"This room is so big!" Fuahi said in awe as he looked at his and Fu's new shared room.

"Well, it's a room for two so yeah," Fu explained, as he finally moved the last thing in. "I told you he was super rich, didn't I? Anyway, what do you want to do now? The pool?"

Fuhai shook his head. "No! I can't swim!"

"You could learn?" Fu suggested.

"But what if I drown while I'm learning!" Fuhai gulped.

"I wouldn't let you drown. And I don't think you can drown." Fu said. "Your regeneration would probably stop it. But still, I wouldn't let it happen in the first place."

Fuhai shook his head. "Nuh-uh! Too scary!"

Fu sighed. "Ok, what if we played some sports outside."

"I don't have sunscreen yet," Fuhai said.

"Why do you need sunscreen? It's not that hot." Fu pointed out.

"But the sun's still dangerous!" Fuhai argued stubbornly.

"Alright so let's play some sports inside," Fu suggested.

"But what if I get hurt while playing?" Fuhai said.

"...You wanna read some books?" Fu relented.

"What if I get a paper cut?" Fuhai asked fearfully.

Fu facepalmed. "We can read using tablets or something, would that work for you?"

"...Ok. But can you read for me, I can't read yet." Fuhai said.

"Oh yeah, I taught myself to read after I died. Or I guess after you died." Fu said. "Fine. Sit down, I'll find something to read."


"Help me," Fu said, bowing before Fuku.

He'd ambushed her in the kitchen, before doing this.

"Huh!? What!? Help!?" Fuku was very taken aback by this. "H-H-Help with what?"

"Fuhai. He won't do ANYTHING." Fu groaned. "He's too afraid of doing almost everything because he's worried he'll get hurt somehow. He just stays in his room, never comes out, and just watches T.V. and reads stuff on a tablet. If I don't do something he'll spend the rest of his life stuck in his room, huddled in fear."

"O-Ok. Why are you asking me!?" Fuku asked, although she already kinda knew the answer. "Why not ask Izuku?"

"Because he's busy," Fu said.

"And I'm not!?" Fuku pouted. "I mean I'm not as busy as him but still…Fine. I'll help you. I don't think I can do anything about him being so afraid. I mean, he did actually die. But I can probably get him to go outside and stuff. Maybe."

"It's better than nothing." Fu shrugged.


"Ok! Are you ready to learn how to float?" Fuku asked.

"Yes, big sis!" Fuhai said, sounding nervous but ready.

This is ridiculous. Fu sighed.

The three of them were outside, finally, and ready for floating lessons.

Except they weren't using the regular pool. They were using a small, inflatable pool.

"Can he even float in that?" Fu asked Fuku, whispering so Fuhai couldn't hear him.

"Just barely. And more importantly, he can't drown in it." Fuku explained.

Getting Fuhai this far had been a difficult endeavor.

First, they had to lather him in sunscreen to even get him to go outside.

As for teaching him to float. First Fuku convinced him that he had to learn to swim. Telling him that if he did somehow end up in water, he'd definitely want that skill in order to survive. Playing off his paranoia a bit.

Of course, Fuhai was still hesitant to enter a body of water, so as a compromise, Fuku told him she'd teach him how to float first, and they'd use an inflatable pool so he couldn't possibly drown.

"Ok, let's do this," Fuku said, offering her hand.

Fuhai eagerly took it, and with Fuku's guidance, stepped into the pool.

"Alright, now just lay down, and relax," Fuku advised, as Fuhai started laying on his back, letting the water hold him.

Fuku could feel his grip on her hand tighten. Each time his body bobbed up and down in the water she could feel him grow more tense. "It's okay, the moving up and down thing is normal. Whatever you do. Don't panic. Take deep breaths."

"You're surprisingly good at this." Fu noticed.

Fuhai did as she instructed, and breathed in and out. Focusing on that instead of the water around him.

Eventually, he found himself continuously floating. Feeling as if the water was holding him up.

"I-I'm doing it!" Fuhai gasped. "I'm actually floating."

It's really not that impressive. Fu thought.

"Good job! Let's do it for a little longer, and then we can stop for today." Fuku told him.

"We just started?" Fu pointed out.

"Yeah but he's already done so much, and he must be really tired," Fuku said.

Fuhai nodded.

"And since you did such a good job, I'll make you your favorite food as a reward," Fuku promised.

Fuhai's eyes went wide, and a bit of drool came out of his mouth. "Spaghetti and meatballs?!"

Oh yeah, I forgot that was our favorite. Fu thought, briefly remembering their mother making it on a whim, and then regretting it as Fuhai asked for it almost every day afterward.

"Sure! Now just stay calm, don't move too much, and keep floating." Fuku instructed.


"Are you sure nothing's gonna explode?" Fuhai asked as he stood behind Fuku.

It was a day later, and the two of them were now in the kitchen.

"I get worried about that too. That's why I triple-check it every time I come into the kitchen." Fuku explained. "I check everything at least three times before I do any cooking. So you don't need to worry about it. Now, let's learn how to cook."

Fuhai nodded. Fuku had told him that there may be a time when he might one day end up without anyone to cook for him, so he needed to learn how to cook for the sake of his survival.

Thankfully, Fuku was fully capable of teaching him.

"Let's start with super simple stuff," Fuku said. "Do you like mac and cheese?"


When Fu had asked Fuku to help with Fuhai, he had expected maybe she could get him to go out every once in a while.

He hadn't expected her to get him to leave the room every day.

Literally every day, she would get him to do something outside, under the guise of teaching him "survival skills."

Teaching him how to swim so he could survive in water. Teaching him how to cook so he could make his own food if no one else could. Teaching him how to play sports so he could increase his reaction speed.

Although today's endeavor seemed…far fetched.

"Nuh-uh! No way!" Fuhai refused. "Camping is too scary! Forests are too scary!"

Honestly, Fu was starting to believe that Fuku was just testing how much she could convince him to do.

"Ok. I completely understand. Honestly I wouldn't want to go by myself. If it wasn't super special and important survival training." Fuku told him.

"Survival training?" Fuhai repeated, sounding both curious and a bit scared.

Oh, I have to hear this. Fu thought.

"So imagine this. You get kidnapped by villains, and they dump you in a forest to fend for yourself! Could you survive in a forest with nothing but your clothes!?" Fuku asked, seriously. "Can you learn to make fires to keep yourself warm and cook food!? Can you tell what kind of plants are poisonous and what aren't!? Can you!?"

"N-No!" Fuhai stuttered fearfully.

"Then you need to learn so you don't die in the wild Fuhai!" Fuku urged him.

Wow. That was…wow. Fu thought. He couldn't even begin to list the amount of logical issues there were in that. First of all-

"Ok! I-I-I'll learn!" Fuhai said. "I'll learn how to survive!"

Fu had to fight hard not to facepalm. Alright. I give up. I will never understand this level of paranoia. Guess I'll just roll with it.


"...I thought you said you couldn't read?" Fu asked as he saw Fuhai reading a bunch of books on his bed.

"Big sister Ji was teaching me, and I learned it really easily," Fuhai explained. "She said that maybe since I'm using your brain maybe some of the information is still there, waiting to be unlocked."

"...Yeah sure that might as well be a thing." Fu shrugged.


"Come in," Fu said.

Izuku opened the door, and entered the room, with a box in his hands. "Hey boys, I brought something for Fuhai."

"For me?" Fuhai asked, giving the box a curious look.

Izuku went over to Fuhai, set the box down, and opened it, revealing an Aegis Robe. "This is the same kind of cloak that I wear, to protect me."

Then Izuku tapped his shoulder, and the illusion faded, revealing that Izuku was wearing that robe, and was using a Mind Weaver to make it invisible.

"It'll protect you from most things. Falls, hits, whatever." Izuku explained before looking over to Fu. "Fu, would you mind showing off its capabilities?"

"Sure." Fu then shot out one of Kyosei's tendrils from his body, and wrapped it around Izuku, picking him up. Kyosei then attempted to squeeze Izuku, only for the cloak to fight against his grip.

Then Fu made some sharpened tendrils and tried to stab Izuku, only for the cloak to deflect them, the teeth closing in and protecting Izuku's face.

"See," Izuku said as Fu put him down.

"COOL!" Fuhai gasped in awe, immediately taking the cloak from the box, and putting it on as quickly as possible.

As he finished putting it on, a Mind Weaver came out of the box and crawled onto his shoulder, turning the cloak invisible.

"That will allow you to still make your normal clothes visible," Izuku said. "You can even turn yourself invisible if you ask for it."

"COOOOOL!" Fuhai repeated, sounding absolutely stoked, as he launched himself at Izuku, hugging him as hard as he could. "Thank you, dad!"

"You're welcome, and make sure to thank Yami and Shiruku since they make these," Izuku said, hugging him back.

Maybe now he'll be brave enough to go down the stairs without me having to carry him. Fu thought.


Fuhai Midoriya. The original me.

Yeah, I'm a clone, trying not to think about that.

Despite starting off as the same person, obviously, our personalities are quite different considering all that's happened to me, and my unique situation.

Fuhai is still younger than me and is VERY emotional. And by emotional, I mean fearful. Fuhai has a crippling fear of death. That will keep him from doing anything that could have any chance of him getting hurt. Which is pretty much everything.

Fortunately, Fuku found a way around this. Fuhai is so afraid of death, that he's willing to do things he normally wouldn't for the sake of learning survival skills. Because of this, he is EXTREMELY easy to manipulate.

Thankfully Fuku only has good intentions, but I fear what Yonda will do when she finds out about this.

When it comes to our quirks, they should be similar(he hasn't gotten hurt so we can't test it) but with some key differences.

First of all, he's alive. So he can still feel pain. However, his body doesn't rot, so he doesn't need to consume as much meat as I do. He also doesn't smell.

He also doesn't have the slightly enhanced strength that I had without Kyosei.

However, the most important difference is one we're still not 100% sure about.

Apparently, there is a chance that even if Fuhai's body is completely destroyed, his soul will just go back into my body if it's close by.

This has, unfortunately, caused him to want to be as close to me as possible. 24/7.

Oh, joy.

So yeah, here is a bit more about Fuhai.

Anyway, please review and have a nice day.