Story doesn't really have a timeline in between books, I would say between Botl and Tlo, in this story I'm gonna say they're 15. No one is dating yet.


"No," Annabeth grunted as she walked past Travis Stroll. "I'm not playing truth or dare with you guys, remember what happened last time?"

Travis scoffed and grabbed a hold of her wrist, pulling her into him. "It wasn't that bad."

"That bad?" Annabeth gasped, then removed her wrist from his grip. "I had to make out with your annoying brother for at least five minutes."


"And that's disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I had to take three showers and I had to brush my teeth for a hour to get rid of his stench."

"You're crazy, it was just a little-," Travis couldn't help but start to laugh, which earned him a deadly glare from Annabeth. "It was just a little make out session with my hot brother."

"You guys good over here?" Percy asked as he stood next to Annabeth, his eyes scanning Travis suspiciously.

"We're fine," he then paused. "well I am. Your girlfriend is kind of on the mist of a psychotic break."

Annabeth decided to push Travis to the ground, causing him to gawk at her from the hard ground. "First off, Percy is not my boyfriend," she then cleared her throat and tempted to ignore her flaming red cheeks. "And I'm not on the mist of a psychotic break," she then began to chuckle. "I'm surprised you know what a psychotic break is, bonehead."

"You know Percy, your girlfriend looks really hot from this angle," Travis said, clearly ignoring Annabeths rant.

"Not my girlfriend," Percy mumbled as his cheeks turned as red as Annabeths. "What were you guys arguing about anyway?"

"Travis tried to invite me to play truth or dare with some of the other campers."

"And I didn't get a invite?" Percy whimpered, puffing out his bottom lip.

Travis laughed as he pulled himself off of the ground. "I was going to after I got Annabeth, but she made it difficult. Anyway, you guys in?"

Percy looked at Annabeth with pleading eyes, causing her to sigh in defeat. "Fine," she scoffed. "Only because Percy is going."

Travis practically dragged Annabeth to cabin 3 and as they opened the door Silena, Clarisse, Connor, Katie, and Charlie were sitting there.

"Why is everyone in my cabin?"

"You didn't know they were in your cabin?" Annabeth said as she hit him on the top of the head. "Seaweed brain."

He did the only mature thing and stuck his tongue at her.

"Stop flirting guys," Silena giggled. "It's time for me to explain the rules."

Annabeth tried to run out the door as Silena said this but Clarisse grabbed her right leg, causing her to trip. "If I'm being forced to play, so are you, princess."

Annabeth grumbled something under her breath and sat next to Connor and Percy.

"So the rules," Silena clapped her hands. "No taking photos or videos in any way, shape, or form," she said, glaring particularly at the Stroll brothers.

"We can't even use phones, remember," Annabeth stated.

"That sure as hell doesn't stop them from finding a way," Charlie shuddered, glaring at Travis.

Travis shrugged. "He's not wrong."

"No killing people, ahem, Clarisse and Annabeth," Silena smiled, earning a series of complaints from the two.

"Why not," Clarisse glared.

Silena ignored her and continued. "No maiming also."

Now that's when Connor also started to complain. "That's not fun," he grunted, crossing his arms in fury.

"Okay, that's it so far," Silena said cheerfully. "Let the games begin!"

"Well," Travis smirked, looking at his victims. "Who's going first? I say Kitty Kat does," winking at Katie.

"Cow," she mumbled under her breath. "Clarisse," she then smirked almost evilly. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," she smirked in amusement.

"I dare you to slap Travis every time he talks."

"What," Travis protested. "Silena! Isn't that maiming, that's a illegal dare."

"Actually," Annabeth added. "It's not. Maiming: wound or injure (someone) so that part of the body is permanently damaged. I don't believe that would leave permanent damage to Travis's ugly face."

"Hey," Travis scoffed. "My face isn't ugly. Also, who the hell invited the human Encyclopedia?"

"Trust me, I don't want to be here."

"Same," Katie said, high fiving Annabeth.

"Just give him a different dare, that ones a little too extreme," Charlie said.

"Fine," Katie rolled her eyes. "I dare you to act gay with Percy."

Surprisingly enough, neither of them argued.

Travis seductively crawled to Percy, growling like a tiger, which made almost everyone burst out laughing. Percy on the other hand sat there stunned.

"Sexy beast," Percy croaked. "Just so - so - so sexy."

Travis meowed but then rolled his eyes and grunted as Silena slapped his ass. "Keep going, hot stuff."

"You ruined the mood, Silena," Travis scoffed, getting off of his knees to sit back down. "Party pooper."

Silena proceeded to roll her eyes, but then smirk as she saw the look on Percys face. "You good there?"

"I'm scarred for life. Oh god," he whimpered. "Annabeth?" He called out. "I think I was just sexually assaulted."

"Stop being overdramatic, seaweedbrain. I think you'll be okay, even though that was oddly funny but disturbing to watch."

"Charlie, truth or dare?" Travis asked.

"Uh, truth," he smirked.

"That's no fun," Travis glared. "Pick dare."


"Fine," he then paused. "Out of all the girls here other then over here, who would you be willing to kiss."

Charlie's face turned red. "What happens if we refuse to answer a truth?"

"Oh," Silena said dumbly. "Can't believe I forgot that rule. Refuse to do a truth and you have to do a dare, refuse to do a dare and you have to remove a piece of clothing."

"No," Clarisse grunted. "Just no."

Silena giggled. "It's the rules."

"Fine," Charlie grumbled. "Besides Silena? Uh - I guess Annabeth?" He quickly tried to change the conversation. "Katie, truth or dare?"


"Who do you like better, Travis or Connor?"

"Well," she sighed, getting deep into thought. "I despise both of them for ruining the little garden I just started last week," she then turned to glare at them. "You murdered several plants, I hope your happy."

"I'm fine with being a plant murder, how about you, Travis?"

Travis smirked. "Hell yeah."

She rolled her eyes. "But Travis, he's sometimes nice to me. Silena truth or dare?"

Silena clapped happily. "Dare!"

"I dare you to kiss Percy."

She stared at Percy and cringed. "Your off limits, plus I like someone else," she then winked at a blushing Charlie and took off her socks. "There."

"Why am I off limits again?" Percy asked dumbly.

Clarisse stared at him in awe. "Aren't you and Chase shacking up or something?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you really that dense?" Travis asked. "You and Annabeth are secretly dating, we all know it."

Annabeth and Percy stared at eachother. "No," they said at the same time, both of them blushing.

"We're not dating," Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"Yeah," Percy said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Truth or dare, Annabeth?" Silena asked.

Annabeth sighed. "Skip."

"There's no skips in this game."







"Fine," Annabeth sighed. "Dare."

Silena squealed. "Kiss Percy."

Annabeth smirked and stared at Percy. "Okay," she then kissed him quickly on the cheek. "You never said where."

Connor couldn't help but laugh. "You got outsmarted Silena, what ya gonna do now?"

Silena sighed sadly. "Whatever."

"Truth or dare, Connor?"

"Dare, duh."

"I dare you to kiss Katie."

Connor grunted and threw his shirt off. "No."

"Okay... then," Charlie trailed off. "Why didn't you want to kiss her."

Connors eyes flashed over to Travis's for a quick second, no one saw except Annabeth, of course. "Just because, now," he said smirking. "Percy, truth or dare?"

"Uh, I would say dare but I'm pretty sure you'd kill me."

"Nope," Connor sighed. "It's against Silenas stupid rules."

"Fine, dare."

Connor smirked. "Good choice. I dare you to take this, he then flashed some type of potion in front of Percy. Percy took it in his hands and stared at it intensely.

"What is this?"

"A truth potion."

Percys face turned grim. He threw the potion back to Connor and took his socks off as well.

"Ooh," Clarisse smirked. "Does Prissy have some secrets he's keeping from us all?"

"He is probably trying to hide his undying love for Annabeth," Travis smirked.

"Where did you even get that," Silena asked. "My siblings aren't on very good terms with you. You know, after you and your brother put snakes all over our cabin a week ago."

"That was so funny," Connor said smugly. "Got over four thousand likes on our instagram."

Silena gasped and tried to attack Connor but Charlie held her back. "Hey," he mumbled, attempting to calm her down. "It's okay."

She silenced and sighed, pulling herself back. "Fine," she grumbled, "whatever."

"It's bad enough Percy and Annabeth won't admit they like eachother, why can't Silena and Charlie or Travis and Katie admit their feelings for eachother," Travis scoffed. "Yo, ugly ares girl, we should hookup so we won't be so lonely."

Clarisse glared at him, causing him to shrink down into himself. "Call me ugly one more time and it'll be the last words you say."

"Cutting someone's tongue out is actually maiming," Annabeth muttered.

"Shut up," Clarisse growled.

"Clarisse, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to let Silena give someone other then me in this room a makeover," and at this Clarisse and Silena both smirked.

"Silena," she said smugly. "I think princess is due for a makeover."

Annabeth practically growled at Clarisse and Silena as Silena took her arm. "Let's go!"

Annabeth then turned to Percy and glared at him. "Game on."

Silena dragged Annabeth out of the cabin, and when she did, the rest of them heard many screams and insults hurled to Silena.

"Should I be scared?" Percy asked.

"Nah, man," Charlie laughed. "Actually maybe. Knowing Silena she's probably gonna put Annabeth in the sluttiest outfit possible."

"Try not to explode when you see her," Connor said, patting Percys back.

"Guys give him a break," Katie said. "We all know they're like in love with each other, he's just in denial."

"Just like you and Travis," Connor giggled, earning himself a slap from both of them.

After ten minutes they both returned and everyone (including Clarisse) gasped.

"Woah," Travis grumbled.

Annabeth was forced into a cropped top with a obvious push up bra, short shorts and her hair was straightened. She also was wearing a bunch of makeup which consisted of blush, mascara, eyeliner, and some eyeshadow.

"Shut up," Annabeth grumbled as she took her spot next to Percy. "Connor stop staring at my boobs!"

"Sorry they're just there."

"Guys stop staring at her like that," Percy said, putting a protective arm around her waist.

Annabeth sighed deeply but then froze when she realized Percys arm was around her waist.

"I uh - uh - uh I - uhhh," he stuttered then removed his arm. "Sorry."

"Percy, truth or dare?"

"Dare, I guess."

"I dare you to kiss Annabeth, on the lips."