When they landed in Florida everyone practically jumped out of their seats and rushed to their bags then ran out of the plane. The first thing we saw was a lady who looked to be in her forties with brown hair, chocolate colored eyes, and a very kind face.

"Aunt Sally!" Thalia shouted and rushed to her aunt who gave her a big hug.

"Oh, how are you Thalia dear?" Sally questioned.

"I'm good." Thalia breathed.

"Thalia, who are you friends?" Sally asked.

Thalia pointed to each of us as she said our names. "This is Travis and Conner who are brothers. Then Katie, Rachel, Carrise, Chris, Beckendorf, Selena, and Annabeth."

"Oh how nice to meet you." Sally said. "Well we better get to the car before the storm hits."

I looked up and sure enough there I saw dark clouds rolling in. So we all quickly loaded our things in the back of a limo and jumped in.

When we arrived the storm had started so there was a lot of wind, thunder, and lightning streaks could be seen from a distance.

"Don't worry about your luggage, we will get some people come get it for you." Sally called over the wind.

So with that we ran into the beach house and our luggage was carried by some others. Then we were each led to our rooms for the night.

My room was plain, but nice. It had white walls, a window on one so I could look over at the ocean, with a wooden desk, an office chair, and a nice queen sized bed with grey comforters.

I placed my bags down and took out my phone to call my parents. I dialed my mom's number and waited for her to pick up. It took three rings before she answered.

"Hey honey. Did you land?" she asked.

"Yeah and now I'm staying the night at a beach house before we leave tomorrow on the cruise." I responded.

"Oh that's wonderful." My mom said.

Our conversation continued on about me making sure I had everything and for me to call every other day. After fifteen minutes of talking she hung up so I put my phone down and walked to the window.

Outside it was grey skies with the occasional lightning or thunder, but what really surprised me most was seeing a boy with black hair fighting the winds to get a boat on dock. It kind of scared me how he was like one with the water while latching down the boat. I wanted to continue watching, but there was a bell signaling dinner time.

I quickly checked myself in the mirror then walked out of the room, down the stairs, and into the dinning room. Inside was Thalia, Sally, a baby, and two men already inside. I sat down next to Thalia and introduced myself.

"Hi I'm Annabeth." I said.

"Hello Annabeth." Sally said.

"May I ask who you are?" I asked.

"Oh my name is Triton." The younger of the two men said.

"I'm Posiedon and this is baby Tyson." The older of the men responded.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

By this time everyone else was down and started eating. I grabbed myself some food as well.

Halfway through dinner Thalia asked, "Hey Aunt Sally where's Kelp Head?"

I was very confused at that and from looking at my friends they were too.

"Oh Percy, he's right now battling the winds to dock a boat." Sally responded sounding the least bit worried.

"Will he be okay?" Selena asked right after a large flash of lightning flashed across the sky.

"Percy is fine. He does this all the time." Triton said.

Another ten minutes passed before Sally, Poseidon left with baby Tyson for bed. Soon we also got up, but headed to the game room. It had Pool, Air Hockey, and Ping-Pong.

Soon after we started playing the back door was opened and in came a boy who looked my age with a very toned tanned body and black windswept hair.

He was facing away from us so I couldn't see his face, but he looked like the kid I saw outside on the docks. Then I looked further down and saw he was carrying the biggest fish I have ever seen and he seemed to carry it like it was nothing.

Percy-as I assumed was his name-brought the fish into the kitchen and threw it in the gigantic freezer that was in there and then turned around.

I gasped on the inside.