father in all but name had been killed by his own brother to protect him! Prior to his adoptive father had risked his life for months in an attempt to save an orphan who had tried to kill him. All this for what?

It all resulted in Cora-san's death. It was Law's fault! He should have died back in Flevance with his family and Cora-san would have lived! Cora-san would have stopped Doflamingo and stop the Family from hurting others.

Instead, Law was alive. He was tempted to just give up and let himself die inside the snow. There would no longer be pain, suffering or guilt. Just oblivion. But he was aware that all it would do was waste his father's sacrifice.

So he would not besmirch Cora-san's last wish and die. No, he would not. He would do everything to stay alive, get stronger and then avenge Cora-san!

So he had trudged through the snow step by step, bawling and sobbing the entire time. He had used that time to cry and grieve temporarily. When he would reach a safe place he would fully grieve.

Previously he and Cora-san had scouted out the island and discovered three different ships approaching. There was the Doflamingo Family, the Marines and finally another unknown ship. It was a huge purple and black ship that was nestled under a hollow cliff. It had a simple skull and crossbones as the flag.

They had left the ship alone when they were scouting since it wasn't doing anything, it had been trapped with them when Doflamingo had released the birdcage technique.

That ship was Law's last hope. It was the only other ship still on the island apart from the Marines. Despite Cora-san's attempt to tell him to go to the Marines, he refused to go, they were untrustworthy. After all the last marine that he had met was Vergo and as a result of that meeting, Doflamingo learnt of his and Cora-san's betrayal.

It was what led to Cora-san's death. Law didn't know who else was a spy for Doflamingo. It was too risky. At the moment the Marines were considered the enemy along with the Doflamingo Family. So the only option for escape was for Law to sneak aboard the unknown pirate ship and hope that he wasn't found.

And that was what he had done. He had hidden inside one of the many cupboards in the pantry. By some miracle, he had managed to sneak aboard undiscovered. Along with his acute sense of smell and hearing gained from many nights spent living on the streets he had managed to find the pantry while avoiding any pirate.

At the moment he was hiding behind a couple of sacks of potatoes at the very back of the cupboard. Potatoes had relatively long shelf lives which meant that they wouldn't have to be used up quickly like some of the other foods which had shorter lifespans. Hopefully, he could stay there long enough to reach the next island undiscovered and escape the ship.

It had been three days already. He had only left his hiding place to get some water. Law was afraid that he would be discovered and had been carefully listening to make sure that no footsteps were coming.

Only then would he carefully time his exits and take small sips of water from one of the already opened barrels of water. He would only leave his spot for a few minutes at most and then return.

He would take small potatoes to let him survive and stay relatively healthy. He needed to save his energy for the inevitable escape from the ship. He hoped that by the time they discovered the potato shortage he would be gone.

Usually, there would be four times of day that the cooks would enter the pantry. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and at midnight, usually for pastry supplies and some alcohol.

It was thanks to these times of day that Law knew how much time had passed. However, one good thing had come from all this loneliness.

All this time alone with his thoughts had left him with plenty of time to experiment with his devil fruit- the Ope Ope no Mi. At least when he wasn't wallowing over with guilt.

The young doctor still hadn't learnt many of its abilities yet but he had finally managed to cure himself of the Amber Lead poisoning.

It had taken him two days but he had finally cured one of the most incurable diseases in the world. People thought that that the most dangerous aspect of Amber Lead poisoning was its infectiousness. That wasn't true. What made it dangerous was the fact that it was incurable.

The disease was spread by Amber Lead, the disease's namesake. It was gained from being in contact with the material. Amber Lead was a very valuable material and in Flevance, the native country of said material, there was an abundance of the material. It was common for even the poorest family to own at least ten objects made of Amber Lead.

People were in contact with Amber lead almost all the time. As a result, every citizen was infected with the disease. Amber Lead poisoning wouldn't show up immediately, no instead it would break out at a certain over a certain timeframe after infecting the citizens. Unfortunately for Law, the outbreak happened when he was ten years old.

When the first outbreak happened, the disease was researched by Flevance's leading doctors including his own father. They had discovered that for every generation of the infected, the lifespan was split. If the first generation of infected could live up to sixty years, then the second generation of infected would live for thirty years and the next generation fifteen years and so forth.

The problem all who had come in contact with Amber Lead and their descendants would all die around the same time. It was notorious for its 100% kill rate. For some unknown reason, the World Government had falsely spread that it was a highly infectious disease and had ordered for Flevance to be wiped off the map.

The very fact that Law had cured the previously incurable disease meant that he was now the world's leading expert on the subject of Amber Lead. But he couldn't reveal his devil fruit to anybody, nor his identity. Doflamingo would be on the lookout for anyone by his name and any mention of his devil fruit.

No, he was no longer Trafalgar D Water Law. He would take the name Waters Law. The name Trafalgar was too unique and he didn't need to say anything about the name D. Cora-san had-.

Law had to stifle a sob. It was still too raw. He still couldn't think of Cora-san without crying.

Now that the most urgent issue was over, he would rest. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to sleep.

Law woke up to the feeling of a rough hand grabbing his shoulder. "Well well, what do we have here?" A gruff voice said as Law felt himself being dragged out of the potato cupboard. Pulling him out was a big burly bald man in a white jacket and a white apron. A chef.

"Looks like we have a stowaway, eh." He frowned and spat to the side. Was that a glimpse of terror Law saw?

He walked out of the pantry carrying Law in one hand with no difficulty. However, Law had promised himself that he wouldn't die, so he thrashed and kicked and punched.

The pirate quickly became annoyed and said in a low threatening tone, "Stop struggling boy, or I'll chop you up and put you in tonight's soup." With his free hand, the pirate placed a hand on the knife handle attached to his belt.

Law looked down at the knife with wide eyes. The years living with the Doflamingo family had let him recognize empty threats and bluffs. This pirate was not bluffing, he was dead serious.

As Law was carried out of the pantry to the kitchen, he saw more pirates, specifically chefs. There were at least twenty, probably more. Each wore the same set of clothes as the pirate holding him. A white chef's jacket and apron with a matching hat, all with the same symbol- a skull with bull horns with intersected crossbones in the background.

The Beast Pirates.

The Yonko Kaido the Strongest Creature's crew. Probably one of the worst pirate ships he could be on at the moment. Perhaps even more so than Doflamingo's.

"You get the potatoes?" One of the cooks, a fat one asked with his back to Law's captor.

"No, I got bad news" The burly chef holding Law answered.

"What? Did the potatoes run out? I was sure that we still had lots left."

"No, we still have plenty of potatoes. We have a stowaway."

Another cook, this one skinnier than the other two swore under his breath. "By Roger's balls, that really is bad news."

"Let's give captain obvious here a round of applause." The burly one said sarcastically.

"Well, I sure as hell ain't taking him to Queen. Jorge is still stuck in the infirmary and it's been months." The skinnier chef said.

The rest of the cooks that had turned around to glare at Law had gone back to preparing the food. Only the three cooks that were discussing what to do with him were the ones that weren't working.

"Better tell him quickly. The more you wait, the higher the death risk." The fat cook stated quickly.

The burly chef that held Law hastily said, "You do it! I've still got to make the roast potatoes and the grilled chicken. You've almost finished, you do it."

"Then I'll make the potatoes and chicken and you take the stowaway to Queen," the fat cook said.

When the burly chef looked prepared to fight, the fat cook said, "you found him, you're telling Queen. You know the rules." There was a hint of warning in his tone. Law assumed that there was some unspoken rule about how the chefs would kill the rulebreaker.

The burly chef looked at Law again, this time with a murderous glint in his eye. "How about none of us says a thing and I get rid of this little bastard quietly."

Law's breath hitched. He couldn't die now, he frantically looked around for a means to escape. His eyes rested on his captor's knife.

"And risk Queen-sama finding out. No thanks, he'll kill us all if he found out." The skinny chef interjected.

"Babanuki, you do it. Either way, Queen-sir will know about it and if you don't you know what will happen." The fat cook said.

Babanuki, the burly chef gulped but nevertheless knew that the argument was lost. He turned around walked to the door in resignation, Law in hand. After leaving the kitchen Law saw that the hallway was coloured a rich purple and gold. There were tacky ornaments lining the walls and different paintings were placed in sections that were without any baubles.

Previously when Law had snuck aboard it had been dark, he had been focused on avoiding pirates and finding a safe spot. As a result, he hadn't really looked at the designs. Now that he was looking at the walls, he understood that the designs marked someone who thought themselves as important.

Some of his biological father's patients were royalty and they loved these kinds of designs. They were also usually very arrogant and easy to please with plenty of compliments. His biological father had done so many times when dealing with unruly nobility.

Also from the chefs' conversation, it was quite obvious that the ship was missing a good doctor. These two points could help Law convince the captain of his usefulness and stay alive. His hasty plan was his only option at survival otherwise he would most certainly be killed.

Babanuki walked down the corridor and stopped in front of a giant door. He hesitated and gulped before he pushed the door open and entered. The door led to an enormous dining hall filled with even more garish decorations and in the middle of the room was a large stage. Lined along the middle of the hall were many long tables. Each table had many pirates sitting, talking and watching the stage.

On the middle of the stage was a giant of a man both in height and in girth. He was bald with the exception of a large braid that descended down his rotund back. His eyes were obscured by a pair of tiny sunglasses.

He was wearing a long silk coat and a gold crown inlaid with many jewels covering his long braid. In his hand was a large retro microphone connected to a long pole. He was currently singing an upbeat tune and many of of the Beast Pirates were clapping and singing with him.

No one paid attention to Babanuki and to Law's entering the dining hall. Babanuki placed Law on the ground and said to him quietly "If you run you're dead."

Law knew that he wasn't threatening him, he was simply stating a fact. He was surrounded by hundreds of bloodthirsty pirates. Law gulped but nevertheless followed Babanuki's lead. The chef slowly walked down one of the aisles in between the long tables until he reached the stage.

The chef and the teenager waited quietly for Queen's song to end. When it did the crowd erupted into cheers and there were even a few wolf whistles.

"Thank you, thank you. You shouldn't." Queen motioned with his free hand placatingly in an obvious gesture of fake humility.

"Lord Queen, Lord Queen," Babanuki whispered, his hand cupped over his mouth. "I have something to tell you?" The burly pirate's face was that of reluctant acceptance.

Queen looked down at the chef and at Law from atop the stage, his hand still on the microphone. "What is it," the large calamity asked irritatedly.

"I, no we- the chefs found a stowaway in the pantry." Babanuki looked partially relieved at the removal of his burden.

"Repeat what you just said." Law assumed that Queen's eyes had narrowed but he couldn't quite see with his sunglasses covering his eyes.

"We have a stowaway si-... sir. This boy." Jarog stammered before pushing Law forward.

Queen looked angered. Law was sure that both he and Jarog were going to die if he didn't do something. Law could see a visible black aura form around Queen and his body was starting to balloon. So he formed his plan in the split second and kneeled on the floor.

"Lord Queen, my name is Waters Law. I've heard of your magnificence from even my remote village in Spider's Miles and have I travelled far and wide to manage to see your performance. The bard from the inn didn't do you justice."

Queen who was prepared to squash them both stopped. He looked down at Law and his eyebrows rose. "Continue boy."

"When I heard of your tales, I knew that I needed to see you perform at least once before I died. So when my village was massacred by corrupt marines, I knew that I had an opportunity to see you before I would allow myself to die and reunite with my family."

Queen looked at Law with a beaming expression. He had a satisfied grin on his face and had his large fat hand covering his face with an expression of bashfulness. Law took that as his cue to continue.

"So I finally managed to find your ship and snuck aboard your magnificent ship, since I was sure that the rest of the strong and powerful Beast Pirates wouldn't let me aboard. I wanted to meet you but at the last minute, I got cold feet and didn't reveal myself.

But now that I have met you, I am willing to die and can say with all my heart that I have lived a fulfilling life. But on the off chance that you are willing to spare my insignificant life, I will faithfully serve you with all of my being."

Law looked at Queen and his face had done a complete one-eighty compared to his original angered expression. He let out a large chuckle and looked at the green-haired woman on his right.

"You hear that Solitare, I have a such a loyal fan that he travelled all over the world to get to see me. What should I do?" Queen said, his entire bulbous body bouncing up and down from the calamity's excitement.

Solitaire smiled softly "whatever you want Queen-sama. I will support your choice no matter what."

"Then I say, what the hell. How can I execute such a loyal fan? Welcome aboard kid." Queen lifted Law onto the stage. Law mentally let out a sigh of relief and patted himself on the back for his quick thinking. But still, it wasn't over, he needed to see what Queen meant to do with him on stage.

"Men!" Queen bellowed into the microphone. "I just received news that we have a stowaway! And we all know what we do with stowaways!"

There was a chorus of boos and many hands were rose in the air with a thumbs down. Law had heard rumours that the Beast Pirates practised a savage ritual, any prisoners they had they would pit against savage beasts. If he won he got to live a another day, but eventually, they would die from their injuries. These prisoners also included stowaways.

"Law here is the stowaway. But it turns out that he only did so because he wanted to see my concert. This boy has travelled all over the world, braving a multitude of dangers and escaping many close encounters, all to see my concert!" There was a loud wave of applause and many cheers.

"He is far braver than many of you! For his actions alone you all get a bonus fifty thousand beli this month." A far larger influx of cheers resounded in the large mess hall.

"He will be your new cabin boy," Queen announced. "Make him feel at home with his new family."

Law felt himself begin to relax. He was going to be okay, he wasn't going to destroy Cora-san's last wish. He wasn't going to die just yet.

"But that doesn't mean its ok to allow stowaways on board. Because I'm in such a good mood, you-" Queen pointed at Babanuki, "-won't die, instead, you'll mop the deck for the next two months instead with our new cabin boy."

The Yonko commander lifted his hand and addressed the entire room, "the next stowaway to successfully hide on the ship shall result in the guards' death. Those that help hide evidence shall die slow painful deaths and wish that they would never have been born. Understood!"

There was a deathly still silence in the hall. Law was able to feel the grim aura emanating from the many pirates sitting in the hall.

"UNDERSTOOD!" Queen repeated dangerously.

"Yes, Queen-Sama!" The resounding bellow of affirmation shook the hall. The pirates that had been seated now stood with their backs straight, not daring to take their eyes off their captain.

"Great! Well then back to the concert." Queen cheerfully announced. The sudden shift in moods caught Law off guard. He looked down at Law, "young Law you may take a front seat in the audience and watch my fantastic concert as you have desired for so long."

Law was aware that while Queen was technically giving him a choice, he had to take up his offer or Queen could take it as an insult and have him killed. In the future, he would have to do his best to avoid Queen. He was a powder keg ready to go off at any second, and Law knew it was only a matter of time before he would be set off.

And when that happened he didn't wish to be there. Law stepped off the stage and sat in his assigned seat. Next to him were two large men. The first had a long mane of dark brown hair, purple lipstick-covered lips and had a large beer belly.

The second was a tanned man who wore purple leather and had lavender hair. He looked rather intimidating. All in all, Queen's singing was quite unpleasant. Law had to suffer through another five songs before the food finally arrived.

When it did, Law abandoned all manner of civility and grabbed whatever he could get his hands on and just ate it. He hadn't had a good meal in almost four days. By the time one of the men next to him had finished one plate he had finished three and still going.

The lipstick wearing man was Holdem and the man wearing the purple leather was Daifugo. Both were Headliners. From the surrounding pirates' chatter, Law had picked this information up. Apparently the Headliners were quite high ranking members of the Beast Pirates, just below the Calamities and the Tobiroppo.

"You sure can eat, kid. You're already on your fifth plate." Daifugo said but Law ignored him, favouring his food over conversation. The teenager had barely had anything to eat over the last few days and was terribly hungry.

"So what you haven't eaten. even after hiding in the pantry for three days?" Law finished his sixth bowel and felt that he was nearly full, so he finally allowed himself to make conversation with the Headliners.

"...Yeah. I didn't want to be discovered." Law didn't want to reveal any important information about himself so he quickly changed the topic of the conversation.

"So you guys are pretty high on the food chain right?"

Daifugo looked mildly surprised at Law's bluntness but answered the question. "Yes, we are, only Kaido and the calamities are above us in strength."

"Aren't the Tobiroppo stronger?" Law was trying to find out each of the two Headliners' temperament and according to that try to be under them. There was a high chance that one of the two would be his boss and he had to understand their personalities.

"No, they are not!" Holdem shouted angrily. "Just because those bastards were pirate captains before joining the beast pirates doesn't mean that they are better than us. We are just as strong as them if not stronger!"

Daifugo also looked annoyed at the statement but didn't rage about it as Holdem did. "The Tobiroppo just had more luck and were more notorious than us. They were infamous as a result of their escapades during their time as pirate captains of their own individual crews. However, we worked our way up the ranks from inside the Beast Pirates."

Law realised that he was coming close to their fuses so he stopped pushing the subject. "In other words because they're more famous than you and that's the reason they have such great treatment?"

It was time to redirect their focus. Instead of looking at answers from him, he could get them to focus on inflating their importance. From what Law had picked up, it seemed that these two were quite brash and were able to be redirected.

"Yes, that's exactly right," Holdem replied.

"Then why don't you become famous as well?" The devil fruit user asked the two Headliners. He was aware that if they heeded his advice there would be death and destruction but he would enter their good graces. This could lead to him gaining many benefits from this small piece of advice.

"Huh?" Daifugo huffed in surprise.

"Get famous," Holdem repeated. "Of course how could I not see it coming?"

"Yes, that is what I will do to beat those stupid Tobiroppo," Daifugo stated.

"So by any chance do any of you know under who I will be serving?" Law asked while the two Headliners comprehending this important revelation.

"Probably under me," Holdem said absent-mindedly.

"And do you know if I could also work in the infirmary as well?" The young doctor asked again, hoping that they were too preoccupied with the new revelation to pay much attention to his question.

Unfortunately, they did notice and they shot out of their daze and looked at the young man.

"Why do you want to work in the infirmary?" Daifugo asked in a menacing tone. Law noticed that his body language conveyed his cautiousness. Holdem was also looking at the young stowaway with wary eyes.

"My father was the best doctor in town and I helped him out a lot. I acted as his assistant. I'm quite knowledgeable on the subject of medicine, specifically surgery. So I'd be happy to help the doctors on board.

I heard that there was a shortage of doctors. But if you don't want me too, I'm happy to work as a cabin boy alone."

Law inferred that they needed medical staff. There were simply too many injured and too little doctors. So any welcome addition would help. He mentioned this to elevate his importance, from a cabin boy (albeit one that was liked by Queen) that could get killed instantaneously to a doctor's assistant that was required would mean that he couldn't simply disappear.

And when he would demonstrate his superior knowledge in healing he would be irreplaceable. His biological father was the leading doctor in the medically advanced country of Flevance, at least when he was still alive. And when he managed to learn how to use the Op Op no Mi, he would rise to the same level as the Headliners at the bare minimum if not higher.

"...I...We'll see how you do as a cabin boy first and if you do well, I'll see you into the infirmary. Understood?" Holdem asked.

"Of course Holdem Sir!" Law loudly affirmed.

"Come then I'll take you to your supervisor." Holdem stood up and Law followed.

And thus began Law's life as a member of the Beast Pirates