Chapter 1 - Rage Ray

Spiderman done a cool flip and was running to get to the bomb that was on a roof

"I must get this bomb away or many will die!" Spiderman thought

After acrobatic maneuvers he landed where it was and went to pick it up to throw it away to stop the people from dying.

"This bomb wont move, i will need to rip the roof of the building up and throw that away." Spiderman said

Green goblin came around from a peace of cover on the roof.

"So youre behind this goblin? You know you will be going away for a long time" Spiderman said with passion

Green goblin laughed at him now which made spiderman annoyed that he would think of this as funny, it is serious and sad.

"That bomb is a fake, that was just a trick! Behold the rage gun! This will make you super mad and then you will hit people and get in trouble. I made this with the money i have from oscorp!" Green goblin shouted

"I will dodge it with eace" spider man said but the ray of angry hit him everywhere because it was big. Very wide.

"AAH!" spider man said while on the floor of the roof on his knees holding his head.

"You will pay and never win!" Spiderman Raged

"I already have win, look at yuor anger, the ray worked. So long Bug!" Green Goblin said mockingly

"It will not corrupt me, I can be calm.i am better than this." SpiderMan said trying to relax.

Green Goblin was now flying away and laughing because he done a funny thing to his enemy.

SpiderMan was now going to do something else sins the bomb wasnt even a real bomb.

He walked into his house which is actually Ant Mays house which is actually uncil Bens house but he is dead.

Mary Jane lived here and spiderman liked this because she has boobs and a good face.

ant May also lives here but she is old so not as good but Spiderman lets her stay in her house because she raised him which was nice and kind.

"Hello, i am home now." SpiderMan said with undertoes of aggreshon.

"How was your day pet-""ITS SPIDER MAN!" He RAGELY SHOUTED.


ant may walked back and was blinking and stuttering because this was not normal.

"I am sorry. The green goblin used a ray that made me super angry." He then sort of hugged her but carefully so her gross wrinkly teats would not touch him.

"You should try to be calm and stop pretending you are spiderman." She said this because he was dressed as spider man but not good so no one would ever really think it was him for real which is very smart.

ant May just thought he was losing his mind after uncle ben had become deceased.

"Spider man, you need help. I miss ben too but i am not screaming and running away and thinking i am the hulk or another real super hereo." ant May said this with a bit of fear sadness and passion.

Spidermans whole body was shaking and his eyes were watering boiling acid lava but he sucked them back into his eyes to not get too mad.

"I am going to my room. Where is Mary Jane?" Spider man said fake happy.

They are in the kitchen and ant may was polishing the dishes and other cleaning.

"She said she will come back when you are better." ant May said

Spider Man went num and was doing a thousand yard stair.

What ant may will now say will not be herd by spider man because he is hearing pulled out a chair and had his hands on his head in an 7parts angry and 3 parts sad way.

"Frankly i think she made the write choice, she is worried about you. I am too. You need help, you are not spider man you are peter." ant may said but wasnt even listened to.

"She.." He then stood up really fast and ran to his room and jumped into his bed and cried and screamed until he passed out into sleep. He was dreaming about how nice Mary Jane was with her boobs and everything. He thought in his dream "I must get her back!".

He woke up from his dream and went and cleaned his teath and washed his suit because his anger obscured his reason last nite. He walked normally to his kitchen and sat down again.

"What is for breakfast?" He said like a non angry dangerous schizofren like ant may thinks he is.

"You can make it yourself." Ant May told him

"What" spiderman almost whispered but said it quick and you could tell he was mad.

"Oh no i wasnt threatening you but it will be good for you to do something." She said releasing how bad of a mistake she had taken.

But he was already gone.

He was just running through the street trying to calm himself down.

The only reason he stopped is because he saw people in a aly doing drugs.

"That is illegal!" He really shouted at them which scared them.

They never even used the nee dells because they were scared. He lunged at one of them and they stabbed him so spider man throwed him at a wall and punched all of them at least once(There was four of them)

"This has really calmed me down." Spider man chirped and walked away whistling.

He walked to the park and sat on the slide so no kids could use it. He didnt mean to do this but even the parents were afraid to ask him to move because they do not know he is the real spiderman.

"Hello, MJ."Spider man

"Hi peter- oh, im sorry,"She said with precipitation of tears of fear

"It is fine. Im much better now, we can see each other again. I will forgive you leaving me in my darkest time because of your body." SpiderMan said with calmness.

"That is really good to hear. I can meat you at the outdoor drink restaurant" SHe said happy.

"Great i will see you there. At 9:am" Spider man said and she nodded and then it was over. He knew this because they were in love.

SpiderMan was feeling cool now. He slided down the slide and into the grass and then ran away which made everyone look and make sure their kids are okay because they thought he could have snatched one of them and they cannot be blamed for this thinking.

SpiderMan looked at his SpiderWatch and it said "8:20 "

"Well i have plenty of time" SPiderman said

He went to the jim and was lifting waits so Mary Jane would be impressed and her vagina would get hard.

SpiderMan was lifting the biggest waits that no one else (Except from the hulk)

Could lift and the only reason they were even in the jim was because they were built there and hadnt been moved since.

He went into the showers now and got nice and clean and was shining ready for 9.

"I am so glad that i have gotten a hold of my anger. I guess that is the end of the green goblins trick." Spiderman said with releaf as he walked out of the jim and to the outdoor drink restaurant.

He used spider muscles in his legs to speed walk there and take a seat in a chair.

He looked at his watch and it read 8:59:90

"She has just 10 seconds to get hear or i will be ashamed!" Spiderman said while bouncing his knee and with his arms folded.

She arrived, but it didnt matter. The time was 9:00:14

"Wow you are on time for once!." Mary Jane said excitedly

His anger went nowhere because her breasts were hidden under her jacket

"I am on time and you are late!" SpiderMan shouted

"No im not, its 9 right now. I meant to get here earlier but there was a villain doing crime so i had to go the long way." She said

"Its WAAYYY past 9, its 901 now!" He yelled

"I will not be treated like this! I thought you had sorted yourself out but you clearly havent" and she walked away

"DAMN!" SpiderMan screamed and slammed his fists on the table which cracked it(he is really strong)

"I was supposed to be calm now but i am angry and also horny because i was expecting to hug and feel her boobs and kiss her" SPider man said

"Maybe beating up more drug users will be the cure" He said, and got up to try and win MJ over again so he may touch her.