Chapter 4 - Asylum of Mad

SpiderMan swing throught the world with so much anger in him because the Needle Of Calm has stopped its power.

"I AM SO MAD WHERE IS THAT GREEN HOMERECKER!" SPiderman screamed while he walked up the wall outside to get into green goblins door that is in his building so tall its above the clouds and a bit of it reaches space.

He opened the door of the office and even from the outside you could tell it was evil.

"Goblin i lended my girlfriends body to you so give me the Needles!"

Goblin spined around on his chair and before that he was bouncing a pumpkin bomb off the walls, even though his big boobed blonde blueeyed assistant told him not to because it marks the walls.

"Well you see, I will not give it to you because i am an awsome villain."

Spiderman body started trembling.

"You should have been smarter goblin to realise you have made a terrible mistake. This will be your death!"

Goblin Jumped up onto his Desk and clicked his fingers.

Then Venom in a suit and Hobgoblin not in a suit and kingpin in a suit and carnige not in a suit and scorpion(Not in a suit) all jumped in and stood with goblin.

"He is the coolest villain for getting a woman of boob consensual before us all so we work for him!" Hobgoblin said.

Spiderman new his chance wasnt.

He kicked goblins plant pot out of the window then ran out in anger tears.

"DAMN DAMN DAMNIT HE GOT ME!" Spiderman screeched.

He went to one of his places he likes to be, the Jim. Usually he goes because it takes work to be a superhero and also to make mary jane love him more.

He was in the jim now and was lifting weights with webs to strengthen his spiderpowers as well as his muscles.

Hulk walked into the jim and saw spiderman lifting his weights.

"They are for me" Hulk told him

"I dont care i am too strong for the other ones!" Spiderman said while struggling with the weits a bit but a good amount of struggle.

"Why are you so mad" Hulk asked him

Spiderman stopped.

"Why arent you, you are the hulk!?"

Hulk pulled out a bigger chair and started getting ready to tell him why.

"Because i had a hot gf called betty, she had boobs that were big even to a hulk.

But one time, after i was really mad and i was playing with her boobs

to calm me down, i just was so mad i popped them. Her boobs would be flat forever more. I couldnt deal with this so i left her and now i am alone.

I have vowed to never destroy a pair of great boobs again,

so i control my rage now.

I do it by coming here and drinking cold water and swimming in cold water and showering with cold water and boiling by meals in cold water and storing my cold water bottles in cold water and when im outside i go to the water drink resturant to get cold water instead of hot water or tea or medium warm whistkey. I only use my rage to beat up villains. The angrier you get the more retarded you become."

Hulk told him like a wise elder with a tale.

Spiderman got out a regular sized chair and sat down on it.

"Wow. that is an incredible story. I will use my rage to get back at green goblin, He sexed my girlfriend and made her boobs bigger so even if i do her i will be holding a pouch of his goblin simon. I will go and destroy him! THAnk you hulk!" Spiderman said, running fast away and the jumping on a car hood then up and swinging to Goblins company.

He was on the roof of the pirate building across the street and was walking the very long plank miles above the road and was bonusing on it because it was strong and bendy like a diving board so incase the company needs a fat guy to walk the plank he will not break it.

Boing boing boing, hop thwip swing spiderman and the board went when spiderman jumped and fell a bit then started swinging fast and smashed right into the window.

"!" Goblin done.

Spiderman threw a chair at him and the chair leg bounced of and punctured the big boobed assistants boob.

Goblin sadly slowly buried his hands in his face and said

"No… i have to fire her now.. She was going to suck my penis and balls for a promotion." Goblin said softly and slowly, and fell to the floor not quick.

"Ship… what have i done. Nothing its your fault for LYING and ZAPPING me with that RAGE Gun!" Spiderman screamed,

Running at goblin then epicly uppercutted him into the seeling, and he then fell and spiderman grabbed his legs before he hit the ground and spun him and threw him into a wall because a wall is sturdy and stops him dead in his tracks.

"Oww. villains, get him" Goblin said and was bleeding.

Rino,Hobgoblin,venom in a suit and scorpion all were going to kill him.

Punch punch doj doj kick jump thwip swup slam crack bang slice jump grab.

Rino grabbed him and carnage punched then scorpion stinged him and venom hit him.

"Ooowww,oww" SPiderman said and they dropped him and kicked him over there.

Goblin got up hardly and thew a pumpkin bomb at spiderman.

It was ticking and he was about to be blown up, but, then he tossed it over there and it knocked over rino and dirtied venoms suit which made him sad.

This made the police come here and they were on the way anyway and iron policeofficer(shortened to iron policer) was here so they were scary.

All of the villains jumped out and were waaay over there somewhere, and goblin was sitting on the floor super weak from the bomb and the punches. Spiderman was about to crawl down the wall (He IS spiderman after all) outside before the police all got up that ladder, but he looked at goblin and thought about what he he went over and saw him trying to fly but he pulled him off of the glider and just held him down angrily.

"Youll doom us both you idiot! IronPolicer is right there!" Goblin struggled

"Id rather die and have you die than live and have you live!" Spiderman seethed.

"My evil company and villain cash will be lost! NO!" Goblin cried.

Iron Policer handcuffed them both and flew them to the interrogation room(different rooms, SHIELD is big you know!).

Goblin was in another one but rich so he cant be in prison.

Iron policer and another guy walked in.

"Tell us."

"Tell you what?" Spiderman said super mad but quiet

"Who are you?"

"I am spiderman!"

"He is crazy put him in the Asylum Of Mad"

They then done this and put him into the asylum of mad.

"Damn this all i hate it" Spiderman said while being escorted wearing a white jumpsuit but still everything else the same.

"You best behave with your celmate."

"!...?" Spiderman said

He then put him into the prison room.

It was a big room, and all white like christmas and had a small pool like a hot tub size but not warm. You could not use this however because the whole place is safe, it is behind a soft bouncy glass wall. There was a soft bookshelf with soft books also.

Spiderman looked up at the top bunk where the other guy had already set up his body.

"Great i am bottom bunk, how annoying," Spiderman whispered "Maybe they will give me calm needles to treat me."

Spiderman sat on the floor and just sat there.

"Why are you here?" Spiderman asked

"You know exacly why!" The guy screamed

*Suspense music.*


"Goblin!" Spiderman cried "Oh no my villain is my cellmate!"

Goblin jumped off.

"Not for long because im going to get out of here and kill Mary Jane and that gross rotting ununaliver and whoever your friends are!"

"Not if i kill you here!" Spiderman went running to punch goblin but it did nothing.

"This is a silly hospital for mad looneys, of course we cant hit eachither duhh. Well anyway im going to make a call next time and get my goblin lawyer to get me out with my money then go and kil- no, ill make MJ my gf and have her body all the time and make her my new big boobed assistant hahaah! And i will kill ant may of course, if i am going to have a harem ill put black cat and silver sable and black widow and spiderwoman and the HotGoblin and hot ppl not gross bitches!" Goblin said.

"Goblin that will never happen, i will get out of here before you, this isnt like prison where you pay to leave. You actually belong here, i dont." Spiderman said with a lot of calm which wasnt easy for him but dammit he tries.

"We will see then!"

And so the race was on.