Screen Title: #TripleDate: #Seddie #Cabbie #Bade

Cat is seen putting on her dress from the Victorious episode Prome Wrecker

Sam: What you dressing all nice for Cat?

Cat: I have a date with Robbie tonight.

Freddie: Oh where you guys going?

Cat: He's taking me to Bots. I'm a little nervous though.

Sam: Why?

Cat: Because what if Robbie asks me questions I don't know. What if I slip up and say the wrong thing?

Jade and Beck walk in. Jade is wearing her dress from the Victorious episode Prome Wrecker while Beck is wearing a tux

Jade: Hey girls and Freddie.

Beck: Sup.

Sam: What are you two doing here?

Jade: Cat invited us over.

Beck: Oh you dressing up for your date with Robbie?

Cat: Yes.

Freddie: She also said she's nervous.

Jade: Why it's just a date.

Cat: I know but I'm still scared.

Sam: How about we make it a triple date?

Freddie: Yeah. Me and Sam. Jade and Beck. You and Robbie.

Cat: Oh yeah that sounds nice.

Beck: I like that idea.

Jade: We'll come to make you comfy.

Sam: Well then it's settled.

We now cut to Robbie who is putting is tux on from the Victorious episode Prome Wrecker

Robbie: I'm so ready for my date with Cat.

Rex: I'm surprised a girl is going out with you.

Robbie: Do you always have to be this way?

Rex: Yes. Yes I do.

Robbie: You're a demon.

Rex: No Jade's a demon.

Jude suddenly hears that and feels a disturbance

Beck: What's wrong?

Jade: I felt a disturbance. Someone called me a demon.

Back with Robbie and Rex

Robbie: Alright I'm off to pick up Cat. Don't wait up on me.

Rex: I won't.

We cut back to Apartment #22

Cat: Oh Robbie is on his way.

Sam walks out and she's wearing her dress from the iCarly episode iWas a Pageant Girl

Jade: Nice dress.

Sam: Thanks.

Freddie walks out as he's wearing his outfit from the iCarly episode iSpeed Date

Cat: Freddie you look nice in that outfit.

Beck: Yeah.

Freddie: Thanks.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Robbie walks in

Robbie: I'm here.

Cat: Hey Robbie.

Robbie: Why's Sam and Freddie dressed all nice?

Cat: They're coming with.

Jade: We made it a triple date.

Robbie: That's cool.

Beck: Should we head over?

Sam: Let's go.

We now cut to Bots

Beck: Dang this place is so cool.

Sam: I know right.

Freddie: Let's sit at this table.

Cat Valentine TheSlap Update: On a triple date with Sam, Freddie, Robbie, Beck, and Jade. FEELING: Nervous

Robbie: So Cat you look very nice.

Cat: Thanks Robbie you do to.

Tandy hands them their food

Sam: Hey robot, take our picture will ya?

Tandy: Sure I'll take your picture.

Sam: Huddle in.

Tandy takes the picture

Freddie: We look nice.

Beck: Yeah.

Jade: Sam send me that pic. I'm totally posting it on TheSlap.

Freddie: What's TheSlap?

Beck: It's our school website.

Freddie: Oh yeah you all go to Hollywood Arts.

Cat: You should join Freddie.

Freddie: Well if I didn't graduate already from Ridgeway, I would.

Sam: I sometimes come to visit. They have this one teacher that's dressed like a clown.

Robbie: Sikowitz?

Sam: Yeah him.

Jade: Even though he's dressed like a hobo, he lives in an apartment.

Cat: We've all been to it.

Sam: You have

Robbie: Yeah he had us spend the night and we each had to play a character and stay in that character.

Freddie: Who won?

Beck: Tori did.

Jade: Obviously. She gets everything.

Cat: These nuggets are so good.

Freddie: I love these pork fingers.

Sam: Mama loves her chili.

Beck: I still can't believe they build this restaurant close to the beach.

Robbie: Hey Beck remember when we got trapped in your RV?

Jade: Don't remind us. I sweated for the first time and it was gross.

Freddie: What do you mean you sweated for the first time?

Beck: Jade never sweated before.

Jade: Until that incident happened.

Sam: So Cat are you still nervous?

Cat: No I'm having fun.

Robbie: Me too. I had a long talk with Rex about it before I came.

Sam: Aren't you too old to be having that puppet?

Robbie: Rex is not a puppet.

Sam: Yeah he is.

Beck: Don't argue about it please.

Jade: We get enough of this at school.

Robbie: Sorry.

Tandy hands them their check and they head back to the apartment

Beck: That was a fun night.

Jade: You're still going to send me that pic, right Sam?

Sam: Yep. I'm sending it to you right now.

Jade: And now to post.

Jade West TheSlap Update: Went on a triple date with Sam, Freddie, Cat, Robbie, and Beck. It was amazing. FEELING: Happy

Robbie: I had fun on my date Cat.

Cat: Me too.

Robbie: Can I ask you something?

Cat: What?

Robbie leans in and kisses Cat the same way he did in the Victorious episode One Thousand Berry Balls

Robbie: I love you, Caterina.

Cat: I love you too, Robert.

Sam: You're full name is Robert?

Robbie: Yes.

Jade: Ha Robert.

Beck: You already knew his name is Robert.

Jade: I know. I just like to make fun of it.

Hope you enjoy my Seddie, Cabbie, and Bade story.

Endurance obilo I know you keep telling me that I should bring back Steven Carson into my Sam & Cat fanfics. But the problem is, I already used him back in 2019. Just check out my old stories from 2019. Plus I did have him die in my Sam & Cat fanfics since he was a jerk for being a double cheater pants. I will use him for an iCarly/Victorious crossover where he teams up with Nora, Nevel, Chuck, and Chip. My stories between iCarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat do take place in different timelines so I'll use him where he teams up with the iCarly haters and they kidnap the iCarly and Victorious gang. It'll be taking place a few says after iParty with Victorious. Also I know you're also telling me to bring back Fred from iCarly into the Sam & Cat fanfics too, but he wasn't really a part of iCarly. He was just a guest star and his name isn't Fred. It's Lucas. But I'll do my best to use him. I'll just use him as an original character.