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Author's note: I would like to restate that it's Ventus possessed by Darkness like he was in Union cross singing this. The boy himself is innocent but he was possessed when he killed Strelitzia. I'd like everyone to know that I love Ven and the innocent boy he is, but I believe if he sang this song while possessed it'd make sense.

I'm The Bad Guy:

We open the scene looking up at a possessed Ventus, his friends all injured and the dandelions who were brought back were also there, staring up at him in disbelief, the princesses of heart also there. "Why are you doing this!?" Asked Sora through a pained grunt as he gripped his broken arm. "Ven! Stop this! Please!" Pleaded Aqua.

Ventus only chuckled darkly as his eyes changed color, revealing that he was not in control of his own body and he smirked. "Ok then, I'll tell you why I am doing this." He said as his smile grew even darker, music starting to play from seemingly nowhere. The possessed boy started dancing to the tune as he soon started singing.

"I'm not the damsel in distress!" He began as he did a dramatic pose. "I'm not your boyfriend!" He continued as he lifted the newly revived Strelizia's chin with his finger. "Or the frightened princess!" He sang as he pointed to the princesses of heart who were currently cowering due to being surrounded by unversed and heartless as they were also restrained.

"I'm not a little bird who needs your help to fly!" He glared at Aqua and Terra who winced. "Nope! I'm the BAD GUY!" He proclaimed as he turned to different Villains who were in the room, cowering slightly. "All these former villains that you see!" He sang as the seekers of light, the princesses of heart, and the dandelions looked at the villains.

"Each of them with shaking knees has knelt before me!" He continued as the villains kneeled, Ventus lifting the chin of one of the male villains. "So I'm not your teammate or your partner in crime!, What am I guys?" He asked the Villains. "He's the bad guy!" The Villains said at once.

"Oh it's magic! To watch a planet shrivel up and die!" He said firing a beam of darkness at a planet, destroying it! "Oh it's thrillin' to be a villain! I destroy their homes and then I watch them cry!" He chuckles as he sees one of the princesses of heart watch their planet turn to dust, tears in their eyes. "CAUSE I'M THE BAD GUY!" Ven exclaims as his armor appears, all dark.

Meanwhile on radiant garden Ienzo is typing away at a computer as Dilan and Aleus try to keep heartless and unversed away from him. "He's not conquering worlds so he can rule the galaxy! He's trying to destroy it!...man that's evil." Ienzo said, exasperated and fearful of the situation.

"Oh ain't it fantastic! I see something I BLAST IT! And let me tell you why!" He said as he blasted Donald and Goofy away, nearly killing them and his armor disappeared. "I've always had weakness, for bareness and bleakness!" He said as he walked up to Sora, kicking him in the gut. "I crush all your hopes and then I watch you cry!" He sang as he picked up the kingdom key and broke it in two.

"See I find this business Rather fun!" He smirked as he wrapped chains around all of them and hung them in the air with magic, tightening the chains as he lowered Sora, and Strelizia to face him. "I don't want your assistance or your Adulation!" He sang as he did a mocking smile to both, tilting his head to the tune.

"I'll vaporize your galaxy and bid you bye-bye! Why!?" He asked as he quickly lowered all of them near a pit of heartless. "COME ON, GUESS!" he yelled. "'Cause your the..b-bad guy?" Everyone asked in fear before they were suddenly dropped onto the ground away from the heartless pit. "Correct!" Ventus chuckled as he smirked.

"Cut! Good go!" Yelled a slightly frightened director. "Ventus... you are terrifying." Said Sora as he stood up and stretched after the camera stopped filming. "Yeah.., are you all ok though?" Asked Ventus as he removed the colored contacts he was wearing and he put on a pair of glasses that Strelitzia handed him, kissing his cheek as well.

"We're fine Ventus. Don't worry." Aqua said as she patted Ventus' head. "Your singing is very good!" Said Kairi as she giggled. "But still, who knew you could sing so low!" She added. Ventus laughed and rubbed the back of his head nervously. "At least it's over, these things are a pain to wear!" Lea grunted as he pulled at his safety harness for the chain scene.

"I hear ya brother!" Terra said as he was being helped out of the harness. "Well, that's a wrap everyone! Good job Ventus! We'll meet here again tomorrow to shoot the ending scene!" The director said and everyone nodded, Ventus and Strelitzia going to get changed before they go spend time together.

"Those two are a really cute couple, even if they play characters that don't really end up dating." Lauriam stated, watching his sister go with Ventus. "Yep, too bad They don't in the show." Elrena sighs.