Author notes: This is the final chapter for this story. However the story will be picking up in "Dark Void." The enemies of Special Agent Gibbs will be continuing their assault on the agent.

Recovery: The Silent Enemy

Chapter 37th

Special Agent Jethro Gibbs was feeling so much better after his talk with Doctor Grace. Though he was still worried about the Cartel and other terrorists that just might go after him and his NCIS family.

He was laying in bed with his wife Loreile after an intense session of sex. He had been amazed on just how much effort had gone into it with his aged body. After many years of hurt and pain he had suffered along with the number of scars on his body.

The biggest one having to be his chest with being shot in the chest by Luke Harris six years prior. Ever now and than he would feel slight pain and pulling of the scar. Doctor Cyril Taft had mention it to him a number of times that it would happened.

His wife asleep needed to rest with all of the stress she had been through mostly. She was just glad in a big way that talking to Doctor Grace and Taft had helped her husband a great deal with his "INNER SELF" to come to realize that he needed to push on with his life and stop fighting the past demons and those memories that keep him FROZEN.

He needed to get up looking at the time. He was hungry and was going to make those famous Turkey club sandwiches for himself and his wife(Number Five) to be exact. However this time around things are completely different and he hopes to god that this is going to be the last...

However with him heading down stairs without waking Loreile. He came upon visitor sitting on his couch that had completely startled him since it's been a few years. "Jesus Diane! Why all of a sudden you show up after two plus years." He had to say with Diane smiling wearing a blue cotton dress with the accessories added.

"Jethro I am here only for a few moments before going back to the WHITE LIGHT. I must say that I am really impressed on how you were able to change your life both inside and out." She will say with getting up from the couch to give him a soft kiss onto his cheek. Eve though he tried to push her away.

"It's not been easy Diane if you knew what has been going on. No doubt you know about Rivera being dead along with the entire Cartel after me and still is?"

"How well I know Jethro that you were finally able to murder Pedro Hernandez son as well. This is one reason I am proud of you to have the balls finally to do something about it." She will respond with placing a hand onto his face with a softness that she would have on occasions while during the time being married.

"Like I had said to you over the years, It's why I had always liked you and still do Diane. I had just wished that our marriage would of worked. However I wasn't myself acting like a real bastard to you and many others around me. And I just couldn't be able to see it until the past five years or so."

"I am just glad you're able to turn your life around and married to a woman that loves you completely. Along with the fact you're going to be having a son that will keep the legacy going for a long time." She had Gibbs lite up with the mention of Loreile having a boy.

It was supposed to been a secret since Loreile had known for a few days on the sex of the baby. She did this behind his back going to the hospital with help from Casey to bring her to the Bethesda medical clinic to see her doctor and check on the sex of the baby.

"Wait a minute Diane! Are you telling me that my wife is going to have a baby boy?" He was plainly thrilled with the news.

"Yep! And I suggest you go back upstairs and wake her up to take her out to that diner of yours and celebrate. I need to be going Jethro now."

She disappeared into the WHITE LIGHT leading into the main entrance of the kitchen to have Jethro Gibbs shaking his head with a smirk on his face...

He began to walk up the stairs to wake up his wife to celebrate the news of the sex of the baby and the start of his new life...

The End