Droh man this is going to be awesome Ben said then his ommitrix was yellow.

what's wrong Ben max asked concerned

new alien Ben said

Ben Gwen Lucy said and hugged them

Lucy had long hair now people.

it's so good to see you guys Lucy said.

yeah Ben agreed and showed his ommitrix.

cool Lucy said you got a new ommitrix Lucy asked.

nope I found a key Ben said so I can upgrade it and now all my aliens have armor.

Hey kids the tuxedos are here max said.

yes Ben cheered.

two shadows just looked at them from the bushes.

Ben your the ring bearer Joel said .

sweet Ben said.

that means you have to dance with the flower girl max said .

oh no Ben said.

Lucy got close to Ben that's me Lucy whispered.

y-ou Ben stammered.

what's wrong Ben I don't bite Lucy said seductively.

Camille pushed Lucy away sorry about that Lucy can't control herself around humans sometimes.

it's okay Ben said.

at dinner.

so Lucy what was your home planet like Gwen asked.

boring Lucy said all we do is fight for no reason and unlike earth there is nothing to see .

what about your parents Ben asked.

Lucy looked down sad like a girl who was a orphan .

they Lucy was about to continue but couldn't.

are you okay Gwen asked while Ben ate nachos

Lucy started crying on gwen's shoulder.

Ben max said not happy.

what all I asked was about her parents Ben said

listen let's not talk about them Camille said.

Hey Lucy wanna see the whole area Ben asked.

sure Lucy sniffed .

Ben went xlr8 and Lucy climbed on his back.

xlr8 dashed off.

is that Joel asked.

yep the ommitrix max said.

Lucy never had a good childhood did she Gwen asked.

not even close Camille said.

this is awesome Lucy said before Ben slipped on mud.

ow Ben said before turning back.

the ommitrix a purple sludgepuppy said.

um maybe in about 10 years Ben said and ran.

Lucy jumped up and dashed after Ben.

the sludgepuppy stretched his hands and grabbed Ben and Lucy.

unfortunately no is here to save you this time the sludge puppy said.

I don't need saving Lucy smirked.

Lucy turned her hand into a hammer and whacked the sludge puppy.

nice one Ben said and went cannonbolt and rolled into the sludge puppy.

awesome Ben said.

the swamp monster regenerated.

not awesome Ben said and grabbed Lucy and rolled away.

weee lucy screamed!


has anyone seen Ben max asked.

Ben and Lucy crashed in the dinner hall before a red flash came.

awesome. Lucy said.

where were you two Joel asked.

it was amazing Ben was running with me then a random lenopan tried to attack us.

then Ben went cannonbolt and rolled into the leopan a bunch of times then we came here Lucy said and smiled.

my ex Camille said he must have found out .

and this gets interesting Ben said and was

ready .

no Ben Gwen said with a hand on her hips

we have to wait until tomorrow.

why Ben asked.

I'm with Ben why max asked.

because if we attack now the person will claim self defense Gwen said.

then we can have a wedding brawl Lucy said with a big grin.

oh Gwendolyn charmcaster said coming out of a portal I'm wait is this a wedding.

I'm so sorry enjoy the wedding charmcaster said and left.

okay Ben shrugged not caring.

Lucy go to bed Camille said.

but I'm excited Lucy said bouncing on a bed.

LUCY! Camille shouted.

Lucy stopped hopping.

if you bounce one more time so help me I won't allow you to eat cake Camille said with a strict face .

sorry Lucy said and climbed into bed.

30 minutes later.

Lucy climbed out of bed and tip toed into the rv and saw everyone sleeping.

Lucy then snuck into the fridge and saw a hog dog stash that said do not touch mainly you Ben.

Lucy ate half of the hot dog and was about to leave until she accidentally stepped on Ben's phone.

here's zingo the screen said .who's there max said

Lucy ran out of the rv before any one could see her.

Ben and gwen woke up and saw max holding Ben's phone.

what happened Gwen asked as max was looking at a camera.

the thief came and ate my hot dog max said.

he left bread crumbs Ben said and jumped out the window.

Gwen and max followed Ben.

so where is he Gwen asked.

he's planning to attack Camille max said before Ben tapped his watch.

green background.

Ben's arm's became red then he grew two extra arm's that got large

Ben was now four arm's

Ben no Gwen said but Ben went in the room and saw that no one was there

I know your in here four arm's said

Lucy was faking her sleep

I smell hot dogs four arm's said before he timed out then Gwen dragged Ben

Lucy was the intruder Ben said I smelt her breath

why max asked

I'm not sure but we'll ask her when she wakes up Gwen said

the next. day

and no I am not writing stupid wedding lines

Ben was looking around

you may now kiss the man said before he was hit by mud

this wedding is cancelled camille's parents said

Lucy turned a hand into a mallet and hit camille's mom

it's hero time Ben said and slammed his fist on the watch

Ben grew orange claws and arm's.

Ben's legs turned orange

then Ben grew muscles and he had black blades

here comes rath Ben said and tried to tackle camille's mom but got slapped by mud.

then camille's ex came in.

max shot him with a laser but he regenerated.

Camille turned into a humanoid leopan and went after her mom.

why do you care for a simple disgusting human camille's mom asked.

because I love him Camille said and shot her mom with mud.

Ben timed out then the ommitrix glowed .

Ben Lucy called out I put some of my DNA in the ommitrix when I blasted you and Kevin with mud .

Ben no Gwen said.

Ben yes Ben said and slammed his fist on the ommitrix.

Ben grew purple slushy mud arm's. then he grew sludge legs. then Ben's face had no shape.

then Ben turned the ommitrix 90 degrees and got Amor on his body and now had a armour on his body.

it looked like Ben but with purple and armour.

woah Ben said.

I'll call it Lucy jr Ben said and shot mud out of a cannon to camilles dad.

nice Lucy said and used a mud hammer and whacked camille's dad.

that's it Gwen. said and used a spell.

frozo objecta Gwen said and froze her eniemes.

leopans are weak against ice or fire Joel's dad said Good thinking.

thanks uncle max Joel said.

no problem max said.

the. wedding went off brilliant.

Ben tried to dance with Lucy but stepped on her shoe so she turned her feet into mud and made Ben slip.

it was nice seeing you all max said and shook Joel's hand.

Lucy hugged Camille I'm really going to miss you Lucy said said.

about that Camille said .

my parents were taken into custody.

Wait Ben and gwen said in union.

grandpa your a cop Ben asked.

we'll talk about that later max said.

Gwen hugged Lucy well it was nice seeing you Lucy.

I wanna tell you what happened Lucy said.

are you sure Ben said?

you guys saved my cousin's wedding it's the least I can do Lucy said.

when I was young my parents loved me very much until I wanted to be friends with humans.

then my parents abandoned me.

luckily Camille found me a week later out in the cold.

Kevin Ben said.

Ben Gwen said madly.

sorry the situation was similar Ben defended.

I don't wanna leave Lucy said with tears running on her face.

Lucy I'm not taking you to your planet Camille said.

your gonna Lucy said not finishing her sentence.

Joel and Camille nodded.

but Joel said it will take time to move.

so max you don't mind one more child in the rust bucket

no problem max said.

This will be even more awesome Ben said.

now that Gwen. has magic Lucy has mud powers and my aliens are ommi kixed

we're unstoppable .

Lucy walked up to Ben and gwen.

thanks guys Lucy smiled .

not a problem Gwen said.

the rv drove off into the night while a certain knight looked on.