"You sure you wanna do this? No shame in backing out now." Gamma 2 said cockily, as he and Ochaco stared each other down, ready to fight.

Normally this would be done in the forest, however, Izuku was getting tired of having to fix the forest every time someone fought in it, so he had a new facility built.

The simulation room, or simroom for short, was a room that could be accessed by an underground stairwell.

When one reached the bottom, they would be met with a seemingly infinite white void. This was the simulation room.

The room could change its insides to any kind of environment, and simulate it perfectly. A city, a volcano, a beach, anything. You could even make custom environments for special training or relaxation.

This room was a combination of Midoriya Foundation tech, and tech they got from I-Island that had come from Chloe's negotiations. Had Izuku not had the connections he did, and if he wasn't currently the richest person in the world, building such a thing would be a pipe dream.

Currently, the room was simulating the city, and it looked like Ochaco and Gamma 2 were standing in the middle of the street.

"I'm sure. I need to get stronger." Ochaco said, with a determined, and slightly frustrated look on her face. She hadn't been able to push past 50% of One for All. Like she was stuck. Or there was something she was just missing. "I want to go all out during this fight! So don't hold anything back!"

"Well if those are my orders." Gamma 2 smirked and got into a battle-ready stance. "You better prepare yourself. Activate simulation!"

And then suddenly, everything came to life.

People came out of the buildings and started walking on the sidewalks, talking on phones, pushing strollers with babies in them, and there were even couples arguing.

"Are those…people!?" Ochaco asked, shocked by how crowded things got so quickly.

"Nah, they're just robots." Gamma 2 said. "Rember, this is supposed to be a perfect simulation. So people are necessary to simulate a city. And so are cars."


Ochaco then realized she was standing in the street of a now active city, and judging by that horn she needed to move, right now.

Activating One for All at 45%. Ochaco jumped up avoiding a speeding car that was just about to run her over.

The car was now speeding towards Gamma 2, who took out his gun and aimed at it.


The shot slammed into the car, making it explode and send shrapnel flying everywhere, and making the fake crowd stop in shock before they started screaming and running away.

"What!?" Ochaco didn't expect that sudden shift in tone.

"You said you wanted hero training. Part of that is making sure the civilians are safe, even when fighting a villain." Gamma 2 said. "And so far, not doing a great job."

Gamma 2 then aimed his blaster at the fleeing civilians and opened fire.

Ochaco rushed at the civilians, and took the shots, gritting her teeth as the energy shots slammed into her, burning and bruising her skin. "Everyone get away!"

She then flicked an air shot at Gamma 2's blaster, causing his hand to move and shoot at a building instead.

Ochaco rushed forward to try and attack Gamma 2, but Gamma 2 just jumped back and flew into the air, before unleashing more shots at her.

In response, Ochaco ran into one of the buildings.

"Not gonna work!" Gamma 2 said as he started shooting the building in specific places, causing it to collapse. "Come on, I was expecting more out of you."

And then, the collapsed building suddenly burst upwards, the pieces of it rushing at Gamma 2.

"Woah!" Gamma 2 blasted apart the debris that was flying at him, destroying it before it could hit him.

But that was just a distraction, using the time that trick bought her, she'd run out of the rubble and snuck up behind Gamma 2, leaping at him from behind, bringing both her arms together and slamming Gamma 2 down into the concrete so hard it made the earth shake.

"There we go. That's more like it." Gamma 2 grunted as he pulled himself out of the creator, jumping out of it just in time, as Ochaco increased her weight, and slammed into the ground hard, increasing the depth of the crater and making the ground shake once again.

"Release!" Ochaco brought her fingers together, and not only returned her own gravity to normal but also returned to normal, the gravity of all the rubble that she'd shot up earlier, which now came raining down on the entire area.

Gamma 2 flew up, through the falling rubble, and into the air, and Ochaco rushed after him, lunging at him and attempting to grab his foot. Only for Gamma 2 to move his foot back, and blast Ochaco square in the face, sending her flying down.

Ochaco removed her own gravity, turned midair so she could face Gamma 2, and then flicked the air behind her, sending flying back toward Gamma 2.

Gamma 2 flew away, and Ochaco followed him, flicking the air behind her while her gravity was gone, allowing her to kind of fly at the android.

But Gamma 2 was faster, and thanks to his mid-air stabilizers, he had far more maneuverability. He shot at Ochaco, who tried her best to dodge them by flocking herself around, but that way of moving was so clunky and awkward, that she didn't have a chance at avoiding all of them.

"Agggghh!" Ochaco cried in pain as the blasts hit all over her body. He's so hard to hit! I have to find a way to get closer!

Instead of flicking, she punched the air behind her, sending her rocketing forward at far greater speed.

But Gamma 2 reacted to this easily, ducking his entire body under Ochaco as she sailed over him, wrapping his legs around her head, flipped them, and them mid-air, and then started rocketing them up, high into the sky, before flipping them downwards and flying down towards the ground at max speed.

Ochaco fought to try and escape but to no avail.

Gamma 2 released Ochaco three-quarters of the way down, sending her plummeting head-first, towards a building.


Ochaco tore through the building like a bullet, blasting it apart as she crashed through each level, before coming to a stop as she crashed into the ground with such force, it caused the building to completely collapse on top of her.

Gamma 2 meanwhile, did a flashy flip toward the ground, landed on his feet in front of the now-destroyed building, and did a flash pose. "Behold the power of a gamma!"

Half a minute later, the rubble shifted, as Ochaco groggily pulled herself out of the debris.

Only for Gamma 2 to punch her right in the face, sending her flying back, but before she could get too far away, Gamma 2 grabbed her by the leg.

Gamma 2 raised her over his head and then slammed her into the ground.


Again and again, the android would lift her up and slam her back down, creating the ground around him with her face, all while holding his blaster with his other hand and charging it.

After half a minute of slams, Gamma 2 lifted her back over his head, spun her around, and then threw her into the air, before lifting his blaster aiming at her. "It's over."


A massive charged shot flew out of Gamma 2's blaster, right at Ochaco.

But before it could hit her, Ochaco managed to regain her senses just a bit, enough to touch herself and increase her gravity, causing her to fall to the ground, and letting the blast sail over her.


The blast sailed on, before hitting the invisible ceiling and shaking the entire fake city.

"Oh. Hopefully, that didn't damage the room too much." Gamma 2 winced, already knowing he'd get a dressing down from Gamma 1 if he'd done significant damage to the room.

Meanwhile, Ochaco slammed into the ground and lay in the crater she'd created. Battered, burned and bruised, and extremely disoriented. Her head and her stomach in particular were killing her. "Uggggg."

I only landed a single hit on him. How am I supposed to beat him if I can't touch him!? Ochaco felt a deep, burning frustration. How was she supposed to protect the city, her friends, and Izuku and all his kids, if she was losing this miserably? She had All Might's quirk so why was she struggling so much?

This frustration motivated her to push herself up, despite all the pain. If she was going to lose, she'd have to at least lose less pathetically.

While she was getting on her feet, Gamma 2 flew above her. "Alright, now it's time to end this, for real."

As Gamma 2 took out his blaster, but before he could fire, Ochaco delivered an open-palm strike to the ground around her, removing its gravity and destroying it, causing everything to rise up in a wave of dust and debris.

In the veil of this wave, she jumped over to another building behind Gamma 2 and kept at him from behind again.

Only to get kicked in the face, and sent flying back by Gamma 2.

"Heh, not gonna work twice!" Gamma 2 smirked as he aimed at her.

As Gamma 2 was charging the shot and Ochaco flew away, everything started to slow down, and Ochaco extended her hand out. If only I could just reach him.

Then suddenly, the lightning that normally crackled around Ochaco's body turned black.

And then black energy tendrils flew out of her wrist.

The tendrils wrapped around Gamma 2's arm, stopping his attack outright. "What the! Ack!"

More black tendrils rushed at him, hitting him in the chest and sending him flying into a building.

"W-What is this!?" Ochaco gasped as tendrils kept pouring out of her wrist, getting longer and wider, and wildly rampaging about. Slamming into everything around her leaving destruction in their wake, and flailing Ochaco around like a ragdoll. "Woah! Woah! Woah!? H-How did I turn this off!?"

"Well, first you gotta calm down." Said a gruff voice in her head.

"Huh!? Who are you! Why are you in my head!? What's even happening?!" Ochaco shouted out in confusion.

"I TOLD YOU TO CALM DOWN!" The voice yelled frustratedly. "My quirk isn't what it used to be! One for All has powered it up a crap ton! If you don't cool your jets you're just gonna keep destroying everything around you!"

"O-Ok weird voice in my head," Ochaco said. Why can't my life be normal for five minutes?

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. Think about calming things. Nice things. Playing with the kids. Eating Mochi with Izuku. Going out shopping. Calm down Ochaco.

It took a minute, but slowly, very slowly, the black tendrils started to calm and stop running rampant.

Eventually, the energy tendrils started to fade away, until they were finally gone, and Ochaco started falling to the ground.

Gamma 2 caught her in his arms before she landed. "Alright, I think it's safe to say this sparring session is over."

"Yeah." Ochaco groaned. She felt so much more tired than she did a moment ago for some reason. Perhaps it had something to do with those strange black things. "Ughhh. What was that?"

"Why are you asking me? Just because I'm an android doesn't mean I know everything." Gamma 2 said. "But I do know someone who does. Let's go see the doctor shall we?"

"Yeah…let's," Ochaco said, before letting herself finally pass out.


When Ochaco opened her eyes, she wasn't in a bed, or a lab.

But instead, she found herself in a black void, staring at eight thrones.

On those thrones were people. One of them looked kind of like All Might, but his body was covered in flames, making it hard to discern their identity. There were also two thrones that were empty, as two of the people who were presumably supposed to be in them were standing and looking away from her.

"We've been waiting for you since the ninth." Said a white-haired man.

Ochaco wanted to ask who they were, but she couldn't speak. She looked down and found that half of her body was covered in this weird black mist, including her mouth.

"You won't be able to speak yet. So just listen." The white-haired man said. "It's about time you've started mastering elements of One for All aside from just the power enhancement."

"We're talking about our quirks of course." Said a bald man wearing black somewhat baggy clothes, including a jacket, yet no shirt. "The one you just used was my quirk. Black Whip. It's a hell of a lot more powerful than it was when I used it, which means it'll be a lot harder to control."

"Which is why we needed you to reach this level of mastery in order to unlock it." The white-haired man said. "If we'd unlocked it for you earlier, then you'd have been unable to use it at all, due to the strain it put on your body. However, with the new threat that's arising, and All Might no longer able to use our power, we need to speed things up."

"All for One may have been defeated, but what he left behind is no less monstrous." Said the only woman among them. "I can feel it even now. The agony from All for One's many years of evil has taken form, to wreak vengeance on the world. You and your allies must put those remnants to rest."

"You're blessed with powerful allies, do your best to keep up with them." The white-haired man said. "Ochaco Uraraka."


"Ah!" Ochaco woke up again, this time in a bed in the infirmary of the Midoriya Foundation.

"Ochaco!" Izuku was standing over her, surprised to see she'd woken up, before quickly shifting to relief. "Oh thank goodness."

"What happened?" Ochaco asked, trying to get her bearings. She winced as she pulled herself up, as her body was still sore from the spar.

"Gamma 2 brought you to the lab for analysis, and a couple hours later you were brought to him," Izuku explained. "I already saw what happened by the way. I'm impressed you managed to get something like that under control so quickly."

"Me too," Ochaco said honestly, as she looked down at her worst. "Sooo. What did the lab find?"

"Something about your chaos energy signature has changed," Izuku explained. "They said it was like something had been, unchained inside of you, or rather inside of One for All. They still need to go over it more to find out anything more detailed."

"No, I think that confirmed something for me," Ochaco said. "Izuku, I think I'm gonna need to ask your help a bit more."

So the other quirks in One for All are being unlocked.

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