The last thing she remembers was a huge impact. Hitting the water was as strong as hitting a large stone wall. The seat belts held her body from crashing into the dashboard. She felt quite good. Maybe a little bit dizzy. She felt the warm liquid flowing down her forehead. Blood was on her hands and the water was all over the car. It was terrifying. Jo started to panic. Instinctively she searched for Mac's hand to comfort her, but it was already under water. She immediately looked at him, repeating his name. His head rested on the steering wheel, back to Jo. She couldn't see his face, but she knew he was seriously injured. The water around him was mixed with blood.

- O my God, Mac! Hey!

She gently laid him on the seat. His limp head fell forward, spilled blood from his mouth. She covered her face with her hand, trying to erase the view. But Jo had no choice but to look. She had to act. Act for the two of them. She checked the pulse on his neck. It was still there. That's a good sign. Took her attention away from him to analyse the situation. The water was already reaching their chest level. She could felt the cold. Unfastened the seat belt, tugging on the door handle. The water prevented them from opening right now. Barely knelt on the seat, she looked at the back of the car. She needed something to break the glass. All she could found was a small fire extinguisher. She had to try. After a few strokes the side window cracked. What was supposed to help them, suddenly became their greatest enemy. The water was breaking in even more. She didn't have time.

- Mac we have to go! Come on. I will help you get up.

She tried to catch his limp body in a strong embrace. She didn't have to fight with his seat belts. During the shooting he didn't have time to fasten them. Now he will pay for this decision. Still, something was blocking his legs under the steering wheel. At that moment Jo allowed herself for another cry of despair. She was losing strength by herself, and Mac couldn't regain consciousness to help her. The water came under his neck level. Jo tilted his head back slightly to keep him out of the water as long as possible.

- Mac, I beg you. Wake up!

But there was just silence. She wanted to give up. There was no way out of this. She won't leave him. That was the only one she knew. Obviously she didn't want to die, but living with sucha a burden wasn't an option. She loved him. More than her life. With the last of her strength she approached the window and shouted.

- Help Us! Somebody!

Another wave of breaking water splashed her face. She choked. Jo was afraid to die here, but there was no escape. Not anymore. She approached Mac, hugging his limp body against hers. As long as it was possible, she kept his face above the water. Until finally she had to let go. Still holding his limp hand, Jo was fighting under the roof for her last breath. The last she heard was Don's scream. Jo took a deep breath allowing herself to be absorbed by the water. Before the water began to enter her lungs, she had the time to look at Mac one last time. He looked calm as if he was just sleeping. She wanted to remember him like that. No bruises, no blood and without death around them. Just his smile and peaceful eyes in her memory.