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Raven was making her way back from the kitchen when she heard coughing from the top of the hall. She could hear him coughing, and she didn't even think before she found herself knocking on his bedroom door. There was a few more seconds of spluttering before a breathless response of 'Y-you can come in, R-Rae.' came. Knowing it would be unlocked, but would squeal at about halfway open, she phased straight through the metal door.

Upon entering, the girl found Beast Boy propped on one elbow with his head and opposite arm hanging over the edge of his mattress. There was a little blue ball in his hand. He gave her a smile and a weak 'hey' before rolling back onto his pillow and pushing himself up to make room for her at the foot of the bed. He chucked the ball up into the air and caught it again. She obliged, and tucked one leg up underneath her as she sat. Her other foot brushed back and forth across the carpet. They were quiet for a moment – him watching her, her watching the steam that rolled off the fresh herbal tea she held in her lap; focusing on the way it warmed her hands.

'Your cough isn't sounding any better. Do you need anything?' She knew he'd say no before the words had left her mouth, but she didn't seem ready to leave.

His room wasn't ever the biohazard it had been when he had first moved into the tower, but it was often messy. Right now, it was perfectly organised – just as Raven had left it that morning. It'd been two days, and she knew Beast Boy wasn't exactly enjoying all the fuss, but he didn't protest quite as much when it was her taking care of him. However, she couldn't do so with all that clutter – so needlessly to say had threatened to toss him into the bay (ill or not) if he didn't let her tidy for him. She had half expected him to have ruined it already, what with being confined to his room all day, but now she supposed that the restless nights his cough had caused were leaving him relatively bed-bound anyway.

'Couldn't sleep?' He asked. His voice was much more subdued than usual, and a little croaky too.

'Not with all that noise.' She smiled, and then her expression softened again. 'I couldn't sleep because I'm too busy worrying…about you.'

Her words twisted in his stomach. He felt guilty, of course, but it couldn't outweigh the warmth he felt from knowing she cared.

'Really, Rae, you don't need to worry so much. I'll be better before you know it – although I suppose you've not got a lot else to do, the tower must be really boring without me around.' Even the virus couldn't dampen his mega-watt grin.

The girl gave a short snort, 'Yeah, that's why I keep sneaking in here to check up on you.' His chortle abruptly switched to a choke, and Raven's hand awkwardly danced over his body – wanting to comfort him, but not knowing how. Once he'd caught his breath, she took a shaky sip out of her mug. 'Gar, you're not supposed to even be able to get sick.'

'Which is exactly why you don't need to worry, I'll burn this off quick. Honestly, the worst part is missing your scent.' He panicked for a second once he caught his words, but luckily Raven didn't seem to take it to mean anything other than his general sense of smell. In truth, the worst of it would be the coughing so hard he felt as though he would throw up, and that he was relatively sure that if he did his lungs might come with it – but he had thought a lot about how his olfactory senses were his favourite since getting ill. She gave him a tentative smile.

'That must be hard for you, your senses are a big part of who you are.'

Brush past it, quickly. 'Yeah, well, I'll be back to normal soon.' He reached across to pick up a clipboard from his bedside table and handed it to her, 'see?'

The empath flicked through the pages, which she quickly realised were all of Cyborg's notes from his checks on Beast Boy, as well as a list of recorded temperatures and some other data she couldn't quite decipher. She chewed lightly on the corner of her lip, making a very clear show of being unconvinced.

'Your temperature is still kinda high.'

'Nah, it's nearly perfect. I run a little hotter than most.'

She nodded at that, recalling the heat she often felt off of him during one of their brief hugs or when he sprawled beside her on the sofa, and then stood to place both the clipboard and her tea on his bedside table before sitting back down – this time directly next to him.

'Uh, 2 metres.' He mumbled, causing her to roll her eyes.

'Relax; if you were going to give it to me I'd be showing symptoms by now.' She placed the back of her hand over his forehead.

'You could still be a carrier.'

'Well then I guess I'll just be stuck here with you. How often is Cyborg asking you to record everything?'

'Every couple of hours, when I'm awake, he's taking this very seriously. He even keeps trying to get a bloody ventilator in here every –'

'And you will take one if you need to, Garfield Logan!' Raven interrupted.

'I would! I would! But I don't need one, I'm breathing perfectly fine, Rae.'

'You look –'

'Green?' He grinned.

'I was going to say pale, actually.' The young empath sighed, and dropped her hand from his forehead to turn and face him directly. When she crossed her legs the weight of her right thigh fell into his lap.

'You promise you're being honest with us?'

He reached forward and gave the top of her knee a reassuring squeeze. 'Of course I am.' He then dropped his hand, and gave a low chuckle when he noticed for the first time what she was wearing.

'I thought you would've thrown them away.'

The first time Beast Boy had tried to do the laundry without the help of Starfire, it hadn't completely gone to plan. He had managed to shrink everything, and as his clothes were honestly too ratty to be donated, and now too small for any of the other Titans, he'd left them in a basket outside Raven's door. The forest green t-shirt and grey joggers that she wore now had come from that basket. He also noted that they were still a little big on her, which was surprising as he was sure he'd managed to shrink them to almost her exact size, if not smaller.

She felt her cheeks colour as she responded, 'Save it or waste it, right?' and then took another sip of her tea in attempt to stifle the yawn that followed.

Of course, he caught it anyway. 'I'm fine, Raven, you can go to bed.'

'I'm scared you'll choke to death in your sleep if I leave.' Monotone voice; blank expression.

To prove her point, his laugh once again morphed into a painful-sounding cough, and he rolled sharply to the side in order to avoid spluttering in her face. 'Oh c'mon.' He groaned, still face down in his pillow, once the episode had finished.

'Maybe you should try not to laugh so much.' Said Raven.

'Quality of life not quantity of life.'

'Uhuh. Could you sit back up, please?'

'Yep. Give me a second.'

Garfield was faced with a bottle of vicks vapodrops when he did so. He reached for the bottle, and it was encased in a black cloud that floated out of his grasp.

'You don't need to do stuff like that for me.'

'I know, Gar.' Her right hand found his jaw, encouraging him to put his head back; he opened his mouth; two drops of the medication fell to dissolve slowly on his tongue. The purple-haired teen placed the drops back into the drawer she had retrieved them from, and then passed him her tea.

'Okay, I want you to drink this for me. It's lavender and chamomile – not that you can taste it. Honey and ginger would be better for your cough, so I'll make you some tomorrow, but this might help you sleep for now.' She paused, leaned forward, and placed a gentle kiss against his cheek as a dark vortex appeared behind her. 'Goodnight, Garfield.' She whispered – and then she was gone.

The green-skinned teen took a minute to blink away his confusion, and then a small smile crept across his features. He brought the drink to his mouth, and scolded himself for being juvenile when the thought that his lips were touching where hers had just been popped into his head. For the first time since being ill, he was grateful for the loss of his taste – he'd learned that Raven's herbal concoctions often smelt better than they tasted, and without that awful floral flavour coating his tongue he was better able to appreciate the sweetness of her gesture.

'Goodnight, Raven.' He breathed into the empty space.