The next morning I woke around nine in the morning and then took a quick shower. I dressed myself in blue jean shorts and a sky blue tank top saying, "It's Summer! Not!" Then I made my way downstairs. Everyone, but Thalia and Percy were downstairs eating breakfast.

"Annabeth dear can you please go wake Thalia and Percy. Thalia has the electric blue door and Percy has a sea green door." Sally called from the kitchen.

"Sure." I replied and ran off to find Thalia's room.

I found Thalia's room one level higher than mine. I knocked on her door, but I got no response so I opened her door and found her sleeping with her head dangling off the bed and her butt in the air. I laughed to myself and took out my phone to take a picture. Then I shook her awake telling her it was time for breakfast and then went to find Percy's room.

Then I finally found it. It was on the other side of the house on the second level. I again knocked, but no answer so I decided to shake him awake.

I walked into his room and gasped. His room was huge! It had sea green walls, a balcony, walk in closet, a very large bathroom, a king sized bed, but what shocked me the most was that there were stairs leading to an upstairs. Because of my curiosity I quietly went up the stairs not wanting to wake up Percy who was still sleeping in his bed.

When I got up there I saw a large couch along with a big TV. Then on the other side of the room it had a mini kitchen for snacks. After my exploring I went back down the stairs to wake Percy.

I found Percy sleeping soundly under the covers, but when I got closer I realised he was drooling. Usually I would say ew, but on him it was actually pretty cute.

"Hey Percy, wake up." I said as I shook him gently.

Percy moaned, but slowly opened his eyes.

"Come on, sleepy head. It's time for breakfast." I said.

"Breakfast. What's for breakfast?" He asked.

"Waffles." I said and then the next thing I knew was Percy in his closet getting dressed.

Seeing as he was awake I left his room and went to get breakfast for myself. When I got there almost all of the waffles were gone and for some reason blue, but they tasted amazing.

"Hey Mrs. Jackson. Why are the waffles blue?" I asked.

"It's an ongoing joke in our house." She responded simply.

Then I went over to Thalia. "Hey Thalia, when is Nico coming over for the cruise?"

I saw Thalia brighten when I mentioned his name. "Around noon and then we are leaving at one."

"Okay thanks." I said then finished eating my breakfast, went to my room and grabbed my sketchbook and sandals then went outside and to the beach.

I sat down on a bench and opened my sketchbook and began drawing the beach and then using my love of architecture to draw a nice little house beside it.

I wasn't sure how long I was drawing for, but I stopped when I heard someone say, "Woah, that's nice." I looked over my shoulder to see Percy leaning on the bench I was sitting on.

"Thanks." I responded. "What are you doing out here?"

"My morning swim, but I saw you drawing over here and my curiosity took over." He responded.

"Oh, well I'm glad someone other than my parents appreciate my sketches." I said.

"I think you would make a very good architect." He said.

"Thanks. I have always wanted to be one like my mom." I said.

"Well you definitely have the talent." he said and blushed a bit. "Well nice talking to you, but my swim awaits. You don't mind if I put my shirt here would you?"

"No I wouldn't mind." I replied.

Then Percy pulled off his shirt and I tried my best not to stare, but I failed miserably. He had a very tanned chest. Also he had a six pack that was very defined. I felt the urge to rub my hands all over his chest then in his hair and then kiss him.

"You like what you see." Percy joked while gesturing to his chest.

"" I said smartly.

"It's okay every girl stares when I'm shirtless. One time an old lady came over and started rubbing her hands all over my chest." He said and laughed at the memory.

I started laughing too. A little later Percy was walking into the water and began swimming laps. I had a very hard time paying attention to my sketch because Percy was a fast swimmer and yet still had a very elegant stride.

This went on for a half an hour before I heard Thalia scream, "Yes, Death Breath is finally here!"

When she yelled that Percy was out of the water faster than I thought was possible for swimming for a straight half an hour.

As he was putting on his shirt I asked, "Whose Death Breath?"

"Nico." Percy replied simply.

I grabbed my sketchpad and followed Percy inside. I talked with Nico and my friends for a bit before us all having to go separate ways to grab our bags. Fifteen minutes later we were boarding the cruise and it was huge.

I watched as Percy said goodbye to his family as only us teens and a few cruise workers would be with us. He seemed to not mind that his mom was kissing him on the cheek in public like I would.

Then we left waving to Percy's family as we left them out of sight.