Author's Note: Some Shangst with a happy ending. Because it's the thing I crave the most. XD

"Shiro's so killing it," Hunk caught Lance's attention from halfway across the room even though Hunk was only talking to Keith, "I saw him training- and he's at level twelve in the new program already!"

Go Space Daddy. Make Lance proud.

Keith gave a light grin, "That's Shiro alright, he won't stop until he's gotten through all the levels,"

Dedication and discipline at it's finest.

Lance couldn't be more proud of his lover- what a perfect example he was trying to set for the other paladins. If only Pidge weren't addicted to caffeine and Hunk didn't live in the kitchen and Lance didn't procrastinate on training. Honestly? If it weren't for Keith and Shiro, then the castle would have still been on the first training program, not the twelfth. It's mostly thanks to Shiro and his nonstop hard work.

Pidge poked her head into the conversation, "Another level? Isn't that too soon? He was just on level ten last week," her eyes went dark, "And level seven the week before..."

Shiro darling, have you ever heard of overkill?

Maybe Lance should look into it…

Lance turned to face his friends- they didn't notice him eavesdropping yet. Though caught up in their own little bubble, it would be easy for Lance to just invite himself into their conversation. One small comment- a playful jab at Keith, a joke for Hunk or a tease directed at Pidge. But Lance was beginning to think his presence was needed someplace else.

Hunk scratched his head, "Huh, you'd think he'd take it easy since we've been on diplomatic missions only. But he's only training more and more, and gee guys, I'm starting to worry, ya know?"

Hunk wasn't the only one. Keith visibly flinched, his gaze pointing away until it caught Lance's. It was the perfect time to fish for more info about his leader. So Lance slipped over to his friends, throwing a hand over Hunk's shoulder to ask what they were gossiping about. As if he didn't know they were discussing the mental and perhaps physical health of his secret boyfriend.

Keith's lips formed a thin line, but it was Pidge who explained, "We've noticed how much Shiro's been training. What if he overworks himself?"

Lance let his smile drop, donning the concerned expression he had mentally worn.

Last time Shiro rushed through a training program, he collapsed and ended up spending the night in the healing pods. The others didn't have to know about that, it was another one of Lance's and Shiro's many little secrets. Also Coran was there, but Coran wasn't going to mention it anytime soon.

Hunk hung his head, "He skipped lunch today too- man I worked so hard on that goo. It was his favorite goo! Well, actually it was his least-hated goo."

Pidge sighed, "Yes Hunk, that's the big issue here. Good goo going to waste," but even her smile was strained- Pidge was a worrier and an obsesser.

Give her a reason and she'd be stalking Shiro and Lance again to ensure Shiro didn't accidentally murder Lance or himself during training. And judging by her expression- she was readily planning that scenario. Maybe she'd drag Keith along this time, even though the dark haired boy hated to impose on Shiro's personal training time.

Keith was protective of Shiro, in a detached but endearing way. He didn't give one damn if Shiro got tossed by a robot or kicked through a wall, but heaven forbid Shiro catch a cold. And Lance recognized that platonic love anywhere- he had four older siblings for crying out loud. It's worse when one of you is an awkward introvert like Keith and the other is this superhero who's walked out of hell still alive and kicking but still can't understand that affection goes both ways.

Clearly they all wanted to do something for Shiro- but Hunk's method had been ignored. Pidge was just too dangerous to be left to her own will and Keith… well Keith had a shot but did Lance really want Keith to beat himself up if things didn't go as planned? Keith meant well, but some things Lance might be better equipped for. He's used to lifting Hunk's spirits and rebooting Pidge's brain and even making Keith laugh. Shiro was no different.

So obviously Lance would take over. It's not the first time he'd have to interfere with someone else for their own good, and it won't be the last.

Lance hummed a little loudly, "Maybe he's just stressed, you know? When he comes out from training- I'm sure he'd get himself some food and sleep. But if anything goes wrong, I'd be there. It's what friends do-"

Keith interrupted, "Cut the bullshit Lance. That's just wrong."

Hunk had the cruelty in him to glare at Lance, "Yeah buddy- that's low, especially for you."

Lance pulled away, arms up in defense, "Huh- me? What did I do?"

Pidge pushed up her glasses, "Friend Lance? You're still calling yourself his friend?"

"Well duh- what else are we?"

Keith, Pidge and Hunk shared a look- various degrees of confusion, pity and surprise adorning their faces.

Keith shrugged, pushing his hands in his pockets, "I don't know- I always thought you'd be the one to shower him with attention Lance. Never thought it'd turn out like this."

"I'm sorry- what?!"

Pidge rolled her eyes, "We saw how you guys were having issues lately."

"We are?!" Lance stuttered- alternatingly looking between his best friends, "With what?"

Keith groaned, a small blush on his lips, "Don't make us say it- we're trying hard enough to ignore your 'secret' relationship already. The last thing I want to do is to get involved if you and Shiro have a problem,"

"But we- we don't!" Lance protested, but then he took a quick mental check to ensure that they didn't have a fight.

Of course they didn't- everything was perfectly normal and casual. They were close, but not too close. Heck, they kept each other's companies and held hands every now and then and snuggled together. They had a good pace. Their friendship was as good as it gets- wait. Friendship?

Oh-ho-ho no. Lance and Shiro were not friends, they were past that. There was the whole confession and the kissing and that one magical date that included them have sex but then saying the next day they should take it slow and don't make out so often and- holy quiznack, when was the last time they made out?!

Had Lance been so focused on being there for Shiro that he completely forgot that he had special privileges now? He gave Shiro space but holy crow was it too much space? Why didn't Lance eventually evolve into more intimate gestures? Why didn't he kiss his cheek instead of patting his shoulder? Why didn't he give more hugs? Why didn't he do anything? He just… stuck there, lingering in that almost platonic phase.

Back when Lance was pining for Shiro, he was closer. Much closer. Lance had tried every opportunity to be alone with him, helping him, just being with him was enough. But now…? Now he had Shiro, did his brain just stop trying?

Just because Lance knew he didn't have to actively yearn for Shiro's attention, did he just take everything for granted? Did he even feel the same for Shiro anymore?

Yes, Lance had the extra butterflies and the growing admiration, but those had been ignored because it felt too sudden- why the hell did he choose to ignore those feelings? And worse of all- Lance hadn't even noticed the accidental distance. Shiro had to start venting and their friends had to push it into Lance's face before he realized what a messed up thing he had been doing.

What a messed up thing he's still doing.

"Holy quiznack- I messed up," Lance muttered to himself, smacking a palm to his face so hard that it hurt, "I should have kissed him when I had the chance. I should have gotten him those silly flowers- oh my god we should have made out more! I SHOULD HAVE JOINED HIM IN THE SHOWER!"

That was met with a very loud, "Ewwwww Lance!" and a shiver from Hunk, "Dude, too much information," and a wide-eyed pale look from Keith.

Lance wasn't done- he paced the floor and Pidge had to jump away before Lance walked over her. To his friends- he must have looked like a madman. Between pulling at his hair and groaning and saying, "I'm-so-stupid-stupid soy tan estúpido," along with a couple frustrated faces shown to the ceiling.

If it weren't for Keith, Lance would have probably spent the next few hours calling himself stupid. Or maybe the guy got his fill of seeing Lance suffer and decided he didn't want to see his almost brother-in-law suffer any more that he had to.

Keith reached out to Lance, clasping his shoulder so hard that it forced Lance to stop pacing, "Lance. You should telling Shiro that,"

"But I messed up so bad- I wanted to give him space but then I ended up being too distant and instead of approaching me he's probably blaming himself- and oh-my-god I have to see him,"

Lance dashed out of the room, barely staying long enough to hear Pidge ask, "Well- that's one way to kill two birds- also, how did you guys realize they were dating but not-dating?"

Lance couldn't get to the training room fast enough- that horrible minute made his heart pound and his limbs to complain but who cares if the usual trip took fifteen minutes? The castle was huge but not big enough to cover up for Lance's mistakes.

How freaking long?

How freaking long had he unintentionally made Shiro suffer? How many times did Shiro want to reach out for Lance only to find him so far away being a stupid selfish jerk.

Lance was never afraid that Shiro would hurt him, but not once did he expect him to hurt his beloved so much.

Were they even still together? Did Shiro take Lance's distance to break up with him? And that's why Shiro's been avoiding everyone. Oh-my-god.

Dios mio- Lance had to make it up to him. Even if they don't keep their relationship, Lance would swear to make Shiro feel as special as he deserved to be.

He found Shiro at the end of his training. The man was taking a few stretches to cool down before he would hit the showers. Lance didn't hesitate. God- he swore he'd never hesitate when it comes to loving Shiro again.

Shiro looked up in time to catch Lance crashing into his arms- Lance's face buried into his chest with whispers of, "I'm-so-sorry. I-love-you. I'm-so-sorry-I-love-you-I'm-so-sorry,"

Shiro pulled away, eyes wide and there was just a hint of a tear in his eye, "What? Lance?"

"Oh-god-I'm making you cry, I'm so sorry Shiro-I should have been a better boyfriend and I promise I'd make it up to you!"

Shiro only reached out to cup Lance's face, his left hand stroking his cheek fondly, "Lance… you're crying…"

Was he? Tears can't help now.

"Well… these tears are for you," Lance tried to catch his breath but ended up sniffing loudly.

It's then Shiro's single tear falls over, "What did I… do wrong? I thought I was-"

Oh-shit. No-no-no- this wasn't what Lance meant! Can't he stop messing things up for once in his life? He literally pushed Shiro away, now he's making him cry. He can't do anything right… but… maybe he should... No- wait, didn't Lance just swear never to hesitate again?

Okay- here comes some sappy drama but at least it's what Lance wants to do.

Lance cupped Shiro's cheek, pressing little kisses under Shiro's eyes, purposely stopping any other tear from falling, "I'm in love with every part of you,"

"But- I… I don't understand,"

Lance drifted his eyes shut, firmly putting his forehead to Shiro's, "I was afraid of loving you too much. But I ended up not giving you enough… I'm so sorry,"

"Wait… what?" Shiro's hand tightened on his cheek, "What is this about… You mean… This isn't a breakup?"

Lance's eyes shot open, and he gave a nervous chuckle, "I hope it's not. I just got a wake up call from the others and if this is a breakup then I can't prove to you how much I love you the way I want to,"

"You don't have to prove anything Lance," Shiro's voice was so gentle- the same thing Lance found himself smiling at again.

"But I should. I should have never hesitated, I should have never felt ashamed to want to be close to you. I should have just gone for it, gone for you. I want to love you, in so many ways. You deserved to be loved unrelentlessly, unashamedly and un- un… un-" of all the times for words to fail Lance, it had to be while they were having a moment.

Lance flushed when Shiro chuckled, their foreheads still pressed together. Sometime during their embrace, Shiro had his free arm wrapped around Lance's waist. It was splendid.

Lance sighed, "Pause that speech- what's another word for forever that starts with 'un-',"

Shiro glanced up for a second, "Um- 'un'-til forever?"

"That'll do," Lance grinned and just as he was about to continue his second grand confession, Shiro pressed their lips together.

Soft and gentle but enough to have Lance finding those butterflies again.

Shiro pulled away first, a blush and a smirk adorning his features, "What were you saying about 'just going for it'? Holy quiznack Lance,- I really missed kissing you,"

"I try to give an entire speech to tell you how I feel, and all I could have done was give you a kiss?"

Shiro shifted to that they had a little breathing space, but the intimacy was still there, "You're not the only one at fault-"

"Yes I am!"

"No you're not." Shiro shook his head, "I wanted you to take your time at your own pace, but I never did anything to nudge you along. It's two people in a relationship, working together, giving and taking, making compromises and just ultimately loving each other Lance. It takes two…"

"So… does that mean there's no possibility of having a threesome in the future?" Lance blurted out, but Shiro only took a second to reply, "One day for sure- but I'd like to try sex toys before we get to that stage."

There's a moment of silence, with both their faces bright red before Lance softly asked, "On a scale of one to ten, with one being vanilla sex and ten being BDSM fetishes… what's your kink level?"

"Right now… or later tonight?"

Goddammit he loved this man.

Lance chuckled, "Since we're not holding anything back- I just have to ask. Does your hand work as a vibrator?"

"I never tried…" Shiro got a faraway look for a second, before turning his face away in utter embarrassment, "Um… we should find that out,"

Lance grinned cheekily, "You were going to hit the showers… mind if I join?"

"Lance my darling, you never have to ask,"

And he never hesitated either. Neither did Shiro. Ever again. And you know what- Shiro's hand did vibrate. But that's another story.

Bonus Scene:

Keith and Hunk saw a single figure hunched by Lance's door, then there was some soft shuffling before they recognized the very distinct image of Pidge trying to hack into the keypad. Luckily, Hunk caught her in time.

Hunk quickly pulled the little gremlin up by her collar, "Pidge- no. We have to leave Lance and Shiro alone,"

Pidge writhed until Hunk let her down, she fell with a hiss, glaring at the boys, "I want my headphones back- and I don't care if they're in there."

Keith crossed his arms, "They're not even here. Obviously they're in Shiro's room. Lance is moving in, remember?"

Hunk arched a brow, "I thought they were still in the training room- Shiro was giving Lance a one-on-one,"

Pidge shook her head, jabbing a finger to Lance's door, "Headphones. I don't care if they're getting it on or not, just let me in,"

Keith's voice was solid no-arguing material, "No Pidge."

Hunk crossed his arms, nearly mirroring Keith, "Yeah Pidge- do you really want to interrupt them in the middle of something?"

Pidge snorted, "Like what? Making out?"

Keith replied, "Yeah! Or worse- being lovey-dovey,"

Pidge asked, "You mean like having sex?"

There was a moment of silence. The three of them stared at each other, their minds going places none wanted to see. To make matters worse, there was a very loud vibration hum and a loud shout of, "Wait!" belonging to the one and only Lance.

Keith turned red, Hunk turned green, Pidge turned pink. They pointedly looked away from the door, murmuring an excuse each before going in opposite directions. Now they remembered exactly why nobody wanted to acknowledge Shiro and Lance being together. It made awkward moments like these.

Lance's door opened, revealing Shiro with a giant grin on his face. In one hand, he held a large box filled with an assortment of nicknacks- including Pidge's headphones. He shut off his vibrating hand.

Lance was right behind him, a pout adorning his face, "Really Shiro? I could have just given her back her headphones! You didn't have to scare them away like that,"

Shiro chuckled, turning around to kiss Lance on his cheek, "What's the fun in that? And besides, now they'd stop being so nosy,"

Lance smirked, "I like the sound of that. Also... what's the battery level on that vibrating hand? I'd love another massage."

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