(A.N. I've finished My Angels and I have two separate stories that have been stuck in my head and I've been desperate to write them. One is already published, a oneshot called Always Be Their Angel and this is the second story, so here's Important Moments)

A few months after their graduation saw Troy and Gabriella getting Isabella ready for her first day of school. They had just finished moving into their apartment in California and it was now time for Isabella's first day. Gabriella watched somewhat wistfully as Isabella sat at the kitchen counter eating her cereal. The bittersweet feeling had rushed through Gabriella as her daughter had wanted to get ready all by herself that morning, having gotten dressed, packed her school bag and made her cereal. She felt somewhat relieved that she still got to make Isabella's lunch and double checked her bag to make sure that the little girl didn't forget anything, if only to feel that her little girl still needed her.

She felt Troy rest a hand on her shoulder and plastered a smile onto her face, kissing his cheek. "Good morning Wildcat, I better get ready so we're not late dropping Bella off."

Troy sighed as he watched Gabriella walk off to get ready. He knew she was taking it to heart that Isabella was becoming more independent, as if her daughter didn't need her but he knew that wasn't the case. He walked over to his daughter and kissed the top of her head. "Good morning Angel, are you ready for your first day of school?" The little girl nodded excitedly. "That's good Baby Girl, I know you're gonna have a lot of fun."

After Isabella finished her breakfast, the family got in the car to take Isabella to school. She held both her parents' hands as they walked into the classroom. As she saw all the kids in the room, she let go of Troy's hand to be able to grip Gabriella's with both of her own. Gabriella kneeled down to the girl's height and felt her daughter bury herself into her arms. "What's wrong Baby Girl? I thought you were excited for your first day of school."

She watched Isabella's eyes scan the room. "Too many people, stay Mama."

Gabriella closed her eyes and rubbed her daughter's back. "It's alright Angel, you're ok. Mommy and Daddy can't stay with you today but that's ok because you're going to make some new friends just like the ones you had at daycare. It's ok to be nervous on your first day Bella, Mommy was always nervous on her first day of school too." Gabriella could see the fear in her little girl's eyes as she looked at her, she caressed Isabella's cheek. "It's ok Sweet Girl, you're gonna have a lot of fun today I promise."

Isabella nodded and looked down at her clothes. "Do I look pretty Mommy?"

Gabriella looked at the purple dress and pink tights that her daughter chose and smiled. "You look very pretty Bella... Mommy and Daddy have to go to class soon Baby so can you be the big brave girl I know you can be?" Isabella nodded and Gabriella hugged her. "Good girl, Mommy and Daddy will be back to pick you up after school. Have fun today and remember Mommy and Daddy love you very much Sweet Girl."

"I love you Mommy." Gabriella hugged her and kissed the top of her head before releasing the little girl to say goodbye to Troy.

"Bye bye Daddy, I love you."

Troy hugged her and kissed her cheek. "Bye Angel, I love you too. Have fun Bella and we'll be back this afternoon."

As they walked out of the classroom, Troy pulled Gabriella into his side, hugging her. "I know it's hard to see her growing up Brie and you're starting to feel like she doesn't need you anymore, but she still does Baby, she's always gonna need her Mommy." She nodded and cuddled into his side, placing a kiss on his covered chest as they walked to the car.