A inevitable discovery.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was the jedi order. Few people has had more effect on the galaxy's history than the jedi, for several millennia, they served as keepers of peace, while obeying their sacred code that would keep them from falling to the dark side of the all powerful force. But despite the jedi doing their best to make sure the dark side never gained any leverage, they were unable to prevent the rise of their opposites. The ancient enemy of the jedi, the deadly and ruthless Sith. While the jedi did ultimately manage to destroy the sith, and the galaxy would know freedom from their vile grasp for over a millennium, to the point everyone, including the jedi themselves, believed the sith were gone forever... the dark side of the force was not that easy to destroy, and the sith would remain in hiding. Plotting, and biding their time until they were ready to rise again.

And after so many years of remaining hidden, the sith would finally reveal themselves to the jedi once again, sparking a battle that would be known as: The Clone Wars. Despite being peace keepers, the jedi would be forced to join the war as generals. Forced in to war they tried so hard to stay out of, which even corrupted their ideals and blinded them from the true evil that was just waiting to make it's move. And they were unaware that the whole war was part of the sith's grand plan to wiped out all the jedi and finally take control over the galaxy. And as such, Order 66 was issued, and the great Jedi Purge was in full effect.

With the bulk of the jedi order destroyed, the sith was able to take control, turning the Grand Republic in to the Galactic Empire, ruling over the galaxy and it's people with an iron fist. With very few people daring to oppose them. However, not all jedi were killed during the purge. Some managed to survive and went in to hiding, while being hunted relentlessly by the empire's most dangerous enforcers. And many jedi's where unable to escape their inevitable fate.

But this brings us to one of the jedi that were still alive. Well, she wasn't really a jedi, but close enough. Her name, was Lucina. The daughter of former Jedi general who left the order in order to fight more freely and ultimately started a family. But after order 66 he was forced to go in to hiding and for a while, he and his family knew peace... but that peace did not last as a dark figure arrived and shattered it. Lucina was forced to flee with her mother, while her father stayed behind... and that was the last time she ever saw him.

Years has passed since that day, and the empire were still at the height of their power a now 18 year old Lucina woke up from a not so peaceful sleep. She sat up in her bed, rubbing her face. She hasn't been able to sleep well ever since that day. She stood up and noticed something on her desk. She picked it up and turned it on, revealing a holographic picture of her and her parents. Lucina lost more than her father. Her mother's health declined a lot due to grief and in the end combined with their poor living condition, she didn't make it, leaving Lucina an orphan.

Lucina sighed and put it away "Time to go to work".

Lucina got dressed in regular clothes but also put a cloke around her before heading out, where she was met with the stench and decay of desperate living. The place she had chosen to live in, was Nar Shaddaa.

The largest moon of Nal Hutta. More commonly known as the Vertical City, the Smugglers' Moon, Little Coruscant, or derisively as Little Slugland, Nar Shaddaa was similar to Coruscant in that its surface was entirely overgrown with city sprawl for millennia. But unlike Coruscant, which was only relatively rundown and dangerous on the lower and under levels of the world city, Nar Shaddaa was filthy, polluted, and infested with crime everywhere. Nevertheless Nar Shaddaa remained the most important financial and trading center of Hutt Space. However, not even Lucina was desperate enough to work for the Hutt, she knew all to well that even though Hutts pay well if you do a good work, if you fail, they are less than kind.

The only reason Lucina even lives in this trash heap of a moon, was mainly because there was not many other places she could go, and the Empire didn't come here often, making it easier to hide from them. Lucina mainly did small jobs around town, it didn't pay much, but it was just enough to get her through the day.

Lucina made her way through the crowd, keeping her hood up at all times. She knew by now she needed to blend in. If you stick out in this place, you will attract unwanted attention. Lucina heard something and noticed several stromtroopers. Cursing under her breath, Lucina went to the side and sat down against a wall, doing her best to look as helpless as she could. No one here would even glance at a homeless person, least of all imperials. But the Stormtroopers were getting awfully close.

"You there!" One of them called out, making Lucina reach for something she kept hidden, however she stopped when a random person ran passed her "Stop!".

The stromtroopers ran right past Lucina, not even sparring her a glance, like she wasn't even there at all. So the troopers were after that other guy. Lucina wondered what he could've done to make the empire come after him like that. But she knew the moment he is caught, his life would be over. Lucina removed her hand from the weapon she almost pulled. Her lightsaber, the last gift her father ever gave her. Her father did train Lucina in the jedi arts, despite having left the order himself, but he did it in his own way, mainly so Lucina would be able to defend herself should the need arise.

Lucina made sure her lightsaber was well hidden before she continued on. But she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder "Hold it right there!" Her hood was forcefully removed before she was forced to turn around, only to see a Imperial officer looking at her while comparing her to a picture he had, after a few moments he let her go "My apologies, young lady. We are looking for a dangerous criminal, if you ever see this individual, please be sure to inform us".

Lucina could only nod and answer the best she could "Of course. If I see anything, I will inform the nearest trooper".

"Thank you, I will make sure there is an reward in it for you if your help leads to her arrest. Enjoy your day" The Officer said before he walked away with the stromtroopers that came with him.

Lucina put a hand on her heart, he gave her a good scare. She shook her head before putting her hood back on and hurried to get away from that place. She was almost discovered twice. She needed to be more careful or things would get even worse than they are now, if that is possible.

Lucina went on with her day, taking up small jobs, while selling some random stuff she found. Making a very low amount of credits, but it should be enough for at least one meal. She began to head for a store to buy some food. She got what she could and headed home to prepare it. While her food was cooking, Lucina sat on a shair with her lightsaber in her hand. Everytime she closed her eyes she remembered that day. The day she sensed her father's death. The feeling was so traumatic for her, that Lucina ended up cutting herself of from the force just to so she wouldn't need to feel such pain anymore. And by doing so, it made it a lot harder for the Sith to track her. Without being able to sense her, they would need to search the galaxy to find her, and since there was no real records of her existence, she could be just about anyone.

"Mother... father... why did you leave me..." Lucina whispered to herself "It's so hard to live without you... why do I even bother living at all?".

Lucina put her lightsaber to her chest, tempted to ignite it through her heart and end this meaningless life she's been living all these years. If the Empire found her, there is no telling what could happen. So why not just spare everyone the trouble and end it all right now? Lucina closed her eyes for several seconds before letting out a frustrated sound and moved her lightsaber away.

"Blast it! What is the point of anything anymore?!" She asked out loudly.

Lucina took several minutes to calm down before finishing cooking her food and ate it. Later she headed out again, but suddenly she heard a sound coming from an alleyway. Sounded like someone was in pain. Against her better judgment, Lucina decided to check what was happening and saw a old man being brutally beaten by several Stromtroopers.

Making another stupid decision Lucina spoke "Stop it!".

One of the Troopers looked at her "Move along, street rat. Unless you want to be arrested for treason".

"Treason? What did this man even do?" Lucina asked.

"I did nothing! They just-!" The man began before he was kicked by one of the troopers.

"He refused to obey our instructions. Now unless you want to be charged with the same thing, you will leave, now" The Trooper ordered coldly "Don't think for a moment that you will received special treatment for being a lady".

Lucina hesitated for a couple of moments before she sighed "I'm sorry...".

She turned around and began to leave. She kept hearing the old man begging for help. It was torture to listen to it, making each step harder to take. In the end she just couldn't take it anymore so she turned back around and made another stupid decision.

"Leave him alone, he hasn't done anything" She pleaded.

"I warned you, rat. Now we will have to bring you in for refusing to cooperate with authority" The Trooper said as grabbed Lucina's arm.

"Let go! You have no right to treat us like this!" Lucina said as she struggled against his grip.

"I gave you a chance to walk away. Now you are coming with us" The Trooper declared.

"Let go!" Lucina demanded as more Troopers moved to restrain her "I said... Let go!".

Suddenly, the stromtroopers were sent flying through the air... even though they were hit by nothing. Without thinking Lucina suddenly reached inside her cloak and grabbed her lightsaber as the troopers managed to get back up... and the commander saw what she was holding.

"Wait... you are a-" He cut himself of as he raised his blaster along with his men "Drop it! Now!".

Lucina realized what she had just done. She had allowed himself to be caught. She let go of her lightsaber and suddenly unleashed another powerful force push which scattered the stromtroopers on the ground. Lucina was breathing hard as she looked at her hands. She told herself for years to never do this. To never reach out with the force again.

The old man looked at her with wide eyes "Wait... you are a jedi?".

Lucina looked at him before she heard something "I repeat... a jedi has been located at my location... we need back up at-".

Lucina ran and kicked the commander hard in the head, knocking him out. She then rushed out of the alleyway and pushed her way through the crowds. She messed up. She messed up big time. Now the empire knows she lives here and thanks to those troopers they may even know what the looked like. She could not stay here any longer. She rushed all the way home and quickly packed all of her most important belongings before leaving her apartment. However, when she looked out her window, she noticed several Stromtroopers were already preparing to storm the building.

"Blast!" Lucina said as she had to look for another way out.

She headed back in to her apartment, and looked out the window. There were some speeders flying around, but if Lucina missed them, she would plummet to her death. She heard the sounds of the other apartments being breached. So with little choice, Lucina decided to jump out the window. Her leap of faith payed of as she landed on a speeder, and surfed on it for a while before jumping to a roof top and continued running. She jumped from roof top to roof top, seeing several Stormtroopers moving around, likely searching for her. This day just couldn't have gone more wrong.

Years she has managed to avoid detection from the empire, yet one good deed and just like that, her whole life was turned upside down. She cursed herself for allowing herself to feel for a stranger. Had she just fallen in line like everyone else, non of this would've happened. But then again, her father was also someone who just couldn't walk away when someone needed help, he would always step in to help, even if it was dangerous.

Seems like Lucina inherited more from her father than just his connection to the force. Lucina was so traumatized by his death that she cut herself of from the force, which did make it harder for the sith to find her. But if any force sensitive was nearby, there is a chance they sensed her little stunt from earlier.

But there was nothing Lucina could do about it now. All she could do now was keep moving... little did she know, she was being watched by an armored figure.

Said figure had heard arrest warren on Lucina, the empire never wasted time on sending out those, especially if there was a jedi involved. jedi were always prime targets for the empire. And if one was ever sighted, they needed to be hunted down. Jedi were tricky to find, so the empire needed to act quickly before they had a chance to vanish again. If they did, it was be very troublesome to find them again. And now, Lucina was a target for more than just the empire.

Her life would never be the same after this.


And this is the first chapter of a story I have been planing to write for a long time, since I really wanted to make another Star Wars story. I held of since I was debating on writing this or another star wars story. But this one won out since it made more sense to me.

I am sure several of you will have questions, and I can promise most of them will be answered in future chapters. Like Lucina's back story and other things that happened.

But what I can tell you right now is that, even though Lucina will be the main character of there will be characters outside the Awakening cast.


For now, tell me what you think.