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It was a fine Friday afternoon as a huntress in training Yang Xiao Long headed to the student breakroom. In her hand was a grocery bag filled with the ingredients she needed to bake some special cookies for her little sister Ruby Rose. Her sister was attending the same Academy as her thanks to the fact that she was accepted two years earlier much to her delight since it means she can keep an eye on her just a little longer. Though it did sadden her as it meant Ruby was growing up faster than she liked.

Still, that only meant that she had to enjoy every moment she had with her precious little sister while she can still be there for her. Yang knew Ruby loved strawberries but cookies came in a close second for the little reaper. Normally, she would bake some classic chocolate chip cookies but this time she decided to try something different.

The young huntress had arrived at the student breakroom to see that no one was in it at this time. She went to the table to unpack her grocery bag of the ingredients she would use for her special cookies. She found this recipe in an old cookbook Blake had. The brawler was surprised Blake had something other than her 'novels' but said no more once her partner said that she did plan to cook something down the line. With this Yang invited her partner to help her bake some cookies for Ruby which she obliged.

Once Yang was done unpacking her grocery bag, she then looked on her list of ingredients that the recipe needed which was called Anise cookies. The cookbook only said that they were delicious, so she figured it would work as special cookies for Ruby. She began to set the ingredients on the table which were all the usual ingredients she had used for previous cookie recipes except this time replacing the chocolate chips with crushed walnuts and anise seeds. Just as she began to get her baking utensils ready, she heard a few steps behind her. Thinking it was Blake, she turned to greet her only to see someone else she didn't expect.

"Fenrir?" Yang said in mild surprise. "What are you doing here in the student breakroom?"

"I was passing by until I saw you ." The Alpha said. He then eyed the table. "So...what are making Yang?"

"Oh, Just making some cookies for Ruby."

The Alpha gave a small nod as he looked at the ingredients on the table. His tail began to wag around a bit as he took in what Yang laid out. A hint of a small smile began to form on the Alpha's face recalling the time Yang helped him repay Ruby.

The Blonde quickly noticed this, no doubt recalling that time she helped him make that strawberry shortcake.

And once again an idea lit up in her mind. "Say Fenrir." The Alpha turned to acknowledge Yang. "You wanna help out with baking these cookies?" Yang could see Fenrir had a small sparkle in his eyes at the prospect, however, she could also see some hesitation. She had an idea why.

"Don't worry, you'll just help me with preparing the cookies while I take care of the oven." The Alpha gave a small nod indicating that she thought right. However, she raised her finger as if she had one more thing to say.

"But," The Alpha stopped. "you'll have to listen to me while we make this and follow my instructions to the letter." Fenrir seemed to grumble back something but relented. "Sure. Fine."

While it seemed that Fenrir sounded disinterested, Yang knew otherwise. Fenrir was starting to take an interest in baking or at least enjoyed doing it. The brawler then moved to get her Apron with the bacon pun on it.

"Great, now go get an apron from the wall and wash your hands, kay?"

Once the Alpha was done, he moved next to Yang now wearing a simple blue apron.

"Now we start by getting the Bowl and…."

Time passed by as the Alpha and the Brawler began to make the cookie dough by beating and mixing the margarine, sugar, eggs, flour, salt and baking powder. Fenrir was doing the beating and mixing part following Yang's instructions while the latter preheated the oven for the cookies.

"Ok Fenrir, now we add in the walnuts and Anise seeds into the dough and roll it onto the cookie sheets and then it'll be straight into the oven for these babies."

Fenrir gave a small nod before he turned to Yang. "Yang, What's Anise seeds?"

The Alpha knew what walnuts were but Anise seeds caught his attention.

"Oh, it's just some spice I'm adding to the cookies to make them taste better. You could try some once I open this"

Fenrir stopped what he was doing and put down the bowl once he noticed the Blonde brawler having difficulty with the bottle of Anise seeds...which looked strangely familiar to the Alpha.

"Yang, do you need help with that?" The Alpha offered.

"No need, I got this. It' opening pickle jars…I think I… it!"

And with a sudden jerk, the bottle abruptly opened with its contents exploding from the bottle scattering around and making a mess of the room as well as the two people inside. The crushed Anise seeds got into both the hairs of the Alpha and Brawler as well as their mouths and clothes. Amidst the chaos, Fenrir was starting to feel..weird. His mind became fuzzy and his body began to feel restless. He turned to his cooking companion and...began to realize that she smelled nice. Slowly but surely Fenrir's rational mind began to take a break as he began to enter a semi-dozed state.

"Oh, dear...this can't be good." The softer voice that resided in his head worried before Fenrir finally succumbed to the spice that Fenrir now recognized from his time in the wild.

"So...It's that stuff..." And Fenrir's mind went fuzzy as he collapsed down on the floor with his tongue drooping out.

This caused Yang to go into a panic. "Oh my gosh, Fenrir are you alright!? I'll...I'll go get help." She made to go to the clinic fearing that the Alpha might be having a severe allergic reaction to the spice she was using. Before she made for the door, she heard Fenrir whimper. Realizing that she can't just leave him on the floor she turned back and knelt next to him in an attempt to pick up the larger Alpha, thinking of carrying him into the clinic instead.

Just as she was about to lift him, Fenrir began to move around causing Yang's fear to rise even more thinking that he was having a seizure. He began rolling on his back while...making distinctively happy dog whimpers. Once the brawler realized that Fenrir wasn't having a seizure, she calmed down but not before realizing something familiar with Fenrir's actions.

The Alpha rolled on his back while reaching his arms out like a toddler which Yang couldn't help but giggle at. She realized that Fenrir was acting like Zwei when she gave him that dog nips that Ruby bought...wait.

"So this is what Dognip is? Anise seeds?" The blond lit up a bit at the revelation especially when she realized that she was about to give Fenrir a taste of the stuff.

"Heh..heh...It's a good thing I didn't give you any Fenrir. I don't even want to think about the mess the break room will be in once the effects wear off." The Blond sheepishly replied to the Alpha even though she was sure he wasn't there at the moment. Since Fenrir was only covered with the stuff, she figured that the effects wouldn't be as extreme and would wear off in maybe half an hour. She wasn't sure how long it lasted on dog Faunas even though Fenrir isn't technically one.

The Alpha in question stopped rolling around seemingly satisfied before getting a dog squat with his arms propping him up as his bottom sat on the floor. Topping it off was the little wag of his bushy tail with shining puppy eyes as he acknowledged Yang. To say that Yang was trying not to lose it was an understatement. Instead, she was happily scratching the back of Fenrir's lupine ears like a pet dog. Fenrir happily returned the affection by nuzzling into Yang's hand.

"Hehe...good boy. If Blake was here she would be giving me a lecture on..." The brawler had an epiphany at that moment remembering that she had asked her partner to help her with baking before Fenrir arrived.

"Where is Blake?" The brawler didn't have time to dwell on this as Fenrir made a bark that caused Yang to jerk her hand away and stand up.

"Fenrir?" Yang now became uneasy as Fenrir's tail began to wag more. The look on his face reminded her of her pranks. Those involving dogs and a bucket of Dognip. Remembering this, she slowly backed away from the Alpha fearing that she might get a taste of her own medicine.

And then Fenrir leapt like a dog greeting its owner.

"Wait! Fenrir!"

"I can't believe I forgot about it. I hope Yang didn't start without me."

Blake Belladonna was walking down the halls of Beacon at a more brisk pace. She was so engrossed in her book until she saw the time and realized that she had to be somewhere.

After turning the corner, she met a familiar face.


"Oh, hey Blake! So where are you going?" Came the innocent reply of her leader Ruby Rose.

"To the student breakroom, Yang asked if I could help her out in baking some cookies," Blake replied.

At the mention of Yang, cookies, and baking. Ruby already knew why. Her older sister used to bake her treats back at Patch. Yang always told her that she was trying to make her treats taste just like how her mother, Summer Rose, used to make them. Ruby always said that they tasted great but Yang always replied that there was something missing about them. Ruby still enjoyed those treats all the same.

Blake noticed the look on Ruby's face as she was going down memory lane. It was obvious to anyone. With this, an idea came to her mind.

"Ruby, you did say Yang always baked back at Patch right?" Blake asked her leader.

"Yup." Ruby happily replied.

"So you know a few things about baking from Yang?"

"Uh-huh, I always watched Yang whenever she baked something and I even started baking once I was old enough." Ruby proudly said.

"Do you think you could help me? I haven't baked before and having another set of hands would be nice."

"Sure thing Blake. Come on, let's go."

Both huntresses in training then went their way towards the student break room with Ruby along the way giving Blake some baking tips and best practices. Blake was grateful for Ruby's help and enjoyed the little chat with Ruby who tended to talk more about weapons. It was a nice change, to say the least.

As they made their way, Ruby suddenly felt a chill down her spine making her stop. Blake took note of this from her leader.

"Ruby, what's wrong?" Blake said concerned.

"I..I don't know, I just had this sudden chill with me," Ruby replied as she shivered a bit.

"I guess it's best we hurried up. It does get a little cold in the hallway at night."

"Ok, let's keep going."

Both huntresses continued their way, unaware of what they were about to see.

"Fenrir…...can you please get off of me now? I can't hold you like this in the breakroom. What if someone sees us?" Yang said nervously as she was in a rather embarrassing situation with the Alpha in question.

The anise seeds, which she now knew to be dog nip as well, were affecting the Grimm in disguise. Right now, she needed to get Fenrir off her before someone sees them.

Fenrir had hugged his arms around the brawler's neck as he nuzzled her neck affectionately much to her embarrassment. When Fenrir jumped on her, she instinctively held him up with both her arms. Holding up his legs while Fenrir held on to her with his arms. The Alpha would occasionally look at Yang with his own puppy eyes which were a stark contrast to his more fierce look. All the while, his tail wagged happily throughout.

Yang silently admitted that Fenrir looked a lot cuter with those eyes but it also reminded her that he was too close in her personal space. The Alpha then nuzzled back into her neck lovingly which made Yang even redder.

"Fenrir, pull yourself together. This is the break room. People will see us." Yang attempted to talk something into the Alpha's dog nip induced haze, hoping to get through to him. Sadly all he did was rub his nose into her cheek making her more embarrassed. Yang looked nervously at the door fearing someone might come.

Thinking she didn't have much time before someone else arrived, she attempted to get Fenrir off her which was a challenge as both her arms were busy holding him up. The Alpha was also bigger than her and so it became even more awkward for a smaller girl like her to hold him up. She attempted to push him off by first settling his lower body on the countertop freeing her arms. This was a lot harder as she quickly realized that Fenrir had a strong hug on her neck.

"'ve...been...working...hard...Fenrir…" Yang said as he attempted in vain to release herself from the Alpha's strong hug.

"Come...on...Fenrir. Let go, if someone sees us right now."

"Yang?...what's going on?"

The brawler froze recognizing the voice she heard. As she turned towards the source, her face only got redder and she became more frantic as she saw who it was or rather the pair that had just arrived.

Blake had a look of speechlessness on her face upon seeing the sight before her. Fenrir was on the countertop with his arms around Yang's neck while Yang had her arms on his chest. To say it was a sight she did not expect would be the biggest understatement in her short life. She had no idea what to think of It as It looked like Fenrir and Yang were about to begin a makeout session on the countertop. An image she never thought of, much less even wanted.

Shaking herself out of such thoughts she quickly turned to Ruby...who was clearly in even more shock. The little leader had her eyes as wide open as plates with her hand (instinctively she might add) in a closed fist over her heart. It was clear to Blake that they needed to vacate the premises now.

"Umm, we'll be outside once you're done...maybe I would suggest getting"

At the mention of 'room', the brawler went into a panic, letting her arms off Fenrir which resulted in the Alpha closing the distance and nuzzling back into her neck making her even more red as she also saw the looks that were on her teammates.

"Don't...don't get any ideas guys! It's not what it seems. I...I can explain!" Yang said holding her hand out towards Blake and Ruby.

"No...dodon't worry," Blake replied. "There's no need. We can ...see what's happening so we'll...just be outside. I'd...suggest not being...too...lou.."

"Blake!" Yang screamed in her panic causing Fenrir to recoil but still maintaining his hold on Yang's neck. Blake and Ruby snapped back as well. "Get your head out of the gutter! This isn't Fenrir! Its Anise seeds, the dog nip!"

Upon hearing anise seeds and dog nip, Ruby quickly pieced together what was happening.

"Wait, anise seeds? Dognip? Yang, did you get Fenrir covered in that?" Yang furiously nodded as Fenrir rubbed his nose on her cheek reddening her face even more. "Yes, Ruby it was that. I swear it wasn't a prank. Fenrir was helping me bake cookies and ...wait, the oven! Blake, can you turn it off?

"Uh, sure?" As Blake went over to turn off the preheated oven, Yang continued to explain. "Fenrir came by the student break room and decided to help me bake cookies. We were almost done when I accidentally spilt the Anise seed over both of us. Now Fenrir's been acting like this since."

Ruby quickly gave a little giggle upon realizing the predicament that her older sister was in.

"That would explain why Fenrir was wagging his tail around like Zwei. I used to give Zwei some dog nip from time to time. He gets even more playful than normal."

Ruby walked towards her sister. "Don't worry sis, it'll wear off soon. Why don't we get Fenrir off of you until then."

"That'll be nice," Yang replied to her sister. "Zwei was rough, it's another thing to have an even bigger dog on you."


Yang then turned to Blake realizing what she said.

"Oooops, sorry."

"Let's just get Fenrir off of you Yang. We don't want someone else catching you like this." Blake then went towards her partner once she turned off the oven.

Yang gave a nod and lifted Fenrir off the countertop. "Ok, on the count of three we'll ...FENRIR!"

The brawler panicked when she felt a cold sensation on her cheek before she felt another sensation that made her reddish face go feverish.

Fenrir had now stopped nuzzling her neck and now turned towards licking her face which surprised everyone, more so Ruby who now held her hand back over her chest.

"Fenrir! Only Zwei can lick that side of my face." Yang attempted to joke. Sadly, Fenrir took that literally and proceeded to try to lick her other cheek.

"That's...that's taken as well by Zwei. Sorry Fenrir but both my cheeks are taken by Zwei. Hehe." Sadly, Yang couldn't help herself make another joke. "Well except between those cheeks...hehe ...wait, Fenrir. Stop!"

Yang attempted to lean away as Fenrir attempted to lick the middle of her face. "That was a joke Fenrir! Guys...a little help here?" She attempted to lean further back as Fenrir tried to lick her.

Thankfully Fenrir stopped.

"Huh? Oh, thanks, sis." Yang said once she saw that Ruby had her arms wrapped around Fenrir holding him back. "Now on the count of three, we'll pull Fenrir off...uh Ruby?"

Ruby didn't say anything as she then placed her legs over Yang's stomach before activating her semblance which yanked Fenrir off of Yang in spite of his strength in a flurry of rose petals.

And quickly proceeded to crash into the wall behind her with Fenrir sandwiching her before falling on the floor with Fenrir lying on top of her with his back facing her. Yang crashed into the other wall of the kitchen.

"Ouch, Ruby..give a warning next time." Yang rubbed the back of her head before looking at her sister...who was flailing her limbs around as Fenrir was lying unconsciously on top of her.

"Ruby!" Yang quickly went over to her sister.

As she was doing this, a black-haired faunas girl had slowly begun to register what happened. Upon realization, a knowing smile graced her lips as she walked towards her partner to lift Fenrir off Ruby.

"Well, it looks like Ruby is growing up into a woman. Staking her claim and all."

That day was never spoken of as Fenrir quickly made them all swore to keep it quiet. Yang, in particular, was forced to never get those Anise seeds near him.

Blake was the only one who looked fondly back on that particular day and how it brought her favorite story to life.