Chapter 7 'Worries'

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After they had watched the sunset in each other's embrace, Blu had taken Jewel back into the fake jungle, where they had dinner together.

However, for the past half an hour, Blu had been sitting on a branch thinking about things. He did tend to overthink things and quite often ending up blowing his worries way out of proportion, but Blu felt this time his woes were well warranted.

Blu still had his worries about the wild, and who could blame him? It was completely unlike the environment he had spent most his life in. The wild was full of predators and other dangers. Sometimes even smugglers, with whom he has had two bad experiences with over his lifetime.

The second one was with him and Jewel, but that had a silver lining where he freed the other birds, made friends, fell in love and learned to fly. So, the negatives are far outweighed by the positives. However, the first time was when he was just a little chick.

His memories are faint, but he does recall him sitting by the hollow edge and watching the birds sing and fly. Smugglers came and caged them, and he ended up falling out and got smuggled to Minnesota. At least he was found by Linda.

But he could fly, and he had someone who could help him in the wild. But there lies the problem: That someone was Jewel, and she couldn't fly ever again. Not only would being in the wild be insulting for her, as her boyfriend is able to fly about and be free while she'll be stuck in a hollow. But it would also be very dangerous for her especially.

She couldn't fly away from danger, and as flight is the main defence of birds, she'd be at the mercy of said danger. Blu couldn't risk losing her, he didn't want to be alone again.

For Blu, the only rational and safe option would be for her to be taken with him back to Moose Lake, Minnesota. There, they'd be safe in a place where Blu felt happy, and he'd even get to rub the fact he has a girlfriend as beautiful as Jewel in the faces of Alice and Chloe. But Blu knew Jewel would hate that.

Maybe Moose Lake would be for her like what the wild is for him: Alien and scary. Jewel had somewhat agreed that she'd go to Moose Lake with Blu, if Linda went back there. Why wouldn't she? She'd be all alone, and Blu would be alone too.

Blu grew tired of thinking like that, and he sat up and searched for Jewel. His chocolate brown eyes scanned the fake jungle for his beautiful Jewel, but he couldn't see her anywhere.

''Jewel?'', Blu called out. Blu's eyes searched around, but his search ended shortly when he heard Jewel.

''In here!'', Jewel responded. Blu turned in the direction her voice came from and saw her peeking out of the hollow. Blu realised he must've spent a lot of time thinking. He flew over to her, landing on the hollow edge and entering.

''Hey, you climbed up by yourself?'', Blu pointed out somewhat rhetorically. Jewel nodded,

''Yeah, it was quite the challenge.'', Jewel replied, smiling.

''Oh, why didn't you call out to me? I would've helped you.'', Blu asked, confused.

''Well you looked like you were having a blast sitting on that branch. I didn't want to interrupt you.'', Jewel chuckled, and Blu chuckled too.

''Jewel, I'm so proud of you!'', Blu exclaimed, hugging Jewel, who returned the gesture.

''Thanks Blu…'', Jewel responds, and the two share a quick kiss. Seeing as both are quite tired, they both sit down to go to sleep. Jewel sits down first, with Blu sitting down next to her. He wraps his wings around her, and she wraps her wing around him, locking them in a loving and cosy embrace.

''Goodnight Jewel.'', Blu sighed.

''Goodnight Blu.'', Jewel responded. Blu let out a coo, and slowly drifted off to sleep…

Blu was flying with Jewel in the wild. The air was fresh and clean, and the wind blowing through his feathers was an unbeatable sensation. But what made it even better was that he was flying next to the beautiful macaw he loved, Jewel.

Their flight seemed to be a recreational one, rather than them getting from point A to point B. Still, Blu felt free as anything, and he felt even better flying with Jewel.

However, their flight would be disrupted by an ear-piercing screech. Blu shot his gaze and his eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat when he saw a large grey form flying directly at them with the intent of killing them. Blu quickly identified it as the dreaded Harpy eagle once it drew close enough. It also became apparent it was aiming for Jewel.

''JEWEL, LOOK OUT!'', Blu shrieked, but Jewel couldn't react in time. The eagle rocketed into her and caught her. However, he quickly let her go and Blu noticed that Jewel had no wing and was falling to the ground.

He didn't even notice that the eagle was going straight for him. Blu broke out of his momentary lapse of awareness, and he miraculously managed to evade the Harpy eagle. However, Blu was in shock and fell towards the Earth below him.

He hit the ground but was still alive. To his horror, he saw a terrifying snake coming straight towards him. He ran from it but he soon ran into a spider web with a spider on it and it just so happened to go onto him. The spider was huge and let out a weird shriek of its own and crawled all over him. He swiped it off and ran from it.

The agonised cries of Jewel filled the air, and Blu quickly rushed after it. Her screams grew louder, as she cried out for him to help her. Blu's eyes filled with tears as he rushed after her. He eventually got to her, but it was too late.

Jewel was mutilated and was very dead. Blu was shocked, but he soon collapsed and sat beside Jewel, mourning her loss.

''NO!'', he wailed as he sobbed and sobbed. Soon he saw a shadow looming over him and saw the harpy eagle with malicious intent.

''Oh, what a shame. Guess you'll have to join her.'', the harpy eagle remarked without a shred of remorse.

''You monster!'', Blu cried, but the eagle just smiled. He grabbed Blu with his enormous talons and pinned him down. His talons dug into Blu's flesh, causing him to yelp in pain. The harpy eagle loomed over him, licking his beak and plunged his beak in.

Blu's eyes shot open, and his breathing was rapid. Blu's eyes were teary, and to his horror, Jewel wasn't beside him. Blu stood up quickly and frantically searched around the hollow, but Jewel was nowhere to be found.

Blu exits the hollow and begins to frantically search the area,

''Jewel, Jewel!'', he cried out. He opened his wings to fly and took off. He quickly spotted Jewel sitting by the fake stream. Blu flew over to her and landed near her. By now, he was calming down, and he walked over to Jewel.

''Jewel, are you alright?'', he softly asked. Jewel turned her head and looked at Blu,

''Oh, hi Blu…'', she spoke. Blu could tell something was wrong, judging from her quiet and mellow tone.

''Jewel, is there something wrong?'', Blu asked. Jewel sighed and was silent for a moment,

''I had a dream and its affected me a lot…'', Jewel began, ''It began with me being with my mum and dad sitting by a hollow edge and just gazing out at the beautiful scenery. That's actually my earliest memory… I miss them so much…'', Jewel continued, her voice getting emotional, but she was smiling. However, her smile soon faded into a sad frown.

''Next thing I remember and I'm flying in the fires… a-and I'm frantically searching for my mum… I find her and… and…'', Jewel began to sob, as Blu held her in his wings.

''Its okay, its okay…'', Blu soothed her, gently stroking her head feathers.

''B-but after that, I was sitting by a hollow edge, and I was next to you… And we were watching three beautiful chicks fly about outside, and they were ours…'', Jewel's expression lightened into a warm smile. She rested her head on Blu's chest, her mood now a positive one.

Blu felt a bit uncomfortable about the chicks part, but he could tell that she felt so happy seeing her dream chicks. Blu knew he couldn't procrastinate having kids forever. He knew the reason why he met Jewel in the first place was to mate with her. Sooner or later one of them is going to get horny, and they'll end up having chicks. However, Blu brushed that aside for now.

''Jewel, do you want to go see Rafael tomorrow?'', Blu asked. Jewel lifted her head off Blu's chest and looked at him,

''Okay.'', she simply responded. Blu was silent for a moment, but responded,

''I think Rafael should know about what happened. He must be worried about us, I hope he's okay.'', Blu said. Blu wanted to tell him that him and Jewel were partners, (though not yet married or mates) that he could fly, and that Jewel was unfortunately grounded forever. After all that Rafael had done, he felt that he should know.

''Are you feeling better now?'', Blu asked Jewel. She nodded,

''Yeah, and I'm tired… Do you mind flying me back there?'', Jewel responded, letting out a yawn.

''Sure, I'm actually quite tired too.'', Blu replied. Jewel laid down and Blu held her in his talons and flew back to their hollow. They entered and Jewel sat down, with Blu following suit.

Blu wrapped his wings around Jewel, and she wrapped her wing around him. Now in a cosy, warm embrace, they snuggled together.

''Goodnight my love hawk…'', Jewel sighed. Blu smiled, letting out a brief chuckle,

''And goodnight, my one-winged angel…'', Blu sighed. They let out a yawn and snuggled together. Jewel slowly drifted off to sleep. Blu, however, was still lost in his thoughts.

That dream he had had spooked him, and Blu was scared about Jewel's safety. The wild was dangerous, and a flightless macaw would be easy pickings out there in the unforgiving wild. But another thought entered his mind.

She can't fly, but he can. Blu has something that those wild animals don't have: Superior intellect. Blu reckoned most animals would rely on instinct, rather than logic and reasoning. So, Blu would have an advantage over stronger animals. Brain beats brawn, and Blu knew that. It reminded him of Batman comics, how Bruce Wayne doesn't have superpowers, but beats those who do with his superior intellect and strength.

Blu reckoned he could protect Jewel, and he knew he would do everything in his power to protect her. Perhaps the humans may set up a sanctuary in the nearby jungle, that way he, Jewel and all the other animals would be safer.

Blu had already used his intellect to save them, as in the case with him opening up the cage, and with him freeing all the birds in that plane. Wild birds won't know how to open a cage, but he does. And if a simple slide bolt lock had trapped wild birds, then he knew he could outsmart them in many other fields.

But only time will tell if he's right, and Blu would leave those thoughts to be further elaborated and explored for a later date. For now, he'd join Jewel in the dream world and relaxed, as he slowly drifted off to a peaceful slumber.

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