Hi guys. It's Kiki. I used to love reading and writing fanfictions back when divergent was really big in 2014/2015. Obviously I grew out of my phase and obsession but in quarantine I've found myself coming back and rereading old fanfictions that I used to love. It made me want to start writing again. 5 years later, my writing has improved a lot, and my perception of the world has drastically changed as I grew older, so hopefully this fic will be far less cringey than my last divergent one. This fic is mostly a fourtris fluff piece but it does have a realistic plot and isn't just a normal divergent high story. I'm trying to make it like actual high school. Hope you enjoy reading!

September 4th: Tris

"Tris did you even hear what I said?!"

"Oh my god, yes Christina, I'm listening." I nudge the phone closer to my ear with my shoulder.

"Fine, what'd I just say then?"

"You said that Will slid up on your story and said you looked cute."

"Then why are you not freaking out with me?!

I let out a low chuckle. "You're acting like you didn't post that selfie specifically for him to see."

"Okay, and?! It worked!"

"Okay, Chris, I'm happy for you, but you guys have been talking since the beginning of the summer and now it's September. When are you guys actually gonna like, go on a date?"

"Ugh, I don't know, I'm waiting for the right time to make a move, cuz I heard from Marlene that he was still talking to other girls at the end of the summer… speaking of which though, he invited me to the Pedrad's party tonight, and you are coming with me." Christina demands.


"Can you move?! You've been blocking the milk section for like 30 seconds little lady." I turn around to face a red faced old woman standing behind me with her arms crossed impatiently.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." I say sheepishly, pushing my cart out of the way and into the empty juice aisle.

Christina laughs, "Are you at the grocery store, Tris?"

"Yeah, my mom wanted me to run some errands for her on my way back from NHS. What were we talking about again?"

"The Pedrad's party. You're coming with me."

"Oh yeah. No." I say flatly.

"What? Why nottttt?" She whines.

"Because I just don't feel like it." That should be a good enough answer for her, it's junior year, I'm up to my knees in schoolwork and extracurriculars, it is Friday night and I simply just want to stay home and go to bed before midnight for once without having to deal with a drunk Christina.

"Come onnn, remember how stoned you got at the last Pedrad function?" She cackles on the other end of the line.

"I did not!" I say, even though that's a complete lie.

"Oh please, ONE edible and you were all 'Christina, Christina! I love you sooo fucking much you knowww- you're my besssst friennnnnd. Let's just live liiiife' and you wouldn't STOP laughing." I chuckle a bit myself, remembering stumbling into the bathroom and seeing how red my eyes were that July night. Luckily Uriah gave me lots of water and had some eyedrops I could use before I went home.

"Okay, yeah, that was a pretty fun night, but you have Will to look after you tonight! You don't need me."

"Tris, that's exactly my point, what if I do something stupid? I need you to be there to make sure I don't. Plus, I think you could really have a fun time, you've been overworking yourself a lot and it's not even a month into the school year."

I have to admit she was right.

"So you just want me to third wheel you and Will?" I tease.

"Bring a date!" She exclaims. "Weren't you talking to Robert Black?"

"Yeah I was, he's really sweet but I think we're just better off as friends. Plus, Robert at a party? Have you met him?"

"Okay true," she says "But it's really about time that you get a boyfriend. He doesn't even have to be super compatible with you or feel like it's a match made in heaven! Boyfriends are just fun!"

I sigh, slightly embarrassed at the fact that I've never actually had a real boyfriend and I was 16 going on 17. I've been on a few dates, and hooked up with a couple of guys before. Most of them have been really sweet too, it just didn't feel like it would go anywhere. Maybe Christina is right though, it's highschool and I shouldn't be taking these things that seriously.

"Maybe I'll meet someone at the party?"

She gasps, "Does that mean you're coming?"

I sigh, mulling it over in my head, "Yeah, I'll come."

"YAY! Come over right away so you can help me pick out what to wear and we can get ready together! Will is coming to pick me up, so I bet he could drive you too."

I cringe, imagining myself third wheeling them in the backseat of Will's car. "Yeah… sure, that'd be great. Let me just drop off these groceries back at home, then I'll go over to your place."

"Okay, nice. See you then." She hangs up.

I feel a little excitement bubbling in me. Pedrad parties are fun, and even though I am an AP student and in the top 10 percent of my class I can't act like I'm above the party scene, because let's face it, you're only a teenager once. I've definitely engaged in my fair share of "bad behavior" that I wouldn't want my parents finding out about as well.

I make my way to checkout, and as I'm standing in line someone taps my shoulder.

I turn around, and find myself face to face with none other than Tobias Eaton. He gives me his million dollar smile. "Hey Tris, I thought it was you. What's up?"

"Oh hey Tobias," I grin, "Just running errands for my mom. What brings you here on a Friday afternoon?"

He holds up a 6-pack of beer. "Pre-gaming for the Pedrad party in about an hour."

I raise an eyebrow, "You're not 21."

He shrugs, "They never card me here, and on the off chance that they do I have a fake."

I let out a mock gasp, "Tobias Eaton, you are bad."

He laughs, "So Prior, it's been a while since I've seen you at a party. What's the chance you're coming tonight?"

"Pretty high, actually. Christina is dragging me along with her and Will."

"Are those two having sex yet? Anyone who is in a room with them can sense the sexual tension between them." He says bluntly.

I laugh, "I'll tell her you said that."

The line moves up and I begin unloading the items from my cart.

"Remember how high you got at one of the Pedrad parties?" He says quite loudly. The middle aged woman scanning my groceries looks up and gives us a glare.

"Say that a little louder why don't you, I think there are people in China who didn't hear you." I hiss to him.

He holds up his hands, "My bad. You should come pre-game with us tonight though." He suggests.

"Sorry, I can't. I'm getting ready with Christina."

He sighs and dramatically puts a hand on his chest, "How dare you break my heart like this, Prior."

I roll my eyes, "You'll live, I promise."

"Your total is 41.06," the cashier says. I insert my card into the machine and once everything is paid for I begin loading the bags onto my cart. While I'm doing so, Tobias is buying his beer.

The lady raises an eyebrow at him, but surprisingly, doesn't card him. It must have to do with the fact that he looks like a 25 year old man rather than a 17 year old high school student. By the time he's paid I've loaded the last bag onto my cart.

"Let me walk you to your car." He says.

I smile, "Okay, thanks." We walk to my car and make small talk, talking about the chem homework and our awful teacher Ms. Matthews.

He helps me unload the groceries into my car.

"I swear, she's such a bitch," he groans, "She always rounds my grades down and takes off points for spelling errors, this is science not english class."

I close the lid of my trunk, "Yeah, she definitely is the worst. I can send you my lab answers though… I found a quizlet online that had all the answers." I admit.

"Prior! You're cheating!" He grins, leaning against my car and looking down at me.

My face goes red, "It's not … cheating. It's using my resources." I insist.

He shakes his head. "Cheaterrrr," he teases.

I open my mouth to retort but then my phone rings. It's my mom.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Beatrice, where are you? I expected you home half an hour ago! I need the tomatoes to start preparing dinner." My mom says, frustratedly.

"Sorry mom, I got a little bit held up at the store," I explain, eyeing Tobias. "I'm literally just about to leave though, got everything loaded in my car."

"Okay, see you at home then," she sounds less upset, "love you." she adds.

"I love you too mom." I hang up.

"Sorry for delaying you," Tobias says sheepishly.

"No, no, honestly, it was all Christina, she kept me on the phone for like half an hour in the store."

"Oh okay." he seems relieved. He pushes off of my car and begins backing away, still looking at me.

"See you tonight then, Prior." he salutes.

"See you." I salute back.

I drive home quickly and unload the groceries, kissing my mother goodbye and telling her I'll be sleeping over at Christina's. I'm not sure if she bought my story, but she's also relatively chill, and knows how hard I've been working this year. I feel blessed, not a lot of people have parents as great as mine.

I make my way over to Christina's and knock on her door. 2 seconds later the door swings open. "Oh my god, FINALLY." She shoves me into her house and then brings me into her room.

"What took you so long?" She huffs, plopping down on her bed.

"Nothing!" I say, a small blush creeping onto my face.

Her mouth drops open, "Spill." She demands.

"I ran into Tobias Eaton at the store and we were talking. That's all."

"Tobias Eaton?!" She exclaims. "You mean super cute guy who also happens to be your lab partner in chem who is always flirting with you."

I roll my eyes, "He is not always flirting with me. We're just friendly is all, we barely know each other. Plus, isn't he dating Nita whats-her-face?" I grumble, falling back onto Christina's bed next to her.

"Actuallyyyyy," she sings, "they broke up about two weeks back. No one really knows why, because they dated for like over a year, and not gonna lie, they made a really hot couple. Nita is nice though, she's just… a little standoffish."

"I don't think I've ever actually talked to her," I admit, "She's like… insanely pretty though."

"And so are youuuuuuu!" Christina says.

"I mean, I'm nowhere next to Nita level, but that's not even the point. I'm not into Tobias. We didn't even actually start talking until this school year and it's only because we're lab partners, otherwise he would have never acknowledged me."

"Oh, Tris. You have to admit though, he is really nice, it's not like he's some popular douchebag or anything, even though he's well known around the school he's like… pretty down to earth and easy to have a conversation with. And it's not like you're unpopular either, everyone at school likes you! And Tobias totally flirts with you. Was he flirting with you today at the store?"

"Well…" I feel my face redden, "Yeah… I guess he was." An idiotic grin finds it's way onto my face, I don't want to get my hopes up, but Tobias Eaton was incredibly attractive, and as far as I could tell, actually nice. He probably flirts with a lot of girls though, especially after him and Nita broke up.

I think of Nita and her gorgeous face, beginning to feel a little bit insecure. "But there's no way he'd actually like me though. Nita is on the dance team and is flexible and hot and has nice tits."

Christina rolls her eyes, jumping off of her bed and going up to her vanity. She starts applying her makeup as she talks. "Okay, number one, it's not all about status and looks anyway, this isn't a Netflix Original. Number two, you are hot too! Totally within his league. We all get insecure but comparing yourself to Nita is no good. Just because she's hot does not mean that you aren't! So, I'm gonna do your makeup and then we're going to go through my closet and pick out a hot outfit for you, Tobias is going to be there right?"

I nod.

She claps her hands. "Perfect!"

I can't help the smile that takes over my face, I'm nervous yet excited and I can't seem to get Tobias out of my head.

"Okay, are you ready?" Christina asks me.

"Yeah." I say nervously, not knowing if I will like this outcome.

She spins me around to look at myself in the full length mirror. Wow. She really did a number one me. We traded my t-shirt, sweatpants, tennis shoes combo for a baby blue romper with spaghetti straps. It forms a v neck and is pretty low cut, but lucky for me and my small boobs I can pull it off with no bra. She did my makeup like how I usually do it, relatively natural, except she dusted some pink eyeshadow onto my eyelids.

"Okay, do you want my Nike Cortez's? Or my sandals?" She holds both up in the mirror for me to choose from.

"Ummm, sandals."

"Good choice, maybe Tobias has a thing for toes." She winks.

"Christina!" I laugh.

"What? We gotta consider all the factors here, you look hot as fuck by the way."

"No thanks to you. You look amazing too."

She really does, she wears a yellow tube top that makes her dark skin stand out. She paired it with some very skimpy high waisted shorts, but it's Christina, she looks hot as hell in anything. I'm jealous of her confidence.

She hugs me around my shoulders and kisses me on the cheek. "I love you Trissy."

I laugh, "I love you too."

Her phone dings. "Will is here!" She sings. I look at myself in the mirror and blow out a breath of air. Tonight is going to be fun. I'm manifesting it.

The car ride goes exactly how I expect it too. Will and Christina flirted a lot, Will even held her hand the entire time he drove. He did make conversation with me which I appreciated. Both of us are AP students who take our academics pretty seriously. Will is first in our class though, which I can't help but be envious of. He's very modest about it, but the truth is he's just insanely smart.

It's a little funny, watching shy, intelligent Will hit it off with talkative Christina, who is president of the drama club and social chair of the student council. She lives for fun and freedom. She hates everything having to do with academics in fact, she takes the easiest classes and skates through all of them, giving her more time to focus on the school plays and arranging events for the school. Nevertheless, her and Will seem to really like each other. I'm really happy for her.

The party is in full swing by the time we arrive. As soon as I open the door to the Pedrad mansion I am hit with the scent of booze and marijuana.

Christina snickers, "Maybe just stick to half an edible this time, Tris." I elbow her.

Two arms envelop me from behind.

"Hey guys!" Uriah's cheerful voice bellows.

"Uriah!" Me, Christina, and Will cry in unison.

If anyone wins the award for the most "popular" person in the school, it definitely has to go to Uriah Pedrad. Charming, funny, good-looking, down to earth, and extremely kind, not to mention he has a huge house perfect for throwing parties. This kid has it all.

Uriah shakes my shoulders, "Tris, I haven't seen you at one of these in a while! Not to mention I've barely seen you around this school year." He pouts.

Christina rolls her eyes, "It's cuz she's always in the library."

"What's wrong with the library?" Will and I say in unison.

Uriah shakes his head and begins backing away, "Make yourself at home guys! Beers are over there, let me know if you want the location of any grass." He winks. "Sorry Tris, but we couldn't acquire edibles this time."

"Is anyone ever gonna let me live that down?"

"Nope." Christina and Uriah both say.

Uriah dashes off somewhere, and soon enough again I'm third wheeling Christina and Will.

"We need to pick a DD." Christina says.

"I'll do it." I offer.

"Are you sure Tris? I'd be more than happy to-" Will starts.

"No it's okay," I interrupt, "You two should have fun tonight." I smile at them.

"Thanks Tris, we love you. You're the best!" Christina kisses me on the cheek then grabs Will's arm and dashes off to where the drinks are.

I sigh, sitting myself down on the couch, my eyes searching the room. I see a chugging contest going on in the back corner, and lots of couples making out and grinding up against each other. I keep glancing around the room but I don't see any sign of Tobias.

I need to pee. Unfortunately, there is a line outside the downstairs bathroom. I would search for another bathroom but I don't want to overstep my boundaries in the Pedrad's home.

Three girls in front of me in line are chattering non-stop and my heartbeat picks up when I realize who one of them is. Nita. I don't like to call this eavesdropping because technically I can't help but overhear their conversation.

"So he's here tonight?" One of Nita's friends inquires. Are they talking about Tobias?

Nita sighs, "Yeah. It's been harder than I thought to see him around after the break up." Okay this is about Tobias.

"Have you guys talked at all tonight?" Her other friend asks.

"No… we made awkward eye contact for like 2 seconds and that's it. Should I say something?" She asks them.

"No." Both of her friends say in unison.

"Yeah, I probably shouldn't." She admits. "It just still hurts a lot, and I miss him. I guess I'm just wondering if he even feels the same way about me or if he even cares. Ugh, I just need to get over him."

Her friends give her sympathetic looks and console her. Two girls walk out of the bathroom and then Nita's group heads in.

I mull over what they said in my head and I can't help but feel slightly guilty. I know I did nothing wrong, but it's clear that Nita still has feelings for Tobias. It's not like Nita and I are even friends though, so there's no girl code. I still feel bad for her. I've never gone through a break up myself, or experienced a bad heartbreak before but her and Tobias did date for a long time. It must hurt to lose someone who was an important part of your life.

The bathroom door opens and Nita and her friends step out. The mood must have lightened because they're all giggling about something. Nita then makes eye contact with me and smiles. "I love your outfit."

"Oh!" I laugh, "Thank you! I like yours too!" I gesture to her red mini dress that literally fits every curve of her body perfectly. She smiles in appreciation and then heads off with her friends.

"I think you could use this." Someone sticks a joint in front of my face from behind.

I turn around on my spot on the couch and there is Tobias.

"I can't tonight, I'm DD." I fake pout.

He shrugs, "More for me."

He pulls out his lighter. "So have you been having fun tonight?" He asks.

I shrug. "Since I'm DD and Christina and Will were the only people I came with, not really."

I nod my head toward them making out in one of the Pedrad's lounge chairs.

"Well, shit it's about goddamn time." Tobias mutters.

"So where've you been all night?" I ask, as he plops down next to me on the couch.

"Playing pool upstairs with Zeke. Not to brag, but I kicked his ass."

"Are you sleeping here tonight or do you need a ride home?" I inwardly cringe, thinking that might have been a weird question to ask but I was also curious.

"Zeke said if I didn't find a ride home I could crash. Honestly, why don't you crash too? Then you could help me smoke this." He waves the joint around in the air.

My face heats up at the prospect of spending the night in the same place as Tobias. But then I remember. "I can't, Christina and Will still need me to give them a ride home."

"Ask them if they wanna crash too." He looks up.

As if right on cue Christina wraps her arms around me from behind.

"Tris!" She drunkenly screams in my ear. I cringe.

Tobias merely raises his eyebrows at her. "I'm having the best time everrr! Will is so sweet and sooo fucking hot and we've been kissing and grinding all night. Obviously I'm not gonna let him hit it tonight because we are both wasssstedddd but ohmygod I'm SO happy! Oh my gosh! Look it's Tobias!" She points at him.

He raises a hand in greeting.

"Hey Chris?" I ask, "Maybe you and Will wanna crash here at the Pedrad's, you wouldn't wanna go home like this to your mom."

"Zeke is fine with it too," Tobias adds.

She shrugs, "Willllll!" She yells.

Will drunkenly stumbles up, "Yessss?" He pokes her nose.

"Let's… sleep here tonightttt," she suggests. "No sex thoughhh."

Will nods, "Okayyyy, hey! Tris can get drunk now! Tris try this!" He sticks out his red solo cup of god knows what.

"You know what? I'm okay. You two go have fun!"

They stumble off. I look at Tobias and he wiggles his eyebrows at me and hands me the joint.

I cackle, "Tobias shut up!" I can't even remember what dumb joke he made, all I know is we are both on jupiter. And I like it. My head feels light and I can't stop laughing. We are laying in the grass of the Pedrad's backyard and it's starting to get a little bit chilly.

"Gimme more." I hold my hand out for the joint.

"We smoked it allllll." He says.

We both burst out laughing at the same time.

"I'm suchhh a fucking idiot," I groan, "Thank god I'm not going home to mommy and daddy tonight because they… would not be happy." I put a hand on Tobias's chest.

"Everytime I close my eyes I see colors and shapes." Tobias says, turning his head to look at me, grinning.

I shiver a little, "I'm coldddd."

Tobias opens his arms for me, giving me an innocent look. I grunt a little and fall into his arms, my head tucked into the crook of his neck. We both look up at the stars in silence.

After a couple of minutes Tobias says, "Your hair smells good. What shampoo do you use?"

I try to think about it for a few seconds, but give up. Too much brain work. "Shit, I don't even knowwww. You have good arms though." I say bluntly, poking his strong bicep.

"Mmmm," he says, pulling me closer against him.

"Can I say somethingggg?" I ask after a couple more minutes of silence.

He lets out a breath of cool air against my ear. "Anything, Prior."

"Why are you cuddling me in the grass? Didn't you jusssst break up with your girlfriend? And she's like…. Really fucking nice too, and she's also sad about the breakup but you don't seem to beeeee. Also I'm definitely not as pretty as herrrrrr. So…. what's the reason...?"

He's silent for a while, but in my relaxed mental state I can't find it in me to freak out about this, I just patiently wait for a response, humming a little.

He finally speaks up, "Ion know trissss… The thing with Nita is like… highkey fucking complicated thoughhh and I don't think I could like … explain it when I'm like this... You're really fucking fun though, and I like hanging out with you. Also you are like superrrr pretty. You're like fucking beautiful. But we are also like… really high, ya know?"

I sigh, diverting my attention back to the house. The party has died down quite a bit and I presume most of the guests have gone home. Tobias and I are the only people in the backyard.

"Yeah we are pretty high…" I close my eyes and rub my temples. "Maybe we should go inside though… It's pretty late... I'm gonna crash on the couch."

We both get up and stumble inside, accidentally slamming the door behind us.

"Jeez, will you guys be quieter please?" Will says. I see him squinting up at us, tangled up in the lounge chair with Christina lying on top of him.

"Sorryyyyy," we both slur.

I walk over to the couch and fall back on it, closing my eyes. A few seconds later, I feel something being draped on top of me. I open my eyes to see Tobias putting a blanket on me. I smile a little.

"Good night, Prior. I'll be in the guest room upstairs if you need me."


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