Chapter 2 'First Day'

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''So this is good. The level of detail has improved quite a bit and the flow of the chapter was well warranted. And good for you for planning it all out.

I'd say just work on the dialogue a little more. You skipped some spaces when Blu said three dialogue entries when you can condensed [sic] them into a single paragraph, while adding more details, especially with how he feels. Other than that, everything else is squared away.''

Thank you for the constructive critique. But I think that the dialogue will always be a weak point for me. I don't talk to people that much, and I struggle with interacting with others. I suppose this is thanks to my autism, and so I'll likely always struggle with dialogue. But I am getting better. I will try though, so again, I thank you for your critiques. Any constructive criticism is welcomed, no matter how harsh. (unless its pretty much ad hominem and offers no value apart from telling me I'm the worst and that I should just quit writing because my story is that broken)

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By now it was morning in the megacity of Rio de Janeiro. Home to over 10 million people, its famous worldwide for its culture, beaches, hot women and tropical setting. It also is the home for two Spix's macaws, which happen to be the last of their kind.

Blu awoke from his peaceful slumber, only to realise that Jewel wasn't beside him. How she managed to slip out from Blu's embrace without waking him, he'll never know. Perhaps Jewel not being there was a blessing, because even without her Blu was ridiculously comfortable. So, if he were snuggling into her, he'd likely never get up. But since she wasn't there, and he couldn't just lay down in the hollow all day, he got up.

Performing his usual morning routine of yawning, stretching, rubbing his eyes and scratching any itches he had, he stepped out of the hollow. While still half asleep, he did see Jewel sitting by the small pond/stream that was next to the garden. Blu could tell something was up with her, as she did look quite sad. He glided down and landed near her.

''Jewel, are you alright?'', he asked her in a concerned voice, but received no answer from her. He guessed she was feeling down about her lost wing. Nervously approaching her, he soon noticed she was crying softly.

He gently placed his wing on her shoulder, which did cause her to jerk slightly out of surprise/fright. She briefly looked over at him, but not to the point she looked right at him, and turned her gaze back into the pond.

''Oh, hey Blu…'', she said in a low, depressed voice. Blu sat down next to her and briefly thought of what to do and say. Blu got an idea and took a deep breath, hoping it'll work.

''Uh, sometimes when I'm sad I play around in the water. Its like it just washes away all the sadness, it might work for you.'', he nervously said as he was unsure of how she'd react. She looked over at him, and her eyes were all watery and red. Blu's instinct was to gently pull her into a hug, to which she accepted. Considering how Blu lived a life of solitude, and never knew or talked to any other bird apart from two Canadian geese who'd mock him for being a pet, he didn't really have that much social skills, nor did he have much experience with comforting others. Although he did comfort Linda with his presence when she was down. To be fair, pets seem to be naturally good at that.

Of course, he couldn't just rub his face against her, like he would with Linda. So, a hug was all he could do really. But surprisingly, it seemed to work. Blu felt like he'd ask her again, considering how she appeared to feel a bit better from his hug.

''So, do you want to go for a swim, or-?'', he said in a low, unsure voice, droning on the 'or' part.

''Yeah, I guess…'', Jewel cut Blu off. With his question answered, Blu dipped his talon into the water. It was quite cool, but not unbearable, although it might be once he submerged himself, especially when it reaches his… lower regions.

Blu dipped his other talon into the water and plopped himself in. It wasn't that bad, which surprised Blu. He would prefer it if it were a bit warmer, but it'll do. The water itself was under a foot deep, so he could still touch the bottom. It reached up to his chest. Jewel looked at him in the water with a smile forming on his beak. Jewel's mood was lightening up a bit.

''Come in, its not that cold!'', Blu encouraged her to get in. With slight hesitation, she dipped her talon in, and then her other. Learning first-hand that the water wasn't that cold, she too, plopped herself in. ''See? Its not that bad.'', Blu told her, to which she nodded.

''Yeah, I know, this is where I bathe.'', the tone of her voice was a lot brighter than it was before, so it was clear as day that it worked for her. A mischievous smile formed on her beak as she narrowed her eyes a bit. With her wing she splashed water at Blu. He gasped in shock, but it turned into a playful chuckle.

''Oh, you want a splash battle? Well I'll give you one!'', he retaliated with a bigger splash than Jewel's. Primarily because he used both wings.

''Hey, no fair! I only have one!'', Jewel laughed out loud, her voice didn't even go down or show any sign of sadness when she mentioned she had one wing. So clearly, she felt a lot better. Even a blind man could see that.

Jewel in turn splashed Blu twice in a row, and he did the same thing. The two were having a blast splashing water at each other, and they were laughing while they did it.

After about 3 minutes of splashing each other, they just decided to relax and wade about in the water.

They had been in the water for about 20 minutes, which it didn't feel that long for them. As they say, time flies when you're having fun. The door opened, which caused both Blu and Jewel to snap their gaze in the direction of the door. Their nerves dropped when they saw an aviary worker with a tray of fruit place it down by the door, before leaving.

''Breakfast.'', Jewel simply said. They got out of the water and shook themselves dry. Their feathers were still quite damp, but they had a lot less water than before. They walked over to the breakfast tray. Jewel was delighted to see it and was quite hungry. They hadn't eaten in two days, so they were over the moon to finally get to eat. Jewel licked her beak, as she grabbed her favourite fruit, a mango.

She took a bite out of it and savoured the taste. Her eyes closed from the pleasure of the fruit. Blu was surprised to see how much she enjoyed it, as well as all the fruit juices around her beak. He knew from experience that that stuff gets really sticky. He knew to always clean up any spilled juice, cordial, soda or any kind of sugary drink, because that stuff is an ant Mecca.

''Want some?'', she said in a muffled voice, due to the fact her beak was full of mango.

''Uh… Sure!'', Blu was surprised by her messy way of eating. Being around humans does give you eating manners, so he figured Jewel wasn't the politest eater. But Blu shouldn't get too worked up over it, considering how he would belch when he ate or drank something. He walked over, ignoring Jewel's eating behaviour and her occasional moan from the sheer deliciousness of mangoes.

Blu hasn't eaten a mango yet, so he decided to try it. Because it seemed to be the bee's knees, and he definitely wanted to see what all the rave was about.

He picked up a mango and took a bite out of it. It was incredibly delicious, but he didn't react the same way Jewel did. The sweet juices flooded his beak, causing him to salivate as a response. He wiped away any of the mix of juices and his saliva that escaped his beak with his wing.

''Delicious, isn't it?'', Jewel said. She had already finished eating her mango and decided to grab another. One mango wouldn't satisfy her, because she hasn't eaten in two days.

After finishing the first meal they've had in ages, they both headed to the water to wash off. Last thing they wanted was a sticky beak.

After cleaning themselves up, Jewel suddenly placed her wing on the spot her left wing occupied. Blu thought she did it out of sadness, and was about to try and comfort her, when she mentioned the reason she did that.

''Ugh, why is it hurting all of a sudden?'', Jewel was puzzled by the sudden sensation she felt in her wing socket. Blu had an idea of what this was, but first, he was going to find out the pain level.

''How much does it hurt?'', he asked in a somewhat concerned voice, but he was mostly doing it out of curiosity.

''Not much.'', she answered. With that, Blu decided to tell her about what he thinks it is.

''This sounds like you have phantom limb syndrome.'', Blu told her. Jewel tilted her head, and shot him a confused look.

''Is that like the ghost of the limb or something?'', Jewel was completely clueless about the condition. Blu chuckled briefly, sounding more like a snort than a chuckle. He wasn't sure if Jewel was being serious or if she was joking.

''No, it's a condition that many people who've lost a limb have. Its caused by the nerve endings still being contact, and them sending signals back to the brain. This may cause you to faintly feel the lost limb, as if it was still there. There is also some pain that accompanies it, ranging from tingling and discomfort, to complete agony. Hopefully it's the former, and hopefully it stays that way.'', Blu sounded a bit like a doctor diagnosing a patient. Doctor Blu. Jewel nodded, but it was clear she was confused still.

''O-kay…'', Jewel wasn't too sure about what Blu was saying, but she did have a faint idea of what he was talking about, ''Hopefully it doesn't start hurting…'', Jewel chuckled nervously.

''If it starts hurting, then let me know. I might be able to get one of the workers to get you some painkillers.'', Blu told her. Jewel didn't know what a painkiller was, but guessed it was something humans gave you to numb or kill pain. But she was confused about something else,

''Wait, how would you be able to do that? Humans can't understand us.'', Jewel was clueless how he'd be able to tell the humans that she needed painkillers.

''I can write.'', Blu answered. Jewel's beak went agape, and a part of her wanted to be able to write so she could tell them how much she hated them for ruining her life.

''Wow, maybe you can tell the humans that we aren't some dumb birds.'', Blu nodded. He knew that this was a big deal, and he could use this skill to help improve the lives of his fellow avian kind by proving they were sentient, free thinking beings.

''I'll makes sure to do that.'', he couldn't wait to see the look on Tulio's face when he writes in legible English. He was also anxious about how he'd react at the same time, because knowing that bird nut, he'd likely spend hours testing out and investigating Blu's skill.

But it would probably be worth it to see Tulio's reaction, it would be priceless.

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Quite a bit shorter than the chapter one. It's also more light hearted than the previous chapter, with more humour and stuff.

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