Recovery: The Silent Enemy

Chapter One

"Do you really think Doctor Grace that Special Agent Gibbs is actually ready to head back to work?" Doctor Cyril Taft asked over the phone from his office in the hospital. He had finished five hours of heart surgery on a marine having suffered an accident working with explosives. He was able to save the marine repairing the damage.

"He seems to be Cyril after all of the tests and sessions I had with him during the past three weeks. If he wasn't, I wouldn't be sending him back to work." She stated over the phone from her home in Fairfax, Virginia. "He promised me to call in case he get's into trouble at work with flashbacks. This is a serious matter for when it comes to the flashbacks. He has suffered with them over the years for when it came to the death of Shannon and Kelly."

"Now that Jethro is married again and Loreile is pregnant, we need to keep a close eye on the both of them Doctor Grace. I don't wish to see them hurt their marriage because of it. Listen I need to head out to have my rounds after the emergency surgery I had to do earlier. Talk to you soon." Doctor Taft ended the conversation to head out of his office for the cardiac ward on the fourth floor.

Meanwhile Doctor Grace turned to face her husband David of over 28 years. He's an defense contractor for the Navy. "Is there a problem David?" She had to asked the question with concern in her tone of voice.

"There was an explosion at the company I work for Grace, the F.B.I. said it might of been a terrorist attack on trying steal the new drone planes the XL-Four our company has been working on. I understand that NCIS your friends have been investigating a group called The Calling." He stated to have his wife annoyed.

"And how did you find out about this information David with your security clearance?" She walked over to him closer.

"The F.B.I. came to my office with Commander Tanner needed me to cooperate needing all kinds of answers as to who might of tried to steal the plans to the XL-Four, and besides I haven't notice anything other than my assistant who is in charge of transportation moving the testing sites for the drones."

"Do you happen to know who the officer in charge of the F.B.I. was David?"

"Yeah, it was Special Agent Tobias Fornell. Is there anything else Grace? I am sorry to have upset you about this. If you will excuse me, I have to get ready to head back to work." He walked pass his wife to head upstairs.


Naval Yards

There was a Welcome back party going on in the conference room on the fourth level of the bullpen. Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs walked in to be greeted by all of his friends. Eleanor Bishop walked up to him of the conference room to give her boss and friend a warm hug, as with Nick and Tim sipping drinks brought in for the occasion. Even though Gibbs was tolerating it for the first time in his life.

"We missed you a great deal Gibbs, we are all glad you're back to work. No doubt Loreile is glad as well?" Eleanor said with handing Gibbs a drink from the table along with all kinds of finger sandwiches.

"She is actually, even though she has been sick as a dog with the morning sickness. Her doctor said it wasn't going to last much longer." He replied before getting quiet to walk away from them to test some of the sandwiches in the conference room. As he walked away from them when Torres noticed something.

"He doesn't seem right guys. Maybe he should of taken more time off before coming back to work?" Torres softly quipped noticing that he had moved out of the conference room to head back downstairs to his desk.

"Listen Nick, Gibbs was injured badly on that goddamn island, it's going to take time for him to recover like the last time in Paraguay. At least this time he has all of us and including Loreile to support him for when ever he gets into trouble." Tim replied feeling nothing but sadness for his friend.

"Does Tony and Ziva know that he's come back to work?" Nick asked.

"They know Nick. I called them the other day in Paris. Tony asked me to call them again if and when there is a problem. They will take the next plane to the states to be with us and Gibbs." Mcgee said calmly with needing to have another drink.

"Now that Gibbs is back guys, we need to keep a close eye on him for anything out of the ordinary." Bishop had to say with concern for her boss. Afterwards they broke up to sample the drinks and food with even seeing Director Vance coming in for a moment to speak with some of the agents.

Downstairs in the bullpen...

Special agent Gibbs found a number of case files on his desk to go over and sign to be given back to the director.

He was reading when the outside line showed up on his phone terminal, it was a blocked number that he picked up right away. "NCIS Special Agent Gibbs, how can I help you?" He asked calmly and neutral.

"I would think you would know my voice Agent Gibbs, since it was my father's order to kill your wife and daughter."

Thinking back for a moment as his head being fogged...He dropped the receiver holding his head. It was Mcgee saw Gibbs in distress at his desk running over to help him and find out what the hell happened.

"What's wrong boss? Are you alright? Your face looks really ashton and I can tell your heart rate is up as well." He looked around for help from Nick and Bishop but they weren't around.

"Give me a moment Tim, I will be fine. I received a phone call with the number blocked. It was Alejandro Rivera, Pedro Hernandez's son. The last time I remembered he escaped from prison to work with the terrorists and The Calling." He takes in a deep breath beginning to feel better.

"Do you want me to call Doctor Palmer to check you over boss? Otherwise I will check into the phone call from Rivera."

"No don't do anything Tim, just leave it at that for now. Ok?" He ordered quietly.

"Fine." Tim went back to his desk to work on his own files.