Hello Everyone! So to all those who follow my stories, I'm sure you are wondering what's going on. Well for starters, I'm actually currently watching the Digimon 02 series all over again. That way, I can use the events from the show in conjunction with my story. As for the other story, I am still in the process of figuring out another world and a Rider I can use for said world which isn't an easy task since that means even more research. Combine that with quarantine and work, my free time is very limited. But then I recently received a beautiful artwork from a friend of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks in their SSJ forms no less. The artwork made me want to re-watch the show and enjoy what was once a big part of my childhood. I also remembered around this time, I also played the old Mortal Kombat games. So I booted up my X-Box One and played through X and 11 all over again. The end result was this story idea which I started about a week ago. This will be the main focus of my mind for a while so I hope you all enjoy this crossover.

A young man was in his home on his couch doing his daily meditation. He had black hair styled back and was wearing a black shirt with a blue vest over it. He soon heard a knock on his door and so he opened his eyes revealing them to be a warm onyx got up from his stance and opened the door and found an intimidating man in white with a blue vest. He wore a straw hat and his face was stern with his eyes a striking blue.

"Um, can I help you sir?" asked the man but he couldn't help but feel a strong presence emanating from this visitor.

"You are Adrian Park?" the man asked.

"Uh, yes? How do you know my name?" asked the now named Adrian, eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"I am Raiden, God of Thunder. I require your assistance in a tournament of utmost importance." Answered the also now named Raiden.

Adrian eyes widened as he was well-versed in mythology and could tell that this was the real deal. "My apologies, Lord Raiden. What tournament is this you speak of?"

"A tournament known as Mortal Kombat. This scroll will serve as your invitation. I've seen you fight, Adrian. You fight with skill and honor." said Raiden.

Adrian bowed and accepted the scroll. Raiden then left in a flash of lightning causing our hero to whistle in amazement. He opened the scroll and saw he would have to go to a boat in Hong Kong in a few days.

Few Days Later

As Adrian arrived in the harbor, he saw the boat in question. It looked rather worn down but he saw 3 people on it. One was a Chinese man wearing a white shirt and black vest and a red headband around his head. The next was a blonde woman wearing a green sport bra, and also a headband but hers was black. The third was a man he actually recognized as none other than Johnny Cage. He wore a blue jacket over his bare body and his trademark sunglasses. Adrian watched his movies and while his ego was something to be left desired, he respected his skills as he knew firsthand that the moves he pulled couldn't be faked. He went up and introduced himself.

"Hello. I'm Adrian Park. Nice to meet all of you."

The woman just gave him a nod of acknowledgement, something that Adrian knew meant she was preoccupied with something on her mind. But the Chinese man and Johnny came over to him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Adrian. I am Liu Kang, a Shaolin Monk." said the Chinese man.

"Great to meet you too. You probably know who I am." bragged Johnny.

Adrian smiled and soon the ship was off towards Shang Tsung's Island.

As the ship sailed, Adrian got to know more about Liu and Johnny. Something he and Liu both shared was that they both knew that Johnny was no fake and it was just simply the media being stupid. He got along well with both of them and he decided to try some familiarity with the woman. He approached her with a smile and said, "Hey, don't think we introduced ourselves very well back there."

The woman looked at him and sighed, "Yeah, sorry about that. I was pretty occupied with thinking about my partner."

"Partner?" Adrian asked.

"Yeah, his name's Jackson but I call him Jax. Also, the name's Sonya, Sonya Blade." the now named Sonya said. "You said your name's Adrian right."

Adrian nodded and asked, "So what's the story with you. Liu and Johnny already told me they were invited. Were you?"

Sonya shook her head, "Not exactly. Jax is actually imprisoned within the island so I'm actually on a mission to rescue him but Raiden then appeared and told me I would have to fight in the tournament. So I kinda got no choice."

Adrian again nodded in respect for Sonya's motives. "Well for me, I'm just your average Joe who practices a martial art known as the Turtle Style. I was meditating one day when Raiden invited me. I could tell the stakes were high so I accepted since my loyalty was protecting Earthrealm."

Sonya nodded as her respect for the young man grew. "Have you ever thought of joining the military?"

Adrian shook his head, "Nah. As much as I am about discipline, I doubt I would last long. I'm also a man who likes to live free with a good career and a good home. I don't think military would fit those. Hope you don't mind."

"No worries, from what I can already see, you seem like a good guy unlike Mr. Popular over there." as she said this her eyes lingered to Johnny.

"He can be a righteous braggart, but if you've seen his movies, you should know that he is a genuine fighter." defended Adrian.

"I have and I agree with your assessment, but I honestly wish he would act like one." said Sonya.

"But you know what they say. Deception can be one's greatest weapon." said Adrian who along with Liu could tell that Johnny was more than a cocky face.

"I'll believe it when I see it." said Sonya.

As they finished their conversation, the ship docked on the island. As the 4 got off, they saw plenty of warriors most of whom have been invited at various points in time. They also saw a elder man though his hair was still black greet them. Adrian already felt something off with this man and knew he was not to be trusted.

"Greetings warriors and welcome to my island. I am Shang Tsung and you are all here to compete for a chance to represent Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat. The Finalists shall fight the mightiest warriors from Outworld and should you prevail, your realm will be saved. If not then the consequences will be unfortunate. Until then, I bid you farewell." He then left the field and soon everyone headed towards the huge temple in the mountains as that was where they would be staying for the night.

After they had eaten, they headed towards their rooms and once was in his. Adrian sat down on his bed and began meditating as his energy began swirling around him. Soon the aura of a great ape surfaced and his hair also began standing up slightly.

"I should have guessed of your abilities, Adrian." a voice said. Adrian soon saw Raiden with a smile.

As his eyes opened, his eyes were also no longer a deep onyx but a sparkling green. But as he let go, his energy began dying down and his eyes turned back to its natural color.

"Lord Raiden, forgive me for withholding this information from you. It was a family secret and I prefer for it to stay that way." Adrian confessed.

Raiden raised his hand and said, "Nothing to be sorry for. A family secret is a very treasured oath one must keep. But to clear things, the Elder Gods were aware of your family's unique heritage of not being from Earth. Would you care to elaborate?"

Adrian nodded and said, "As you have said, my father was not of this world but from a planet far from the solar system known as Sadala. On that planet the people were known as Saiyans. We Saiyans were a peace-keeping force but with a passion for fighting and my father was also among the smartest as one of their lead scientist. He also had a desire to travel the world and so with the blessing of the council, he retired and ended up on Earth where he met my mother and I was the result. So I am essentially what you can call a hybrid."

Raiden nodded in understanding, "I see. Would you mind telling me what transfiguration I briefly saw."

"A unique technique exclusive to the Saiyan race only. My father told me of a legend among our people of a Saiyan who achieved a transformation known as the Super Saiyan. According to my father, when I was born, I was given a extremely high power beyond any Saiyan he met. Something he believes is due to my hybrid heritage. So he told his superiors who in turn told him of the legend and all of them encouraged me to unlock this power. So I've been working nearly my whole life doing so and as you can see, my progress is moderate at best. I can tap into bits of it for temporary power boosts but based on the stories, there is still a final step. However it was unfortunately not documented, so I hope that one day I can figure it out." explained Adrian.

Raiden was amazed at such a tale, it reminded him of the stories the Elder Gods used to tell of ordinary people achieving such great feats on their own power alone such as The Great Kung Lao himself and though he hates to admit it, Shang Tsung as well who was originally one of Earthrealm's finest before his lust for power led him to betray his own home. He liked to think that the two were like two sides of a coin in that they came from humble beginnings and chose different paths.

Adrian then yawned and said, "Well Lord Raiden, I've already finished for the night. Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Yes, Adrian. I will still be observing you all. I honestly cannot predict which one of you will triumph. Liu Kang has great promise being hand-picked by Bo' Rai Cho, Johnny Cage may have an ego but I can see that he too has a secret power similar to yours though it seems he is unaware of it, then there is Sonya whose military background will serve her greatly. It gives me hope that all 4 of you will do so and I pray that Earthrealm will be saved by Shao Kahn's evil. Anyhow, Goodnight Adrian." said Raiden as he disappeared to his own chambers. After the Thunder God's departure, Adrian closed his eyes and let the realm of sleep consume him.

So yeah, my story on Mortal Kombat will be very similar but yet very different from canon with the addition of a fourth combatant As for my OC, I'm going to be basing him off of Cabba a lot but with Gohan's unlimited potential because let's face it, Gohan was wasted big time after the Cell Saga. As for looks, I'm basing most of the characters physical appearance off their 1995 movie counterparts but with their outfits are from 11. As for others, looks wise and clothing are going to still stay the same. You'll also find that a lot of characters are going to be a whole lot different as I intend to change things up big time.