Percy dragged his tie down as he left the courthouse. He was almost in shock. How could Calypso like him? What did she see in him that she didn't see before? Lady Calypso was so easy to be around. She was naturally a Miss Willow material. She was the kind of person everyone would love to see as a Queen.

She was beautiful - no, not just beautiful - she was breathtaking. She was vibrant and probably the most naturally attractive person that he has ever met in his life. Miss Willow loved her. Sally thought she was amazing. And Percy... well, he knew for sure she was one Selected who would make it to the Elite.

She was also a good listener and a great communicator. She wouldn't let anything come in between Selection and their relationship, and that was honestly AMAZING.

It wasn't something even Annabeth could do.

It's just...

What have I done?

How did I ruin this?

Just then, he came face to face with Jason. Jason cut his phone call and tried not to smile. "Okay. Now that is done. Let's get you ready for the-"

"Cancel the plan. I don't feel like it." Percy mumbled.

Jason blinked. "Bu- hey, are you sure you know what you're asking me to cancel?"

"Yeah, the date with Annabeth." Percy looked at Jason's confused expression. "I can't right now. Just-" He sighed. "Can you tell her? Don't say it in person. Just send a note. It is the procedure."

Annabeth was gonna be so disappointed.

Jason took a minute to recover. "Uh-yeah. Sure."

"Okay, you do that. Newbie," he looked behind Jason at the other guard. "Follow me."

Jason left, and the new guy's phone rang. He stuttered and picked it up, only to cut the call. They were walking down to the main hall and had almost reached the place. His phone rang again.

"What is it?" Percy removed his overcoat and flung it over the nearest metal statue. Then, he started unbuttoning his sleeve.

"N-nothing important, your majesty." He looked down.

"How are you supposed to protect me if you can't even look at me?" He walked past him. Just outside of one of the gates, he met a man pleading with the other guards to let him in.

Mind you; the man didn't look like the pleading type. He was short but sturdy. He had big hands which oddly protruded out of his custom tuxedo. He was the kind of man who smelled of power and class.

As soon as he saw the Prince, he abandoned the guards and tried to step towards Percy. "Please! Reconsider it. I beg you-" He had a thick Italian accent.

Percy's hyper activeness made him curious, but he turned to his guard. "Whatever the hell this is, can I not deal with this now?"

Although Percy didn't speak to them, the other guards immediately nodded and dragged the middle-aged man away. He couldn't help himself. "What is that about?"

The guard answered boldly this time. "There is a restaurant that we were supposed to promote, but we cancelled because of the attacks. However, the owner is here, and he has been pestering us to reconsider it since morning."

"The owner himself?" Percy raised his eyebrows. "Since morning? Why are we promoting it in the first place?"

"Some big fancy 7-star restaurant. Needs support. All the background checks are done. He is doing some incredible work behind the scenes, and it is all verified and cleared. We scrapped him off schedule without notice and renewed the sponsorship money."

"Well, the security-"

"Yes. That's true. He seems desperate. He has been preaching that he would take care of all the expenses, including security - to the point where the security themselves won't know who they're protecting up until the very last minute. He is practically betting his life on 'Nothing will go wrong.'"

Percy frowned. The guard shrugged. "Also checked, but we still said no."

Just as he heard it, his mind came up with an amazing idea. Percy smirked and caught his lower lip between his teeth. "Bring him to me."

When he came back with the owner, the owner started pleading again. Percy made a gesture to shut him up. "You're a businessman. Talk to me like a businessman." The man immediately went quiet. Percy turned to the guard. "Leave us alone."

"Tell me about your campaign." He asked.

The wise man spoke slowly. "We, at Le Roister Hisa, take 30% of all profit and help educate the less privileged. We aim to provide them with food, healthcare, and all the basic facilities they would require from kindergarten to middle school. It is a work in progress and the legacy of my brand. I assure you we'll keep up with the legacy as long as I hold seniority. We just need a little help."

Percy nodded. "I'd like to propose a thought." He smirked. "-and, I have a feeling you're gonna love it."

Crystal broke the silence. "Wow. I know I keep saying this, but you look gorgeous."

Annabeth contemplated it. "It is too much. He told me to keep it simple, unlike last time."

"Oh shush, shut up. Tell him we made you do it."

She smiled to herself. Percy had been unusually distant ever since Beckendorf's death. He had avoided the Selection and focused too much on the secret service (in Annabeth's opinion). Instead of being annoyed at him or judging him, Annabeth found herself taking secret glances at his general whereabouts.

Like... staring at him in the hallway?

Having a mini panic attack every time someone walks down the stairs because it could be him?

Listening keenly to everyone in the room just to tune them out and focus on his voice alone?

Low-key stalking Jason? (Because it could mean Percy is nearby?)

Yep. Totally not crazy things to do for your crush.

She still recalls how she felt two days back when she bumped into him suddenly in the middle of the hallways. She had been thinking about visiting Silena and rushing down the hallway when suddenly-

"Ugh! Sorry. Sorry. In a hurr-" She stood like a statue when she realised who she had bumped into.

"Ye-yes, me too." Percy smiled at her. A sight she had not seen in many days.

It was insane what a few days of missing someone can do - especially when you're genuinely worried if they are okay. All the feelings she had for him seemed to flow out endlessly in this newfound distance between them.

She was in a hate-love relationship with how her heartbeat went crazy at the sight of him.

"See you around?" She managed to blurt out.

"Yeah." He scratched his neck. "See you later."

They started to walk away, and Annabeth tried to make up one thing, ANYTHING, that would make him stay and talk a while longer. An excuse. A reason.

"Hey!" She turned around before she stopped herself. He half-turned towards her, and the words got stuck in her throat. "I g-gonn visit Silena today. Do-o you wa-ant-"

"No, I-", He immediately shut her out. Annabeth felt stupid that she brought it up. "I don't think- look, I'm busy.."

She waved it off, and a wave of disappointment hit her. "No. No worries. Just- ah- later then."

He nodded. She turned away from him and hit herself mentally for the unnecessary embarrassment. Then, suddenly, he called out her name.

Annabeth turned around at the speed of sound.

"Would you um... I should probably give you a letter and shit. Just- are you free on 11th?" He finger-tapped the wall in anxiety.


That came out too fast!

Percy lifted his eyebrows. She bit her tongue to control herself. "I mean- yes, I am, your - uh -" She mentally slapped herself. "your Percy."'



He frowned as if amused. "Um.. so date at... in the evening?"

"Yes!" She almost jumped. Percy laughed. Cheeks beet red, Annabeth tried to save herself. "I mean... I would love that."

"Sure you would." He teased. "See you."

Still feeling the adrenaline, she jumped lightly. "Yeah, Seaweed brain."

"And no inappropriate clothing, okay?" He teased again before getting serious. "Guards will be around."

"Well, last time was an interesting time, wasn't it?" Crystal wiggled her eyebrows.

Julia hit Crystal on her back. "We're supposed to honour our lady's wishes! It's okay if she is not comfortable in-"

"Blah blah blah. It's only a matter of time anyway with the way she is drooling at him."

Crystal's and Julia's bickering brought her back to the present. "About that..." she looked down, "do you think I don't look as good because I don't wear make-up or because I don't show skin?"

They both instantly looked at her. "What?"

Julia glared at Crystal. "Don't take her seriously! She's just-"

"It is true. I-I don't feel comfortable showing skin around my... you know and my... you know." She pointed at herself as she said it.

"Yeah, and that makes you a classic lady!" Crystal argued. "You're perfect the way you are. Plus, it is good that you're setting boundaries. I'm just throwing suggestions 'cause I want them royal babies as soon as possible."

Annabeth blushed and threw her pillow at her.

Julia caught it. "Plus, we've seen you in inners and trust us, any guy getting that far is lucky."

Crystal went to the door to pick a note up. "Ohhh, a letter from the Prince!" She jumped and tried to tear it open.

Julia walked up to her and snatched the letter. "A letter from his majesty right before the date. Do you really think it is for us to read? What if it has something- common sense, Crystal!" She put it on the desk.

"Ah, yeah," she sighed dreamily. "I'm sorry, I just get a little excited when it is the Prince. He is so hot! He is like a young Greek god."

Julia widened her eyes.

"Oh, come on! No one denies that!" Crystal argued.

Julia turned to face Annabeth. "Kinda true."

"You too?" Annabeth said in shock.

She tried to change the topic. "Let's leave before he gets here."

Crystal wanted to summarise. "And, remember," she paused dramatically, "-royal babies okay? The bed is all yours!" A second later, she added, "and his!"

Annabeth threw the pillow at her. "Stop shouting that!"

Julia shook her head. Annabeth followed Julia out. Crystal exited the room, stating, "Fine. RB then. RB. RB. RB!" She bumped into something behind her.

It was Percy.

"Oh shoot, I'm sor-" she turned to look at him. He kept his hands respectfully away from her and took two steps back. He had a stern face but managed to give her a small nod to gesture that it was alright.

Crystal started malfunctioning.

She was staring at him - quite literally - with her mouth agape. She stood in front of him like a statue.

Julia managed to walk in and drag her out before she embarrassed herself. Crystal kept staring back at Percy as she left, and Julia hit her playfully. Crystal took one last look to mouth "all the best" to Annabeth, pointed at Percy and smirked.

To say that it was awkward after they left was an understatement. Percy walked into Annabeth's Selection room without much of an invitation, and the first thing he asked was -

"What is RB? What was all that about?"

"Ah-i- it is a-", she shrugged, "j-just a code name for you." She struggled with her words. "Royal Ba... uh, Royal Bu-Buddy."

She nodded to herself. "Yeah. That's it. That's the one."

"You let your maids call me Buddy?" He raised his eyebrows. "Why not just SB? Seaweed Brain."

"That's only for me. Plus, you didn't like it when they called you Perseus, and we need a code that we can use when other people are there." She sat on the table in front of the bookshelf - furthest from the bed.

Annabeth fidgeted with herself, looking anywhere but at the Prince. Honestly, why did they have to make it so awkward for her?

"You're acting weird." He pointed out and frowned.

She fidgeted more.

"Anyway, what is that?" He pointed to the letter that she was about to open.

"Oh um, you sent it? Just now?" It was Annabeth's turn to frown.

"Oh. Yeah." He stroked his chin and got up. "I'll just tell you. I just - uh -" he looked around. He grabbed the letter. "Change of plans."

"Okay, where are we-"

"It is a surprise. Come on." He turned to the door. "Okay, why don't you wait a second, and I'll be back in a moment?"

He left. She sighed. Crystal just had to make things awkward, didn't she? She grabbed a bag to put the old clothes in; someone knocked on the door. She opened the door with enthusiasm, thinking it should be Percy.

It was Luke.

"Wow... you..." he looked at her in a way that left her uncomfortable. "You look amazing, Annie..."

Involuntarily, she blushed. Oh, how I would've killed to hear those words a few years back. It wasn't the same anymore.


She brought her hands to the sides of her dress and looked down. "Is it too much?"

They stood there for a few awkward seconds before Percy came climbing down the staircase. "I told you to escort her, not stare at the door- oh, Wise girl?" He frowned at Luke. "Are we good to go?"

"One second." She rushed back in to pack her handbag and came back to the door to hear them arguing.

"I gave orders. Just follow it." She heard Percy say. "Isn't that how this works?"

"If you try anything on her-"

Annabeth managed to peek out. Percy and Luke had their eyes narrowed at each other. Luke looked angry, and Percy was defensive.

"Why do you care? You're the one who left." He retorted back.

Luke's hands clenched into fists. "Jackson, you either treat-"

They must have noticed something because they stopped talking abruptly. Intuitively, Annabeth opened the door at the same time, hoping she didn't look like she was listening.

Percy's expression shifted drastically. "You all set?"

"Yeah." She glanced at Luke. His expression was still stern. "So, we're taking guards? Suddenly?"

Annabeth felt guilty because she wasn't sure she could be close to Percy when Luke was around. Luke still gave her butterflies at times.

"You'll know why when you see it," Luke replied. "For the record, I don't think this is a good idea."

"Hmm.. that's the point here. You don't have to. You're not even accompanying us." Percy retorted.

They glared at each other for a second. Then, Percy gestured to Luke to leave.

"He is not?" She popped the question after he left.

"I don't want Jason to know. He'll find out if Luke is missing. Don't worry. Luke has handpicked the guards. We should be fine." His expression was stern.

"Luke is a good guy, right?" He shrugged.

"Yeah. That's not what I-" she started.

Percy suddenly brought out a dark satin cloth from his pocket. It took her a second to realise that it was a blindfold. "We should leave now. I'm gonna take you through a secret passage that you're not supposed to see."

He stood closer to her. "Do you trust me?"

She stared at the blindfold. Finally, he stepped behind her and slipped the blindfold on to her. "Be honest. Can you see?"

"It is seriously dark." She was genuinely uncomfortable. She didn't like to be restrained. "Where are you?"

A few moments passed, and Annabeth couldn't hear his breathing behind her anymore. She was starting to panic. "Seaweed Brain!"

He laughed. "I'm here! I'm just doing a little test to make sure you can't see." He put one hand on her right shoulder from the side. "You have to answer me for this to work."

"I trust you." She held his wrist for comfort. "Keep talking to me, and don't let go."

"Okay. I'm gonna spin you around a few times, okay?"

He started spinning her slowly. "Don't try to remember the directions. The sooner you forget, the faster we reach and take off that blindfold. Besides -" he suddenly pulled her too close. She could hear his breathing on her neck. "-if this doesn't work, I have other ideas."

Annabeth could still tell the direction she was facing after the spinning. She was facing her door.

"Take 20 steps front, turn around and come back. I'll keep talking to you the entire time."

Annabeth counted as she walked. Percy kept encouraging her and cracking jokes in between. She was on the 17th step on her way back when she bumped into Percy. They both laughed.

He turned her 90 degrees right. "Whose room are we facing?"

Annabeth frowned. She knew they were facing the stairs.

Percy clicked his tongue. "I told you to try forgetting!"

"Nevermind." He slipped his hands around her waist. "We'll do this the long way. Walk downstairs. Go slow. I promise I will not let you fall."

Annabeth wondered if this is what he meant when he said he had other ideas. The firm protective hand squeezing her waist distracted her quite a lot.

Then, they walked down. Percy kept giving her instructions, and she went accordingly. She was pretty sure they were going in circles. At one point, she confidently turned right, but Percy ended up pulling her back - just after slightly hitting a wall. After that, they moved all over the place again.

"And, we're here," Percy said at last.

She was amazed for a second. When Percy took off the blindfold, they were standing in the middle of the gardens. Annabeth had thought that it was the first floor. She had actually lost track. A Range Rover stood in front of them. Percy opened the door for Annabeth. She got into the car.

"It isn't mine," He defended. "We're just doing someone a favour." He took the driver's seat.

"Since when do you drive?" Annabeth frowned. "Do you know how to drive?"

"Of course I do!" He defended again.

They were only 100 meters in, and the vehicle stopped. Percy tapped on the steering wheel awkwardly.

"Let us switch," Annabeth suggested. "Where are we going?" She got out of the car and made her way to Percy's seat. Percy climbed to her seat from inside the car.

"We need to fall behind the Challenger and stay ahead of the next Rover. Are you sure you can do this?"

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy." She shrugged.

The car ride was awkward. Percy kept looking outside for any onlookers and hid from immediate eyes. The Challenger finally stopped at an extravagant mansion. Annabeth stared at the gates. Several guards lined up at both sides, and a man in his mid-50s got out of the Challenger.

All the guards had their eyes on the Range Rover. Annabeth could tell that Percy felt protective of himself. She decided to break the truth out. "You do realise that this is black glass, right? They can't see you."

"Oh...," Percy felt pretty stupid.

Then, the weirdest thing happened. The door of the large mansion opened. It took a while for Annabeth to understand that she was supposed to drive through. At least 50 people were inside, and Annabeth didn't know if getting out was a good idea. Then, as if on cue, the old man made eye contact with a few of them and within minutes, they cleared out.

Percy, Annabeth, the old man, and one insanely hot figured Italian man in a classic waiter's apron were the only people left. He had looks that typically makes customers swoon over someone. Also, interestingly, he was a few inches taller than Percy.

"I am Alessandro Barone." The old man curtsied. "You can call me Alex, but I prefer Alessandro." He spoke in a thick accent.

Annabeth barely registered it all before the other guy took her hand, bowed slightly to reach her eye level and said something in half-Italian half-Spanish. His voice was rusty and low, like he didn't care that two other people were in the room. Nevertheless, he threw in a confident smile at the end.

Percy glared at him.

She blinked. "Huh? Wha-"

He switched tones. "I think this lovely dress fits your curves exquisitely, SeƱorita."

"Uh-I", her face flushed.

"Although," he chuckled, "the literal translation would be-" he paused and stole a sideways glance at Percy. "Anyway, I'm may I have the pleasure to escort you?"

"Ye-yeah. Sure."

He guided them to an intricately designed wooden door. Annabeth wondered if they were still in some extended palace arrangement because the smell, the posh look, the intricate details all resembled the palace.

The guide/waiter grabbed the handle of the door before turning back to her, "close your eyes."

She didn't really think. She just did it. She heard the creaking of the door, and she opened her eyes to-


The place had a cottage vibe. The room was huge. HUGE huge. Seemingly patternless rows of circular glass tables populated the cream marble floor. Trees inside were shaped and converted into fancy cup and plate holders. A huge live kitchen stood to the left of them with all kinds of drinks, machines and savouries. There was a huge fireplace at the centre of the wall. The entire left wall was a glassdoor, and it provided a spectacular view of the garden.

And, it was completely vacant.

The waiter smiled at her expression. "I think I know just the spot for you."

He walked to the centremost table right in front of the middle portion of the long live kitchen and pulled out a brown chair cum sofa. "Mia bella signora." (Translation: My beautiful lady)

"Actually," Percy clicked his tongue and placed one hand on her waist. "I was hoping we could sit somewhere more..." He glanced at the live kitchen. "...private."

"Um-", He gestured around. "Yes, o-of-of course, Prince Perseus." He managed a straight smile.

He walked forward and turned right. A long hallway: one side rectangular glass tables, the other side hosting a long array of dishes used for buffet came into view.

Percy stopped somewhere in the middle. "This is good." He pulled out one of the four wooden seaters, beating the waiter to it, and gestured for Annabeth to sit down.

The waiter pulled out the opposite seat for Percy. "So," he turned towards her. "What would you like to have?"

Percy grabbed the leather-bound menu card kept on the table. "We'll tell you when we decide." He faked a smile. "You don't need to wait."

"Alright then, Prince Percy," He bowed slightly, "Lady Annabeth."

Just when he was about to leave, Percy called out. "Never call me by my name." He glanced away from her and glared at the guy.

"Understood," he nodded to himself, "-your highness."

Annabeth was too busy admiring the place to understand the nature of their exchange. She saw limbers and vines circling the trees, which acted like natural decoration. Red, pink, yellow and white flowers bloomed through wooden creaks in the ceiling and around the room. Yes, the room was architecturally imperfect, but it was spectacular.

"This place is amazing." She must've had a over-satisfied face because Percy returned it with an over-satisfied smile. "How did you find this?"

"I didn't find it. It found me." His eyes twinkled with happiness. "The original plan was Conjuring, but-" he glanced back. "I guess this place beats a horror movie."

She cupped her face with her hands.

"Are you blushing?"

"No." She shrugged. "It is just- I've never ever seen anything like this before. That too with-with someone-"

"Are you sure it is the place and not the person you're with?" He smirked.

Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"Or maybe because of the person you very recently met?" He stared at her.


"Nevermind. We should order." He handed the menu over. "Get anything you want. Don't worry about the price. Owner's treat for us." She gave him a look. "In exchange for something. For a good cause. I promise."

She read through dishes she barely recognised. Percy stared at her.

"Don't stare. It is rude."

He shrugged. "Well, you have the menu. There isn't much I can do."

She gestured to the chair on the right side. "You can sit here and decide with me."

Percy hesitated for a second. He looked back at the main room. There were no one around. "I guess it wouldn't hurt."

"You know what? Why don't we go course by course and spend as much time in this place as we can?" He suggested.

Annabeth chuckled. "You want to occupy their whole evening?" He sat down. "Okay," she smiled.

"Right. On with the starters then. Soup?"

They ordered their respective dishes and waited for them while they made chit chat. Annabeth just walked around, admiring the place for a while, and Percy followed her. Somewhere in between, Percy caught the waiter smiling at Annabeth. Annabeth, still in a happy mood, smiled back innocently, and he returned it with a wink. Percy, irritated, insisted that they should go back.

That is when the problem started.

Annabeth stood near their table, looking back and forth between the main room and their table. "You!" She laughed at Percy. "You sat here because it is the furthest away from the live counter you can get while still making sure the waiter can see us if he ever looked."

"What? No. Pfft. It would've been the same if we sat behind too."

"No, it wouldn't!" She faked surprise to tease him. "Are you jealous, Seaweed Brain?"

"Nooooo. Tell me ONE reason why I should be."

"One?" She smirked. He gestured her to go on."That guy was nice to me."

Percy punched the glass table lightly and turned towards her. "So you knew, and you-" he stammered, "-you just kept quiet?"

"He-he told me I was beautiful. Wh-" she didn't know how to explain. "What do you think my reaction will be when someone tells me I am beautiful?"

"You blush, apparently." He scoffed.

"Percy seriously-" she was lost. "Okay, fine, you say it yourself and see my reaction."

"No. The timing is off."

"Try." She playfully glared at him.

"Okay," He got serious. "I probably don't say this enough, but that doesn't mean that there have never been times when I've felt that you look much better than the camp half-blood Annabeth and more like the 'hidden treasure' we keep looking for in one of our games."

"Good try." She chuckled. "Let us try saying that directly now."

He sighed out. "No." He crossed his arms. "No way."

"Come on. Fast." She leaned on the tabletop - supporting her neck with her jaw and the corresponding elbow on the table. "I'm waiting..."

Percy locked eyes with her. "You look like a treasure."

Annabeth froze.

She stared at him for a second too long, and his eyes drifted to her lips. She moved away abruptly, feeling too intense. Her neck felt hot. "Don't stare. It is rude." She tugged her hair behind her ear.

"Besides!" She tried to calm down her feelings. "You've had your own share of girls flirting with you. Outside the Selection. Before it too!" He agreed. She pushed. "You were the stereotypical high school jock, weren't you?"

He laughed. "No. No. I did not fit the first criteria of being a stereotypical jock in high school."

"You were famous swimming." She reasoned.

"Yeah, but I was never on the team. Plus, I was also one of the 'innocent' guys." She frowned. He explained, "I was a virgin throughout high school. So I didn't fit the circle and the talks and what-not."


Her smile fell. Annabeth had thought-

I was sure when-

Just then, the waiter brought their soups. He placed the orders and left. Percy immediately dove in and tasted it, but Annabeth just swirled it around.

"Don't you like it?" He stopped sipping.

"No. I do." She tasted some. "It is good."

"Okay. Tell me. What?" He smiled.

She looked like she was calculating her words. "So... were you a stereotypical jock in university?"

Percy tensed. He kept the spoon down and sat straight on the chair. They both knew what the real question was and that it had nothing to do with swimming.

"Okay," she shook her hand, "don't answ-"

"Yes." He confirmed. "Yes, I was."

"Oh." Annabeth thought about it, but some things didn't make sense.

"Look, we're on a nice date. Are you sure you want to talk about a heavy topic right now? Let us just have fun and-"

"Yes, I want to talk," he fell silent, "-but not if you're going to lie." Her eyes bore through his like she was trying to connect pieces of an investigation.

"Okay." He looked at her with a slight frown. "What do you wanna know?"


This particular date is actually a changing point in their relationship. You'll know why in the next chapter.

Yep. Percy isn't-

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Anyway, this is something that I've had in my mind since the START of the book. There is a easter egg as early as Chapter 2! Can you believe it? This was something that I LOVED giving easter eggs for. I've given so many that I've lost track, actually. Here are some:

1) Chapter 2: When they find out that the council made virtues mandatory for the girls, he looked at Paul to say, "I don't think that is fair." Immediately, the whole group raises eyebrows at his 'open honesty'.

2) Miss Willow mentions that the newspapers call him a player.

3) Councilwoman Athena never approved of Perseus. She was Annabeth's mother, and she has seen them going back and forth. She was afraid that he would hurt her.

4) Percy always seemed more *experienced* and *informed*. From the way he initiated kisses to the way he understood that Annabeth wasn't comfortable on the rooftop pizza dinner date.

And many more...

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