Percy and Annabeth FanFiction

The New Demigod

Dean's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I realized that it was Friday and the weekend is almost here so I jumped out of bed and quickly threw on a shirt and jeans. I packed my backpack and ran downstairs to eat breakfast.

Now normally I am not excited for school, but today a new kid was coming to my school and since I am the biggest bully in my school I couldn't wait to start bullying him. As I thought of what I could do to him my mother made me some eggs. For me I live alone with my mother because my father mysteriously left me after I was born so I don't even know him.

I quickly ate my eggs, then grabbed my jacket and shoes, and dashed out the door. I made it to the bus just in time. I quickly moved to the back of the bus where my friends and I sit. As the bus drove to school we planned great ways to torture the new kid.

When we get to school we always get there forty minutes before homeroom starts. I went to my locker and put my stuff in there then walked outside to my friends. We joked around until we saw a car pull up and a kid I didn't recognize walk out.

He had dark black hair that was long and crazy looking, but it looked good on him. He had a grey t-shirt and blue jeans on with sandals. But the thing that stood out the most were his sea-green eyes that looked like they held a lot of emotion.

Soon everyone was staring at him, but he just kept walking like they weren't even there. As he got closer to me and my friends I started to notice that he had muscles, but they weren't bulging instead they looked small. Even though they were small all the girls stared at him with the, You-are-so-cute face.

While we watched him go through the doors of our school I realized that he seemed to be pretty insecure about himself. So it would probably be easier to bully him. Then the bell rang signaling that class was going to start soon. I rushed into the school and grabbed my things before rushing off to my homeroom.

In my homeroom I sat in the back with some of my friends. We chatted for a while until the new kid walked in and took a corner seat in the back row of the class. Before I could get up and go talk to him, the teacher, Ms. Sill, walked into the classroom.

¨Good morning class.¨ Ms. Sill said.

¨Good morning Ms. Sill.¨ We replied.

¨I have just gotten word that we have received a new student today.¨ She said happily.

The new kid shifted uneasily in his seat.

¨If I remember correctly his name is Perseus Jackson.¨ Ms. Sill said his name with a hit of distaste.

¨Yes that would be me.¨ The guy Perseus replied. ¨But I prefer to be called Percy.¨

¨Alright Percy, I will have Dean give you a tour around the school this morning.¨ She said.

I stood up and began walking to the door with Percy walking behind. I led him around the school until Percy asked, ¨Do you have a swimming pool?¨

¨Yeah, it's right down the hall. Why?¨ I asked.

¨Swimming is my favorite sport.¨ Percy told me.

¨Well for elections swimming is a choice. I am actually swimming, but no one can beat me in a race. I am also pretty good at football. I am the best on the swim team and football team.¨ I said proudly.

¨Well I will have to accept a race against you because I am pretty good myself.¨ Percy said.

I led him farther into the school and then brought him into a vacant room and closed the door. I turned on the lights so I could see Percy.

¨Why are we in here?¨ Percy asked confused.

¨I want to see where you come from.¨ I replied while I began digging in his jean pockets.

I dug around for a bit while Percy just stood there until I found a picture. I opened it to see Percy and a few other kids standing in front of a large tree. What caught me by surprise was that one of the kids had one eye centered in his forehead.

¨What's wrong with this guy?¨ I asked.

¨Can you see his one eye?¨ Percy asked.

¨Yeah.¨ I replied.

¨Then that means….wait, do you have a missing parent that you didn't even meet.¨ Percy asked.

¨I have met my dad, but what does that have to do with anything.¨ I asked, completely confused.

¨Have you ever heard of the greek myths with the gods and stuff?¨ Percy asked.

¨Yeah, why?¨ I said.

¨Well those myths are true and the gods do exist.¨ He said.

¨Why should I believe that?¨ I asked.

¨Have you ever wondered where your dad went after you were born?¨ Percy asked, calmly.

¨Yeah.¨ I said.

¨Well your dad is a greek god which makes you a half-blood. Half human, half god.¨ Percy said.

¨And why should I believe you?¨ I asked, surprised.

¨Well I suppose I could show you my powers.¨ Percy mumbled.

¨Powers?¨ I asked, amazed.

¨Yeah.¨ He said.

¨Who's your parent god?¨ I asked.

¨I am the son of…..¨ Percy started, but the bell rang signaling it´s time to get to class.

¨We have to get to class.¨ I said.

We rushed out of the room and grabbed our things and rushed into our next classes. During class I tried my best to swallow the thought of me being a half god. I decided not to tell my friends because they probably think I was just playing with them.

Finally lunch arrived and we decided to eat outside. When we got out there I saw Percy sitting in the shade of a tree with his back to the school. I told my friends that I had to use the bathroom, but went to Percy instead.

¨Hey Percy.¨ I said.

¨Hey Dean.¨ Percy responded, but then he sat up straight up in alarm.

¨Are you okay?¨ I asked, a little worried.

¨Come with me, quickly.¨ Was his only response.

I decided to follow him. He led me back into the school and headed into the pool area.

¨Why are we in here?¨ I asked.

¨Monsters.¨ Percy replied.

And if just on cue Ms. Sill walked in. She stared at us and said, ¨I knew I smelled half-blood.¨

I watched as Percy dug into his pants pocket and pulled out a pen. I looked back at Ms. Sill to only find a lady that had the bottom half of a snake. Percy pulled his pen further towards the snake lady though I didn't know how a pen would help.

¨Percy, how is a pen going to help us?¨ I asked, desperately.

¨Get behind me.¨ Percy said as he pulled to cap off the pen and it turned into a foot long sword.

¨Whoa!¨ I exclaimed as I stepped behind Percy.

The snake lady then lunged for Percy, but Percy just sidestepped and sliced his sword down on the monster and it turned to dust.

¨Wow!¨ I said.

¨Yeah, but let's not celebrate just yet because I sense more monsters coming so we are going to have to leave.¨ Percy said as he began walking through the back exit of the pool room.

¨What about school? Where are we going?¨ I asked.

¨We are going to Camp Half-Blood because it is the only safe spot for people like us.¨ Percy explained.

I was about to tell him that I needed to tell my mom where I was going, but Percy whistled loudly. There was a bit of quiet until I saw a huge black dot in the sky that was plummeting down straight at us.

¨Don´t worry, he's a friend.¨ Percy said calmly.

¨Wait, he?¨ I asked just when a black pegasus landed right in front of us.

¨Blackjack, meet Dean. He is a half-blood.¨ Percy said.

The pegasus neighed.

¨Sorry Blackjack, but I don't have any donuts.¨ Percy replied.

¨Wait can you talk to horses?¨ I asked, startled.

¨Yeah.¨ Percy said. Then there was a rustle in the bushes. ¨Okay time to go.¨

Percy jumped on Blackjack and then pulled me up. It surprised me on how strong he was when he pulled me up. I held onto Percy's back as Blackjack sored into the sky. We flew over New York and then within minutes we landed next to a stable at what looked like a camp.

¨Thanks Blackjack.¨ Percy said as the pegasus trotted into the stables.

¨Where are we?¨ I asked.

¨We are in Camp Half-Blood.¨ Percy exclaimed, but then all of the sudden he bowed.

¨What are you doing?¨ I asked.

¨Hail Dean, son of Ares, god of war.¨ Percy said.

I looked up to find a red mark that showed the mark of war floating above my head, but then disappeared.

¨What just happened?¨ I asked as Percy rose to his feet.

¨You just got claimed by your father.¨ Percy replied. ¨I think I should show you to Chiron now.¨

¨ Who's Chiron?¨ I asked.

¨He is our trainer at camp. He will show you how to use a bow and arrow and sword, but sometimes other kids that are well trained help with the lessons.¨ Percy explained as we headed to a large white house.