Sokka pulled Momo out of a sack by the tail.

"Aang, tell your pet to stop eating all of our food." He wined.

Aang laughed sitting on top of the bison's head, "I can't tell him what to do."

"We should land soon," Sokka said leaning over the saddle. "We've been flying for hours now, how far are we from Omashu?"

Sokka was starving. After leaving the water tribe in such a rush that morning they didn't have a moment to eat breakfast. Also, he was tired of babysitting that jerk bender. He didn't even do anything, just lying there.


"The Earthkingdom is quite large Sokka, besides when we landed for lunch earlier you were pushing us to get back onto schedule."

Katara sat up from watching the clouds pass by, "See if you can find some water nearby so we can train later."

"There was a nice big water fall about 5 minutes in the other direction." Sokka said.

"What?" Katara huffed, "Why didn't you say anything!?"

"Hey, I didn't know we were going to land so soon!"

The gaang set up camp near a large pool of water that connected to the bottom of a large water fall. Sokka gathered fire wood as Katara prepared lunch.

When Sokka returned Aang was in the water with the sky bison, washing the beast by making giant waves with bending by jumping into the water. Sokka secretly naming them 'water bombs'.

Coming back to the camp after attending to some business Sokka noticed that they built the fire right next to the annoying dead weight.

Sokka groaned, "Hey, why does he have to be right here? I don't want his ugly face next to my cooking food!"

"He's to cool Sokka," Katara replied, "he needed to warm up and we only have one fire."

Sokka knew Katara meant well but did the jerk bender have to be right next to him while they ate? They could build another fire.

Sokka got stuck with babysitting duties while the two decided to splash in the water some more. Sokka already cleaned his boomerang and sharpened his machete. Katara reassured him it wouldn't be the whole day but they can at least hurry it up a bit! Sokka looked down at the Fire Prince.

Up close his scar was even scarier. Ideas of how he got the scar went from accidents in training to crazy self-mutilations. Who knew what this dude is capable of. If he was the one to capture the Fire Prince, he would have just dropped him off at the nearest Earth kingdom Prison to let him rot.

Sokka was awoken by a yelling Aang.

"What now?" he groaned. He was having the nicest of dreams. He was about to kiss Yue under the glowing moon when Momo flew up to him to inform him of the bugs in the Earth kingdom. Saying they were too dusty and drying out his mouth.

So the ending was a little weird but still.

Sokka was pulled from his sleeping bag and half dragged by the small air bender.

Aang was breathing hard, "Zuko isn't breathing!"


Katara was already knelling next to the Prince, her hands glowing.

"This is nothing I can fix, his inner flame is out. I'm sorry." Katara took her hands away from the now dead Prince.

Sokka didn't like the jerk but, death was too much in this situation.

Aang was knelling with Katara, trying to see if she could try something else to save him.

Sokka sat down, this was too much information to process while still half asleep. Staring at the burned out fire pit he thought out loud, "To bad we can't re-light him."

"Sokka! That's it!" Katara blurted out. "Aang, all you have to do is use your fire bending to…"

"No!" Aang interrupted, "I swore I would never fire bend again. I hurt you last time I did. I don't want to hurt anyone like that ever again."

Sokka wasn't sure what his sister was thinking.

"Aang." Katara began in her gentle voice, "What's worse. Breaking a promise, or letting a person die who had a chance to be save but you didn't?"

Sokka watched as Aang quickly weighed his options in his head before placing his hand on Zuko's chest.

Katara moved his hand lower on his abdominal. "You're going to want to set a fire in his Chi, right in the stomach. You understand?"

Aang nodded his head and closed his eyes. Sokka assumed the fire bender was ice cold, Aang needed to hurry up if Zuko had a chance.

Sokka watched as smoke started to rise from Zuko as Aang made a weird face. "Is that normal?"

Aang opened his eyes, teary but smiling. Sokka was surprised to find the Fire bender's chest rising and falling again.

"I did it."