Troy sat in the hospital room early in the morning. He looked to his right to see Gabriella sleeping peacefully, his hand still entwined with hers. He looked to his left and smiled with pride as his newest daughter slept. Arabella looked just liked Isabella when she was born, with Troy's blue eyes. He thought back to when they told Isabella that she was having a sister.

Troy and Gabriella sat down in the living room with Isabella. Gabriella was in the early stages of pregnancy and she was going to be showing soon, but they wanted to wait until they were past the three month period to tell Isabella, who would be the first of their family to know. Troy started off the conversation. "Ok Angel, your mom and I wanted to talk to you for a minute."

"Ok Dad." A now nine year old Isabella responded.

"We have some news for you, but we want you to open something first."

They handed Isabella an envelope. She looked somewhat confused as she opened the envelope and pulled out the baby scan photo and gasped. "Does this mean what I think it does? Am I going to be a sister?" When Troy and Gabriella nodded, she cheered and hugged her mom. "Oh my gosh, when do we find out if it's a boy or girl? When will the baby be born? Can I help choose the name?"

Troy and Gabriella laughed, the latter responding. "Hold on there Bella, one question at a time Sweet Girl." Isabella nodded and looked at her mother expectantly. "We're gonna find out the baby's gender in a few weeks, you can come if you would like. The baby will be born in about six months and of course you can help choose the name." Isabella was satisfied with the answer.

Troy spoke up. "Now we just want to make sure you know that just because you'll have a baby brother or sister around, that doesn't change anything about us being your parents. We're still going to love you just as much and be there whenever you need us. We're gonna make sure that you still get to spend plenty of time with both of us."

Just as they'd said, Isabella had come with them to the ultrasound when they found out that they'd be having a girl and Isabella was ecstatic to have a little sister regardless of the age difference. As he looked down at Arabella, he smiled as he thought of her name and the naming process they went through when Gabriella was seven months pregnant.

They all sat at the kitchen table to discuss names for the baby. "What about Grace, I've always liked that name." Troy offered first.

"I like Grace too but it can be kinda hard to match a middle name with, I've tried before." Gabriella blushed, making Troy kiss her temple. She looked over to Isabella, seeing that she was nervous. "Are you ok Baby Girl?"

Isabella nodded. "I'm ok, I have a name but I don't know if you and Dad will like it."

Gabriella stroked her hair. "Bella, you don't have to be nervous to tell us anything, you know that. What name did you like?"


Troy smiled. "That's very pretty Angel, but wouldn't you be upset that your sister has a name so close to yours?"

Isabella shook her head. "No, I kinda like the idea of my sister having a name like mine and I really like Arabella. We could call her Ari for short."

Gabriella smiled and hugged her daughter. "Ok then Baby Girl, let's call her Arabella, it's very pretty. What do you guys think of calling her Arabella Grace?"

Troy and Isabella smiled, responding. "That's great Baby."

"I like it Mom."

Gabriella nodded. "Ok then, if we all agree. Arabella Grace Bolton will be born in about two months."

Troy was drawn from his thoughts as Gabriella woke up and he moved to sit on the edge of her bed. "Morning Baby, how are you feeling?"

"Morning Wildcat, I can't believe it, we have two daughters." Troy kissed the top of her head in response. "She looks just like Bella when she was born."

"Yeah she does Brie, I love all three of my beautiful girls."

"I love you too Troy."

A couple hours later, there was a knock at the door and Isabella came in with Maria and Lucille. Lucille pushing to the front of them. "Oh my gosh look at her, I want to hold."

Troy laughed. "Don't worry Mom, you'll get a hold. But we have a special someone who gets to first. Bella come over here." Isabella smiled and went to stand beside the bed, Gabriella had shifted over and made some space on the bed for her oldest daughter. She gently placed Arabella into Isabella's arms and watched as the 10 year old's face softened looking down at her baby sister. "Arabella, meet your big sister, Isabella. You and Bella are gonna have a lot of fun when you get bigger."

Troy and Gabriella smiled as they watched Isabella kiss the top of the little girls head, whispering to her. "Hi Ari, you're so cute and I can't believe you're finally here. Mom and Dad are gonna be the best mommy and daddy for you, just like they were for me. I promise I'll be the best big sister."

Gabriella smiled and wrapped her arm around Isabella and her other gently stroking Arabella's hand. "I know you're going to be an amazing big sister Sweet Girl. Your dad and I love you both very much Bella."

"I love you, Dad and Ari too."

Troy smiled down at his three girls and placed a kiss on his wife and oldest daughter's forehead while stroking his youngest daughter's head.