"We may not all BE humans, but we're still human." - Their motto

Unlike most superheroes, the Legionaries don't have costumes or codenames. They also don't work with the law, so as to avoid annoying restraints like diplomatic immunity.

Drake Birdland: The pragmatic leader of the Legionaries, with a highly versatile form of magic.

Color: Blue

Symbol: Legionary symbol

Abilities: Unshakably optimistic; master strategist; blessed with immunity to mind control; magic grants energy blasts, magic-charged punches, element manipulation, shapeshifting, telekinesis, flight, barriers, and teleportation

Bio: Long ago, two lovers, Diana and David Birdland, were expecting a child. Diana was a remarkably powerful sorceress, and knew her child would inherit her power. David was paranoid that their child would be swayed to evil, and corrupted into a nigh-unstoppable killing machine. He made a deal with an otherworldly being that embodied willpower, blessing his son with absolute immunity to mental manipulation. However, the deal came at the cost of David's life. Now a widow, Diana raised her son, who she named Drake, by herself, and taught him how to use his powers. Drake eventually decided to become a superhero, forming a crime-fighting group known as the Legionaries.

Fun facts: Sorcerers are the Legionaryverse's primary magic users. They're essentially humans in all but spirit. They aren't very common, and tend to keep to themselves (with the exception of Drake).

Behind the scenes: Drake's prototype name was Drake Benjamin Strickland. In addition, his design was crude and garish, with energy manipulation instead of magic. His middle and last names are derived from the last names of Peacock (Patricia WATSON) and Big Band (Ben BIRDLAND) from Skullgirls.

Drametha DeGrant: A Scottish-American tech prodigy (and the brains of the group), Drametha uses a seemingly infinite arsenal of gadgets in battle.

Color: Green

Symbol: Gear

Abilities: Genius-level intellect, especially regarding technology; Cyberchoker grants energy shielding, technopathy, and the ability to summon gadgets from a pocket dimension

Bio: Long ago, Drametha's family found a meteor made of a mysterious metal. She constructed a collar-like device from it; a device she dubbed the Cyberchoker. It allowed her to summon a wide variety of different gadgets. After discovering that her friend Drake was a sorcerer, she decided to fight crime alongside him.

Fun facts: Drametha's parents named her after Prometheus, as they're both known for their scientific knowledge and their desire to help mankind. In addition, her father owns a company known as DeGrantCorp.

Behind the scenes: Drametha was once planned to be a German girl with prosthetic hands named Hanna. At another point, she was a split personality of Drake named Dana.

Avery Tex: An erratic reality-warping Toon who joined the Legionaries after Drake summoned him for help.

Color: Aqua

Symbol: Arrow of Chaos

Abilities: Toon physiology grants toon physics; insanity and status as the Prince of Chaos grant immunity to most prediction- and control-based abilities

Bio: Long ago, Avery lived in the Chaos Dimension, home of the Toon race, acting as its prince. Eventually, he was summoned from his home dimension by Drake. He ended up in the middle of a fight between the Legionaries and a monster they were struggling to beat. With his help, they beat the monster, and Avery decided to join them simply out of hedonism.

Fun facts: The Chaos Dimension is a very bizarre place, with the closest thing to a government being a sort of anarcho-monarchy (no rules except what the royals say). An important part of Toon culture is protecting visitors from the Lovecraftian circus freaks that lurk within this dimension. At the core of the Chaos Dimension (wherever that is), beneath the waters of primordial chaos, lies Azathoth, the god of chaos. If it ever woke up, it would be a real pain getting it to fall back asleep.

Behind the scenes: Avery was originally going to be an alien femboy. That's why his model has thick thighs. In addition, he's named in honor of the legendary cartoonist Tex Avery. His personality is inspired by Deadpool, and his powers are inspired by The Mask.

Shaydon Cain: A Yamixian ninja who can assume an incorporeal form.

Color: Purple

Symbol: Yin-yang

Abilities: Enhanced fitness; Yamixian physiology grants invisibility to all of the spectrum except visible light; can channel a dark energy called Yamon; can enter an incorporeal form and possess people

Bio: Shaydon and his family were frequently (not to mention brutally) ridiculed for their unusually short stature. After years of this, he ran off and deserted his people, his pent-up anger leaving him bitter and near-sociopathic. Thankfully, he eventually came across Drake, who took pity on the Yamixian. After a well-deserved hug, Shaydon was recruited into the Legionaries.

Fun facts: Yamixians are a race of shadowy humanoid creatures that live deep underneath Japan, having lived there since the Feudal era; as a result, many Yamixians get jobs as ninjas. In spite of being creatures of darkness, they aren't all evil; Shaydon's clan was just particularly nasty.

Behind the scenes: Shaydon's design was inspired by Meta Knight from Kirby and the natives of Gelyer from Meteos Wars.

Gaxon Thelvad: A Tharzhesi with unusually potent psychic abilities, even for his species.

Color: Magenta

Symbol: Tharzhesi Empire "T"

Abilities: Tharzhesi physiology grants numerous psychic abilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and psychic constructs

Bio: Gaxon is a renegade, having betrayed the Tharzhesi Empire after getting fed up with the current emperor's xenophobia. Admittedly, he's also grown too fond of humanity to conquer them. As soon as he traveled to Earth, he was captured by the government, and sent out a telepathic distress signal. The Legionaries heard it, and tracked down where he was being held. After Drake broke him out (and displayed more kindness than any of his fellow Tharzhesi ever did), Gaxon became loyal to him and joined the group.

Fun facts: The Tharzhesi Empire is centered around the colder-than-Earth planet Tharzhes. They were initially enslaved by another race, until they evolved psychic powers and fought back. After that, they decided to enslave other species before they could enslave them.

Behind the scenes: Gaxon's character was inspired by the Arbiter from the Halo series. His design was inspired by Tentacool from Pokemon. His name was inspired by Vilgax from Ben 10.

Code of conduct: The Legionaries prefer not to kill people, but they may make exceptions for particularly dangerous foes. They also refuse to use mind control.