Screen Title: #iMeet My Brother

The story starts off at Apartment #22 where Sam, Cat, Dice, and Freddie are sitting on the couch watching the Zoey 101 episode "Time Capsule"

Freddie: I love this episode.

Cat: Me too. Michael is so hot.

Sam: It was nice for you to stay here for awhile, Freddie.

Dice: Yeah.

Freddie: Thanks. I got a few weeks off from college so my mom said I can come here. She was going to let me stay with Spencer but remembered that he sets everything on fire.

Sam: He still sets everything on fire?

Freddie: Oh yeah. Sometimes she wonders what it would be like if Carly was still in Seattle.

Dice: Your mom sounds weird.

Sam: She is.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Dong ding.

Dice: Wrong way.

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: Better.

Sam opens the door and a guy at the age of 19 is behind the door

Max: Hi.

Sam: Can I help you?

Max: I'm Max. Your long lost brother.

Sam: What?

Freddie: Qué?

Max: I know it's hard to believe but I'm your brother.

Sam: I'm calling my mom to see if this is true.

We now cut to Seattle at Pam's house

Pam: This is Pam. What do you want?

Sam: Mom it's me.

Pam: Sam? Did you get arrested again?

Sam: No. There's a guy at my apartment and he claims to be my long lost brother.

Melanie: Brother?

Pam: Oh hang on dear. We'll be at your place in 3 hours.

Sam: Who's with you?

Pam: Melanie.

Sam: Oh.

Pam: Yeah. We'll see you soon.

Sam: Okay.

Cat: How do you have a brother?

Dice: I thought you only had one sibling.

Sam: So did I.

Freddie: Is your mom coming?

Sam: Yes so is Melanie.

Cat: How is Melanie?

Sam: Well according to her TwitFlash update, she graduated college.

Max: I have another sister I didn't know about?

3 hours later, the doorbell rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: Come in.

Pam and Melanie walk in

Pam: We're here.

Melanie: What's this about us having a long lost brother?

Pam: Max?

Max: Mom?

Dice: She's your mom?

Max: Yes.

Pam: I haven't seen you since your dad and I divorced?

Sam: Okay someone tell me what's going on here?

Freddie: This is getting weird.

Melanie: Oh hi Freddie.

Freddie: Sup.

Pam: Sam, Melanie this is Max. He's really your brother.

Melanie: How did we not know of him?

Pam: When your dad and I got divorced, he got custody of Max and I got custody of you two.

Sam: Then how come there were never pictures of him?

Pam: He took them all.

Dice: I can't believe Sam has a brother.

Cat: Me too. I owe Trina $50 now.

Freddie: Why?

Cat: She bet me that Sam does have another sibling.

Dice: Is she the girl that wants to be a star even though she can't sing?

Cat: Yep.

Sam Puckett Facebook Update: So it turns out that Melanie and I have a long lost brother named Max. FEELING: Shocked

Max: So Sam I heard you did this webshow called iCarly?

Sam: Yeah I did.

Freddie: I was the tech producer.

Max: What's up with that Gibby guy?

Melanie: Yeah I want to know too.

Sam: No one knows.

Freddie: That's just how he is.

Sam: He's so dumb he gave Nora my and Sam's address.

Pam: Is she the girl who has a pet chicken?

Freddie: Yep.

Dice: She trapped me down a wishing well.

Cat: And me.

Max: I think I heard about that.

Freddie: I was told when she kidnapped Dice, you and Cat asked Nevel for help.

Sam: We had no other choice.

Cat: Yeah.

Freddie: You could have asked me.

Sam: But then she would have kidnapped you as well and force kiss you again.

Melanie: Max how old are you?

Max: I'm 19. I'm 2 years younger than you.

Sam: Oh. Have you been arrested before?

Max: No I haven't.

Melanie: Neither have I.

Sam: I've been arrested many times.

Cat: I have a song for her that has all the states she can't go.

Freddie: Hey Sam remember when you got arrested for shoving a hot chili dog down an ambassador from Mexico?

Sam: Yeah. You and Carly had to do the show without me.

Cat: I was wondering where you were.

Pam: I tried to bail you out before the show but didn't get to.

Sam: You didn't even know about iCarly until we went to therapy.

Freddie: If she didn't know about the show, then how did you get to do the space thing we did?

Sam: I told her I was spending the night at Carly's.

Melanie: How is Carly by the way?

Sam: Alright I guess.

Max: Alright well I gotta go.

Sam: Okay bye.

Melanie: It was great meeting you.

Max: You too.

Pam: Bye Max.

Max leaves

Cat: Sam your brother is very nice.

Dice: I bet that makes you sick.

Sam: Ehh.

Pam: I guess I do have to kids who don't have prison records.

Melanie: Weird. Some people do mistake me for Sam.

Sam: For real?

Melanie: Oh yeah.

Cat: Hey what did happen to her dad?

Freddie: He left when they were young.

Pam: I haven't heard from him since.

Sam: I bet he's in jail.

Everyone starts laughing

Cat: Good one.

Melanie: I think she was being serious.

Pam: Alright well I got to get back to Seattle.

Melanie: Me too.

Sam: Bye mom. Bye sis.

Pam: Bye sweetie.

Melanie: Bye.

Pam and Melanie leave

Freddie: Wow you never say bye to them.

Cat: Yeah you're normally "see ya".

Sam: Don't expect it too much.

Dice: I just still cannot believe that you actually have a brother that you didn't know about.

Freddie: To be honest I didn't know about Melanie at first because I thought she and Carly were pranking me.

Sam: Then he did finally found out.

Cat: Well your brother seemed very cool and nice.

Dice: That was nice for him to visit and reunite with you.

Sam: Yeah, I guess it was.

Freddie: Great Puckett reunion.

This is set in the year 2015