Chapter 1 Laquan gets kidnapped by Captain Hook Part 1

Laquan's POV

it was June 24th 2020 in Brooklyn New York, and I was getting my meds and all that, eating my breakfast. that's when I was now waiting until 12:30 p.m. to do my next chapter with Jenny, but that wasn't until I saw a big pirate ship coming towards my window. that's what I got hit in the head with a vase knocking me out. Well, it's a good thing I ground my phone put it in my pocket before I got knocked out with a vase.

I couldn't tell who hit me with the bass cuz I was knocked out. but that wasn't until I saw a red giant coat and a hook. I knew this guy was bad, and I know his name.

"Captain Hook?" I asked myself as I blacked out.


Captain Hook's POV

When we finally made it to Neverland, I placed the little pest inside a cage.

Laquan's POV

As I regained consciousness, I noticed that I was in the cage.

"Hey, Captain Hook, let me out of this cage." I said to him.

"Captain Hook, the boy woke up." Mr. Smee said to his Captain.

" Hello, little boy you know who I am." Captain Hook said to me as I wasn't scared.

"Yes, you're bad, evil, and legendary. and oh yeah, LET ME OUT OF THIS STUPID CAGE YOU CODFISH!" I yelled at him.

"Okay if you want let me out, then I'll text someone who can." I said to him as I grabbed my phone out of my pocket, and stated texting two people I know. and those people are, Jake Hutchinson and Izzy Rose green.

To be continued