Ethan Morgan and his girlfriend Sarah Fox were in Spain sitting on the beach laughing together and watching the beautiful sunset.

then at that moment he suddenly got up off the ground and then got down on his knees as he pulled a ring out of his pocket surprising Sarah as she looked at him looking shocked and confused.

Sarah listen we've known each other for a long time your the best thing that has ever happened to me and you make me extremely happy so will you do me the honor and marry me? Ethan asked looking hopeful.

yes of course I'll marry you Ethan Sarah said crying with happiness as they kissed.


but then their happy eventful moment was ruined as they broke apart and looked over across the shore seeing terrorists appear on the beach shooting their guns at everyone which turned into a open fire shootout.

Ethan and Sarah tried running away from the chaos but unfortunately at that very moment a bullet shot out flying towards them Sarah quickly acting on her feet pushed Ethan to the side making him be safe from the bullet but Sarah was unlucky as the bullets shot her in the back immediately killing her as she fell to the ground laying motionless.

SARAH NO! WAKE UP! Ethan pleaded as he ran over to her shaking her body but she was gone as Ethan realized this he broke down sobbing pulling Sarah's dead body close to him.

present day:

Ethan gasped as he woke up remembering the horrible memories as he slowly sat up in bed in his apartment that was in new york.

his tired eyes then shifted out to the view from his window seeing the sunrise come up.

he then slowly got up out of bed and immediately went to the kitchen and ate his breakfast then when he finished he walked out of the front room of his apartment and went downstairs to the basement to his own workout gym that he had as he walked over to the punching bag and began punching it out of anger and rage as he loudly screamed and shouted.

at that moment the doorbell rang so he stopped what he was doing and went back upstairs grabbing a towel as he began drying the sweat off his body as he opened the door he saw a young blonde women standing there in front of him.

excuse me sir but we've been experiencing noise complaints from you and your apartment so i kindly suggest that you please keep it down for the workers from this building young man also you've missed your daily payment for living here so im afraid i have no choice but to take your apartment away so i suggest you find somewhere else to live the women said in a stern voice.

Ethan stared at her with emotionless dark eyes before he punched her in the face resulting in her getting a black eye.

AHH! the women yelled out in pain.

Ethan's anger disappeared from his face as he looked at her with regret.

but the women quickly stood up and immediately pulled out her phone calling for some help and back up.