Saving A Friendship

Warnings: For this chapter there is going to be female version to the joint mission that Tommy and Jason did not long. After he joined the team at the middle of the first year, so this chapter and the next 3 cover the that mission, before they tell Zack and Trini. As she tells Zack that they're taking a step back in their friendship as she was beyond close with Adam, Aisha, Kat and Tanya now.

As this training mission is leaving the duo out, as they learn to work as one, but the duo are going to get a shock. Now, that because they never came back, they are being left out right now, as they see that the change in power and upgrades. Resulted in a change of friendships and other things between them finally.

This Story will be covering the rewrite of my other story when they showed it to Saban. And as she meets Tanya early and they decide from the very beginning so though Billy is out of town from his storyline. To the Letter as they run a test on that and see Zack and Trini start acting jealous at that. And that she has new friends other then them as they create a new team now.

This story is going to stretch from A Zeo Beginning to the first chapter of Power Rangers Turbo and into them meeting their replacements. As they repair the command center and protect the town until the Lost Galaxy Rangers activate.

Disclaimers: I own nothing of the characters or the show which belong to Haim Saban and Disney. The story-line belongs to me, everything else belongs to Saban and the Disney company.

Chapter 11: A Zeo Beginning VI: The Return Of The Crane And The Gung Ho Mission II

"Baby calm down." Kim started to say as they heard a pained roar of heartbreak and saw his uniform glowing a forest green at that. "Aw shit, he remembers how close it was at the time, but this is not Brennan and Tiger, it's Dragon, who lost it right now." Kim said as they heard four more at that, as the quartet's uniforms all started glowing at that.

As well at that news firmly then. "Guys stop, calm down!" she called out as the glow started getting worse, as they covered their eyes. "Stop, stop, calm down!" she called out as the glow dimmed as the pulse dimmed and she sighed at that reaction then. "Guys, Lexa I get it, I know you're worried sick, but I got Kalina, I'll be fine." she said and in response they glowed and then in response to that remark gently at that statement.

And as she watched the boys uniforms beam out of the tubes then and surrounded her's, as the blue hugged her's and Aisha nodded as the pink pressed her forehead to his then. "Damian, I get it, I'm your sister, I love you too, but for me to heal I need to be back at full power here." she said and it pressed it's forehead to her's gently, as the quartet surrounded her the, as a purple uniform also appeared as they saw the visor, knowing it was Kalina.

"That's me and Billy." Kim said with a sigh, before the black did the same, and followed by the cherry red, the white and the fire engine red and their parents nodded to that. "Adam, Rocky, me and Tommy." Jason said to that, before the yellow hugged her's and she nodded. "What the hell?!" James started to say and she quickly explained it. "Everything we feel, they feel and vice versa, so what we feel, our fears of it happening again."

"It's going into the 7 right now." she said, as a purple uniform hugged the pink and the pink pressed her forehead to her's gently. "And that's me right now, I replaced Trini after she left, we're her trio." Kat said and she nodded as the purple, yellow and pink went into 3-way hug. "And me as well now, but we're her family, she never wanted to leave and to come back, she's pushing it to the limit and we're determined to not have it happen again."

"Well all that says is they're determined to not lose you, this may not be the letter, but it's just as bad." Aisha said softly, thought just as she finished saying that they heard six adult versions to their animals and nodded and she nodded in agreement. "That's not me, but Andy!" Caroline said to that and the sextet nodded in shock to that. "I was here for that like the guys and Janet were!" Andrea said to that and the teenage sextet nodded to that.

"You're us as adults, mom." Kat said to her and she nodded. "So as alpha's third, I'm her best friend with Nathan at my side?" she asked and Kim nodded as their mothers exchanged smiles at the news then. "And you're being my sister, Bear and with that now in this case, you're not ready to let go either, then again. It's you guys and I have our connection still, and said is scaring them." she said and she nodded to her gently as they heard it.

"And shoving the connection back into place, we got to reconnect to the sextet and fast, before we add the trio to the group. But think about it, what started this for us, and we now know these power coins are conduit. So what's the best way to handle this, once I get my back up, my morpher and I'm back right now." she said and the quintet nodded in agreement to that.

"Yeah I see what you're saying, fill it with 10% of the charge, the entire 90% into your medallion which is on your robes and you're back and none of the four of us are retired at the moment, our powers are back to full strength. But the connection has been re-attached again finally, but the secondary are only a bait and switch." Billy said to her and she nodded to the remark then.

"Yeah that's my plan, they steal it a second time, and that coin has only 10% of the connection, so I'm 90% full power now at the time. And as we snap the connection to the power coin and you give back the other 10, as we do this now." she said and they nodded firmly to her idea. "We have 4/5's of the original five colors, Tommy is leading this upgrade, but we dress in our colors, we train in our robes."

"So we're not short handed anymore finally, but we're a team, we're family, that's all that matters right now, we're back. And we're making them pay for this finally." she said and they all nodded in agreement to that as the quartet exchanged furious looks at the remark then. "Yeah no kidding I'm still pissed that they blackmailed us to save you right now." Jason said with a furious tone at that remark at that.

"You've scared the hell out of me one too many times, and Jason is right at the moment right now. This is not the same thing, but what's going to happen 15 years down the line, when the powers are no longer like being teenagers. But adults, that our connection is abruptly severed and the loss of connection is going to have us all going on autopilot."

"If we lose you for whatever reason right now." Aisha said and that did it for the quartet as Tommy said it for them at that. "I'm going to kill Zedd if this puts you back in the hospital!" Tommy snapped and they they heard a furious roar in response and Melissa covered her eyes at that. "Alright calm down guys." Caroline told them gently at that.

"Trust me you're not the only one right now, but anyone touches her at all like that and we're going to kill him here now. And before throwing them behind bars right now." Jason said in response, before Tanya and Aisha exchanged looks then and smiled. "We've been together so long that we're not ready to let go right now, then again right now."

"It's we don't have to now, because we're Ninjetti, we turned back the clock, so we're back and though there is two versions of the original quintet, we're never going to be taken down now." Kim said and she nodded in agreement to that. "Yeah and it's a damn good thing you told us 6 months in advance, regarding you and Tommy, Kim."

"As a result here now, that saves the team we keep this between us till we fake the letter arriving, if they throw his heartbreak over Angie on you. That finishes it, but they created the mess, now they have to fix it right now." Tanya said and Aisha nodded in agreement. "They're not going alone guys, we got this, with Elena making her appearance now."

"That leaves a secondary option now, but we're all going now, Tanya is my counterpart in powers now, but this leaves one option finally, the girls have us covering their backs, but you guys know we're protecting them." Aisha said and the quartet nodded. "You girls be careful, and watch your backs." Jason said for the quintet and they nodded gently.

"Yeah and what does it matter we tell them, they created the mess well then they have to fix it, as she told you this soon. As did I and you know already, we all think this is for the best, she's my girlfriend, and I'm never letting her go that fast at the moment." Tommy said and he and the sextet nodded in agreement. "Yeah but not our love life, so stay out of it." Adam said and Rocky, Jason and Billy nodded in agreement to that.

"Yeah and so long as I'm happy, that's all you guys care about, you know I need you still, all alone in a strange town." she said and he nodded as he pulled her into a hug and she tightened her arms around him and he smiled as he pressed his forehead to hers. "Yeah, but he has me with him all the time, you need me more, so you need me and you got me, not letting you down." he said and she nodded as she looked into his eyes.

"Yeah and here's a question, why would I just break up with him when you guys see me everyday now starting next week?" she asked and Kat crossed her arms at that. "You wouldn't and we know you guys are too much in love to let go of each other right now at the moment. But if we see this and they don't that just says it all now, we're never letting you go anymore then you would us." she said and Kim nodded smiling to confirm that remark.

"Well we're leaving them out of the loop indefinitely till we hit the week the letter arrives, as they blow it now. Angela sends her letter at the same time. That I do and right to the Youth center, so Kat, either you or Billy tell them, and if they lash out. And despite the fact you know me this well, you know this, so would I let you go right now, Billy."

"But the fact he lashed out immediately the second I call them after the damn letter arrives at the moment here. All that says is they're now throwing his broken heart on me, till we hit Draco's return and Jason tell hers the truth. That the letter is a fake, and they realized they screwed up here, before they decide to come home as well here."

"As I drop the bomb and with me, Angela, he learns his letter was a fake, like mine was, and now they got to clean up the mess they created themselves. So until I'm ready to talk to them either of them leave me alone, I'm not picking up the damn phone. But they created the mess, they have to fix it now." she said and the quintet and Jason nodded.

As he moved behind her and she leaned into him as he wrapped his arms around her then and Preston and Caroline smiled that. "Something's never change no matter what age group we are right now, but that was your father and me when we were your age baby." Caroline said and he nodded smiling. "Yeah and to me and Billy no choice necessary, we're never letting her go now." he said and she, Nathan and Preston nodded, smiling to that.

"Friendship to friendship turned resentment and friendship is a two way street and we all know this right now. But we kept it strong by calling you every other day, and we were relieved you came home that we took you back, without thinking twice about it. But who are they to be jealous, they asked us to take care of you and we did that so much."

"That we replaced them now at the time." Adam said and Aisha nodded in agreement. "The four of us saved our friendship with you, but it's because I'm refusing to let Andy get in the way, Andromeda is praying that letter is real. So she can get her chance, she loves Tommy, but I belong to Billy." Kat said sternly and he nodded to the news then.

"We leave them out of the loop of everything until after the letter does it's job." she said and he nodded in agreement to that. "We're not their side of the team anymore that the ones who have a reason to react on this are the sextet, but not them. You never did anything wrong this was for the best, for our concentration and we needed

"So what are you suggesting guys?" Preston asked and Kim crossed her arms. " Leave them out of the loop now, from the letter to our mysterious Indian guide. Then Jason's reactivation, we keep this between us only right now, as 20 episodes in. And Angie sends the other at the same time, I send that letter and straight to the youth center now."

"If they take sides and they're screwed, Tommy doesn't need them, I do, he's not the one in pain, I am, he needs them more. That's bull crap, I need them more then he does, but the letter was written in lemon juice, simple chemistry, remember that guys." she said and the sextet nodded to the reveal as they crossed their arms at the news.

"Yeah, and I get why, but the boys love us, we're their world and everything in all their cases, but the ones on the outside, looking in. Is now the duo Adam and I replaced at the current moment, but if they never wanted to lose you. They should have come back sooner." Aisha said and Kim nodded in agreement as she answered her gently at that.

"Yeah one week for the four of us, and another when the guys join us as we train together." she said and the 8 nodded in agreement to that. "Yeah train together, nice start to what promises to be a very good friendship as we show. Now, that so long as we have each other, our team of nine now, then we can survive this and with it now."

"They're never going to take us down, but the ones that could are the ones that are allowing jealousy get in the way of their responsibilities." Tanya said and she nodded in nodded in agreement. "Something puts you back in the hospital and it's because of those two, and they're screwed at the moment." Rocky said, crossing his arms sternly then.

"Does anyone else see this, as we came back to return to duty when you need us, but we're coming home either way?" she asked and he nodded in agreement to that. "Yeah and nobody says you can't come home now, but the only place you want to be is here, with the team. We all know this, but the team is home, the gang, the team is home now." Adam said and she nodded in agreement to that remark.

"Yeah and I'm sick of being away from my nest, coming home, starting today, this is where I belong, so change the rules and it's like we never left now. As two teams come together as one, the Mighty Morphin and the Ninjetti, even the Zeo, we're all three now at the current moment now. And before we all retire now finally, but with those words in mind, I prevented a break up in the gang, but..." she said and Billy nodded in agreement to her thoughts.

"We're a team, no one can even understand what we went through together, or what we mean to each other, so maybe, they can't handle the side effects. Now that come with this, this upgrade, we grew used to it, we understand it now. But this is something they can't handle or don't want to understand I don't know, but honestly now, right now."

"I don't really care right now, so long as I never lose you, it's fine, I'd rather have you back." Billy said to her and Kim nodded as he hugged her tightly. "Things change they can't change back, if they repeat those words with someone who gained the power now. To live through the void as they see him, the loss is too much for his best friend."

"Said best friend is in reverse to us now, I've been your best friend since we were born, only I understand you that easily that my loss is too much for you to take. Risking my life to save the entire legacy by combining all three sides of me together. As I become a version to Jean Grey that's too much." she said and he nodded as he hugged her tightly.

"That's just my point, I love you, my sister, my best friend, I can't take losing you, and even in science talk you understand me way too well now. But you or him, I choose you without thinking twice about it, he doesn't need me, you do. He's not the one in pain, you are. He needs me more, bull crap, you need me more then he does, so you need me and you got me Kim." he said and she smiled and hugged him tightly at that.

"Love you too, Billy, issues with being the one omega and the girl you all love, losing me is too much after my ending up in the hospital. You can't not take being there, but of us, I understand our powers better then anyone at the moment. But I doubt any of the other teams really understand how close we are now at the moment here and with that."

"This painting says all there needs to be said, I'm creating a third copy with Tanya and Jason added to it and us dressed in our robes now. But black diamonds and a black sash around the waist just like Tommy now. That's Jason's robes, but us as a Power rangers turned Ninjetti, as we train in our robes now." she said as they saw themselves together.

"Yeah well I think that the white sash on us was meant to say troops, but the black with the gold etchings on the arms, legs and the sweatband. That's to say he's the leader of the team, like Tommy is right now." Adam said and she nodded. "Yeah we got white sashes around the waist, they got black with the gold mixed in, saying they're the leaders of the team now." she said and their team leaders nodded to that.

"Yeah, but the black mixed in the red is Jason's senior red ranger status, as that's him in Ninja mode and dresses with the armor when he goes to full power. Jason, go ahead and try it right now, Tyrannosaurus/Dragon." Tommy said and he nodded as he shouted it out. "Ninjetti, Tyrannosaurus/Dragonzord power!" he called out and in response to that.

He ended up in his robes with the medallion revealing a mixture of a dragon foot and his T-rex on his medallion, with black diamonds that had a gold lining on them. And a black sash around his waist and she smiled in delight at that view then. "You guys better start training to reconnect, and when we send for you, it's back to full power again." she said and he nodded in agreement to her thought then.

"Well all this says that before we tell the duo we get our connection into place and give it two weeks before we contact them now. But one week for the girls then we send the boys along and they all come back as Ninjetti now. So if the boys are scared out of their minds at the moment here, then for their own piece of mind we send them along."

"And after a few days." Preston said and James, Nathan, Jake and Dillon nodded in agreement to that. "Issues of being a teenage power ranger or an adult, we depend on each other for our very lives right now. That the girls can manage a week on their own, before we send the quintet along." Nathan said to that and Janet and Caroline nodded.

"Yeah I agree with him Jim, first the girls head out and then after a week, we send the quintet along, as the duo see now. In what this upgrade does where emotional and spiritual conditioning is concerned. Then again the bond is so deep that we're not letting each other go, we have each other now." Caroline said and he nodded to that firmly.

"But honestly, what right do they have to but into our relationship when the ones this concerns is the quintet. They never get in touch whatsoever and we can add that to the rewrite of the show and as it's a true story what's wrong with one more added to the list?" she asked and Tommy nodded in agreement. "Yeah I agree with her on that, we can add the letter to the storyline now." he said and their parents nodded sternly.

"God this is going to be a long three weeks right now, where trust and friendship are concerned right now." Dillon said and she nodded as she hugged him and the trio and they tightened their arms around her. "We're our cubs as adults now guys, but this is us, if we were them when gaining these powers, but their powers are feeding into us."

"Along with everything that comes with it right now, but this took it too damn far right now at the current moment right now in this case." Nathan said in annoyance and Jake and Dillon nodded. "Alright again all of you calm down, before you destroy the computer or blow the tubes next." Caroline said and they nodded and closed their eyes then.

"What are you suggesting Kimberly?" Zordon asked her and she explained that. "The test you ran the guys through at the time, the quartet are down one ranger. And she and I running the obstacle course you put the guys through now until the guys come after us. And as we start taking a couple weeks." she said and Zordon nodded to the suggestion.

"Yeah I remember that, but your powers are weaker then they were a few months ago." Tommy said to her and Billy moved to Kat then gently at that. "This was the right of passage for a ranger that used to be part of the enemy like you were honey. But you had to learn to work together, you remember that as you and Jason won the finals now."

"You did it with Jason as you were struggling in dealing with being total equals now, it's our turn now, she's my total equal, but you guys. You love us with everything in you and I mean all of you in that remark, you and the quartet. I get that, so that leaves a single option right now, so a single option to be sure she's free of the pain done by them."

"Time to prove it now, as we work together, you're waiting for us to come back as we put our training to use finally. Billy's tracking us, you focus on dealing with the monster honey, we'll be fine, you just concentrate on your job of leading the guys." she said and Tommy nodded to her, sighing.

"I'll come back I promise, but a week and then you join us, I promise." she said and the quintet nodded to her in relief then. "Just a week, and two weeks in training, but one week alone and then the next, we're joining you up there, that helps. Alright be careful baby, once you change back into your robes." he said and she nodded to him smiling.

And as she hugged him then. "Guys we'll take over for you until you're back, as with our bosses knowing where we are and who we are, that helps." Andrea told them the quintet and they nodded. "Yeah that's an understatement, but once done, and the instinct comes naturally right now." Jason told her and she nodded gently with a smile then.

"And I'm taking Erica's position till we find her right now." Mei said and they nodded as Tommy gave a description on the activation code. "Alright, before you do this, you're getting a demonstration in how to become like us as you get used to it now. But it's the original activation code, followed by your shape segment and color, so one circle is one line, two is two, a triangle is three points, a rectangle is four, and a star is five."

"So in order: Zeo Ranger I: Pink, Zeo Ranger II: Yellow, Zeo Ranger III: Blue, Zeo Ranger IV, Green, Zeo Ranger V: Red, okay, then once Jason activates again with help from our compatriot, whatever he gets is the sixth ranger." he said and their parents nodded to him gently. "Watch us as you see us do this, after we give her the first three thought." Jason said and they all nodded as the teenage team exchanged looks.

"I'd hate to be these idiots right now, they now pissed off their parents of their enemies, and for three years they get defeated by children. And now for a week the next one is facing off against the parents of their enemies, as this continues right now." Nathan said and James nodded in agreement to his thoughts. "Yeah but the harder the test gets and the more reward-able it gets and we'll be as we get back to our original roots again."

"But remember, there is no pleasure of the gain, if there is no risk from the journey." she said and their parents and Zordon nodded. "Wise words and you're correct, but this means, you're being sent to Phaedos. And for that training lesson ladies, you have to work together." he said and they nodded to him gently at the remark.

"Got it Zordon, we're ready, so when do we do this?" Kat asked her and he explained that to her. "The objective is to get to the monolith that houses the power of the Ninjetti to put her back at full strength again now. But based on what Dulcea has told me since then the obstacles have gotten more horrendous, now.

you must work together, no weapons, and remember you depend on each other for your very lives now. I can talk to your principal and coach in letting you out for a few days, but you're going to be gone for a week now." he said and they nodded to him gently at the news then.

"Best friend Kitty, we both know this, you replaced her at the time, my total equal, powers, skills and everything else." Kim said and she nodded as she hugged her tightly. "Yeah never letting you go, like Jason has Tommy, you have me now, our friendship is all that matters now, but I belong to Billy and though I like Tommy. I know he belongs to you, finally a balance." she said and Kim smiled as Jason and Tommy exchanged smiles.

"Your new team leader is my future husband, Tanya, but the three of you, we knew each other for 6 months to going on two years. But we're just taking a step back for a year until I come home, but that drags up the remark. And of a true friend, you all just answered that, you are true friend. You just said that in every way that it needs to be said now." she said and the duo nodded, smiling then.

"You remember the nickname we called you by?" she asked and Kat nodded smiling. "Your spirit animal is a cat, that white cat we saw following us around is your spirit animal in physical form." she said, before there was a pink, near hot pink flash and they looked down to see said cat spirit sitting there on the floor in front of them. "So if you're her cat spirit, guys we want to see you." Jason said and 8 more appeared.

"Hey guys good to see you face to face." Billy said, smiling as he looked at his wolf then as he looked at his sextet's animals then. "Dame, good to see you face to face now brother, my alpha's third, my best friend. I am never letting you go, I promise." Kim said and he nudged her and she wrapped her arms around his neck as they heard a happy purring at his being with her then as the quintet started laughing.

"That's you when you and I spent all our lives together Billy, cub you grew up. " She added to him and he nodded smiling. "Yeah my cub height tripled in size by the time we hit our current ages, but the werewolf best friend." he said and Jason nudged her and she smiled and he hugged her then. "You remember how we saw this, we're lizards, but we share a bond, we travel in herds." Jason said and she smiled hugged him tightly.

"Well we're still at full power, nothing changed and nothing ever will now at the current moment. But Jason, you are still my brother, nothing changes, ever now, you said the same thing the trio have now. But that was I preferred to tell you all at once to prevent a split in the team." Kim said and he smiled as he gave her a hug then at that remark. "Yeah never letting you go.." he said smiling at her then gently at that remark.

"Nothing changed, still the man you know, I promise, there never was anyone else, but telling us this now prevents the fracture. But you or him, it's you come first, I promise baby sister." he said and she smiled as she pressed her forehead to his. "Love you too, big brother." she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck, his around her waist tightly as the seven nodded, smiling and the cast nodded gently.

"So that was the meaning of what would have been a bombshell later, so who is this met someone else?" Jason asked and she explained that. "Guys you recall the food fight at the parents day get together after Tommy returned to the team?" she asked and they both nodded. "Well the reason for that is your fathers know something that dad never wanted them to find out, as to why now."

"This is connected to Jenson and my ending up in the hospital when we were little, well dad had an affair with a woman named Mary Grayson. I ran into my half brother, his name is Carter Grayson, he's in Miami. And he's Patrick's best friend and room mate." she said and they nodded in shock to the news. "Did you and he get a blood test done to confirm that, Kim?" Billy asked and she nodded to him.

"Yeah and it came back positive, I called mom, before Vile turned back the clock, and she confirmed our theory. He had an affair with Mary, and a one night stand resulted in Carter, the fight. It was over child support so pay child support or she was divorcing him." she said and they nodded to her gently. "So that is everything we need to know: the met someone else is a family member."

"Your brother is three years older then us and too old for you, you guys, you and Tommy, were friends before you became a couple and the brother. It was time to bring me home, as only I can help him recover here. Especially if he gets hit a second time, with you not here, so that letter everything, but your training. Everything is a lie, okay got it." Jason said and Aisha nodded as the quintet nodded.

"Hold it, before you do this, change into your robes baby, because that power is going into your medallion on your robes." Preston said to her and she nodded. "Ninjetti the Crane!" she called out then as she appeared in her robes and turned to her uniform. "Ready for it, girl?" she asked and the helmet nodded to her. "Yeah I'm ready to reconnect to you, so we're one again Kim, let's do it, sis." they heard from her at that and they nodded.

"Mom, you're me, so with the first two, you're going to be on full power, as is your crane powers, so you got to put 25%, each, of each one into it. The others do the same as this continues, so watch what the 8 do and you'll know what to do right now." she said and Caroline nodded to her. "So the instincts are immediate once we take a copy of your power coins and the crystals?" James asked and they nodded to him as she answered him.

"Before we do this, it's time I told you this, but the truth is there was never anyone else, I found Carter and Patrick is there with me. But everything else is a lie, no one, else, we were friends before we became a couple and get Jason and bring him home now finally." she said and they nodded gently, before the immediate response to that was their uniforms flashing and they nodded. "Yeah we're back to." Adam said as he tried to hide a chuckle.

"Indeed, it was time for that to come out now, and we just prevented what would have fractured this team. But now it is time to test the limit of your powers, Adam, Aisha, combine with the boys for the first step to that test. With the amount tested, then we see how much is needed to last her. Long enough until this letter does it's job, or at least till it is time to tell your parents."

"Though if we add your parents that's enough recharge until you come home and return to duty for good." Zordon said and they nodded as the team got started then. "The rest of you are at full power here right now, so I do the first two, Rocky you got the next two." Jason said and he nodded. "Adam you got all four, Aisha, you have three and Tanya you got the last one, but the activation code for this so listen closely."

"And you'll know what to say, okay." Jason said and the quartet nodded. "Kim your original power coin." Billy said and she nodded as it flashed into Kim's hands and she held it out as she waited. "It's morphin time!" Jason shouted out and Tommy called it out. "Dragonzord" "Mastodon" "Triceratops" Sabretooth Tiger" Tyrannosaurus!" Jason shouted and they appeared in their uniforms at that as he took a deep break then gently.

"We call upon the powers of all those combined." "Dragonzord" "Triceratops" "Mastadon" "Sabretooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus" Jason said and he looked at the duo then, as her coin started glowing a light pink and he smiled at that response. "That's one, next one boys, Aisha." he said and they nodded as Tommy said it. "Tommy switch colors for this one." he said and Tommy nodded. "White Tiger!" he shouted and he appeared in his white uniform.

"Alright Thunderzord upgrade" he said and they both nodded. "Again." Billy said and they nodded. "She's at 50% strength Billy, you give the next three and she's up to 150%, that will last three months, and four if we add your parents. In all powers again, keep going." Alpha said and they nodded as they exchanged smiles as Tommy did it this time as he repeated the words, this time with a change in the name.

"We call upon the powers of all those combined, White Tiger" "Lion Thunderzord " "Unicorn Thunderzord" "Griffin Thunderzord" "Red Dragon Thunderzord?" Jason said and the 8 went to their's. "Alpha what's the level at now that we've done two of four?" he asked and he quickly answered him. "Let me check her color meter first, Tommy, Jason." he said and they nodded to him gently at that.

Checking the color, they saw it shifting off light pink to her tinge then and they smiled. "There's the tinge she's supposed to be at right now: hot pink, near violet." Adam said smiling and Tommy and Rocky nodded in agreement then. "Yeah, so this means the more power and her tinge reaches Kat's now, so keep feeding her enough to put her at full power and once our parents do this and she's lasting till we hit the letter." Rocky said and Tommy nodded to that gently.

"Before we do it again and that lasts until they make their move on me and the last one is till Jason switches back to his normal light cherry red again. That second one has her at her normal tinge of right after I switched colors, so the next jolt should bring her to hot pink, again." Tommy said and Alpha nodded. "She's at 75% percent strength, your ninja powers and the Zeo will finish the job." he said and the eight nodded as they kept going then as they did it at that.

"Tanya, your animal is a lioness, like Shal thought, her name is Elena, so with you carrying the heart of Ninjetti, concentrate as hard as you can and call it out after I do." Rex told her and she nodded. "Alright the eight of us this time." Adam said and she nodded. "Yeah, just give me a minute." she said as she closed down and started searching, before she felt it then as her lion attached herself to her.

"We call upon the powers of all those combined. The Falcon" "The Frog" "The Wolf" The Bear" "The Ape" "The Cat" "The Tyrannosaurus" "The Lioness" They shouted out one after another as the jets entered her power coin turning it hot pink as 2 more and then a 3rd entered it in orange, silver and green and they nodded. "Zack, Trini and whoever our youngest is." Rocky said in relief that they were helping.

"Alright time for the last one, just double it with the Zeo powers, they're the strongest of the four, let's do it." Adam said and they nodded as Kat went first this time. "Zeo Ranger I, Pink" "Zeo Ranger II, Yellow" "Zeo Ranger III, Blue" "Zeo Ranger IV, Green" "Zeo Ranger V, Red" Tommy shouted and they changed into their new uniforms as they took their crystals and he started them off at that, as his desire to bring her back grew then.

"We call upon the powers of all those combined: "Zeo Ranger I, Pink" "Zeo Ranger II, Yellow" "Zeo Ranger III, Blue" "Zeo Ranger IV, Green" "Zeo Ranger V, Red!" Tommy called out and their crystals all lit up as the power coin started glowing from a hot pink to a deep reddish pink. 'Man this is incredible, I wish we thought to do this when Tommy was close to the end of his period as the green.' Jason and Billy thought together at that.

Before Alpha quickly called out at that, before Zordon did it for him. "Rangers, enough, you got her plenty, but we just came to the diagnosis in recharging her. The way is this: if you and your parents give her 85% charge. I can give her the last 65% charge and she has enough to last 4 months as we do this twice more. Until she returns home now." he said and they nodded in delight at that in relief at that news.

"So we: our parents and we do 85% of it, you do the rest of it and we got her enough to make her the equivalent of us now. After she gets a much stronger boost in her crane powers now?" Adam said and he nodded. "Yes Adam that is exactly what I am saying, you do that 85 percent, I do the other 15 and we got her enough to make her your equivalent, until she takes on her new upgrade." he said they nodded smiling in delight at that.

"We do it three more times until she does take on that upgrade, but she's home back where she belongs now again, she's not retired. But on emergency call in so back to a few months ago, and I think we all got the message, but we were lost until we realized what we were missing. And said it was her leaving, things changed we wanted her back and here's the result right now, we're back!" Rocky said with a smile and he nodded.

"Yeah and this time we're not going to lose now, because we all chose this, to bring her home for good now finally. Kat, Tanya, the four of us got to work on that one, as we do this, as this is going to be a second chance and we're doing a concert when we get back, as we pick the right words. To put this in a way Saban is going to get it now, as we send him the music video now." Aisha said and they nodded in agreement to that remark, smiling.

"Half of that is getting channeled into this test, but we do it as well, and we got her enough to make it there and back as the boys join in. When at the half way point, but a week of training as they get used to being together again and fall back into their routine. Mixing both times together as they get used together now." Dillon said and James, Nathan, Caroline and Preston nodded in agreement to his thoughts at that.

"We all do the same, so guys, we need your power coins now, but lets see what happens when we got them." Caroline said and they passed their original ones to them and they started glowing a deeper tinge and the quartet nodded in shock to that. "The cubs are a lighter tinge because they're teenagers but in our hands it darkened three shades darker then their's as we're adults." Preston said and she nodded in agreement to that remark gently.

"Dark cherry red, forest green, the next two shades up, before you leave the planet in Nathan's case and I'm hot pink, near violet." Caroline said to him and he nodded. 'So that means that Mei and I are both an even darker shade in colors then in Zack and Trini's case." Peter said and she nodded. "One way to find out, alright we've got this one, and Thunderzord, Janet, Dillon you got Ninjetti and I'll take back Zeo for Erica." Mei said and they both nodded.

"No, I got Zeo and Ninjetti, I'm her godmother, I should do this." Janet said and Mei nodded. "Uh oh, the empathy link is affecting you guys, everything Aisha is feeling on Trini, you feel it regarding Aunt Mei, Aunt Janet." Kim said and she nodded sternly. "In other words, the anger at Trini for not coming back is going into me, and I'm doing this myself, after they never came back and helped recharge you." she said and Kim nodded to her gently at that.

"Rather then being anything else, mom left me with you and Uncle Brandon, and your mother bear instincts took charge so highly here right now. It's enough I'm your cub now, and there it is, as a result, you don't need to think twice, you guys are my legal guardians with the Scotts." she said and Janet nodded smiling gently as she hugged her god daughter gently at that remark then as James looked from her to Caroline at that remark then.

"We better finish it off now then, but you gave her half the 75% to get her to this level we'll do the rest and Zordon combines together with us during the Zeo powers upgrade and that should do it. But we gave her enough to last until the test run at the moment and when we fake the scandal with the letter guys." James said and Preston nodded in agreement as Kim smiled then as she said it to her mother then.

"Aright again, mom you do it this time, just pretend you're us." she said and she nodded as the green power coin appeared in James's hand then and they nodded. "Alright, Jim, I go first, you got the thunderzord upgrade as you're the new leader and we put it to the entire thing now with the Ninjetti powers and you, Andy, Janet, Jake and Dillon do the Zeo powers." Preston said and he nodded as he closed his eyes as he focused on their demonstration.

"It's morphin time" Preston shouted and he went first. "Dragonzord" "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" "Sabretooth Tiger" Tyrannosaurus!" Preston called out and they took their helmets off then. "We call upon the powers of all those combined." he said and James took charge. "Dragonzord" "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" Sabretooth Tiger" Tyrannosaurus" Preston said and the color meter shot up another 5.5% then.

"Again, Thunderzord upgrade." he said and James went first. "White Tiger." he said and switched to the white uniform then. "We call upon the powers of all those combined, White Tiger" he said and they did it a second time. "Lion Thunderzord" Firebird Thunderzord" "Unicorn Thunderzord" "Griffin Thunderzord" "Red Dragon Thunderzord." Preston said and then nodded to Janet, Jake, Andrea and Dillon.

"Ninjetti, the falcon" "The Frog" "The Crane" "The Wolf" "The Bear" "The Ape" "The Cat" "The Tyrannosaurus!" Preston shouted and James said it firmly as he saw the meter pulsing it 65% and knew it was working then. "We do this and the next and Zordon does his at the same time, but we're almost there, put as much as possible in there so we can prevent that again." he said and they all nodded firmly at the orders then.

"We call upon the powers of all those combined, the Falcon" "The Frog" "The Crane" "The Wolf" "The Bear" "The Ape" "The Cat" "The Tyrannosaurus" "The Lion" The Sabretooth Tiger" Mei shouted out and it hit 70% at that and they smiled. "Zordon, you go at the same time we do as this finishes it off." Janet said and he nodded to her gently as they saw her glowing a darker shade of her purplish pink and smiled in anticipation then.

"Tanya, I'll take your mother's place for this part." she said and Tanya nodded and passed the zeonizers to her and she put them on. "Zeo Ranger I, Pink" "Zeo Ranger II, Yellow" "Zeo Ranger III, Blue" "Zeo Ranger IV, Green" "Zeo Ranger V, Red" James said and they all morphed into their kids new uniforms then as they took the crystals and he said it then with a firm tone, feeling his son's anticipation of bringing his daughter in law back then.

"We call upon the powers of all those combined: "Zeo Ranger I, Pink" "Zeo Ranger II, Yellow" "Zeo Ranger III, Blue" "Zeo Ranger IV, Green" "Zeo Ranger V, Red!" James called out and at that as the charge reached 85% percent of charge her color turning from amethyst and nearly violet then as Zordon through in his at the exact same time they did as her color started darkening to dark purple and they nodded.

As Zordon put his own power into her and they saw her pink turn to amethyst then and Tommy called out then. "Alright, alright that's good we gave her enough guys stop, that's good." he said and they stopped as they saw the purple return to pinkish violet gently and they smiled in relief then. "Kimberly is at 150% full power now, it's going to last till the letter if she rations it." Alpha said and they nodded in delight at as the sextet exchanged smiles.

"Yeah alright, we're back, we did it now!" Rocky shouted as they went into a group hug then. "Go ahead Kim, give it a shot." Aisha said and she nodded. "It's morphin time!" she shouted as she called it out. "Ninjetti the Crane!" she shouted and in response her uniform appeared on her and they smiled in delight at that. And as they saw her uniform glowing in happiness then and they chuckled at that response as Jason's went dark cherry red.

"I take it that is Rex and not Red?" Rocky asked and the trio nodded. "Yeah but like you, I had to as well after losing Tommy, but they just ticked me off. Rocky, you and Adam suffered my emotions over Tommy, but now this took a more dangerous turn. What you saw six months ago, happened when we were 7, she over extended herself to get Ken to pay attention to her, as a result now."

"To me, they mess with my friends and they are in big trouble, I was feeling this after Tommy left before he switched colors. Now they target my sister, they want a war and we'll give them one, but we need more rangers. As far as I'm concerned I'm still the original alpha, the leader. They want to test me and they're playing with fire." he said and they nodded as the trio sighed at that remark.

"Rex, cool down, the duo don't realize it yet at the moment, so both of you relax, we got 3 colors we got to worry about. We all got a temper and you, you lose it you're going to..." Tommy started to say as they heard a roar. "Indeed, Jason, I understand that like Tommy you feel like you did then, but you're back. So you can protect her again, like you used to." Zordon said and Jason nodded to him.

"Billy, Jason, Kimberly, Aisha, I bestow to you the shark cycles once again, though a little weak, you can still fight the troops. But remember you are a team and still need each other, go now and may the power protect you all." he said and they nodded. "Here check these out." Aisha said smiling as they saw their shark cycles as he ran his hand across his in a darker red then Rocky's color and smiled then.

"Good to have you back girl, I'm back." Kim said smiled as her's darkened slightly in response and they chuckled at the response then. "I'll take that for our spirit animals just possessed our bikes now." Jason said as he started laughing at that reaction as his also darkened and she nodded to him then. "Yeah and back to being my alpha, till we're back to full power and we're retired brother." she said and he nodded smiling gently at that.

"First generation this is us now, but man this is great right now, I got all three of you back, but I'm the good green ranger, and the white falcon ranger. And I'm with my closest friend, nothing changed, only got stronger, and I'm glad you both came back guys, I missed you guys more then you know. Aw man it's good to be back in a team again, only now, starting now, we are the Ninjetti 9." Tommy said and they nodded and smiled then.

"Arsenal just jumped several degrees us, Zordon created these for us, before Vile arrived." Billy told him and Jason nodded to the news gently. "Well we got four of five we just need a black ranger and we're back again." he said and she nodded. "Yeah about that, that gives me a good idea, what about Jared?" Kim asked and he smiled at her idea. "Jared, Derek, or Aaron, even Richie, not the Taylors?" he asked and she nodded in agreement to that gently.

"Zordon could you get the guys, we need to discuss this with them, we need a black ranger to fill in the gap, but we're two teams of five again now." Jason asked and he nodded as six white flashes appeared then and they saw the sextet standing there. "Hey guys what's going on here?" Derek asked him and he smiled. "We need a bit of help, with Adam holding the green ranger position, we need a black until we retire now." he said and they nodded gently to him.

"You mean you need a new black ranger to fill in the gap with the Ninjetti split down the middle and you're back again here?" he asked and they nodded. "Yeah, but Billy may take that offer with the Alien Rangers, so we need a couple boy rangers to fill in the gaps, till he gets his head together." he said and they nodded to the news. "Sure we can do that guys, no problem." he said and they nodded to the remark gently.

"You guys are us if we were a lot tougher, but we need added help here, but Aisha is my new yellow, and I got Billy and Kim back. We just need some added help to fill in the gaps till I return as the whatever color comes with this upgrade and you lead the team after that Derek." he said and his double nodded to the offer. "Yeah no problem I can do that." he said and they nodded in relief then gently at the news.

"We're leaving Zack out of this indefinitely as he abandoned us at the time as he see he gets replaced by who is willing to protect a fellow team mate as we do this right now." she said and he nodded. "Yeah and half is Ninjetti and the other Zeo, but otherwise I'd never leave you when you needed me right now guys, I swear to that." he said and the trio nodded as he looked at his best friend as he said it then.

"Jason, test check man, you're the Rex, go for it." Tommy said and he nodded in agreement to that as he shouted it out. "It's morphin time!" he called out and then shouted it out. "Tyrannosaurus!" he called out and he appeared in his uniform and it was two shades darker then Rocky and she smiled. "Yeah cherry red, you're back bro!" Rocky said smiling and he nodded smiling as he removed the helmet then gently at that.

As Tommy held his hand up and he gripped his hand as they looked at each other smiling then. "It's morphin time!" Tommy shouted out and he called it out then. "Dragon Zord!" "Pterodactyl!" Triceratops!" they called out one after another and he smiled then. "That's it we're back!" Jason shouted out and they felt a massive tremor at that and steadied each other. "Oh boy, yeah, they're pissed right now." Adam said and they nodded in agreement to that.

"Whoa, alright we get you're ticked, but your old tendencies are getting annoying now that's enough of that already, you guys!" Kim shouted out at that and Billy and Jason started laughing at her remark. "Yeah no kidding, we know we're back, but they get the point, they never got rid of us no matter how hard they try, but Mondo, calling a hiatus, here, just wait, we just had a few instances, slow it down." Billy called out and knew they got it.

"Can't get rid of us no matter how hard they try right now, and you never will you two, we're back, the Ninjetti are back, but your enemies are back again." Tommy called out as he and Jason called it out together at that. "Look out you two, we're not backing down, we're the..." they said and the entire team shouted it out together. "Power Rangers!" they called out together as he and Jason looked at each other in relief then.

"Back to being partners man?" Jason said and Tommy nodded. "Yeah back to being partners, we got each other's backs, always, brothers and partners. Girls, Jason is my best friend and equal in everything, this was why Kim suggested. In bringing him back in, he's got the skill to match me move for move. But the gold armor is the symbol of the equally as powerful ranger and total equal."

"To the red, this was me when we started out." he said and they looked between them as they saw him in green and Jason in cherry red, while Kim and Billy were back to being in their trade mark colors then."This was why you said not to destroy Dragon in his zord form?" Aisha asked and he nodded as that opened the door for them finally as Jason switched subjects as he looked between them.

"Yeah it is, he's the last of our zords of our original powers, Zedd wanted him destroyed as he destroyed the dino ranger powers. And he's was the last of them, but there was no way I was letting Zedd get him too, old friend time to go back to bed, I'll you back when we need you again my brother." he said as he played the tune and the dragonzord walked back to the harbor then in response then and they smiled at that.

"Hey guys, let's do it." Jason said and realizing what he meant they smiled and nodded as he held his hand out and Tanya looked at them and they nodded and they clapped their's on top of his. "Power Rangers!" they shouted out together and their parents smiled. "Well that's the entire gang until we add cub to the gang now later." Kim said and they nodded as the quartet went into a line at that.

"Guys show our parents the entire story, between green to now." Kim said and the viewing globe turned on at that as they heard a song start as they watched their memories as their parents crossed their arms as they saw the couple together. "The last four remarks say it all, he risked his life to save me after Zedd got his hands on me at the time. Thing of it is I loved him from the second I saw him at the time." she said and their parents nodded gently at the news.

"That letter is a fake, but we're taking your advice right now." Tommy said and their parents all nodded in relief at the news. "Well a relationship this strong, it's going to be worth it as you get to see each other everyday now finally, but you need time to focus right now. But back to the beginning, after you introduced us to each of you after you came back for a second tenure." Caroline said to her gently and they nodded to her smiling.

"And frankly I couldn't ask for a better son in law, baby, I would be damn proud to has you as my son in law now." she added and he smiled as he gave her a hug and she tightened her arms around him then. "Love you too mom, issues in this resulted in a fast decision that after six months of this right now, we decided enough already right now and talked it over, before Mondo arrived." he said and she nodded as Kim finished that remark.

"The letter is a fake, but there are a few things that are getting added to the storyline, but from Billy and forward, it's all alternate reality, but there is a someday for it's going to take time. But we'll get there, but they never knew we still had our powers still as, despite everything I ever did for her, she ignored all that and then stabbed me in the back while Trini and Zack take his broken heart out on me." she said and then said it firmly as she went over it.

"Unless we ask for them to do a art imitating life scenario here, that when the it cuts to black and starts the credits, they see we're still together." Tommy said and she smiled at his idea then. "Yeah and every teenage girl and preteen girl loves a good romance, and you're a big one, so we give them what they want now, and tell Haim to do the same with Amy and Jason." Kat said and he nodded in agreement to her thoughts.

"You guys always supported us, and rallied behind us on this, but you know I need you more." she said and the sextet nodded in agreement. "Yeah we do, but though the alpha means alot, you mean even more, you became friends with us at the same time we became friends with them. But if you're the one to take a step back, why we turn on you, there is no excuse, we're taking sides in something that is none of our business."

"So mind our own business, if not our love life, then stay out of it." Rocky said and Kat nodded in agreement. "Yeah I agree with him at the moment here, if you were the one to break up with him, why'd we turn on you?" she asked and their parents nodded sternly. "Aside from that, I'm taken already, he belongs to you, and Billy imprinted on me, so I never had a chance, he belongs to you, and I get paired up with another boy ranger, so with that."

"Just why did you take sides, if she broke with Tommy, why did you severe all ties with her, it's none of us our business?" she asked and Tommy nodded sternly. "Yeah no kidding, if she broke up with me, why you severe all ties with her?" he asked as he crossed his arms. "There is no excuse for taking sides, and just why did you?" Andrea asked and Maria nodded in agreement to that as she answered her gently at that remark then.