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Chapter 2:

Hellish Training

"Come on kid! Push your limits already and actually hit me!" Bardock ordered Izuku as the two sparred, it being the third day after Izuku passed out from breaking his arm against Bardock.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Izuku yelled determinedly as he tried to fight the Saiyan Warrior on equal footing, but to no avail. (Thank you DragonNOOB for pointing this out. There was an error here and they helped me see that mistake. :P)

Ever since Izuku started training under 16 and Bardock, he had noticed that he had gotten a bit stronger and also his muscles developed more. Izuku was surprised the progress he made had resulted in it, but he was impressed. He actually looked good. He had also gotten a bit taller and when he tried another 100% Detroit Smash on Bardock, his arms wasn't as purple as the other times.

He still passed out though...

He'd overcome it soon.

Izuku tried landing a barrage of jabs, uppercuts, elbow thrusts, lunges, round-house kicks, and kicks in general. Bardock dodged them all without breaking a sweat. "Is this all you got?!" Bardock taunted.

Izuku growled and try one more punch before the low-class Saiyan grabbed his fist with his left arm and grabbed Izuku's neck with his right and slammed him to the ground. Izuku hit the ground hard, and was panting from exhaustion.

"Tch, you need to get stronger kid! This isn't cutting it!" Bardock informed the once Quirkless teen.

"I'm trying!" Izuku said. "I'm not as strong as you are and I probably never will be!"

Bardock slapped him. "If you think that, it'll be like that!" Bardock sighed. "I'm still trying to figure out how you can use that power of yours so it doesn't just destroy you."

Izuku sighed. "I'm not sure... even if I activated it in my finger alone it still breaks..."

Bardock thought about it for a moment. "Wait, you activated it only in your finger?"

"Y-Yeah... not to damage my whole arm..." Izuku said before Bardock slapped him again. "O-OW!"


"H-Huh?" Izuku was confused.

"If you don't balance your power all throughout your body, then that would be end miserably! You wouldn't be a useful fighter in battle at all and would be a liability! You gotta use your energy even throughout your body, otherwise what you keep doing will get you killed!" Bardock informed the once Quirkless teen.

Izuku then got an idea. "Wa-Wait! I have an idea!" Izuku then got into a position that Bardock thought was similar to when someone charged the Ki. "I may not be able to use a lot of One For All... but... I can do something else! I can use 5%!" Then Izuku had a dark and light green aura with red lighting crackling in and out of existence around him.

Bardock's eyes were open in shock, because the aura Izuku had reminded him of the Super Saiyan auras. Not to mention the fact the kid's power increased by five smiled. "Interesting… can you still move in that form?" Bardock asked.

Izuku looked at Bardock. "I don't know if I can… but I'm thinking on calling this Full Cowling."

Bardock entered his battle stance. "Why don't why find out?"

"Fine by me."

Izuku jumped at the Saiyan Warrior and mananged to land a punch to his stomach, and Bardock smirked as he kicked Izuku in his face after backflipping. Bardock flew at Izuku and punched him twice in the stomach before kicking him into the sand and landing back on the ground. 'This is getting exciting,' Bardock thought.

Izuku appeared and charged Bardock again. Bardock made a Ki blast appear in his right hand and then threw it at Izuku, aiming at the boy in order to defeat him…

...that was before that same boy zigzagged around the blast and then punched him in the stomach again, and Bardock actually coughed up blood, which got on the sand and Izuku's shirt.

What they didn't know, however, was that as Izuku yelled, "SMASH!" he actually had some of it enter his mouth. It blended with his saliva, and then Izuku swallowed his saliva and panting as he was a bit tired from using Full Cowling.

Bardock smiled before he kicked Izuku in his chin and Izuku lost his balance before Bardock punched Izuku in the face and Izuku was sent across the sand and bounced a bit before he fell to the ground. The once Quirkless teen tried to stand up but he was really tired.

"We're done sparring!" Bardock said to Izuku. "I want you to work more on that form though... and maybe, just maybe I'll teach you some moves, and maybe even my fighting style..."

Izuku was surprised by that. Was Bardock thinking about making him his straight up pupil?

"Th-Thank you Bardock-Sensei!" Izuku said while bowing.

"Yeah whatever," Bardock said while rolling his eyes, as 21 and 16 came.

"Ah, I see your training is paying off a bit, Izuku!" 21 noticed as she saw the cracks in Bardock's armor.

Izuku rubbed the back of his head with a blush. "W-Well Bardock taught me how to use my Quirk properly... here, let me show you." His aura flared again and he went Full Cowling 5%.

21 and 16 were surprised. "There is a 5 times multiplier on his power... interesting..." 16 noted. "That's impressive."

21 smiled. "Maybe we should take your training up a level!" She suggested.

Izuku was confused. "Huh?"

"Oh, you mean we're gonna finally teach the boy Ki?" Bardock asked.

"Yep! I think he's ready," 21 answered.

"Um... what is Ki?" Izuku asked.

Bardock smiled. "You'll see tomorrow kid. Go home and sleep... you're gonna need it."

Izuku gulped at that as he left. The three of his teachers looked at each other with a nod.

"Is this a wise choice 21?" 16 asked.

"I'm positive..." 21 said. "After all... he could be the one who stops me from losing control of my hunger... and stops me from destroying everything..."

Bardock raised an eyebrow. He knew 21 had a "condition" as 16 put it... but losing control of her hunger? How would that make her destroy everything? Bardock's eyes narrowed as he looked at them. He needed answers... and he was gonna get them...

The Next Day

Izuku ran to the beach again, excited for another day of training with Bardock, 16, and 21. It had been official 6 days since the entrance exam to UA and he had a gut feeling he wasn't gonna make it into UA. However, that didn't stop him from trying. Even if he didn't make it into UA, he could always go to another hero school, like Shinketsu or Ketsubutsu. He made it to the beach and saw that Bardock, 16, and 21 were there waiting for him.

"H-Hey guys!" Izuku exclaimed as he walked onto the beach.

21 looked at Izuku with a smile. "Hey Izuku! Are you ready to being your training?"

"Y-Yeah!" Izuku said.

"Kid... today is gonna be a hard day, so prepare yourself..." Bardock said. "Now, sit down and cross your damn legs... this could take awhile."

Izuku did as instructed. "Good kid," Bardock said. "Now, we're gonna teach you the one thing that makes this world scream "Quirks are bullshit"..."

"And what was that?" Izuku asked.

Bardock and 21 smiled. "We're gonna teach you how to use Ki."

Izuku swore that this wasn't gonna be an easy day.

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