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"Jump and maybe you could get a quirk in the next life"


(Why could he say that to me?)

She stood there frozen, a crack could be heard, but only her could hear it.

Kac-Bakugou stood there with an angry face, snarling at her.

The book in the pond were forgotten by everyone.

Her eyes were lost and broken, somewhere inside her, something faded and something else expanded.

The clothes were little ruffled and some bruises forming.

Ka-Bakugou finally stopped, grunted and left, the others running after him and calling his name.

For a while she stood there, slowly step by step walked out of the classroom to the rooftop and laid down closing her eyes.

So long ago, a very distant dream popping up when she laid there.

?{Here ••••• take this..}

A little accessory with a chain were a crystal like piece inside of a rose.


Taking it with both of the hands, the person looked at the smiling faceless lady or perhaps it was not lady that was, but rather a girl. The other faceless people behind her was making happy noises.

The person kneeled down on one knee and bowing towards the faceless lady or girl, the long silvery hair draping down her face, she looked like a knight kneeling down to a princess.

?{May thy succeed..}

?[Thank thou ••••-sama]

Opening the eyes Izu couldn't see, everything was blurry.

Streams of tears ran down her cheeks.

"Why Kacchan?"

"Why had it be like this?!"

How many times she had gone home with bruises and wounds so that her mother wondered what happened everytime.

"For fuck sake!"

Looking up at the sky thinking maybe... maybe it was good idea to jump, no one will miss her, but her poor mother, her mother Inko will be devastated if she's gone.

Her father who she don't really socialize or remember anymore will acknowledge or even feel something for her.

Sitting up looking at the edge of the roof, her hand looking for the bag she instinct pick it when leaving the classroom, the hand scrambled in the bag until she felt something little in the bag and took it up.

Looking at the accessory from the dream laying on the hand.

"May thy succeed.."

She sighed, yes maybe she wanted to jump, so she stood up and walked near the edge and looked down.

(Not high enough..)

Izu backed away from the edge walking towards the door to outside school towards a high scraper she could jump off.

When she stands on the egde of a ve~ery high~ high scraper, she thinks every good and bad moments in her life, the joy of her mother and used to nice child Kacchan and when that time happened..

That time when she got an appointment with the doctor and that moment he mentioned quirkless, it crushed her life and the bullying began.

The accessory in the bag faintly flashing light slowly.

She sway back and forth on the egde.

The eyes were dark hooded lack of emotions.

~Yes~maybe~do it!~what are you~waiting for?!~

Izu sucked in and out loudly.

In and out

In and out

In and out

Izu didn't do it.

She backed away, how couldn't she do it?


Very long time she just sat there staring at the floor shaking.

At last she stopped shaking and went slowly up from the floor to the door and went back down to the ground.

Slowly Izu wandered on the street aimlessly until she bumped into someone a~nd it happened to be Bakugou really? bumping to him and meeting again on the street so shortly in the same day, it was hell for Izu.

Katsuki was very angry and annoyed at Deku earlier for been a hindrance to him, by being in the arcade lightened his mood and the goons chatted and laughed loudly beside him, by having been there for a long time it was time to go home.

They stopped when one of the goons wanted to smoke, he was annoyed and angry with them for nearly smear his good reputation.

When they nearly left the alley, something bumped him, he growled angry at whatever it was, what he saw was familiar yet not dead like eyes.


"What the fuck Deku!"


Izu said nothing

Katsuki was surprised or even shocked she didn't react.

"Say something Fucking Deku!"

She didn't want to deal with him, but he said many things and handle roughly with Izu right now that in the end Izu couldn't handle it anymore.



Katsuki stopped roughly shaking her back and forth.

The accessory pulsed and the light flashed more steadily faster and faster than earlier.

"I had enough"

Slowly one of the hands reaching for the bag towards the accessory.

"I can't handle it anymore"

"You are so cruel Bakugou Katsuki"

The hand searching in the bag again after *it*

Tears slides down of her face once again.

"Ever since I was a baby I looked up to you"

"More when I grow up, you was shining more"

"Until that day.."

She felt it and grabbed it tightly in the hand.

"Everytime you hurt me, I didn't wanted to admit your misdeed."

"You were my EVERYTHING"

Slowly she took it from the bag, they noticed but didn't care. Yet..

She opened her hand and Katsuki saw that beautiful accessory, Izu had the hand around the chain and the rose hanging raising it upwards toward the head.

She stops right at her temple her body shook.

"You are a monster"

"I don't love you anymore"

Katsuki and the others blinked, the moment they blinked the accessory wasn't accessory anymore it was a gun.

"I hate you"

She pulled the trigger.

In the pond the book is still laying there*

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