Ethan feeling speechless just sat there continuing to hold Benny's lifeless body close to him as he cried and sobbed harder and harder feeling grief.

until the black woman Tasha came up to him ending the moment of silence.

Ethan dear you can still save your friend there's still hope and time left Tasha said.

but how? Ethan asked as he looked up at her with teary eyes.

there is a rare vaccine that can bring him back to life and cure him it's at the CIA building back in New York she explained.

ok show me the way and take me there now Ethan demanded.

time skip

Tasha dropped Ethan off at the building before leaving once Ethan made it inside still carrying Benny's body in his arms he started looking for the room to find out where the cure was when he finally found it in the basement.

once he was in the room standing on the staircase he looked over and saw the vaccine laying on some boxes he ran over to it and then injected it into Benny's body he stood there waiting anxiously as nothing happened until he heard the sound of Benny taking a deep breath of air and oxygen as he opened his eyes.

Ethan feeling overjoyed ran to him and gave him a bone crushing hug.

oh thank goodness your alive B don't you ever leave me again! Ethan exclaimed.

Benny smiled softly at him.

don't worry E it'll take a lot more then some crazy zombie virus to get rid of me Benny jokes.

it's not funny Benny i thought you would be gone forever and then i truly would be by myself and alone Ethan said.

but you had nothing to worry about because you found a cure Benny said.

yeah i did so anyway how do you feel now B any better then before? Ethan asked.

yeah im feeling back to my normal self which is a good thing Benny replied.

right hey B do you remember what i said to you back before you know you got stabbed? Ethan said.

i think if i remember correctly even if i zoned out during a lot of it i think you told me that you love me? Benny guessed as Ethan nodded his head.

yes Benny i do and now since we stopped a bad guy from destroying the world i think we deserve to go on a date together Ethan said.

yeah i agree Benny replied.

Years Later

Ethan and Benny were officially together and now married with two adoptive kids one boy and one girl and had also gotten a young male black Labrador puppy from the pound and had brought a nice beach house.

Ethan and Benny were currently inside the house sitting on the couch watching a movie together eating popcorn.

Ethan looked over at his husband and smiled.

what? Benny asked looking confused.

nothing B it's just im glad we found each other because you make me really happy Ethan said.

you make me happy too E i love you Benny said.

i love you too Ethan replied back as he kissed him on the lips before they eventually closed their eyes and fell asleep as they cuddled close together.