based on head of the family from Ben 10 reboot season 3

ben Gwen and max was at a family reunion

it's Kevin Ben said and was about to use

his ommitrix

Ben Gwen said maybe you and Kevin should go some where else

okay Kevin said to ben. I will show you who's the best loser

your the loser Ben said

and both going to settle this some where else Gwen said

Kevin blushed the left

Ben ran after Kevin

hi Gwen I got some thing for you Kevin said holding flowers

thanks I guess Gwen said

I love you Gwen Kevin said and got ready for a kiss

wait slow down on this Gwen said walking back

ha ha psych a female voice said as Kevin turned into purple mud then into a girl with a black shirt a pink skirt and three pony tails

hi I'm Lucy Tennyson Lucy greeted

Gwen was having a hard time processing this

Lucy a female called out it was a woman with red hair called Camille

Lucy you can't shapeshift in public Camille said

sorry Camille Lucy said

grandpa Gwen called and ran

pumpkin I'm here what's wrong max asked then saw Camille and Lucy

hi Camille max said haven't seen you in a while

then there was a loud noise

Ben max and Gwen said and ran

wait for me Lucy said and ran with them

Ben and Kevin was switching heads with the big brothers

switching heads awesome Lucy said and shot mud at everyone then giggled

at the end everyone got their bodies back at team Tennyson had to get max his body back

you guys have to come to camille's wedding Lucy said

okay Ben said as they drove away