Percy and Annabeth Fanfiction

Winter Cruise

Annabeth's POV

I couldn't believe my luck! I mean how often do you perfect scores for midterms and then get invited to go on a cruise on my Best Friends Uncle's yacht. Then your parents end up agreeing for you to go when you are going to be gone for a month on a yacht filled with crazy teenagers. So yeah, as you can see I'm very happy and excited.

Today was the day before we were leaving New York and to Florida, which is where her Uncle lives. So for pretty much the entire day I was talking to Thalia (A.K.A my best friend) on the phone while packing for the cruise.

At around five in the afternoon we were finished packing and we said goodbye. And as soon as I hung up my mother Athena called me down for dinner. I ate my dinner quickly as I would have to go to bed early so I can wake up at four in the morning so I can leave at five for the plane.

I was really excited about this plane ride because It's one of Thalias dad's planes so it would be very fancy considering Thalia's dad, Zeus, is owner of the biggest plane industry. I was also really excited about the cruise because Thalia's uncle, Poseidon, is owner of the biggest cruise line. Then there was also Thalia's other uncle Hades who owns the biggest underground industry.

That night I fell asleep with a big smile on my face.

The Next Morning

I groaned when my alarm went off, but quickly replaced with a smile as I practically hopped out of bed and rushed into the shower.

After a quick shower I decided to put on some faded blue capris and a grey shirt with an owl on it. Along with those my owl earrings that I almost always wore. Then I grabbed my bags which included a grey suitcase, grey duffle bag, and my grey backpack and placed them by the door.

I walked into the kitchen and made myself some cereal. As I ate I texted with Thalia.

Annabeth: So are you excited for the trip?

Thalia: Yeah! I can't wait for you guys to meet my cousins.

Annabeth: What do you mean by others? I thought it was just us going.

Thalia: Oh I forgot to tell you, I invited Katie, Travis, Conner, Rachel, Clarrise, Chris, Selena, and Beckendorf.

Annabeth: Yay! Now we have more people, but I am a little scared that you invited Travis and Conner.

Thalia: yeah probably not the best idea.

Annabeth: So when will you pick me up?

Thalia: In about ten minutes.

Annabeth: Okay talk soon.

Thalia: Okay, see ya.

I quickly downed the rest of my cereal and went to find my jacket as it was still cold in New York. Then I put on some black converse and that was when I heard a honk outside signaling it was Thalia.

I was just about to leave when my mother and father appeared and gave me hugs and a kiss on the forehead from my mom. I said goodbye saying I would call them when I arrived in Florida and then I opened the door and left then standing by the door and I swear I think I saw my tear running down my mom's cheek.

Once I was in the car I soon realized it was a limo so it pick up all of us considering there was quite a lot of us and I was immediately swept into a conversation with everyone.

"So you guys excited?" Chris asked.

He was received with a loud shout of yes's.

"Um Thalia," Selena asked. "Is anyone else going to be on the cruise other than us?"

"Yeah, both my cousins Nico and Percy will be coming to." Thalia answered.

I remembered Thalia mentioning Nico who was Hades' son and from the way she talked about him it sounded like she liked him. But I never heard of a Percy.

"Hey Thalia, who's Percy?" I asked.

"Oh he's my uncle Poseidon's son." She answered.

We continued to talk until we finally reached the airport where our plane was. We each grabbed our bags and because of Thalia's dad we didn't need tickets or go through security.

When we entered the plane it was huge with seats that turned into beds on the sides and a large snackbar in the center of the plane. It was very nice and it was all ours until we reached Florida. We all sat in seats with another which included Clarrise and Chris, Conner and Rachel, Travis and Katie, Selena and Beckendorf, and last but not least me and Thalia.

During the plane ride all we really did was goof around so when Florida came into view we were very excited.