Hey, Everyone I'm here with some custom Gundam Ideas I have. For anyone wants to use them for their own Fanfics, you can. All I ask is credit for the Gundams. The weapons that don't have fixed next to them are optional. MS stands for Moblie Suit and CQC stands for Close Quarters Combat.

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex Fortis (Fortis means Brave in Latin.)

Custom High Mobility CQC MS


120mm Long Range Rifle

Tail Blade (Fixed)

10x Rex Nails (Fixed)

2x 200mm Gun (Fixed)

2x Heel Bunker (Fixed)

Ultra Large Mace – 2x Pile Bunker

GR-W01 120mm Rifle – Short Rifle

2x GR-HOL 9.8mm Battle Axe

Anti-Ship Lance Mace

2x Twin Mace

2x New Long Sword (Fixed)

Large Railgun

Mace – Needle

Smoothbore Gun

Large Special Mace

Gungnir – 2x 120mm Cannon

2x Arm Rocket Launcher (Fixed)

4x Combat Knife (Fixed)

Destroyer Lance – 2x 140mm Machine Gun

Kimaris Shield – Kimaris Saber

2x Handgun (Fixed)

2x Drill Knee (Fixed)

150mm Shotgun

2x 4 Barrel Machine Cannon (Fixed) (Liked Wing Zero)

2x GR-E502 Wire Claw (Fixed)

Special Equipment and Features

2x Sub Arms

Alaya-Vijnana System

Docking Port (HARO)

Glider (For MS)

Sight Mode

Power source: 2x Ahab Rector

Armor Material: Nanolaminate Armor

Details about the suit: The V-Fin is the same with the addition of a Crown. The shoulders pads are from the Lupus but a bit more armor on them. On both sides of the Gundam are storage holders that hold the Swords and Handguns. The Knifes are in the Gundam's legs (like the Strike with 2 knifes per legs and they are in both sides of the legs).