Chapter 2: The Awakening

The first thing she feels when she woke up was a pounding headache and a dull pain in her left shoulder. She can hear muffled sounds near her, but her consciousness still wavered.

Then the sounds suddenly stopped, and she gets the feeling of being stared at. "She's waking up."

She knows that voice…

"Sylvanas, are you alright?"

That one too… but she was still too weak to move a muscle.

"Maybe she still needs to rest."

When Sylvanas finally managed to open her eyes, it was to see her sisters fussing over her. Panick was the first thing she felt.

"Sylvanas, are you alright?" Alleria repeated, placing a concerned hand on her shoulder. Sylvanas recoiled. On instinct, she tried to turn to her banshee form, but for some reason she stayed solid.

Her sister's lips curved downward in concern. "Is something wrong sister?" Sylvanas immediately ducked when Vereesa attempted to touch her forehead.

"How did I get here?" She asked, hand slowly reaching for the dagger hidden in her boots… only to grasp for nothing.

Alleria frowned and looked at her closely. "You're injuries are almost healed, but it seems your mind is still in a frenzy. The battle in Northend must have sapped all your energy."

They knew about her fight with Bolvar? That's not good. Had they managed to somehow knock her out before she could go to the Shadowlands? That's unlikely, but not impossible. But how did they know where she was? Even her loyalists did not know where she went. Unless she was followed by someone…

Sylvanas did not get why they are playing pretend. The Horde, Alliance, and especially her sisters do not believe her to be the person she was before she fell, and they could never fake to be on good terms with her. What good could a plan that involved family do against an 'unfeeling monster', as they so kindly put it? "Do you think I'm alright, sister? What do you expect by putting me in the illussion of being alive? Information? Your efforts are wasted, for I will never divulge anything to you lot."

Her sisters looked at her in surprise at her sudden agression. "What are you talking about Syl?" confusion was etched in Vereesa's face. She looked confused for a while until some sort of realization dawned on her face. "Syl, you're safe. We managed to rescue you before you died. Everything's all right. You're safe here."

"You almost didn't make it though," Her elder sister added. "You were very cold by the time we arrived in Silvermoon, and you didn't wake up for two months after." They both looked at Sylvanas' puzzled face. "...perhaps you're still not feeling well. You should rest for now."

Sylvanas cursed under her breath when the door closed and her sisters left for an errand. Having time to think alone, she came to a startling realization: she was breathing. And no illusion in the universe can simulate breathing to a dead person. That doesn't make sense…

Sylvanas lay on her bed, doing her best to ignore her growling stomach. The fruits on the table were deliciously enticing, but she was doing her best to resist the temptation. Whoever made this illusion must be very skilled at it, because not only did they manage to trick her into feeling alive, but they also managed tricked her body to feel things she didn't feel after her death.

Seeking to distract herself from those horrifying thoughts, Sylvanas got off her bed and searched for possible exits. The room was white and a little big, with big open windows that let the sun shine in the room. There were even a few flowers on a table beside her bed.

This must be a hospital, Sylvanas deduced. A hospital room with very lax security.

Slowly as not to alert whoever was still around the area, Sylvanas tiptoed as quiet as she can -her injury did not make it easier- towards the door and took a little peek. There in front of her room were stationed three guards sitting around the table playing cards. Their forms are relaxed, and their weapons rest on the far side of the table. One of them looked up at her and even happily waved his hand with a 'Good Morning!'. Sylvanas quickly shut the door before the other two turn around.

Ok, that was weird. What would the alliance-or the Horde for that matter- gain from softening their guard around her? Just what kind of trick are they playing at?

A knock on the door snapped Sylvanas out of her thoughts. She managed to get back to bed before the healer stepped inside. She carried a few pills and some ointments in her hand as she sat beside her and checked her wounds. The healer kept asking questions about her health, but Sylvanas kept quiet throughout their/the whole exchange. Finally, after a while, the healer left and gave her some herbs to chew on before she was alone once again. Confused with the interactions she got since she woke up, the banshee formed a plan. She will act as if everything is normal while secretly searching for any information she might find useful. Whatever this is, it has got to have some flaws. No matter how good an illusion is, it's just that: an illusion. There will always be some mistakes a person can notice that will get them to realize they were under a spell. She will find those flaws and exploit them. But for now, it's best to play along. Even if she tells them that she knows this is a trap, it would do no good. No, the best course of action is to play along.

For now.

Author's note: This was a crappy chapter. As you can see, the first chapter and the prologue were rushed. I was so impatient when I finished the prologue that I gave in to the temptation of posting it even when I'm not done yet. I'm sorry for anyone who were looking forward to this story and was disappointed by the quality. This will be on hiatus for a while, two months or so, so I can draft the whole book/novel or whatever you like to call it for the story to make sense. I promise I will finish this story and post it here in fanfiction when I'm done. I am sincerely sorry for anyone I disappointed and hope that you will continue to wait until the story is ready for publishing, but I'm doing this to make the book better and more enjoyable. I hope you guys understand.

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