Chapter 5 'The Fear of The Wild'

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Its been a few days since the two bonded over horrible childhood experiences, and now, Jewel was a bit sick of being cooped up in the fake jungle. She longed for the fresh, jungle breeze, the real chitter chatter of the animals there, and just being free. Of course, she couldn't enjoy it as much as she used to, due to her disability. But Blu could help her. At this point and in this regard, she didn't care if she could fly or not, she just wanted to be free – She wanted out of the cage, and she didn't care if she couldn't enjoy it as much, she needed freedom.

Blu had the ability to communicate with humans via writing, and Jewel knew this. Perhaps he can coax the bird nut into letting them be free. Of course, she needed to ask Blu first. Knowing his nature – or lack thereof, in a sense – he may not cope with the wild. Jewel wouldn't hold it against him. He's spent pretty much his whole life in captivity far away from Rio, and as such the jungle would be alien and scary to him.

Regardless, Jewel felt it was time to tell him. She had been sitting by the artificial stream/pond for a while. However, she needn't come to him, as he already came to her.

''Jewel…'', Blu sighed. Jewel could tell he was to an extent, a bit tired of calming her down. Not that he was going to stop, he wasn't that kind of bird. More so it was tiresome to do so constantly, but to his surprise, it wasn't her depressed mood about her wing.

''Blu, I want to ask you something…'', Jewel began.

''You just did.'', Blu replied, being a smartass. Jewel rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile at his cheeky grin. She chuckled,

''No, this is serious. Um… when do you think we'll move out of this cage?'', Jewel asked. Blu cocked his head to the side, pondering his answer. Jewel could tell he was getting anxious.

''Uh, what d-do you mean?'', he replied nervously. He knew what she meant, but asked anyway, it was probably a habit.

''You know, when do you think we'll live into the wild… where we belong?'', she responded. Blu would probably start to sweat out of anxiety if he could, but as he was a bird, he simply started panting slightly.

''Th-the wild?'', he stuttered nervously. Jewel nodded in response. A gulp could be heard from Blu,

''The wild is such a dangerous and scary place! B-but its safe here…'', Blu tried to convince Jewel to stay here, but she was a bit stubborn. At the same time, she put herself figuratively in his shoes. The wild to him would be like going to Moose Lake and living as a companion. It was completely out of his comfort zone and was likely scarier for him than it would be to move to Moose Lake. For one, the jungle was pretty dangerous at times, but when you know the dangers it isn't so bad. Jewel's expression changed to a softer one, as Blu cupped his wings and nervously toyed with them.

''Hey, I understand that it may seem scary, but it really isn't that bad…'', Jewel said, placing her wing on his shoulder to calm him.

''But… Harpy eagles! I've seen them on the discovery channel, and they're huge!'', Blu nervously exclaimed. Jewel remained calm, formulating a counter point.

''They rarely eat birds, besides, we're probably too small for them to want to hunt.'', Jewel countered. Blu paused for a moment to argue but found himself agreeing and nerding out.

''Yeah, I saw them on a documentary and they usually eat sloths and monkeys. Sometimes they eat red and green macaws-'', Blu rambled, but cut himself off when he realised he just argued for her. Jewel giggled,

''Glad you agree.'', she said in a tongue-in-beak manner, which Blu blushed slightly out of embarrassment.

''Yeah, but they eat birds too!'', Blu attempted to argue, but Jewel utilised his nerd out to her advantage.

''But we're not red and green macaws, are we?'', she countered, and Blu remained silent for a moment.

''No…'', he sighed in defeat.

''Then there's nothing to worry about.'', Jewel finished. But Blu wouldn't give up just yet,

''But what about the other birds of prey?'', he argued. Jewel paused for a second and gave Blu a false sense of hope that he won the argument. He didn't.

''As far as I know, none of those that live here hunt birds like us.'', Blu was grasping at straws to try and convince her to stay, so much so that he looked past better arguments like her not being able to fly.

''Well, what about snakes and… ugh, spiders…'', he shuddered at the thought of them, but Jewel remained calm. She was shaping out to be a surprisingly good arguer, either that or Blu was a bad one.

''In all the years I've been alive, I've only seen a couple snakes. Most spiders won't hurt you if you leave them alone, same with snakes.'', Blu was speechless. He really had no arguments and laid his head down low in defeat. Jewel could tell he was irrationally scared, and she understood that fear. It was a phobia – you can't really reason with it. People who are scared of heights won't care if they're completely safe, they'll still be scared and will often come up with highly improbable scenarios to justify their fear. Say they're in a skyscraper, they'd come up with a scenario that the building would collapse, which apart from the world trade centre has never happened before. Even then, the twin towers were hit by fully fuelled Boeing 767's at high speed and left to burn for an hour.

No matter what, you can't reason with them. Its an irrational fear, even if its justified, for example deep water, spiders, or snakes. Jewel knows this and decided to try and calm Blu down further.

''Blu, I understand that you're afraid, but you have to understand it isn't as bad as you think. I promise you; you'll be fine.'', she moved closer to Blu, who was still incredibly anxious.

''I know, but… Look, I'm just really scared, okay?!'', he snapped out of anxiety. Jewel flinched back, frightened by his outburst. Blu's expression softened to that of guilt, ''I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout…'', Blu apologised.

''Its alright.'', Blu smiled faintly at her response. Blu was a rather emotional bird, and if he were alone, he'd probably shed a few tears. Living only with an owner who accepted him no matter what allowed him to be a more emotional bird. He could cry away his worries without fear of judgement, as he was pretty much alone. But being in front of Jewel, even though she cried frequently too, not to mention that she accepted him for the bird he was, he still fought the urge to cry a bit. Mostly out of fear of being judged, even though he knew she wouldn't.

Still, a single tear trickled from his eye, and his beak was wobbly. His own insecurities were brewing up more. Just like last time with his inability to fly, Blu was afraid that this would lead him to lash out and say things he really didn't mean. Recalling the time he saw Jewel and the others flying about happily was his breaking point, bubbling up his deep insecurity that had plagued him for his entire life. That led to an argument, which was incredibly petty, and that led to Jewel flying away and being captured. That in turn led to his vain rescue attempt, and that led to them being put in that plane. That led to Jewel breaking her wing and leading to it being amputated. The horrible feelings came up, as more tears came out. He felt like this was his fault. What made it worse was, to an extent, it was.

''I'm so sorry, its all my fault…'', Blu muttered in remorse. Jewel couldn't read his mind, but guessed he thought about their argument, capture and her grounding.

''Blu, its okay…'', Jewel tried to calm him down. Just like he feared, his fears would lead to him blurting out often hurtful things he didn't mean.

''Just, go away. You deserve someone better than me.'', Blu scathingly said. Jewel was quite shocked by this rapid escalation and tried to calm him down, but he flew off before she could.

''Blu, wait!'', she cried out as Blu flew to a place where he could sulk in private. Jewel sighed in defeat but began to formulate a plan to ease his fears. The main issue is her inability to fly and be able to calm his fears to her full potential. She knew if they could fly next to each other, her presence would calm him. But Blu would have to carry her, and he'd have to do so many things by himself. But Jewel was stubborn, and she was not going to give up.

Blu didn't cry for that long, which surprised him. His woes were all cried out, and he felt guilty for lashing out at Jewel. He blew his nose on a leaf he got and went off to find her and apologise. She was still by that stream, figuring out thee best way to convince Blu to go the forest. Blu saw here and flew down.

''Oh, hey Blu…'', she spoke with a somewhat positive tone. Blu merely acknowledged her presence by a subtle facial expression, ''You feeling better?'', she asked.

''Yeah… I'm really sorry about what I did.'', Blu apologised lowly. Jewel walked up to Blu,

''No, its okay. I understand.'', Jewel eased his worries, which lifted a big stone of his chest.

''I know its obvious, but I don't think I'm ready to move to the jungle. Hell, I don't even know if I'd ever be ready.'', Blu spoke calmly. Jewel wrapped her wing around Blu,

''Look, I'll be there to help you get over your fears… every step of the way.'', Blu's expression calmed, clearly his fears were eased by her being there for him. Being with a bird he loved with all his heart, and likely his other internal organs too, and a bird that also loved him and accepted him had a major calming effect for him.

''Thank you… I love you so much.'', Jewel was relieved that her simple plan worked,

''I love you too.'', the two shared a kiss, which relieved the tension that had built up. Nothing was a better relaxant for Blu than her kiss and presence. Perhaps it will all work, but they did have more to discuss, but for now they were lost in the moment.

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