Hello everyone and welcome back to a new chapter of Dragon Ball Kombat. I was pretty surprised on how many of you gave my story a read and very thankful that so many of you also liked it and big thanks to those who went as far to follow it. I will try to update this story but I am also working on a Sword Art Online story so I will be balancing these 2 stories with my Digimon story and Kamen Rider story so my schedule will be unpredictable when it comes to updating and coming up with ideas. If you haven't read those stories, their short since I don't have time to update but you can find them on my profile and I assure you that they'll be great stories for some light reading as of this moment. But enough dilly-dallying. You all came here to read about Adrian so I hope you enjoy Chapter 2 as this is where things will diverge big time.

The next day, Adrian woke up bright and early knowing that today was the first of many matches. As he headed into the arena, he regrouped with the others and greeted them.

"Morning guys, sleep well?"

They all nodded and once they arrived, they were greeted will all sorts of warriors and Adrian could see while they were clearly not human, they were still of Earth's origin thus not making them aliens like him. Shang Tsung then arrived and sat on his throne.

"Warriors of Earthrealm, you have been gathered today to fight in Mortal Kombat. First we have Adrian Park vs. Baraka."

Adrian then walked up and saw a warrior with very sharp teeth and what appeared to be sharp bones slightly protruding from his forearms. Despite his rather savage look, Adrian could see he was a warrior at heart and thus bowed to him as a sign of respect.

Baraka was surprised that a human was showing him such respect. Not many showed his race such humility and despite what others may think, he was capable of responding in kind. So returned the bow with one of his own as he extended his bones revealing his deadly arm blades.

"Adrian vs Baraka. FIGHT!" yelled Shang Tsung.

Baraka charged first and attempted a slash but Adrian was able to quickly maneuver around it by silkily sliding him palm along the sharp appendage then palming the Tarkatan warrior in the face. Baraka was stunned a bit but quickly recovered and tried another slash this time using both his arms one aiming for his head and the other aiming for his legs but Adrian once again anticipated this and crouching down, he jumped able to just avoid the double slashes and placing his hand on the ground he then launched his left leg out dealing a devastating kick which launched Baraka into the wall unable to fight.

"Excellent. Now FINISH HIM!" said Shang Tsung

Adrian glared at the old man and said, "Never. I shall never murder an opponent of honor. You sicken me Shang Tsung."

He then walked up to the downed Baraka and offered his hand. The Tarkatan was now truly moved at the human's humility and gratefully accepted the hand. In his eyes, Adrian was now worthy of the Tarakatan's respect. He fought with dignity and his fighting talents were impressive.

"I thank you, Adrian for sparing me. You are clearly unique among many I have faced. For that I wish to bestow upon you the Tarkatan Oath. For you see as the leader of my race, I now name you as a comrade and no other Tarkatan will be allowed to harm you under any circumstance." Baraka said as he produced a small ring made of his own bones.

Adrian was deeply moved at such a gesture and everyone was shocked! To see that someone such as Baraka giving such a high honor to a human no less infuriated Shang Tsung now seeing the Tarkatan as a liability.

As the rounds went on, Adrian continued to watch and soon it was his turn again. He saw that his opponent was this time a rather attractive woman dressed in red. She had black hair with red highlights and red eyes. She regarded him with a seductive grin. She was introduced as Skarlet.

"So you're the one who tamed Baraka. Can't say I'm not surprised. Didn't expect the guy to even have a sense of honor." she said

"I saw in him a warrior's honor. He fights on his race's behalf. It is still a pleasure to meet a woman with such beauty." Adrian answered

"My, aren't you a charmer. If we weren't on opposite sides, I wish we could know each other more." she responded with a grin.

Adrian returned the grin with one of his own, "Funny, I am single and who am I to deny a woman's request? What do you say if we win, I take you on a date in Earthrealm?"

Skarlet's grin turned into a genuine smile, "Deal, I hope they say what you are."

The fight then began and Adrian quickly realized she was more than a pretty face. Her unique ability to manipulate blood made her a tricky opponent but soon Adrian got the upper hand when he decided to reveal one of his own tricks. Holding his right wrist, he channeled some of his ki into his hand and soon everyone was amazed when a sphere of pure energy appeared. He then pointed two fingers and launched it at her who was able to dodge but Adrian then smirked and quickly shifted his hand and soon the sphere suddenly stopped and flung back at Skarlet who was unable to dodge the sudden change. Taking charge, Adrian began moving his hands in many direction and the sphere was amazingly following it do a frighteningly degree causing significant damage to blood-manipulator. Finally Adrian ended it by causing the sphere to explode in light which blinded her and Adrian appeared behind her and chopped the back of her neck knocking her out. Adrian approached her and caught her bridal style before she could hit the ground. Skarlet opened her eyes and when she saw the position she was in, she couldn't help but blush.

Adrian set her down gently and asked, "Are you alright? I'm pretty sure you took a rough beating from my Spirit Ball Technique."

"Spirit Ball?" asked Skarlet.

"Yep it's one of many techniques that I use thanks to my incredible control over the substance known as ki. It's sort of a spiritual energy that lives in all of us but through constant meditation and training, I was able to channel it into a physical form and use it for a myriad of techniques. The Spirit Ball is one of many and if you're wondering how I was able to maneuver it with my hand, I use kinetic energy to manipulate the range so that as long as I am focused on the attack, it will go wherever I tell it to go."

"That's pretty impressive. But to answer your second question, I'll be fine. You see as a blood-manipulator, I can also use blood as sort of a healing technique so I always keep a few bottles away for such occasions. But to the main point, thanks for the good match and for what it's worth, I kinda hope that Earthrealm wins so that we can go on that date you promised." said Skarlet as she kissed our hero on the cheek.

Adrian blushed at the gesture and smiled, "Definitely, I would also love to get to know you more too, Skarlet." and with that the blood-warrior disappeared in a mist of red.

With Adrian's match over, he saw Sonya conversing with a man who wore a black vest with red linings and a metal plate with a red eye-visor covering the right part of his face. Despite his mercenary look, Adrian could sense no evil intent in his ki.

"Oh, Adrian. This here's Kano. He's one of my allies in the military as well as my inside mole for the Black Dragon." began Sonya.

"Nice to meet ya, mate. Saw what you did and gotta I'm damn impressed you managed to earn Baraka's respect. Always thought he was a savage but considering what his people went through, wouldn't blame him." said Kano in a thick Australian accent.

"Pleasure to meet you too. So what is the Black Dragon." asked Adrian.

"Kano, you want to fill him in?" said Sonya.

"Aye. The Black Dragon mate, are a mercenary group who are wanted by numerous countries for tons of criminal acts ranging from murder to trafficking. As a matter of fact, me dad's the current boss but call it a weird twist of fate but I was the first in my family who didn't condone such acts. Of course, I would have to join considering me heritage but I also managed to join the military under the pretense of being their mole for me old man. But I immediately ran into Sonya and essentially I report to her whenever me pappy is about to make a big move. So yeah, I can be considered what you call a triple agent." explained Kano.

Adrian was impressed and now respected the man for what he was doing. He then asked about Jax.

"Fortunately lad, I was able to pinpoint his location which is why I arranged a meeting with Sonya here. The Black Dragon are actually in Shang Tsung's pocket but of course they don't know where me loyalties lie. I may be a mercenary, but I sure as hell don't want me home to go bye-bye. Anyways the two of us are going to sneak out to rescue Jax. I personally think you are going to dominate so I wish you the best of luck lad." with that the two soldiers headed off to rescue their comrade. Adrian bid them farewell and sitting down, he started meditating to once again build his ki reserves back up.

So with Chapter 2, we got 3 huge changes that being Baraka, Skarlet and Kano. After seeing his character development in 11, I started liking his character and saw that underneath his savagery, he had a code of honor seeing as how he was willing to work with Kotal, someone he once regarded as an enemy. So you can all guess that for this chapter, I'll be partnering Adrian up with Skarlet because I liked her character. Due to this I changed her personality into a woman who can be seductive but honest at the same time. As for Kano, I thought it would be interesting to put him in a different light. So he'll be playing a big role as one of Earthrealm's defenders. You could say he's a lot like Kabal from 9 in that he decided the didn't want to fight for the winning side but rather the right side. For the attack Adrian used on Baraka, it was from the Broly: 2nd Coming specifically the first part of said character's Bloody Smash. So there will be even more changes coming so be on the lookout for Chapter 3. Story-wise, I will incorporate a lot of 10 and 11 context but it will greatly diverge from said timelines, especially because of Adrian's presence alone. Also never hesitate to ask my questions in the reviews and I'll be more than delighted to answer as much as I can though I will say that my answers won't be perfect.