The sun was setting as another Academy day slowly ended. The library grew silent as one by one the future defenders of Remnant wrapped up whatever they were doing and began to head back to their dorm rooms.

As the students began to leave, the librarian seated at the entrance to the hub of knowledge stretched her stiff arms and back. She was glad that the day was finally over, hours of sitting down, checking in and out books can do that to you. She began to walk away when the great door of the library began to creak open before quickly shutting close behind the person entering.

Curious as to who would come to this late hour, she turned to greet the person coming only to freeze like a deer in headlight ls before quickly composing herself as it was none other than Beacon's Alpha. One whom she grew familiar with as he was a surprise regular at the library. Many students had changed their library visiting hours since then, only coming when he wasn't around. She then slowly spoke up to greet his sudden arrival.

"Um, hello...if you need to check out a book, I'm afraid you'll...have to...come back... tomorrow?" She let out weakly, fearful that the ferocious monster behind the faunas skin might lash out at her. Thankfully, Oum above, that didn't seem to be the case as the beast in question merely shook his head.

"No, I was wondering if I could still use the computer here?"

She quirked a brow at that request, wondering what a beast like him would use the computers for, much less even search up something on the dust net. Then again, him even knowing how to use the local computers was even more baffling given how he seemed to know how to use it slightly better than a typical grandma.

Even so, she didn't push him on it preferring to end this interaction as soon as possible. She then gestured around the corner where some computers were. Ozpin's pet simply thanked her and walked away. Once he had rounded the corner, the librarian let go of a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"That went better than expected." Remarked the gentle voice that accompanied the Alpha's mind. "At least she didn't run like some non-huntsman workers."

"I wouldn't think so." Came Fenrir's reply in his mind. "It's not like she thought she could outrun me. Besides, I've seen them freeze up too much."

"Well, don't think this isn't an improvement. I'm sure your frequent trips to the library will show her you aren't what she thinks you are."

Fenrir ignored that, however, as he sat down on the computer and began to pull up the dust net.

The voice simply gave a soft giggle. "So, any idea on what you have planned for your date?"

Fenrir mentally growled but simply said nothing as he focused on typing, an act he was slowly getting used to, but it was still tricky with the added issue of hand cramps after a few minutes of use.

"How do those dustlings stay glued to these things for hours anyway?"

It had been a week since the Beacon Dance since the Alpha took Ruby to dance on the floor much to the shock of Team's RWBY and JNPR and the student body, and to the disgust of some. The Alpha and Ruby didn't care much about what everyone thought at that moment, they simply wanted to enjoy the dance.

However, it was also the penultimate moment when Fenrir realized his feelings for Ruby and Ruby for Fenrir as well. So, they just kept dancing to the music even when everyone was gathered around looking at them. (Much to Ruby's embarrassment afterward)

Once Fenrir came to his senses, the tidal wave of negativity hit him. Like painless needles that pricked his mind. What made it worst was that most were being directed to Ruby in all their disgust, malice, and hate. It was at this point he made a swift exit from the dance floor with Ruby in tow much to her surprise.

A decision that earned him endless teasing from Nora, though a part of him was certain that was the right move in getting Ruby away from the scene. Regardless, him realizing he had feelings for a dustling made him incredibly guilty as it showed how far he was from the Alpha Beowolf he had been months prior.

And now here he was, 2 weeks later, looking up a suitable date spot for him and Ruby. Doesn't help that he wanted it to be a surprise. As for the idea for the date? Surprisingly Jaune. Though he didn't directly suggest it, Fenrir caught on from his failed attempts at trying to ask Weiss out for the dance. Moreover, he learned what not to do thanks to him.

Now, he didn't care much for Jaune's date life, but he did pity the guy every time he got shot down. (As Yang says even though she didn't fire Myrtenaster at him)

After half an hour of arduous typing into the computer, he was able to find what he was looking for, which was a bakeshop, or rather, bakeshops that were famous for their cookies.

Well, I think you should go to this shop. The soft voice spoke. It just opened recently so Ruby never came here before.

Fenrir gave a mental nod. Indeed, it was likely that it was Ruby's first time going to the shop which was called Ansel's Cocoa and Pastries. Also, he could see that they were offering a special where they were everything was being sold for a quarter of the price as part of its opening week.

That's good. Came the soft voice. Not that you care too much about lien but it's always good to have some leftover.

Fenrir scrolled down, scanning thru the review about the bakeshop as well the short biography attached. It was owned by a rising Faunas chief named Clementine Ansel. She was a Faunas who hailed from Vale but moved to Atlas to become a Master Baker. Her short biography indicated to Fenrir that her road to her dream had been her defy the odds and prejudice to get to where she was now. Fenrir couldn't help but admire that. Fighting and not letting others dictate to you about your dreams. A short excerpt told him enough about her.

"Oum above, I thank everyone who helped me get to where I am now. Though some say I'm only here because certain people wanted to show that they care about the Faunas, I say that I got here from my dedication and refusing to give up on my dreams. It was not pity that got me here but my two hands and the aid of everyone who believed and supported me."

"She came back to Vale to give back to the Kingdom that gave her inspiration for her dreams. Also, look at what her specialty is."

Fenrir paid closer attention to what the voice was saying to him...and then his eyes sparkled like a child receiving a gift. There he saw big chocolate chip cookies described as being some of the best in Atlas. Crunchy exterior with a gooey chocolate interior with plenty of chocolate chips mixed in. But what caught Fenrir were her creative takes on the classic.

One of her specialties was a cookie shaped like a shot cup that he saw at Juniors. Inside was lined with creamy chocolate before being filled with cold vanilla milk. Fenrir simply looked at the curiosity before realizing that it would work. Ruby did drink a lot of milk with her cookies, this would be a nice treat for her.

It also helped that she sold Strawberry cookies as well.

"Well, that settles it." He said aloud. "I'll be taking Ruby here. I'll just have to message her to meet me at the Bullhead tomorrow and then it will be all set." The Alpha got up to leave, fishing his scroll from his leather jacket as he began to type his brief message. Just after the Beacon Dance, Ruby taught Fenrir how to use his scroll's messaging feature. She figured they might need it after that night. Once the Alpha hit send on the screen, the message was sent to Ruby.

And barely 4 seconds passed before Ruby replied with a big Yes and a heart emoticon.

"Looks like someone was waiting for your message, fufu." The soft voice giggled in Fenrir's mind.

The Alpha in turn couldn't help but hold a small laugh. So, this is what first love is, huh?

It was an early Saturday morning as the Alpha was eagerly waiting in front of the bullhead. Fenrir was wearing the clothes that Coco bought for him weeks ago. Right now, he was thankful he got those new clothes to wear on, which puzzled Fenrir because he saw nothing wrong with what he wore every day, and yet now he wants to wear something else just because he was going out on a date with Ruby.

"Oh, relax. This is normal." The soft voice assured him. "It is your first date after all."

"And now your suddenly an expert on these matters?" After a minute of silence from his companion. "Huh, figures."

"Good Morning Fenny!"

Speaking of which, the Alpha turned around to the sound of Ruby's voice and was met by her wearing the casual outfit she wore during that time she and the rest of her team ended up fighting that man named Roman. Just the thought of that slimy thief who was the reason he was even like this in the first place would be enough to get his blood boiling. However, with Ruby, he couldn't be mad. She somehow looked even cuter now than that time.

Unbeknownst to the young Alpha, he was beginning to stare which embarrassed Ruby.

"Fenny!" The little reaper said as she partially turned away. "It's not polite to stare."

"Oh, sorry." Snapping from his trance, he quickly changed the subject. "By the way, Ruby..." Ruby faced Fenrir. "Umm, your even cuter today..." The Alpha trailed off as he could feel the air grow more awkward. Ruby's face became even redder, as much as a ripened tomato as her face became more distressed.


After that awkward greeting, the young couple boarded the Bullhead as it was ready to take off. Both were seated on one side of the still empty bullhead near a portal. A moment later and Ruby felt Fenrir stir a bit, turning to him, she could see that he was crouching down as though hunkering down.

It didn't take long for her to get the cue and soothingly rubbed his back.

"There, there Fenny." She said in her usual chirpy voice. "We haven't even taken off yet. I'm sure you'll eventually get used to the bullhead."

"Thanks, Ruby." He thanked her whale still hunkered down. "However, I still don't know if I'll ever get used to flying. I certainly wasn't made to fly like the bird brains."

"However, you got used to a lot of things these past few months. Even learning how to dance." Ruby's eyes lit up like the brightest starlight as she thought back to that almost magical moment at the Beacon dance. "A little bullhead isn't going to stop you." She cheerfully added.

"Hehe, Thanks, Ruby."

The hum of the bullhead got louder as it finally began to take off, though a couple of students got on to the bullhead as well. Upon seeing Fenrir, many just looked away trying to pretend that he wasn't there while others saw Ruby, the girl who was dancing with the monster back at the Beacon Dance and turn away in disgust. More than what they felt for the monster next to her. Fenrir wasn't oblivious to this and tried to move them further away from the other occupants though Ruby was insistent that they stay where they are, preferring the view near the portal and minding about the other student's thoughts.

"Umm, Fenrir? You haven't told me where we were going since we got on."

"It's, uh, it's a surprise Ruby. I spent some time looking for a place for our..." Fenrir was quickly cut off by Ruby's excitement, almost launching out of her seat.

"Ahh, so this is a date..." Fenrir quickly covered her mouth before she could finish. Turning around, he could see that they were already getting stares. Fenrir quickly went back to their seats and removed his hand from Ruby.

"Keep it down Ruby, they don't need to know that." The Alpha said in a muffled voice. Ruby nodded, almost forgetting that the fact that now they were under even more scrutiny than that time when those seniors confronted her team about Fenrir in the hall wall. However, as she thought about this, she realized something.


"What is it, Ruby?"

"You're starting to worry more about what other people think now, aren't you?"

Fenrir was taking a moment to digest what Ruby said. It was true ever since team RWBY and now Ruby herself got more involved with him. More attention and scrutiny were now directed toward them. That never sat well with the Alpha and it looks like it will be part of his and their time at Beacon as well. It made him feel the worst knowing that he made it worst.

Ruby could see that Fenrir was having a storm begin to stir beneath him. It was clear it was about the nasty response she was getting after that dance. Yang almost started a fight with one of those meanies.

"Fenny." The Alpha was snapped out of his thoughts when Ruby used that nickname on him. While he initially was embarrassed by it, he was starting to enjoy it, if not a little too much for his liking.

Ruby looked back at the other students who had now turned their attention away from them. It was clear, thankfully, that none wanted to confront them like before and wanted just to be on their way. Seeing that they wouldn't be bothered, Ruby leaned into Fenrir's arm until she was comfortable. Fenrir simply blushed like a raspberry at the out of nowhere gesture.

"Ruby? What are you doing?"

"It doesn't matter what those meanies think." She said softly as eased herself. "We both know who you are Fenny." Fenrir felt himself skip a beat at that. He could only give a soft chuckle as he gently rubbed her head. The Bullhead finally began to take off, heading towards the city proper. As Fenrir tried to distract himself with Ruby's head, a thought entered his mind as he began to laugh internally at his predicament.

"Hehe, I don't even know myself anymore Ruby."

After a quarter of an hour, the bullhead had arrived at Vale. Fenrir and Ruby quickly departed from the bullhead before the other occupants realized that they had left. A few minutes later, they came to the curbside, in the middle of the busy parts of Vale.

"So Fenny," Ruby said, now that they were far enough away from them. "Um, where is this place you want to take me to?

"If I told you right now then it wouldn't be much of a surprise, wouldn't it? Fenrir gave a confident grin. "Besides, it's not far from here. We just go down this road and we'll be there."

While Fenrir looked a little proud of himself, Ruby was understandably a little concerned since he wasn't particular about the place they were going. "Um, I don't mean to be rude Fenrir you know which way to go? You weren't clear about it."

"No worries." The Fenrir quickly said too quickly. "I got familiar with the city since Ozpin gave me more leeway." He said proudly. "I know it as well as the Emerald forest now."

"To be fair, you know the city rooftops better than the street." The soft voice quickly interjected.

Ignoring his internal companion's remarks, Fenrir looked to see if Ruby at least believed him.

She simply gave a soft giggle. "Okay Fenny, then let's go."

As Fenrir began to lead her to the bakeshop, he felt something warm grasp his hand, sending a shock through him. He looked down to see Ruby grasping it before she leaned in closer to him.

Fenrir thought about speaking up on the gesture but stopped himself instead. There was a lot about human gestures he didn't get but for this one, he just decided to roll with it as they both went to the bakeshop, Ansel's Cocoa, and Pastries.

A lengthy line of people was outside a Bakeshop of Ansel's Cocoa and Pastries waiting for it to open. Just outside, they could already smell the scent of freshly baked pastries. It had been a successful opening week for the master baker, Clementine Ansel. Reception had been glowing, to say the least, and the word was spreading fast about her little pastry shop. However, she was a renowned pastry chef who was trained in Atlas. With that prestige, she was bound to make the news. Speaking of which.

"My, my, another crowd like yesterday. It certainly delights my heart to see lots of people who enjoy my work. It looks like this little bakeshop will be a success!"

"Yes, ma'am but." One of her assistants, a faunas with droopy dog ears, came up to her. "Do you think that man from yesterday will be back?"

"Hmph! That man could learn a few manners before he ever thinks of stepping into my store ever again. Who did he think he was harassing my staff!" Ansel said arms crossed over her chest. "I will not tolerate such crude behavior!"

"But, madam, I'm worried he might go through with his threat about coming back here with more of his friends to..." She coughed, feeling very uneasy about what she was about to say. "teach us dirty animals their rightful place." Her hands began to fidget more as she had an inkling feeling that he might be a member of the infamous Red Hand that had been kidnapping Faunas in Vale and selling them into slavery.

"Don't worry my dear." Ansel placed her hand over the shoulder of her assistant. "Even if that thug were a Red Hand Barbarian, those hoodlums wouldn't be so bold to try to vandalize a shop near one of Vale's more populous streets. I picked this spot for a reason."

She wasn't unaware of the Red Hand when she opened her shop this week. She saw that they tend to harass areas that were easy prey for them. Lesser-known streets and backwater districts that the police weren't keen on patrolling regularly. Besides, those places weren't the most suitable for a business either so there was that.

A moment later and a ringing went off on Ansel's watch. "Oh Maida, it's time for us to open up shop. We can't keep our customers waiting. We now have regulars." Ansel happily clapped as she got Maida as well as her other assistants to open her store.

"Wow, Fenrir! Is this it!?" Ruby exclaimed when they arrived at the place Fenrir took them to. It was a bakery that looked like it had opened recently with banners exclaiming Grand opening! on the front of the store. After examining it, she quickly realized the store.

"Wait! Is this Ansel's Cocoa and Pastries!" Ruby said in even more childlike glee. "Fenrir! This is the best place you could have picked!" The little huntress's excitement grew as she began to start jumping like a child. Her antics already attracted the attention of the customers who were closest to them.

Fenrir sweat dropped a bit at Ruby's behavior. Even though she wanted to be treated like a grown-up, she still acted like a kid from time to time. Though Fenrir enjoyed it a lot. It gave him a lot of teasing material to throw towards Ruby afterward. Also, she was cute every time.

"Yup, I spent time looking for a good spot. Found that they sold great cookies and just recently opened so I figured this would be a good pick. I guess you like it, huh?"

"Like it? I love it Fenny! I..." Ruby suddenly stopped as realization suddenly hit her. Ansel's was opened by a master baker from Atlas. They were expensive compared to other bakeries as a result. She had been saving up to go here one day with Yang.

Fenrir quickly noticed what Ruby was thinking and reassured her.

"Heh, don't worry Ruby. I got some lien her saved up." He padded his pocket. "The part-time job at Junior's pays well, at least that's what Yang told me."

Ruby remembered the day Jaune, Yang, and everyone found out that Fenrir got a part-time. They were all dumbfounded that Fenrir got won. Yang had a big laughing fit when she found out that it was the club, she trashed months ago before they both went to Beacon. Once she was done laughing, she kept trying to squeeze out free drinks Fenrir ever since.

"Well, let's go. It looks like they're opening up." Fenrir said as he pulled Ruby into the shop as it began to open. Ruby gave a small yelp of surprise at this. She saw his tail and saw it swinging like how Zwei would when he was excited. From this, she realized that Fenrir was thrilled about their first date.

She gave a warm smile at the tall figure that was taking her inside the shop. A figure that was becoming more and more like a teenager his age.

The inside of the bakeshop was very cozy and homey. One part had a display case where baked goods were displayed and behind it was the kitchen where the smell of fresh pastries wafted the area. The other space was occupied by tables and chairs where customers were seated. They quickly picked a seat. It didn't take long for the waitress to come to their seat. She was a petite woman with hazelnut hair and emerald eyes. Besides that, she was a plain woman and didn't stand out apart from her maid like working clothes showing that she worked there.

"Good morning and welcome to Ansel's, may I take your order?" She said in a cheery voice.

"I would" Ruby poked her head into the menu, scanning it with more attention and focus than she did on her schoolbooks at Beacon. A minute passed of Ruby occasionally looking up to give her order only to have second thoughts and going back into the menu. Fenrir could only huff as he waited for Ruby to finish. He turned to the waitress who was starting to get impatient. Eventually, Fenrir went to order for both.

"Two sets of Ansel's signatures please."

"Ansel's special?" Ruby poked up from her menu. "Yeah, her special. Gooey chocolate chip cookies the size of saucers served with vanilla milk in cookies shaped like shot glasses with chocolate lining." The Alpha had a special twinkle in his eye.

"Ah, really Fenrir? I'll be having that as well please."

"My, my. I another signature order then." She said as she jotted down their order.

"Huh?" The couple said in unison.

"Ah, you see we haven't put Miss Ansel's signature in the menu, yet her signature was so famous that many customers asked for it even though it wasn't on the menu. So now we've begun serving it as well."

"Heh, heh, I just read about it when I found out about this bakery on the dust net," Fenrir said bashfully, giving his left ear a light scratch.

"The Good news is that we have a fresh batch baked up. I'll be serving them shortly." The waitress gave a small bow. As she left, Fenrir felt himself ease up before looking back at Ruby, only to be greeted by Ruby looking at him oddly. It was the look she had when Ruby let her mind wander in Professor Port's class.

"Ruby? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Oh, nothing Fenny."

The Alpha was confused but decided to just ignore it, yet another curious human thing he'll understand eventually. A few minutes passed and the smell of freshly baked cookies approached their table. The waitress from earlier had a tray neatly balanced on her hand before gently placing it on their table with Ansel's Signature.

Both their eyes lit up as they quickly picked up their two large cookies.

"Cool, it even has heart-shaped chocolate stripes on it!"

"Of course, it's our couples special…"

"Sacre Bleu!"

The sound of shattering glass interrupted the cozy atmosphere as a fauna wearing a chef's hat ran out of the shop. A glance at the source of the noise showed that someone threw a rock at the window display. The waitress that was with Ruby and Fenrir quickly went after the chief. she was then followed by a faunas waitress with droopy dog ears.

"Semolina! wait up!"

"Fenrir? What was that? Who would shatter the window of a store like this?" Hearing no reply from her partner, she turned to him only to see Fenrir's face quickly furrowed in a scowl that he typically wore. His ear twitched as though he was trying to pick something up.

" Fenrir is something wrong!?" Ruby said as she became more alert.

The Alpha in question had just sensed that a large source of negativity had appeared outside the shop. Full of malice and hate, at a combination that had become all too familiar to him.

"Dammit! Why did they have to show up."? Fenrir cracked his knuckles as he readied himself for what was going to do to those bastards.

"Ruby. Stay here. I'll handle this." The Alpha got up from his seat as he slowly when to the front of the shop. Claws at the ready.

Ruby didn't sit around and followed him.

"Wait Fenrir!"

Outside, five thugs were brandishing clubs, axes, with the ringleader armed with a crude short sword. On his other hand were a couple of rocks indicating that he was the one who shattered the display window of Ansel's bakery. He had a smug grin on his face, satisfied at what would be the start of their "renovation". His other companions were looking eager and restless. Weapons ready to show the filthy faunas owner who was the boss around here. Speaking of which.

"Savages! You have a lot of nerves coming here to vandalize my store and even threaten my customers. Get out of here before I call the police. You vermin are nothing but cowards attacking the weak."

Ms. Clementine Ansel was in front of her store, livid at the Red Hand thugs who wanted to vandalize her establishment like what they did with many others for simply serving faunas. However, the ringleader that she threw out days ago didn't look the least bit threatened. If anything, the cocky look on his face only grew.

"Oh, would you look at that boy, she's going to call the cops. I'm practically shaking already." The others chortled, unfazed at miss Ansel's threat.

"Don't think I'm not serious. I already asked one of my assistants to call them before going out here to meet your sorry faces. You should leave before the police make your faces even more hideous than a Beowolf!"

"Haha, I guess we should tell her boys." The ringleader pointed his sword at her. Her Assistants, Semolina and Maida, were by her side unfazed at the thugs before them but they were equally worried about his reactions. There was something wrong here.

"Our friends got word that the cops just discovered a big cell of White Fang on the other side of the city. Heard it was so big that they were sending every available officer into the operation. Haha." His other goons chuckled with him.

"Wha-what do you mean? You're bluffing!" Ansel accused.

"Believe what you want, the cops aren't coming today. Too busy arresting and cracking your filthy skulls." With a signal, his crew began to move forward, their weapons ready to beat down the master chief.

"Oh Oum...Semolina, Maida, get back into my shop and get the customers out through the back door." The chief said frantically. As she turned her back, one of the thugs lunged at her with his club.

"Madam, Behind you!"

Ansel froze as she realized her mistake and waited for the inevitable blow to come. She had not even unlocked her Aura, thinking that a chief would not need such a thing. However, instead of the crushing blow of her back giving under a club, she felt a sudden freezing draft followed by a pained scream of the thug.

She turned around, only to see the back of a towering blue-haired Wolf Faunas. On the ground next to him was a club while the thug who held it was now sprawling over the pavement ten meters from him.

"Qu'est-ce que c'est?" Was all Miss Ansel could say as she was dumbstruck at what happened.

"Semolina, do you know what happened?"

"Madam, I'm as flabbergasted as you. It all happened so fast. One moment that goon was charging at you and in the next moment, one of the customers I was serving had appeared in front of you and knocked him to the curb."

As they were processing the events that transpired, Maida was quick to get over her surprise as she quickly realized who were boss' savior was. "My Oum, it's him. The Faunas who saved those people at that abandoned dock."


"Semolina, it's him. The one whom my cousin told me about weeks ago."

"You mean, the same one that saved him and those faunas?"

As they talked, Ruby quickly came to the side of Ms. Ansel. "Um, Miss Master Chief, Miss, are you all, right?"

"I'm fine dear, but I'm more worried about him. Those thugs are going to surround him."

"Not if I can't help him."

As Ruby began to call her trusty Crescent Rose, she was interrupted by Fenrir who was in a ready stance. "Don't waste your time with them Ruby, let me handle them. Trust me on this, they aren't worth the effort."

Ruby was surprised at what Fenrir said but decided to trust him as she began to get Ms. Ansel and her waitresses away from the ensuing brawl.

"You got a lot of nerves attacking us you mangy dog." The ringleader said as now he pointed his sword at the blue faunas. His pal who got smacked earlier to the ground, quickly rejoined his gang, preparing to dish out some payback for earlier while he was unarmed. Fist in a ready stance.

"Do you even know who we are?"

"Oh, I know." Fenrir snapped. "Moreover, you just interrupted a good day for me." The Alpha cracked his knuckles, readying himself to beat up these punks.

"Wait Jake, isn't that the Faunas Grendel wanted dead?" One of the thugs, a man with a battle-ax, said aloud. "The one who insulted his father's memory?"

"Ho looks like it's our lucky day. You won't be left alive once we're through with you. Grendel almost beat up one of the merchandises to death."

"What?" Fenrir said, surprised.

"Oh, he got so mad that he took out his frustration at one of the animals we caught. It's a good thing his mother stopped him before we lost some lien. Haha."

This remark simply incensed Fenrir as he roared, breaking off the small circle of four thugs that tried to surround him using his speed, leaving behind frost, and slamming an Aura charged punch in the punk's face. The ringleader didn't have time to react as the next thing he felt was the brink wall of another building across the street, crashing into it and leaving a crater on the side. A moment later and a shimmer appeared over him, showing that his pathetic Aura had already shattered.

"Wha...Jake!" One of the men cried out before Fenrir quickly appeared before him in frost, capitalizing at the shock advantage he had. He tried to raise his fist but was too slow as another Aura-fueled punch hit him squarely in the jaw, sending him flying into another thug knocking them both down.

"Fenrir watch out!" Ruby tried to warn Fenrir as another thug charged at him with his spiked club to his head. It was a close save from Ruby as Fenrir swiftly ducked from the blow before counterattacking with a fierce uppercut that sent him in the air for a few meters before landing back into the pavement forming a small crater. His Aura flickered to show that he was nearly done. Fenrir moved in to quickly finish him off, however, one of the thugs had enough of this and intercepted Fenrir with a blow to his torso from his ax. This knocked the air out of Fenrir as he felt his Aura blocking most of the Axes ' leveraged power.

As Fenrir was knocked down, Ruby grew more concerned, now internally debating if she should call in Crescent Rose and join in. Thankfully, these worries were quickly subsided as Fenrir quickly regained the upper hand when the thug tried to kick him, only to get his foot caught by the Alpha. Wasting no time, Fenrir swung him like a club in a display of his strength onto the other thug just as he was rising from the crater. The ground cracked more from the impact, quickly breaking what little Aura the unfortunate goon had.

Wasting no time, he grabbed the other guy on top and gave him a powerful right jab, leaving behind a frost trail as he flew into a lamp post knocking it down. Another flicker of light covered him before shattering, indicating he was out cold.

"Huh, pathetic." As Fenrir turned to deal with the two, he had knocked down earlier, he was quickly met with a sucker punch that dazed him before one of the thugs quickly restrained him.

"Let's see you get out of this you must." He was a lot stronger than the others as Fenrir struggled to escape from his bear hug. His other pal held his battle-ax in the ready, preparing to hack down Fenrir. At this swift turn of events, Ruby couldn't stand by anymore and quickly called in Crescent Rose. However, it looked like it was too late as the thug swung his battle-ax at Fenrir's face.


However, it was quickly replaced with a gasp of surprise as Fenrir CAUGHT THE AXE BLADE WITH HIS MOUTH, shocking everyone witnessing the scene. As Fenrir felt the blade get caught in his mouth, he quickly realized that it was a cheaply made ornament when he saw cracks form on the blade itself from the force of his bite. Seizing this opportunity, Fenrir quickly frightened them as he put more of his Aura into his mouth, crunching down onto the weak blade and shattering it.

"Sacre Bleu!, what in Oum's name is he doing!?" Miss Ansel exclaimed as she watched the fight. Throughout the brawl, the customers inside bean to check out what was happening, some even pulling out their scrolls. Ruby sweat dropped seeing that Fenrir might end up getting more attention than what Headmaster Ozpin wanted, which was specifically said to be none.

Maida, on the other hand, watched in awe at Fenrir's ferocity and strength as he made short work of the goons. "My Oum, no wonder he completely pulverized her face. He's an absolute beast."

Back to the fight, the thug with the now shattered battle ax walked back in disbelief at what was left of his weapon.

"What, what in the world are you!?"

This was quickly met with a swift Aura-fueled kick to his groin. While the other thug restraining him was distracted by what transpired, Fenrir broke his nose with a knockback from his head, freeing him. Wasting no time, Fenrir wailed at him with his claws mercilessly until his Aura shattered before tossing him aside. Not wanting to go any further than needed, not in front of the crowd in the bakeshop and not in front of Ruby who was watching. He then turned to the kneeling thug who was holding on to his aching groin. Swiftly, Fenrir knocked him out cold with a swift kick to the head.

After a minute and a half, it was over. Fenrir surveyed his handiwork after spitting out some stray fragments. Two thugs were knocked out near him; one was thrown into a lamp post; another lay cold in a crater on the pavement and finally the right leader was on the side of a building across the street. Satisfied, he took out his scroll, calling sergeant Barley.

"Fenrir? I'm in the middle of something. This better be important."

"I got five Red Hand goons here who tried to destroy a newly opened Bakery. It's called Ansel's Cocoa and Pastries."

"Another one?" Barley said in disbelief and a hint of irritation. "These guys have been coming out of the woodwork today, right around the time we had an important operation."

"You mean the one involving a White Fang Cell? Fenrir bluntly said.

"Ho-how did you find that out!?"

"These guys were blubbering on about that outside. Gloating on how the police had their hands tied."

"Why I'll be...I'm going to have to look at who leaked this out. Anyways, as you already know it will take a while before we can get someone over there to pick them up. In the meantime, try to tie them up."

"Ok. Also, I think you need more patrols here. I don't think that would be the last of them." But before Fenrir could hand up, Barley added.

"Also, Fenrir, we need to talk about Cobalt."


Sergeant Barley hung up the line. Fenrir put away his scroll before rejoining the others. Though he was more nervous after the conversation. As he began to speak.

"Um, do you have any rope around here?"

"Merci! Merci! I don't think I can ever repay you for saving my store and protecting my customers."

After the police finally took away the trouble-making hooligans, Miss Ansel was overjoyed at her place being saved. Maida and Semolina were busy cleaning up the broken glass from earlier. Thankful that it was that only thing destroyed. Fenrir felt a little bashful at the praise he gets, something he was at least taking in better. The young couple then went back to their seats, the other customers at least clapping at what happened today.

"Fenny, that was awesome!" Ruby said while having Crescent Rose in tow as her rocket locker arrived just seconds after the fight concluded.

"Especially when you caught that blade with your mouth and broke it like it was nothing!"

"It was nothing. That guy was swinging around a cheap piece of metal. It would have broken from a real weapon if he faced one."

"Well, on our next date let's go and beat up these baddies!"

"Um, I wouldn't agree with that Ruby..."

"Madame et monsieur" The waitress, Maida, was at their table serving them another one of Ansel's specialties. "This one is on the house, a thank you from Miss Ansel. Always know that you always welcome at Ansel's Cocoa and Pastries."

"Thank you very much!" Ruby exclaimed.

"Oh, and by the way Monsieur Fenrir." She began to address the Alpha directly. Fenrir focused his attention. "We're very thankful that you've been helping a lot in dealing with these savages and teaching them a lesson. If anything, regardless of what the police think, I'd say what you did to that blue-haired Red Hand monster was well-deserved."

Maida gave a bow before she was on her way to another table.

At the mention of Cobalt, Fenrir felt uneasy suddenly. Wondering why until he realized that Ruby never knew what he did to her. As much as she deserved it if not more, he didn't like the idea of Ruby ever finding out, much less the rest of Team RWBY and JNPR.

"Um, Fenny? What was she talking about?" Ruby gave a tilt of her head. "What did you do to that Red Hand she mentioned."

"It's nothing Ruby." Fenrir waved her off. "It's nothing for you to be concerned about."

"Fenrir, what did you do?"

"Look, it's nothing. Why don't we eat before it gets cold?"

While Ruby wanted to push him further, she decided just to leave the matter alone. She can trust Fenrir, right?

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