I'm back with another custom Gundam Idea. I just remember a while back I got a review on my KR concept ideas asking if I have any ideas for Zero-One. I don't have any for now mainly because the series haven't ended yet so if I created any now then I might accidentally create one that is already in the works. Anyways I have a sort of idea for Gundam Build Fighters where Tatsuya Yuuki aka Meijin Kawaguchi has a son who uses the "Amazing" series as well and he has heterochromia where he has a red right eye and a green left eye (like Ragna from Blazblue) and he uses his heterochromia for his Gunplas' eyes. As for his mom it can be an OC or maybe Lady Kawaguchi or he can be adopted It doesn't really matter. I might do this idea or someone else can do it if anyone is interested you can message me, and you can have it and all I ask is credit for the idea and the Gunplas I created.

XXXG-00WA Wing Gundam Zero Amazing

Custom GN Drive Transformable General-Purpose MS


Twin GN Buster Rifle

2x GN Machine Cannon

4x GN Large Beam Saber/2x GN Beam Tonfa

4x GN Vulcan Guns

4x "Armor Schneider" Combat Knife

Wing Shield/4x GN Wing Vulcan

2x GN Beam Pistol II

2x GN Beam Mantle/2x Shoulder GN Beam Cannon

Special Equipment and Features

ZERO System

Search Eye

Learning Computer

Self-Destruct System

Neo-Bird Mode

GN Field

Trans-Am System

Optical Camouflage

Multi Lock-On

GN Feathers

Power Source: GN Drive

Armor Material: Gundanium Alloy

Details about the Suit: It's Beam Sabers can work underwater. It can enter and exit Earth's atmosphere by itself. It has the wings of the Wing Xero Custom. The right eye is red while the left eye is green. The body paint is this, the white is changed to red (wings excluded), blue changed to black, and the red that was on before is changed to white. The GN Pistols are stored in a holder (Like the Zaku Amazing has it Handguns stored).