Hello and welcome dear readers! I'm a little bit in love with Robert Downey Jr. at the moment (I have a Tony Stark love story on the go at the moment as well), and I love his Sherlock Holmes movies so I just had to do a story for his Sherlock! ;) I picture the characters as those from the movies but you can totally picture Martin and Benedict if you'd like (although the story is set during the Victorian era, so it would have to be them from the Sherlock special that they did set in the Victorian era!)

This story is inspired by the movies, as well as some of the original Sherlock stories, The Sign of the Four and The Adventure of the Red Circle.

Here's a Full Summary:

Facing heartbreak and depression upon being left behind by Irene Adler, the great Sherlock Holmes had become reclusive, not even his good friend and companion Dr. John Watson able to lift his spirits. John is convinced Sherlock needs a new case to distract him and cheer him up.

Enter Caroline Westin. The daughter of a wealthy collector, she receives a letter from her father - her father who was reported dead. Assisted by Holmes and Watson, she'll spiral into a tangled web of secret societies, treasure, heartbreak, and romance. (SherlockXOC) Takes place post-'A Game of Shadows'.

I do not own these characters, I'm merely borrowing them. I do own my own character and any plot points I make up!

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy! :)

It all Started With a Letter...

The letter appeared completely ordinary, and yet, it was not just any ordinary letter, as it turned out. In fact, it held the key to everything.

"The post, Ma'am," Chester, the butler, presented her with a single letter for that day's post while she was enjoying her morning tea, that which this letter would soon interrupt.

"Thank you, Chester."

"Ma'am." He nodded and left her to continue enjoying her tea.

Caroline took the letter and letter opener, slicing open the envelope and unfolding the single page inside, picking up her teacup to continue drinking her tea while she read.

She immediately spat out the mouthful, and very nearly dropped the teacup.

The familiar handwriting caused enough of a shock in itself, let alone the message the letter contained:

My Darling Carol,

I am very much looking forward to seeing you again. I have missed you terribly. Join me for evening tea at the Langham Hotel, London four days from now.

Enclosed is a gift I bought for you in India.

All my love.

Within the envelope, she found a lovely string of pearls, the gift from India.

There was no sender, no signature, but there didn't need to be, for she knew exactly who had sent this. However, that was impossible.

She had received a letter from beyond the grave.

She must have paced back and forth across the sitting room about fifty times, pondering what this strange and mysterious - and sudden, for that matter - letter meant.

Despite there being no indication of the sender, she knew exactly who it was from, and yet, that was impossible. Very impossible.

And somehow, the letter had reached her, was held in her hand. Somehow someone had sent it.

Something told her, tugging at her, that she should just toss the strange letter into the fire and be done with it. It was impossible, after all.

But something else pulled at her as well - the intrigue of it all. How was this possible?

"Chester, have the carriage readied please! I must go into London!"

"Of course Ma'am. And when will you be making your journey."


The carriage was hurriedly readied, and she was soon off to London, the letter tucked into her bag.

"Where to, Ma'am?" Harris, the driver, asked once they had reached London.

"221B Baker Street, please."

And off we go! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little introduction! :)