Shaw had been eaten by curiosity over the conversation on the balcony. When their number left, she approached Root, seeing that knowing smirk on Root's face which made her rougher than she had intended to be when she tugged the shirt away from Root's skin, peered inside at the bandage -and only the bandage, she told herself.

"Keep 'em dry. Change the dressings every 72 hours," Shaw informed Root. Wounds looked neat, no obvious ooze seeping through. Shaw lifted Root's hair to check her neck, Root eyeing her hungrily, then checked the one just below her collarbone again, just for something to do. Just to stay in Root's personal space a few moments longer.

"I love it when you play doctor," Root said breathily, too quiet for the Finch to hear, intended for Shaw alone. Shaw looked up at her quickly, annoyed, and Root lifted an eyebrow smirked with a mouth that Shaw could remember pressed against her own. Shaw scoffed, but she grabbed Root's biceps and pressed her mouth against Root's, some of the desperation of the firefight still lingering in both of their mouths as Shaw pressed herself closer. Root's hand rose slowly to Shaw's face, cupped her cheek softly - too softly, Root was too soft, she was too pliant, she was too.. girly, Shaw thought, right as Root's teeth dug into her lips, and Shaw had to bite back a moan. Root was none of those things - she might have a softness, but it was guile, and it was all for Shaw. Shaw pulled away and didn't glance over at where Harold had frozen in place and was now quickly looking away. Shaw looked at the bandage on Root's neck again, then caught at Root's cheek with her hand, pressing a firm kiss on Root's mouth before storming out of the room.

Harold and Root stared at each other, then at the door when it opened again a moment later.

"If you're coming over, leave the taser at home," Shaw called into the apartment, and then she was gone again. Root raised her hand to her mouth, looked at Harry, shrugged and trotted off after Shaw. It was a pity; she liked the taser, but she liked even more the way Shaw had finally come around.

"Don't wait up for me," she called as she sauntered out of the door.


I enjoyed writing these and was considering doing a short kiss interlude for a few more episodes but I got sick again even though I wear a mask and disinfect everything and I'm very tired.