AN: Just another story related to Crusader76's story. Hopefully, this might get me back to writing more. Granted, I had this written before so I'd like to see what you think. I hope this keeps everyone occupied until the next chapter of Grimm fate. Have a great day and God bless.

Ruby Rose was in the cafeteria enjoying her lunch with team RWBY and team JNPR. However, there was one empty seat and it had been so for a few days. At first, they didn't think much of it but now…

"Hey, guys," Ruby spoke to here team. "Have you seen Fenrir? He hasn't been sitting with us for a few days now."

"Well," Ruby's sister, Yang, answered her. "Wolfy has been getting his food from the cafeteria at least but he then goes outside." The blonde then shrugged her shoulders. "I'm sure it's nothing, maybe he just wants to have some peace alone."

"I think you're onto something Yang," Blake spoke to her partner. "He does like going to the library and from what I've seen he doesn't like loud noises…" She then turned her attention to Nora team JNPR's hyperactive girl.


"Or he just likes the outdoors," Weiss added. "Remember how a little happier he was during the field trip to Forever fall? He probably doesn't like staying in the cafeteria. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."

"But it does feel a little empty without him."

"You're right sis, I do miss my best audience. No one else enjoys my puns as he does. He really howls in laughter at them eh?"

A collective groan erupted from the table as Yang was at it again with her infamous puns that only Fenrir enjoyed.

Ruby Rose then gazed out the window as the bright noon sun shone.


Fenrir Lupus was under a tree enjoying the shade as he had just finished his cafeteria food. It was a relatively perfect day, at least the weather was. He still felt bits of negativity around him, most notable negativity emanating from the cafeteria. The amount of negatively recently had gotten so high that it made his head spin. As such he decided to spend his lunch outside where the concentration was much lower thanks in part to fewer students present.

Though occasional negativity would come his way from passing students, it was overall a much better place to be at the moment until he can bear being in the cafeteria again.

Just as he had gotten comfortable, he felt a small amount of negativity come his way. This time, however, it was worry directed towards him rather than the usual hate or fear. Curious he turned his head to the source much to his surprise.

"Ruby? What are you doing here?" The Alpha didn't expect to see the leader of team RWBY to be out here.

"Hey Fenrir, mind if I sit down?"

"Sure..." Fenrir shrugged his shoulders.

Ruby took a seat next to the Alpha. She took a deep breath soaking in the early afternoon surroundings. After a few silent minutes, the little reaper turned to address the Grimm in disguise.

"Umm, Fenrir. I've been meaning to ask you something. You haven't been avoiding the cafeteria lately. Anything wrong?"

The Alpha turned to look at the huntress in training. Thinking on how best to answer her question. Before he could speak, Ruby spoke up first.

"I actually have an idea on why you've been staying out late." Fenrir raised an eyebrow at this. "It is common knowledge that Grimm can sense negativity, so I'm wondering if that's why you've been staying outside of the cafeteria. Is there anyone…"

Ruby was promptly cut off by the Alpha. "No, or rather it's not exactly like that." Fenrir didn't know if he was telling an outright lie or not. He was saying something mixed at best. A half-truth. Then again, he can't exactly point to someone threatening him if it's the entire campus.

"As Grimm, we are born with an innate ability to detect negativity, you got that right. It's just that now… I kind of want to say away from it." This time it was Ruby's turn to raise her eyebrow. "Grimm are naturally attracted to negativity, it's in our nature. Except for this time. I'm detecting so much of it now that it's making my head spin."

"Wait, what do you mean Fenrir?"

"I'm saying the concentration is so much it's making me nauseous. How do I put this? Think of it as a scent." Ruby nodded her head. "And now imagine that scent being really really strong and really concentrated. That's exactly what the cafeteria has been to me these past few days."

Ruby nodded her head understanding her head again. Then another thought came into her mind as she realized what he meant. It wasn't a secret barely anyone outside of her team and team JNPR even liked Fenrir's presence. If the cafeteria negativity was that high then.

"Don't worry about it, Ruby." Fenrir tried to reassure her. "I don't really care what they think. Besides, it'll drop in a few days." Seeing Ruby now looking a little bit more at ease, he then resumed to just taking in the surroundings.

"And when it goes back up again, you'll just go out here?" Ruby asked her Grimm friend. He nodded back.

"So how about I ask the rest of the teams to come out here for lunch, the weather is nice." Ruby gave Fenrir a genuine smile. The Alpha was surprised by Ruby's suggestion, taking a moment to process it.

"That.. would be nice Ruby."

After seeing her idea gets accepted, Ruby laid back on the tree intending to enjoy the nice day seeing as she had accomplished her mission. Fenrir also laid back on the tree to resume his enjoyment of remnant.

And unbeknownst to the pair, Amber eyes watched them from afar. Cat ears twitching.