Ice crown. A monument to their suffering. The veil between life and death, where a usurper sits on a Frozen Throne. She clenched her fists as a memory of the previous Lich King flashed in her mind. Arthas' reign was terrible. But no king rules forever.

Sylvanas walked across the ice, killing any Scourge that comes too close. Her steps are slow and measured, bracing for a fight that is to sure to come.

Orange turned to blue as the power of Ner'zul took over Bolvar's body. The Lich King rose from his seat and readied himself for battle. He raised his hammer and swung it in a flurry of strikes towards the banshee.

Sylvanas barely managed to block the first blow and jumped away from the second. Ice cracked at the force with which the hammer was struck, but no damage was dealt among the two combatants. They danced like that for a while, until Sylvanas managed to trap the Lich King with chains made with the power of the Jailer. Bolvar resisted at first, but was eventually brought to his knees, and she proceeded to remove the crown from his head.

"You are unfit to wear this crown," she said, taking the helmet off the screaming human and carefully examining it. "To wield such power..."

"That power will be your prison," Bolvar said as the chains which bound him vanished.

Sylvanas looked at him. "This world is a prison. And I will set us all… free."

When Sylvanas tore the Helm of Domination with all her might and revealed the sky's true form, she expected to be transported to the Shadowlands, where she was supposed to meet with the Jailer and form a plan to purge the corruption that is plaguing the planets of the universe.

What she didn't expect is to travel to another world.

Author's note: This is just a prologue. Other chapters will follow soon. (I'm a noob, so please go easy on me. Any tips in story writing are greatly appreciated!)