"You know out of all the foods you could pick for our meeting, I did not expect Pizza," Izuku said to Giza as they sat on the couches in his office, with two boxes of Pizza on the table between them.

"One, I'm not so above it all that I can't enjoy good food. Two, good food is a great way to detract from stress. And three, tomatoes are very good for one's blood pressure. Something which you like is having issues at the moment." Giza said as he served both of them.

"Well, you're not wrong." Izuku sighed, trying to keep his irritation from leaking into his voice. "But, I would like to get to the point. How long until the Hand is ready?"

"Likely a few more months," Giza said. "Like I said, I won't compromise on the training."

"And there's nothing I can do to make this go faster?" Izuku said, his fist clenching so hard his knuckles turned white.

"Not at the moment, no. Time is what is required." Giza answered. "Now, tell me, do you understand the intention of this most recent attack?"

Izuku took a breath, trying to calm himself before answering. "They're trying to make me make a mistake."

It was unlikely that the M.L.A. team could kill those four kids and his bodyguards. Even with the weak Nomu's they sent.

But despite all that, it sure did a good job of making Izuku absolutely furious.

Right now, Izuku is on top of the world. But the higher you are, the more it hurts when you trip.

If Izuku started making rash decisions in an attempt to get rid of the M.L.A. faster, it could lead to things going very poorly for him. Giving the M.L.A. the opportunity they need.

So Izuku needed to keep calm, and not try to do anything rash.

Which was FAR easier said than done, given the absolute fury stirring inside him.

"As much as I don't want to play into their plans, I can't simply wait for them to keep attacking me either." Izuku said "I need to at least take down their main base of operations. Or rather I just need to find it. Unfortunately, all our new prisoners had their minds messed with before they attacked. When we searched their brains, all the useful information had been scrubbed out."

"Ah, I see you've skipped past the small issue of their human rights." Giza pointed out.

Izuku sighed yet again. "At this point, I'm deeming it a necessary evil. Do you disagree?"

"No. I am simply taking note. These things should be given the proper amount of weight and retrospective." Giza explained. "That aside, what action do you plan on taking, in reference to finding out the M.L.A. 's location. I could go and search for them myself, however that would slow the training of my men."

"Yes, I'm aware. I have something else planned." Izuku said as he took a bite of Pizza.


Shina was just about finished applying her makeup and fixing her wig when she heard a knock on her door. "One second!"

She finished up with her wig, taking a look in the mirror to make sure everything was good before responding. "Come in!"

Izuku opened the door and walked right in, smiling when he saw her. "Wow, it's astonishing how good you are with makeup now."

Shina beamed with pride. "Thanks!"

"So, how are you feeling?" Izuku asked, taking a seat on her bed and hunching over so he could talk to her eye to eye.

"I'm…" Shina wanted to say she was fine, but Izuku likely wouldn't be satisfied with that.

Although to be fair, she didn't really know how to feel.

She definitely wasn't as shaken up as she probably should be.

"How is Mr Tokoshi?" Shina asked. She'd heard he'd survive, but that was all she heard.

"Thankfully, he'll be fine after a couple of weeks. With his quirk and modern-day technology, he won't be going anywhere, anytime soon." Izuku reassured her.

"And…how's Fuku?" Shina asked.

"Ah, well. She's….shaken. To be sure. Not too badly, since she was passed out/nonexistent during the attack. At worst, she's just not gonna be going outside the house grounds for a while." Izuku sighed.

"Well…it could have been worse," Shina said with a forced smile. Although her saddened tone gave her away completely. "Um…I'm sorry, that I made us go outside."

"It's not your fault, I'M the one that should have been more vigilant. As your guardian, I shouldn't have been so lax while the M.L.A. were still out there." Izuku said, giving Shina a reassuring hug. "And most of all, the blame should be laid across the people who would dare attack children just trying to enjoy their day."

"..." Shina stayed quiet for a while, with a thoughtful expression on her face, as she mulled over something.

"Something on your mind? You know you can ask me anything." Izuku reminded her. "I won't judge."

"...Am I a bad person?" Shina finally asked, giving Izuku a confused and desperate look. Clearly afraid of being judged but needing answers nonetheless. "My mom died and I just…don't care. A-And it's not just that, all the people that I killed, I…I feel bad about THAT, but…not as much as I should. I don't have any nightmares or feel like I have to try and make up for it. At least not that much. I feel more guilty about not feeling that guilty. Is that bad?"

Izuku took a second to consider his response. "Do you know that killing people is bad?"

Shina nodded.

"Well, then there shouldn't be a problem," Izuku told her. "At the end of the day, guilty feelings by themselves, don't do anything to help anyone. Sometimes they can drive people to do helpful or good things for the people they hurt, but most of the time, guilt doesn't help, it only hurts. Hurts you, to be specific. That's not to say it's bad to feel guilty, but your level of guilt is about as much as you need, considering what happened."

"You mean the murders?" Shina asked.

"Yes. Of course, you did kill people, but at the same time, you didn't really have a choice." Izuku pointed out. "You were forced into the life of a child assassin, by parents that would gladly end your life if you disobeyed and had the backing of a massive and dangerous organization. Sure you could have refused to kill people, but who knows what would have happened to you. And as a scared child, it's unreasonable to lay the blame for their deaths onto you. And as for your mother, well, you didn't need to feel guilty or sad about a bad woman, who never loved you, getting killed by someone else."

"But that's not…normal. Most people would feel bad, right?" Shina asked, still not entirely convinced.

"Not always, people react to different things differently," Izuku explained. "Most people who went through what Kei went through, wouldn't be acting like she does. Do you think Kei's bad for being the way she is?"

Shina's eyes went wide. She never thought about it like that.

Kei was weird. No doubt. Nobody should be able to go through the horrors of the world the way she did and come out literally unfazed.

To be perfectly honest, that part of Kei kinda terrified her. But never once had she thought that that was particularly bad.

Weird and freaky, but not bad.


"Looks like you get it now." Izuku smiled as he saw the realization in her eyes. "Now then, why don't I let you practice makeup on me. The stress has been awful for my looks after all."

Shina giggled at that obvious attempt to make her feel better.

Being obvious didn't mean it didn't work though.


Izuku walked up to the infirmary and took a deep breath.

Reports about Nise/Kira's behavior during the attack… were not encouraging.

Being perfectly honest. He'd never really known what he needed to do with Kira and Nise.

To be fair, no one did. Because while her condition was similar to D.I.D., it wasn't that. It was something utterly unique to her, that was difficult to analyze, due to lack of information, as well as the unique nature of their brain.

Why do psychics always have to be so difficult to deal with? Izuku lamented. Not that that makes me love you guys any less Yonda.

Izuku had no way to know if Yonda was actually listening, so he had to add that part whenever he thought something like this.

Which was more than he would have liked.

Alright, let's look at the damage. Izuku stepped into the infirmary and found Vera sitting down, seemingly waiting for him, with a very disparaging expression. "Ms Nikitina."

"Mr Midoriya." Vera sighed and looked up at Izuku. "The girl is not doing well. Her body is fine, but…Let me explain in full. After we sedated her and brought her here, she woke up the next day and immediately began to flail her body and vectors wildly. Seemingly unable to control herself. I sedated her again, and she has yet to wake up since. Even though sedatives have long since worn off. The girl has illness, I can not fix."

Izuku grit his teeth and looked over to Nise's unconscious body on the nearby bed.

It seemed like it was time for drastic action.


"So, can any of you tell me what's happening?" Izuku asked his gathered group.

Ren and Mai had come to Izuku's office at his call and had both already been informed about the issue.

"While our tests haven't returned anything concrete, so we're mostly going off of theories," Mai said. "It appears, up until now, Kira held undisputed control over their body. Nise was controlling the body, but Kira could at any point take over, and Nise would be powerless to do anything. Rather, her consciousness would recede and only reawaken at Kira's discretion. However now, Nise seems to have gained equal levels of control. And now since the two are at odds, they're not able to control the body properly. And since that's the case, neither are they controlling the body, leaving it in a comatose state."

"Alright, so what if we gave them separate bodies like we did with Fu and Fuhai?" Izuku asked, nervousness and desperation clear in his voice.

Mai sighed. "Unfortunately there's too many risks. Fu's quirk gave us some leeway to do otherwise dangerous things, and we're not even sure how similar their situation even is to Fu's. It's far too reckless to even entertain that option."

Ren finished sipping his coffee. "Well then, if the easy option is off the table, as it often is, I guess we just have to deal with this the hard way. I normally never go into people's minds without their permission, but I think you and I both agree that this is a special occasion."

Izuku nodded. "Alright, let's begin."


It was rare to find a Christian Church in a city, but for Deika city it was important.

The church itself was fairly large, especially for one in Japan, as well as fairly well maintained.

And inside this church, were dozens of people, all seated and looking up at one man at a podium.

Berozu Gupu.

"My fellow believers, thank you all for coming. I know things have been hard after our leader was taken from us by that blasphemer Midoriya, but I thank you all, for holding strong in these dark times." Gupu said to his audience. "As you know, we recently managed to rid ourselves of four traitors, whose greed and arrogance caused two of God's children to go astray. Of course, these traitors could not be so useful as to deal with the issues they created, nor deal with Midoriya's underlings. But as was God's will, those four have been punished."

Everyone gave a short applause, looking pleased to hear this news.

"Now, I know some of you have…doubts, about us resurrecting the dead so that they may aid us against Midoriya." Gupu addressed. "But you have nothing to worry about. Think about it. Do you think that we would be able to take back people who have entered the kingdom of Heaven, or the depths of Hell, without God's approval? NO! Of course not! This is not some blasphemous science, but the work of God!"

Muttering broke out among the people, as a general aura of approval came from it. Many seeming to have accepted the man's words.

"The believers here are few and far between! Which is why God has given us the means to call upon the fallen, to aid us!" Gupu preached. "And not just that, but soon we will be able to create a new life! And with this power, we will create a divine warrior that will end that devil Midoriya once and for all!"

"YEAHHHHHHHHHH!" The crowd cheered.

"Then after we drag him to God to face judgment! We will bring judgment down upon all of Japan! And then the world!" Gupu shouted.

"YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They continued to cheer, standing up and giving a hearty applause.

Meanwhile, in the back of the church, fellow council member Masuta Yoso watched things play out.

So this is the Meta Cult. Masuta thought.

The Meta Cult. Wasn't its own religion. Rather it was a branch of Christianity. Although many other religions had similar branches.

When quirks first appeared, everything was changed. And of course, the religious scene was no different. As every religious leader had to have some kind of stance on quirks.

These stances were typically either quirks that were a gift from God or whatever deity the religion worshiped. Or that every person with a quirk was actually a demon, or made a deal with a demon, or something of the like.

The latter stance was initially popular as people led witch hunts against people's quirks. Burning, stoning, hanging, all that jazz.

However, as with most anti-quirk sentiments, it died down when people realized that the ratio of quirked births to non-quirked births was quickly shifting. And it completely died out once the world was being run by people with quirks, and most of the quirkless people were dead.

This left most religions stating that quirks were a gift from the divine.

Of course, much like any religious explanation for pretty much anything. This explanation had holes in it.

Namely, if quirks were a gift from god, why were they given out so blatantly fairly. Why were some quirks worse than others? Why were some quirks just flat-out detrimental? Why were some still born quirkless?

And of course, the answer most religious leaders gave for these questions was some variation of, God works in mysterious ways.

This was not the case for the Meta Cult.

They believed that not only were quirks a gift from God, but that those who received powerful quirks were chosen by God to hold power over those with weaker ones.

To the Meta Cult, if you were born with a weak quirk or quirkless, you were born to obey the wills of your betters. So long as those betters didn't act against God's will of course.

It was only natural then, that this cult's ideals aligned very nicely with the Meta Liberation Army, and thus was absorbed into it. The cult became a prominent part of the army throughout its life. Which is why Gupu, the most prominent priest of the cult, was chosen to be part of the council.

Zealots. Masuta rolled her eyes. Hypocritical fools. They're lucky Gupu is such a valuable mad scientist, or I would have rid us of such ridiculous liabilities long ago. Still, it would be painful if he were to do anything rash, I'll need to keep a very close eye on him and his ilk.

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