This is a Scorpion story with mythology borrowed from Vampire Diaries (and maybe a little cameo later).

This story started with a very small, but hyperactive plot bunny. Once I started writing, the concept seemed to oddly fit. You may agree or not, but I hope you find it enjoyable either way. This first chapter is mostly a reiteration of the beginning of the season one episode "Postcards from the Edge". After this the plot will take a bit of a turn...

My advice is to read a couple chapters to decide if you'll like it or not.

I will be updating this story regularly. It is very far along, so it will be a completed work.


Part I: I,Genius

Chapter 1

Not Good

Not good.

Happy's words described the scene before Cabe appropriately, but were a severe understatement for the situation they all now faced.

Cabe Gallo, former Homeland Security liaison to the ragtag but extraordinary team of geniuses known as Scorpion, stood overlooking a beautiful landscape on an equally beautiful morning. A slight breeze caused his suit and tie to rustle slightly in the wind. He held his sunglasses in his hand, having taken them off to get a better look at the reason was called here.

A mangled highway guard rail stood on either side of him, and a bright spot of red shone on the side of the otherwise drab mountainside, about thirty feet down.

That red spot was the remains of the red Ferrari that precariously held Walter O'Brien; genius with a one-ninety-seven IQ, leader of Scorpion, and man he cared for like a son.

The mangled vehicle and the precarious balance of physics was all that kept Walter from crashing hundreds of feet to his death.

Cabe was not the only one occupying the small stretch of highway above the wreck. The three other genius members of Scorpion were here, along with multiple EMS, fire department, and police rescue crews. They all were focused on figuring out a way to get Walter off the side of that cliff alive.

Walter and Cabe's last conversation had not been on the best of terms. Walter essentially said he never wanted to see him again after Cabe's revelation to him. He had finally revealed the secret he had been keeping from Walter for over fifteen years.

Cabe had been the one to discover and recruit Walter when he was just a boy. Years later, Cabe enlisted him to create software to be used to target aid drops for refugees when he was just sixteen years old. Instead of it being used for what it was designed for, the military repurposed it without Walter's knowledge to target bomb strikes.

When the attack occurred, instead of eliminating the intended high value enemy combatants, two thousand civilians in Baghdad had been killed in their stead. It hadn't been the kid's fault. He had designed the software to favor speed over accuracy.

Cabe had told Walter sixteen years ago he hadn't known the military had different plans for his work, which had been the absolute truth. Walter had been angry enough back then, but Cabe had not told him the whole story.

What Cabe hadn't told Walter, until just yesterday, was he had been informed about the altered plans three days before the attack on Baghdad occurred. At the time, the targets were high priority and there was no way to change anything without jeopardizing an important operation and risking charges of treason.

Looking back, there was really no other choice he could have considered, but that didn't make it right. Cabe still felt the guilt of that day, both for the civilians that died, and the betrayal Walter felt. Cabe had revealed the final information to Walter yesterday. The subsequent fight and events lead him to resign from his position at Homeland Security this morning.

The problem they faced today, though, seemed to make those issues seem small in comparison.

After Sylvester, Toby, and Happy discovered Walter in his current predicament, they called him. Cabe came immediately without question. Even without his badge, his air of authority remained from years of practice. With a flash of his scuba certification card and some very direct words of authority, he paved the way for Scorpion to start doing what they did best. No matter how Walter felt about him after their falling out, there was no way he wouldn't be here.

His arrival had enabled the team to start working to their full effect, but he now felt completely helpless. As he stood overlooking the cliff, he couldn't help but wonder how even the Scorpion team was going to pull this one off with Walter still alive.

With the help of their bird-shaped robotic drone, Birdroni, some duct tape, and a video phone, Walter's injuries had been evaluated as best they could. He couldn't move his right arm well, likely due to several broken bones, and there was still a piece of metal lodged in his left side, impaling him from behind through his seat, literally pinning him in place.

Cabe couldn't help but be impressed with the kid's resilience so far. He had seen some soldiers pass out from less. Walter was one tough SOB.

Cabe knew just being tough wasn't going to save him, however. He watched the rest of Scorpion go though their usual back and forth banter and brainstorming, trying to come up with impossible solutions to impossible problems with their combined talents.

Toby: genius doctor and behaviorist with a splattering of narcissism, gambling addiction, and an almost unhealthy attachment to his hat, but loyal to a fault.

Happy: tomboy engineering prodigy with some anger management issues yet fiercely protective of her friends.

Sylvester: human calculator with severe OCD, anxiety, and more phobias than he'd ever seen, but the purest heart he'd ever met.

Because of their incredible minds, and despite their extreme quirks, he had seen them create solutions in hopeless, impossible situations many times before, and he prayed they did again.

He couldn't help feeling something was different this time, and not just because it was Walter they were working to save. He felt something in part of him that the geniuses didn't rely on regularly; his gut.

Something felt very wrong in every aspect of his being, twisting knots inside him. He couldn't help but feel that despite Scorpion's incredible genius, they weren't going to reach Walter in time. That's why this time was different.

Nevertheless, the rescue efforts continued, and he hoped his nagging feeling was unfounded.

Walter also seemed to sense that his chances were not improving.

"Cabe, uh, when I was sixteen years old-" Walter started, his voice coming through the tablet in front of them.

"What I did at Baghdad was wrong," Cabe interrupted abruptly. "You had every right to be mad at me."

"No, I was hurt and, uh…I overreacted. I was emotional, and ineffective, and if I had been logical then I would have realized the man who had known me when I was younger would never have hurt me on purpose."

Walter then explained how he had hacked the sprinkler system at his daughter's grave all those years ago to ensure it was healthy and green. Why would he have done that when he was so mad at me then? Cabe thought to himself.

Walter didn't answer when asked, but got to his point. "The point is I don't want there to be any more secrets between us."

Cabe made a silent oath there would not be.

Their next problem occurred when the car's oil tank caught fire. The team proceeded to successfully stop it from bursting into flames by draining it using a fire hose, duct tape, and a dart fashioned from syringes, continuing to buy Walter more time for rescue. It felt like a never ending race of obstacles and hazards, and Cabe felt even though they had so far met each one successfully, they were slowly losing ground.

The car shifted as Walter tried to lean back and counteract the weight of the drained oil, and the piece of metal impaling Walter's side was violently dislodged. Walter let out a sharp cry and Toby immediately jumped up to try and figure out how to meet this new threat to Walter's life.

Birdroni was maneuvered to better assess the wound. Dear God, that was a lot of blood, Cabe thought.

Cabe had his hand in his pocket, absentmindedly twirling a small metal object within it through his fingers.

Thinking quickly, Toby guided Walter how to cauterize his own wound internally with a found silver pen heated to scalding with the cigarette lighter. Genius and insane.

Again, Cabe marveled at how tough the kid was. He was equally impressed with the continued ingenuity of Scorpion. He just hoped it would be enough.

He saw Toby let out a big sigh as he lowered the tablet after successfully talking Walter through the procedure. As Walter had held the burning hot pen in his wound he had reminisced with Toby about one of the best weekends of his life with him. It seemed Walter was still thinking his time would be shortly up.

Cabe came up behind Toby as he told Walter how the bleeding had stopped substantially, but Cabe saw the expression on Toby's face. It was one of momentary relief, but disappointment. The bleeding hadn't stopped as much as he had hoped. The clock was ticking slower, but still ticking far faster than they would be able to keep up with.

They had bought Walter some time, but not much. Sylvester had no doubt redone calculations in his head, and Toby had assessed and reassessed the medical reality. Cabe's gut agreed. Walter was still going to bleed to death before they could reach him.

Nevertheless, they kept working, trying to come up with a plan to reach Walter in time.

Cabe became more mindful of the small, metal, cylindrical item he had been spinning slowly between his fingers in his pocket. He pulled it out and studied it, although he was very familiar with what it looked liked. He had kept this object with him for over twenty years. It was given to him to use as a last resort in the case of emergency. He unscrewed the metal cylinder, about two inches in length, and removed the object it contained.

The object was a small glass vial of a deep red liquid, and it had been a gift long ago from a fellow soldier, a man who was not entirely a man, in return for saving his life. The liquid inside, if consumed, would heal all wounds, and possibly buy Walter enough time to be rescued.

In the ultra-rational world of math and science the Scorpion team belonged to, Cabe fully realized the object's existence was starkly out of place, for the vial contained the blood of a vampire.

Now for those of you that think this concept is completely bonkers and out of place, I urge you to give it a shot. Even I thought so when the plot bunny emerged, but the story developed into something much deeper, and it touches many of the themes that already exist in the series. I may be a bit biased as the writer, but I think you'll be surprised.